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Your Teen is Depressed you can help

Your Teen is Depressed – You Can Help!

You need to watch out for signs of depression in teens nowadays, given the amount of stress and tension living in a modern, competitive world can build. If your teen is suffering from depression, you need to be able to spot the warning signals. If any symptoms of depression are […]

what are hallucinations

What Are Hallucinations? Causes, Diagnosis and Treatments

Despite their glorification by Hollywood films, hallucinations are rarely fun while you’re having them. When the realization sets in that you are seeing and experiencing things that others are not, the natural reaction is fear. In this post, we are going to teach you about hallucinations: what they are, what […]


Schizophrenia – Types, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

A complex, multifactorial, chronic, severe, disabling brain disorder, diagnosed in young adults at the time of the first psychotic episode of hallucinations and delusions. Causes. Genes and environment. Genetic factors are, Runs in families. Has a 10% chance in first degree relatives. Second degree relatives have a higher chance (1%) […]


7 Herbs That Can Help With Anxiety and Depression

There are many reasons why people all over the world suffer from anxiety and depression. In many cases, overwhelming feelings of sadness, worry, panic, or hopelessness are caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Chemical imbalance may be a direct result of a person’s genetic make-up, or simply the […]