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Cavity Causing Bacteria May Infect The Heart

Cavity Causing Bacteria May Infect The Heart

The Link Between Cavity and A Healthy Heart A study conducted by University of Florida researchers has found the same bacteria associated with gum problems and diseases such as dental caries or cavities are also linked to heart disease. This discovery could change the way heart conditions are diagnosed and […]

Best Teeth Whitener

The 5 Best Teeth Whitener

All of us aspire to have a beautiful white smile. Like a sparkling personality, your pearly whites are a symbol of ornamentation. Both men and women are attracted to a bright white smile. Furthermore, white teeth are valued as success, youth and health. Research has shown job applicants with whiter […]

TMJ Problems – An Osteopathic TMJ Treatment Guide

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which is responsible for the overall movement of the jaw, can all too often stir up a host of problems (interestingly, some of which are unrelated to the jaw). Problems that affect the TMJ stem from triggers that cause excruciating pain in the entire jaw, surrounding […]