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Best Dandruff Cure Remedy

Best Dandruff Cure Remedy and Control Treatment

It’s really a very embarrassing situation when someone points out white flakes on your shoulder or dress. This is nothing but dandruff which is a very common scalp related issue that has affected more than 50% population around the world irrespective of age, gender and race. If you are the […]

Possible Side Effects of Hair Loss Treatments

As far as hair loss goes, it can be really debilitating for self-esteem and even cause a lot of grief. While the specter of thinning or shedding hair can send folks scrambling for a solution, only some remedies have proved to be helpful. Adding further to the complications, hair loss […]

Anal bleeding, rectal bleeding

Bloody Stool: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Blood in the stool can be a cause for alarm, though the reason for it could be piles or anal fissure and not necessarily cancer. Before you think the worst, consider the type of bleeding from mild to life threatening. Black stool means bleeding from high up in the gut […]

What Ayurveda have for Hepatitis C treatment?

Hepatitis C is caused due to virus and this virus affects the liver. But it can also lead to liver cancer, and failure of liver. It also leads to cirrhosis if not taken in to consideration. Mostly people come to know about this syndrome when the damaging of liver starts […]