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Best Foundations for Dry Skin (Top 8 Review)

Dry skin calls for extra care. Nobody wants their skin to look flaky and uneven. For this purpose, the best product is a foundation which is meant primarily for dry skin. In case you have a skin which is naturally dry, it is recommended that you use a foundation that […]

Best Face Masks for Dry Skin

Best Face Masks for Dry Skin (Top 10 Reviews)

Dry skinned beauties are often in the lookout for that magic product that can make their dehydrated skin nourished and glowing. While the right moisturizer can actually go a long way in treating the problems of dry skin, a proper face mask can really work wonders for dry skin. The […]

Tips for Psoriasis Management in the Winter

Psoriasis is a long lasting skin condition characterized by skin dryness and inflammation. The person suffering from this skin ailment would have thick psoriasis scales on various parts of the body including scalp. According to Wikipedia, more than 2% of the world’s population is suffering from this complex skin disorder. […]