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Coronavirus Disease: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment

The sudden outbreak of a virus known as Coronavirus has gained rapid global attention because of its ability to mass killing and speedy contamination rates worldwide. Wuhan in China is the first victim of the coronavirus disease somewhere in December 2019 and now it is more popular in the name […]

Three Key Benefits of Protein
Diet & Fitness

Three Key Benefits of Protein

Protein is essential for every single person, every single day. Protein becomes even more important the more active we are, and while most people know that it’s important, often we don’t understand why. As we approach/mark International Protein Day on February 27, let’s take a look at its vital role […]

Prepare for Your Cosmetic Surgery
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How to Prepare for Your Cosmetic Surgery

Once you’ve decided to undergo plastic surgery and selected an excellent plastic surgeon, you might think you’re guaranteed a fantastic result.  In reality, another key player in ensuring a successful outcome is you. High quality plastic surgeons will greatly reduce your risks, but they can’t be present during your recovery […]

Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home With Vaseline
Eye Care

Effortless Eyelash Extension Removal: Using Vaseline to Safely Dissolve Lash Glue at Home

Eyelash extensions have become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure in recent years. They involve applying synthetic or natural eyelash fibers to a person’s existing eyelashes using adhesive glue, in order to make the lashes appear longer, thicker, and darker. While professional eyelash extension services can be quite expensive, many people […]