Dental Treatment In India

Do Health Insurance Policies Cover Dental Treatment In India?

As a general rule, Indian health insurance policies don’t offer coverage against costs incurred for dental health, as this may fall within the purview of cosmetic health. However, certain plans, nowadays, do cover this. Some health insurance plans cover dental care under certain categories. Moreover, with most other common insurance plans, under OPD coverage, you may be able to claim dental care treatment costs.

Dental Care and Coverage

The benefits of health insurance for any medical treatment whether it is curative, palliative or preventive plays a very important role for any individual. It is ironic that, in India, where dental care can cost an arm and a leg, health insurance plans do not offer cost coverage for this treatment. However, there are certain health insurance companies  that have dental benefits in their insurance plans. These plans give you coverage for, not only consultation with a dentist, but for any investigations/diagnostics involved in dental treatment too. This is, of course, in addition to the treatment itself. However, your sum insured with the plan should amount to 15 lakhs or above this to get the advantage of dental care treatment coverage.

Which plans cover dental treatment?

Under the Bajaj Finserv health insurance umbrella, you may find plans  that you can apply for and get a number of unique treatment benefits in terms of health insurance cover. For instance, the Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Gold Plan has a provision for a built-in cover that tackles dental treatment. This dental treatment includes consultations and examinations, crowns, fillings, surgery and tooth extraction and root canal procedures. However, it does not offer you coverage for surgical implantation procedures as these are considered cosmetic in nature. This is a great plan to opt for, as although limitations exist, you still get treatment cover for the most common dental conditions that can cost a lot without insurance. Another plan that offers you some degree of dental care treatment cover is the Chola MS Privilege Healthline Plan. This gives you coverage of a maximum of Rs. 10,000 for any OPD dental consultations or treatment every 2 years.

Bespoke Dental Plans

Even when dental care costs are covered as part of an accident cost cover, the cost coverage you get is not too much. Hence, there is a real need for dental care insurance plans in India, offering you coverage for primary dental treatment. OCare, which offers a service platform for health insurance, has recently introduced a dental care insurance plan exclusive to this kind of treatment. In this plan, you get dental treatment cover that backs you for Rs. 25,000 annually for every person covered. The plan is a beneficial one as it provides coverage against costs for dental pre-existing conditions too. Moreover, an additional perk of this plan is that the client can avail of 2 dentist check-ups per year. Furthermore, a loyalty card lets you collect points that you can redeem for future dental treatment and services.

Get a Comprehensive Plan with Dental Cover

With reliable and reputed partners, you get the assurance of guaranteed healthcare at great facilities and avail a good health  insurance scheme that covers your dental costs. With the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, we all have realised the importance of having sufficient insurance. Hence, choose a good plan to stay protected at all times!

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