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Simple and Easy Tips for Beautiful Hair

5 Simple and Easy Tips for Beautiful Hair

Hair today, gone tomorrow? Safeguard the health of your hair with these five important tips for beautiful hair. Hair care requires consistency and attention. Twist outs, end trimming, and maintenance are just some of the factors that come into play. Natural hair comes in different styles, textures and retaining healthy […]

How to Use Essential Oils in Hair Care

How to Use Essential Oils for Hair Care?

You must have already heard that essential oils can put a stop to all your hair worries. It can help in curing scalp problems like dandruff and itchy scalp. It can also help to stop hair fall and to promote hair growth. Starting from preventing premature greying to banishing hair […]

hydrocephalus Symptoms, Picture, Causes, and Treatment

Hydrocephalus : Symptoms, Picture, Causes, and Treatment

Hydrocephalus: Introduction Hydrocephalus is a disease that is characterized by the build-up of fluid in the skull and this leads to a swelling in the brain. Hydrocephalus means water on the brain. Brain damage can take place as a consequence of fluid retention. This is associated with developmental, intellectual and […]

Factors Affecting Hair Growth

Factors Affecting Hair Growth

Lately I’ve watched a lot of big hair movies. Not on purpose, really. It’s just that great hair is part and parcel of a good fantasy movie. 🙂 One does not simply watch Lord of the Rings or Games of Thrones and not lust after all those rich, abundant tresses. […]