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Best Methods of Preventing Nail Biting

The Best Methods of Preventing Nail Biting

In case you are a nail biter, there is a chance this has been going on for some time now. Research shows that most people start nail-biting in their teens and though a majority give up the habit by the time they reach their 30s, nervous habits like these can […]


Diabetes :Types, Causes and Treatment of Diabetes

Diabetes: A Chronic Condition Diabetes (also known as diabetes mellitus) is a chronic medical condition that is lifelong. Though it has no known cure, symptoms can be managed. This disease affects the ability of the body to use energy found in foods. This is a major lifestyle disease and as […]

hydrocephalus Symptoms, Picture, Causes, and Treatment

Hydrocephalus : Symptoms, Picture, Causes, and Treatment

Hydrocephalus: Introduction Hydrocephalus is a disease that is characterized by the build-up of fluid in the skull and this leads to a swelling in the brain. Hydrocephalus means water on the brain. Brain damage can take place as a consequence of fluid retention. This is associated with developmental, intellectual and […]


Listeria: Symptoms, Treatments, And Prevention

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there have been several serious outbreaks of Listeria during the last few years. Most recently, in 2016, pre-packaged bags of salad from food giant Dole were identified as being contaminated with Listeria. In 2015, an outbreak was reported at Bluebell […]

Common Cold: Causes, Symptoms And Its Treatment

There are certain viral infections, you can catch all year round, and among them are influenza and common cold. Although most people think that these are seasonal viruses that spread during cold weathers, but this is not true. Common Cold is a viral infection that attacks the upper respiratory tract, […]