Author: Janhvi Johorey

Anal bleeding, rectal bleeding

Bloody Stool: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Blood in the stool can be a cause for alarm, though the reason for it could be piles or anal fissure and not necessarily cancer. Before you think the worst, consider the type of bleeding from mild to life threatening. Black stool means bleeding from high up in the gut […]

Chest Pain: The Major Facts, Causes, Symptoms , Treatment And Prevention

Chest Pain: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Chest Pain: Top Facts Definition Called angina when it signals a possibility of heart attack, chest pain is generally considered the most common symptomatology of cardiovascular disease. But if you experience chest pains, such as heaviness, pressure, discomfort, aching or burning sensations, don’t immediately think you are having a heart […]

Healthy Teeth and Gums for a Healthy Body

Healthy Teeth and Gums for a Healthy Body

Oral, Dental, and Physical Health: The Link While caring for your teeth and gums ensures good oral plus dental hygiene, it does a lot more than that. Good dental care and oral hygiene can prevent gum disease, the decay of your teeth, and bad breath. This not only helps your […]