Diet Soda Cause You Stroke

Can Diet Soda Cause You Stroke Risk? Preventive Measure for Stroke

A new report recently published in a health journal has astonished every diet soda lover with a piece of bad news that this artificially sweetened drink contains a risk of stroke with its high consumption. Though researchers have not yet given any conclusive report still this is a matter of thorough study whether diet soda consumption increases stroke risk or not.

Previously one common perception used to rule around the world that sugary drinks are harmful to the health and it is a root cause of many severe and life-threatening diseases, out of which obesity and diabetes come on the first rank.

As per the above-mentioned perception, it was assumed that the diet soda that contains artificial sugar is much safer and as this drink contains less calorie than the sugary drinks so are better than the all high sugar-rich drinks.

However this latest research which was conducted on a group of 4000 people with different age groups, habits and different lifestyle who used to drink at least one diet soda every day has completely changed the picture by bringing a new concept of health risk associated with high diet soda drink consumption.

The researchers gave a questionnaires’ to all the participants which include the data for the last 10 years. At the end of this survey, it reveals that people who have a habit of drinking one or more than one diet soda drinks have basically developed the stroke health risk more than those who drink only sugary drinks or don’t have any of these drinks at all.

The researchers have clearly put a co-relation between the diet soda consumption and stroke risk out of this FFQ (Food Frequency Questionnaires) survey but any co-relation between certain things cannot prove anything ideally. Still, they have given a meaningful concept to the scientists to expand this matter of confusion and discussion further and take a though research on this in order to reach an ultimate conclusion.

Another important aspect that critics are giving for this stroke risk concept due to artificially sweetened drink over the sugary drink, why not sugary drink consumption are considered as the stroke risk health issue. As per them those who consume more sugary drink have already developed major health issues and either they are suffering from those chronic health concerns or already passed away.

So they eventually saved from the danger of stroke risk because their body wouldn’t survive further to have this chronic health trauma. This concept proves that neither the over-consumption of diet soda nor the consumption of sugary drinks is anyway safe for the health. In fact, all are associated with major health problems like heart-related issues, diabetes, obesity, stroke, and dementia.

As safety and prevention is the key to subside any major health traumas, likewise even though still the concept of stroke risk associated with high diet soda consumption has not yet reached any conclusion then also it is good for all the diet soda lovers that they accept it as an alarm to protect them from future worst effect.

Limited consumption of anything is not bad but when it gets excessive it starts reflecting some of its darker sides. As the efficient health department has taken the initiative to create awareness among the diet soda lovers that it consists of a major health risk i.e. stroke. So it is the time to take it as genuine, not conclusive as still, nothing has fully proved.

The reason of conflict for the researchers’ report which was conducted over 4000 people on their individual view analysis based on more than one-decade experience and lifestyle; however in this FFQ program many important points were neglected.

The focus point was only rolling around to prove the bad impact of diet soda on health and it was majorly linked with the stroke health issue without considering the fact of other possible causes behind this health trauma in the people who suffered out of this.

Also, possible changes and amendments were done without any clear logic to get a conclusive point which is a correlation between diet soda consumption and stroke and dementia health concerns.

As the research is published by the American Heart Association’s Journal so it means a lot but after going through the data analysis and report diagram on the basis of which this research was conducted it shows some conflicts.

It is very much clear that it is primarily based on assumption than reality as several important factors like age group, weight, lifestyle, individual diseases, family history, smoking, and alcohol consumption habit, etc. are totally ignored. Also, it is not cleared here that which type of artificial sweetened are good and bad.

Effective Ways to Prevent Stroke Risk

diet soda riskA stroke happens when the flow of blood in the veins of the brain is obstructed for some reason, mostly due to a blood clot in the veins, resulting in hemorrhage in the brain happens. As this is a life-threatening health issue so it requires instant treatment once the stroke happens to anyone.

There are several reasons that can cause you the stroke but the most common cause of stroke is older age and the family history of stroke. Means as you age you are more susceptible to get this attack. As the time cannot go back and your own old history of the family cannot be changed so you cannot do more than using some preventive measures that can ensure your life safety from this major health risk.

Apart from these two primary factors (aging and family history of stroke), or stroke risk, there are many other health concerns of an individual that carries a risk to stroke with time if not treated initially. So by handling other major concerns causing stroke risk, you can smartly alleviate the stroke risk to a great extent.

Lower Your Blood Pressure Level

Having high blood pressure is the biggest reason for developing the risk of stroke. So anyone who constantly has higher blood pressure level should manage it to the necessary and required level by lowering it in order to avoid the risk of stroke.

A normal blood pressure level is 120/80 and in some special cases 140/90, exceeding to this level carries a major risk to get a stroke at a certain point of their life because high blood pressure causes to block the regular blood flow in the brain resulting in hemorrhagic stroke happens.

The reason is quite obvious of the stroke caused by high blood pressure as because an increased level of pressure thicken the artery walls with time resulting in fats and cholesterol builds that take the form of a plaque with time. This plaque or clot disturbs the normal flow of blood in brain veins resulting stroke attack happens.

The best prevention to avoid stroke caused by high BP or hypertension is to keep the blood pressure level always in check by applying different measures for lowering high blood pressure.

If you want to reduce your blood pressure level then have very less amount of salt in the diet, avoid the consumption of fried and highly processed foods that cause cholesterol and stay more active physically.

Reduce Your Weight

Those who have excess body weight and come in the category of obese contain a very high risk of getting a stroke because this overweight of body effects to their overall health which is all linked in a certain way to the stroke risk.

An excess body weight causes to increase the blood pressure level, increases the cholesterol level, blood sugar level, etc. All these health issues are one of the major health concerns and affect the arteries wall, resulting in blockage happens in veins that obstruct the flow of blood in the brain.

So for preventing the risk of stroke, it should be your duty to reduce your excess weight as early as it is possible by applying effective steps for weight loss. If you manage to reduce your weight at least by 10 pounds then you can subside the risk of stroke to a great extent.

Increase your fitness activities, exercise daily at least for 30 minutes to reduce your excess body fat, avoid the consumption of high-calorie foods, have more protein and fiber-rich foods that will suppress your frequent cravings for snacks and other fried foods that can add more weight to you.

With all these effective measures and with the regular effort you can check your weight in a maintained level and protect your life form a life-threatening health concern i.e. stroke.

Leave Smoking

Smoking is another habit or reason that can cause the stroke risk as smoking puffs affect directly to your internal organs and cause major health issues that are one of the reasons for stroke attack.

People who smoke daily or who are badly addicted to smoke burns their lungs and damages their throat resulting in lungs and throat cancer are primarily associated with the smoking habit.

Nicotine content in a cigarette tends to elevate your blood pressure level and its carbon monoxide content troubles the normal breathing. Apart from this, second-hand smoke can cause to reduce the oxygen that your blood normally carries resulting in chances of stroke risk increases.

Also, the smoking addiction causes to form more plaque in blood, make the blood more sticky than normal that can easily convert into a clot, increases your blood fat level, reduces the HDL cholesterol (good one), damages the blood vessels by making them thick and narrow.

In order to avoid such concerns and above all stroke risk quit your habit of smoking by using effective smoke quitting measures. Alternate of nicotine and counseling can help you a lot in your way to quitting smoking completely to avoid the risk of stroke.

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

If you are addicted to alcohol then you are very much at the threshold of stoke health risk which can even cause death if immediate treatment is not provided. So for the protection of your life and preventing the risk of stroke avoid your regular alcohol intake.

If completing leaving is not possible for you then make sure that you are not taking more than a glass in a day otherwise chances of stroke remains higher who drink two or more than two glasses of alcohol every day.

Take the necessary measures to get rid of your addiction. Reduce the quantity of alcohol on each day and try to achieve a moderate level which will cause no harm to you. Regarding alcohol, it is said that red wines contain resveratrol a beneficial compound that is good for the brain and heart health.

Manage Your Diabetes

Those who have high blood sugar level contain 2 to 4 times greater than a normal person risk to get a stroke. A high blood sugar level raises the clotting level in blood by accumulating fatty deposits with time. This can easily narrow the blood vessels of the neck and brain.

As a result of blood clots, blood supply interrupted in the brain causing brain burst or brain hemorrhage occur. So to prevent such a life-threatening risk you have to manage and control your blood sugar level.

Take your medicine on a regular basis without delay and go for routine checkup in order to stay aware regarding your current health status and any health risk. Take the necessary and healthy diet and exercise regularly in order to reduce and balance your blood sugar level. Also, check your blood sugar level on a daily basis to avoid such health hazard.

Control Your Heart Health

Irregular heartbeat generally caused by slow and interrupted blood circulation in the veins of blood that supply blood to the heart. This can affect the normal pumping rate of heart as due to clot existence in blood veins the supply of blood is interrupted which is a major cause of stroke.

This health condition is known as Atrial Fibrillation (AFib), which creates a blood pool in the heart where clot can form and exist easily. When some of the blood clots travel in your brains it can produce its immediate effect by causing a stroke.

So in order to avoid the stroke risk, it is important to manage and treat your bad heart health without delay. Take necessary medication, diet and if requires surgery can be conducted to bring back normal pumping rate of heart so that any further blood clot will not produce in future affecting the brain health by stroke or hemorrhage.

Exercise Everyday

All major health issues such as heart health, cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes are interlinked and effect to each other in some or other way. At the same time, all these health concerns are the root cause of stroke as it simply affects the normal flow of blood by narrowing the blood vessels that connect the brain cells.

The good news is that all these major health issues and their consequences in the form of stroke risk can be alleviated by regular exercise and other active physical activities like walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc.

Workout on a daily basis if not much possible then at least thirty minutes on each day is enough to control all your major health risks and above all, you can prevent your health from getting an attack of stroke. HIIT and other cardio workouts are not only safe but it also keeps your metabolism level at a good rate so that there will be proper and fluent blood circulation throughout the body.

We all want to live a long and healthy life which can only be ensured if we are giving good care to our overall health. Apply our preventive measures in your daily life to avoid the risk of stroke and above all abide the new health alarm i.e. diet soda consumption increases stroke risk on a serious note to prevent this life-threatening risk.

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