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Easy Cheese Chips Recipe

Do you want to try real foods, then try these crispy, salty cheese chips. It contains 100% real cheese that not only enhances the taste of these baked snacks but also improves its quality value. This is a great replacement for crackers or a break from boring regular life snacks. So don’t miss it!

Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time10 mins
Total Time15 mins
Course: Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Cheese Chips Recipe
Servings: 4 oz.
Calories: 360kcal
Author: Maushmi Singh


  • Freshly grated cheese of your choice such as asiago, parmesan, etc.

  • Herbs or spices of your choice (optional)


  • For preparing these crispy cheese chips first you need to lightly oil the cookie sheet with olive
    oil. If you do not want to use oil then spread a parchment paper or baking mat on the sheet.

  • Now put some folded slices of cheese over the cookie sheet. Leave a sufficient gap in between for spreading purpose.

  • Turn on the oven and broil the cheese.

  • This needs a constant and careful watch for getting your perfect cheese chips recipe. When you will see the bubbles are dimming and it is just beginning to brown then remove it
    immediately. With regular practice, you can easily estimate accurate timing for this particular step.

  • Take out these chips when its edges turn to slightly brown. Remove them gently with the help of a thin spatula. Place them on a towel-covered plate and let them cool.

  • When your cheese chips get cooled completely you can use them for the snacking purpose whichever way you would like to eat them.

  • Store the extra remaining chips in a shallow dish when they are fully cooled. Pack them between the layers of a waxed paper.



  • To make your cheese chips more spicy add a dash of the spice of your choices such as cumin, chili powder, basil, curry powder or Cajun seasoning.
  • You can also make a cheese chips boat with this recipe that you can use as a taco salad shell. For this make your cheese piles a bit larger in size and put them in a bowl immediately after removing from the cookie sheet.
  • Don’t store the leftover cheese chips in a container until it fully cooled.
  • Top your chips with jalapeño.
  • Your grain-free cheese chips are ready to serve. Enjoy them fresh with your friends and family members.