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Ways to Prevent Heart Disease Risk

45 Ways to Lower Your Heart Disease Risk

Heart disease remains a debilitating condition for a lot of Americans. It is the prime cause of death in the US, according to the CDC/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Specific risk factors are associated with higher chances of heart disease. Risk factors can either be modified or simply cannot […]

How Smoking Can Increase Risk of Heart Disease

Quitting smoking is just so important when it comes to maintaining good heart health. For smokers, stopping smoking is just the most important step to take, if good cardiovascular health is your aim. Smokers need to realize that it is dangerous to resort to this deadly pursuit. Statistics point the […]

Cavity Causing Bacteria May Infect The Heart

Cavity Causing Bacteria May Infect The Heart

The Link Between Cavity and A Healthy Heart A study conducted by University of Florida researchers has found the same bacteria associated with gum problems and diseases such as dental caries or cavities are also linked to heart disease. This discovery could change the way heart conditions are diagnosed and […]


Open Heart Surgery: Risks, Procedure & Preparation

What is open heart surgery/CABG? Open heart surgery or Coronary Artery Bypass Graft is a surgical procedure that is used for the treatment of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) or Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). Coronary Artery Disease is the blockage or narrowing of arteries. Arteries are the blood vessels responsible for […]