Health Benefits of Yoga, Pilates and Gyrotonics

Top Health Benefits of Yoga, Pilates and Gyrotonics

For uplifting your health and fitness the two basic things a person needs to focus on are a good exercise routine and a balanced diet plan. If these things are managed well then no one can stop you from living your life in a much successful way ensuring success and abundances in areas of life.

Yoga is the most traditional form of workout practiced by ancient civilization for strengthening their muscles and bones and maintaining the fitness of all organs. Pilates and Gyrotonics are two new forms of workouts but are very effective ones as they offer numerous benefits for your overall health as well as fitness.

Here we are going to discuss the health benefits of yoga, pilates gyrotonics one by one so that you can understand well that what ranges of benefits are associated with each one of them and can incorporate them in your day to day life to grab those amazing advantages for you.

Top Health Benefits of Yoga Practice


Yoga is a traditional practice that brings your mind, soul, and body together. You can mix almost all healthful practices in it including meditation, breathing exercises with special yoga asanas to bring you relaxation and peace of mind by reducing stress.

You will get several yoga asanas under yoga practice that works on strengthening and toning each and every area of the body concentrating one or two organs at a time in each asana poses. Though it seems difficult initially to practice some of the yoga asanas but with practice, you get fluent with them and the more you sustain the pressure on any of the asanas the more benefits you grab from it for your health. The most common health benefits that you get from yoga practices are discussed below-

Improves Flexibility

The tough yoga poses though feel hard when you incorporate them in your life but gives you many amazing health benefits in return. It increases the flexibility of your body including all highly used organs like hands, foot, the midsection of body, neck, etc.

Every time when you move and stretch your body for incorporating a new yoga pose you simply increase the flexibility of the organs involved in that particular yoga pose. That is what makes you more flexible which prevents your risk of aging-related flexibility problems that make people immovable or creates immense pressure and pain while moving.

It brings a better range of motions especially in the tight areas of the body with regular practice. People who are a regular practitioner of yoga get flexibility in areas like shoulders, hips, back, and hamstrings over time. Yoga practices are really beneficial and necessary no matter at which age you are currently or at what profession you belong to as it reduces your risk of aging-related flexibility deterioration.

It also gives complete relaxation from pain and stiffness that develops in the body due to immobility or due to persistent sitting or standing in one pose. Hence, we can say that yoga practices can even reverse the aging process by getting rid of aging-induced flexibility concerns in the body.

Improves Body Balance

One great heath benefit that you can primarily expect from practicing daily yoga asanas is that it helps in improving your body balance which is the most essential thing needed for preventing the risk of falling especially in older adults. Also, students or teenagers who are very sporty or who have to remain physically active throughout the day must practice yoga every day to improve their balance which is really crucial for them to avoid the risk of falling down or getting an injury.

Yoga asanas in which you stand on your one foot and in the cases of a long time yoga practitioners inversions are really effective for enhancing your balance and building confidence while moving or doing any activity. These asanas build the core strength that keeps you straight in your position and likewise enhances your confidence in any sports or fitness activity that requires your proper balance to avoid the injury risk.

Reduces Stress

Though this benefit of yoga practice is indirect or more subtle but really keeps an important place while counting the benefits of yoga practice. There are some yoga asanas that work on improving your mental health by reducing stress and promoting the feeling of relaxation very easily.

There are many studies to support this fact that practicing yoga helps in slowing down the secretion of cortisol level in the body which is the primary stress hormone.

In a study on 24 emotionally distressed women for a period of three months, it was found that the women who consistently followed the yoga program during this period significantly reduced the level of cortisol in their body which was well reflected in the form of positive changes in their lifestyle and behavior.

This shows that practicing yoga as a fixed routine of life can significantly relieve all stress-related mental health concerns like anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue that make people lethargic. Practicing yoga on a regular basis can bring emotional and mental level stability and ensure that you stay peaceful and relaxed under every circumstance of life.

Increases Body Strength

Yoga practice also helps in building your body strength just like it happens while exercising with equipment at the gym. This gets possible because in some type of yoga asanas you require to carry your own body weight on feet, toes, hand palms, balance your body on one leg, or take the support of your arms while facing downward, etc. So as long as you stay in these poses your muscles strength builds up that much.

Over time you easily sustain these poses for longer duration and manage to incorporate one yoga asana in another making it much tougher that speeds up the level of your strength building. Hence, you get the advantage of toning your muscle mass along with strengthening them that gives them a defined shape and look over time. It helps in shaping up your long and lean muscles such as arms, legs, abdomen, and back.

Prevents the Back Pain Risks

When you include yoga as a fixed part of your daily life routine you get diversified benefits for your health and wellness. Out of these long lists of yoga associated health benefits, preventing the risk of back pain is one that is really relaxing especially for women who are common victims of back pain.

The kind of flexibility and muscles and bone level strength that you get from daily yoga practices helps in reducing your risk of some types of back pain by subsiding its causes. Some people with a certain profession or lifestyle routine contain a high risk of developing back pain issues such as people who sit for a prolonged period in front of the computer, or those who drive a car especially as a profession, etc.

It is your back muscle that is giving you greater support so it is likely to get impacted. This kind of activity causes spinal compression and stiffness throughout the body leading to back pain concern especially in the night time when you sleep on your bed after the whole day’s work. So for people who come in the high-risk group they must practice yoga every day in the morning and if possible even in the evening as some yoga asanas counteract these activities ensuring relaxation of your sore spinal muscles.

Improves Joint Health

Yoga also supports your joints health which is really appreciating because joint health issues now become one of the most common health concerns affecting more than average population worldwide. The low impact posed during yoga practice reduces your joints injury risk which is highly possible in the cases of vigorous forms of exercise practices.

Hence, you use your joints in a much safer way throughout your yoga session without any fear of injury. The yoga poses also strengthen the muscles around your joints and this way it reduces the burdens from the joints area.

People who are suffering from arthritis a major joint health concern that restricts the body movement of the affected person, even for the most essentials works for a living can be managed and reduced to a great extent with some of the yoga asanas that are specially designed for strengthening the joints health.

It is found in studies that after incorporating light yoga practices arthritis affected people see improvement in their mobility and reduction in their joint pain that makes their life easier and comfortable for survival. Otherwise, it is really difficult to live with extreme pain caused by arthritis induced pain in joints.

Improves Digestive Health

Practicing yoga every day is also beneficial for your digestive health as it improves the digestive function of your body reducing your dependency on medications and for improving or relieving different digestion-related concerns. There are many yoga asanas that especially focus on toning and building your digestive health and relieve you from common digestive health-related concerns like gas, constipation, bloating stomach aches, and loose motion.

Also, it prevents your risk of major diseases that mostly happens in people who are affected by these digestive concerns for a prolonged period of time like piles, some type of cancer, etc. Certain yoga asanas help in removing gas from your body and make the bowel movement much easier and regular.

Also, it strengthens the muscles in your abdomen and improves gut flora and digestion. Yoga asanas that are effective for improving your digestive health include Paschimottasana, Balasana, Pavanamuktasana, Trikonasana, and Ardha Matsyendrasana.

Build Self Confidence

One great benefit that you get out of yoga practice is that it aids in improving your self-confidence level. This seems quite obvious as well as this physical level practice improves your body posture in a much better way ensuring that you sit, walk and stand straight that itself brings confidence in your look and appearance not only in your eyes but also in the eyes of people surrounding you.

When you make yoga a part of your general life you will naturally feel improvement in the connection between your mind and body as this is one of those healthy practices that work both on your mental and physical health.

Hence, with a well-established mind and body connection, you get more prompt and smart in your particular working profile by quickly reacting in situations where you need to take action. Resulting in more success you experience in both your personal and professional life and with every success achievement, your self-confidence level improves.

Another reason why your self-confidence builds during yoga practice is that while practicing different asanas you learn to maintain cooperation between different body parts that improve your alignment and your awareness towards your own body. With improved body posture, enhanced appearance, greater strength, and flexibility your self-confidence level gets a positive boost.

Top Health Benefits of Pilates


Pilates is a popular exercise that was discovered in Germany in the year 1920 by Joseph Pilates. It is a kind of mind-body exercise that helps in improving both your physical as well as mental health. Initially, it was discovered with the aim of helping out injured soldiers who were injured during World War 1.

It helped them in faster recovery even from the conditions where they were bound to sleep and rest on the bed. From Germany, this popular exercise form then spread to other parts of the world like in New York where it gets recognition by the athletes, dancers, and the general public.

classically pilates is defined as a series of exercises that are performed in a particular order in a specific way. With the passing of time, this particular exercise gets more popular in the general population including people with certain physical limitations as well as people belonging from the different physical backgrounds of all ages.

The pilates exercise helps in strengthening your cores and aid in improving the mobility and stability of your body. The health benefits that you get after incorporating pilates as a part of your fitness routine are enlisted below-

  • The pilates exercise helps your mind to attain calmness and stillness while you are anxious or dealing with adversities of life.
  • The series of movements that you need to perform while practicing pilates helps in boosting your focus power as only with focus you can properly perform those step by step serial movements. This enhanced level of focus power you can utilize in your other areas of life for achieving success.
  • The six basic principles of pilates that you need to adhere to performing it successfully help in creating a proper balance between your mind and body. This mind-body harmonization aid in improving your mental health.
  • The sequential movement during the pilates exercise helps in boosting your concentration level which is one of the prominent factors for achieving success in all areas of life.
  • In the pilates exercise, your self-control level builds very effectively.
  • The pilates exercise also works on improving your breathing activity by maintaining proper control while you inhale and exhale. Resulting in you get more conscious about your breath and this sense of awareness you can well utilize during the negative circumstances of life when it is difficult to deal with a situation especially during the mental and emotional traumas. Also, it increases your lung capacity and circulation level.
  • Improves your body balance and stability which is really very beneficial for aged people who becomes the frequent victim of an injury due to loss of their body balance sense.
  • Improves your flexibility that you learn through the series of movements that you need to perform to accomplish this workout. An enhanced level of flexibility keeps you physically active for performing your regular life responsibilities including personal and professional life.
  • It helps in relieving pain and aches health concerns especially the back pain issue.
  • It helps in building your muscles mass quickly and effectively especially in the longer and leaner muscles build up.
  • It helps in speedy recovery from an injury. That is why it is preferred by dancers and athletes who often get injured while performing their tasks.
  • The pilates exercise also helps in reducing your body weight. The more muscles you build more amount of calories are burned to provide fuel for your body hence it helps in cutting down your body fat and then in overall weight reduction.
  • By improving the stabilization of your pelvis and spine it helps in preventing your future injury risk.
  • Reduces fatigue issue and keep you energetic throughout the day.

Top Health Benefits of Gyrotonic


Gyrotonic is a versatile form of exercise that incorporates the rules and movements principles from yoga, dance, swimming, gymnastics, and Tai Chi. This unique form of exercise emphasizes on flowing, continuous movements synchronicity with the breathing patterns.

It is performed on a specially designed wooden equipment called Gyrotonic Expansion System or GXS with weighted pulleys and rotational discs that helps the exercisers in improving their flexibility, energy level, strength and vitality through flowing and circular motion. Also, it develops the feeling of calmness and a sense of well being. Apart from this, it aids in building muscle mass as well as from easy recovery from the injury and sickness.

The GXS was discovered by Juliu Horvath who was a gymnast, swimmer, and ballet dancer who experienced immense struggle and hardship of injury and chronic pain. He damaged his Achilles tendon and herniating disc that simply breaks his dancing career. He then started practicing yoga and meditation to rehabilitate his injuries continuously for six years and then comes with the Gyrotonic and Fyrokinesis methods.

Initially, this method was used by the dancers for their recovery purposes but later on, it has emerged as a comprehensive system of exercise for all groups of people ranging from all ages and capabilities. Year by year Horvath continued improving methods, refining his equipment designs as well as giving teacher training sessions globally.

The Gyrotonic specialized equipment includes- jumping stretching board, pulley tower combination unit, leg extension unit, gyrotoner, and archway. The health benefits that you get after incorporating Gyrotonic exercise in your fitness routine include-

  • It helps in improving the residual stiffness of your joints by developing a greater range of motions.
  • It protects against injury risk during the intensive training session by stimulating the active muscle recovery process.
  • It boosts your body strength by keeping different muscles group more active.
  • It supports your spinal health and strength by creating awareness regarding how to properly use deep core muscles to give adequate support to your spine.
  • The exerciser manages to perform precise movements under this which gets possible because in this technique both the nervous system function and muscle activity are aligned together.
  • This exercise is beneficial for the rehabilitation purpose as it sets fascia into the movement that ensures faster recovery as well as makes sure that any treatment results last for a prolonged period.
  • It engages and moves your spine as a single entity. Thus gives full level spinal mobility as well as better suppleness of back.
  • Maintain coordination between deep diaphragmatic breathing with your core muscle movement and activity.
  • Increases the energy level of the users and prevents fatigue issues.
  • Improves body posture and raises spirits.
  • Reduces pressure from joints, hence prevent joint pain or joint injury risk caused by excess pressure on them.

Now you know precisely about these three fitness activities such as yoga, pilates, and Gyrotonic. So it’s up to you how you will incorporate all three of them into your life to grab those amazing versatile health benefits of yoga pilates and Gyrotonic to make your life much better from now onwards.

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