Natural Ways To Boost Fertility

Having a baby is by far one of the best feelings that you can have in your lifetime. The birth of a new life can make your family complete. There are however numerous impediments to having a baby. You need to be financially secure in order to bear the responsibility of a new member in a family, find better living situations, or complete the educational programs you are currently involved with. The most important of them is to be prepared mentally for the responsibility.

If you have thought these out thoroughly and are ready for the move an important task is to consider the natural ways to boost fertility. This may help in cutting down the time it takes to get pregnant and can also provide for the birth of a healthy life.

So before you decide on conceiving, here are a few natural tips that you may consider to boost your fertility:

10 Natural ways that can boost fertility

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Natural Ways To Boost Fertility 2

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1. Avoid smoking and alcohols:

If you have any bad habit such as smoking or consuming excessive alcohol you should quiet that immediately. This is something that you may already be aware of but it still needs to be repeated. Smoking not only affects your conception possibilities but also increases miscarriage possibilities. Consuming alcohol on the other hand reduces your fertility levels by up to 50%. It can also decrease the sperm count and increase the production of abnormal sperm. You should also reduce the intake of caffeinated items like tea, coffee, cola and chocolate.

2. Reduce use of toxic chemicals:

Everyday there are a number of toxic chemicals that you may be using like pesticides for your garden, soaps, deodorant, shampoo on body etc. Some of these chemicals disrupt the endocrine system and hormonal levels. For men it can result in sperm count reduction and for women it can alter the hormone levels and the ability to conceive. Instead if you can switch to natural fertilizers or harmless soaps or shampoos it can lower your toxic burden.

3. Eat nutritious food:

Taking the proper nutritious diet can help maintain the protein and essential vitamin intake in your body. It plays an important role in your body's fertility. It is also important to take a balanced nutrition to improve your ability to conceive and maintain your health for pregnancy. You should avoid having non organic food or packed food as they contain preservatives which can be harmful. Go for organic food which can help lower your toxic intake and maintain the nutrient intake.

4. Maintain a healthy weight:

It is often seen that many complications arise due to excessive body weight. If you are overweight or obese (a BMI of 25 to 39) it can take longer to get pregnant. Again if you are underweight (a BMI of 19 or lower) you may face difficulty in conceiving. The fats or cholesterol that you acquire can result in a variety of other diseases. So it is advisable that you watch out your weight and maintain a healthy body.

5. Do not take stress:

Stress can be a crucial factor in affecting your pregnancy. If you are too much stressed out it can delay your pregnancy or you may face various difficulties while conceiving. The impact may vary from person to person depending upon the stress that one takes. In order to avoid taking stress you can practice Yoga and Meditation, take morning walks, eat healthy and keep out stressful thoughts. Be relaxed or chilled out as much as possible.

6. Search for empowering alternatives:

With recent developments there are many alternatives that you can look forward to like acupuncture, botanicals, Chinese herbs, mind-body practices, fertility yoga, complementary therapies etc. These kind of out of the box alternatives can sometimes effectively enhance your fertility to a great extent.

7. Use fertility protection measures:

Though not proven there is always the debate about the usage of tight underwear, laptop computers, heated car seats, or cell phones. Researchers had previously pointed out that it may impair male fertility. But these ideas have recently changed and people seem not to believe in them anymore. However avoiding sitting in a hot bath tub day after day is something that researchers seem to suggest these days. Including these you should take all the measures that you feel can adequately suit your purpose.

8. Follow a regular exercise routine:

Along with various therapies you can also get used to a moderate exercise routine. It can serve as a natural fertility treatment and is very effective most of the times. If you can combine the exercises with a balanced and nutritious diet you can manage to get a healthy body weight. With proper exercises you can shed off the extra few pounds or burn off the body fat which can prove harmful. However do not overdo exercises as that can have opposite results on your fertility.

9. Take proper quantities of vitamins:

Vitamins are very essential for both maternal and child nutrition. You should thus take proper care of your intake of vitamins before and after pregnancy. Fertility can be decreased if there is a deficiency of vitamins in both you and your partner. Smokers are generally deficient in Vitamin C so they should take proper care towards that. However women should avoid mega doses of vitamin C as it can dry up cervical fluid thus preventing sperm from reaching the egg.

10. Try natural fertility boosters like herbs:

From the olden times herbs have been very beneficial in curing various diseases and imbalances. Herbs have been very effective in solving the fertility problem for both men and women. If you and your partner face difficulty with pregnancy issues you can use herbs to promote fertility. Herbs are considered as a form of natural fertilizing medicine. The herb Maca can help stabilize all hormones and optimizing fertility. Another herb Red clover has a really high content of vitamins and minerals. It helps process the metabolic waste in the body, thus making the body more alkaline. However before taking any kind of herbs you should consult with a registered naturopath so you may take the right supplement in the right quantity.

Note: Though most women conceive without difficulty there are some ways that you can adapt to boost the process. In order to increase your chances there are some basic dietary and behavioural changes that you need to consider.

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