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Cavity Causing Bacteria May Infect The Heart

Cavity Causing Bacteria May Infect The Heart

The Link Between Cavity and A Healthy Heart A study conducted by University of Florida researchers has found the same bacteria associated with gum problems and diseases such as dental caries or cavities are also linked to heart disease. This discovery could change the way heart conditions are diagnosed and […]

High Cholesterol Medications

Unwanted Side Effects Of High Cholesterol Medications

What Are High Cholesterol Medications? Statins are a category of drugs that is used to help lower cholesterol levels in the blood. These high cholesterol medications prevent heart diseases and stroke. Statins reduce the impact of heart attack strokes and death from heart disease by 25-35 percent. Statins also lower […]

Types of Cholesterol Problems And How To Reduce It Easily

Many people are worried about their cholesterol levels because high cholesterol is directly linked to heart disease and overall heart problems. When doctors look at your cholesterol levels, however, there are three different measurements that they are concerned about which are: your total cholesterol level, the bad cholesterol in your […]