Yoga To Treat Your Injury Pain

Best Yoga Practices to Treat Your Injury Related Chronic Pain

Chronic pain or aches out of a past injury or illness not only reflects how devastated that past incident was but it also defines how that trauma was dealt on that particular time and its effect on your mind and body both. Yoga is the oldest form of natural healing and health-boosting natural measure. So there is no doubt that you can utilize yoga to treat your injury-related chronic pain.

Physical injury that you have met via an accident, fall, treatment measure or through any other source not only affects your life for the time being but its effect lasts for a very long duration of time. Especially when you face a major injury leading to chronic pain concern and suffering.

It’s really very tough to survive with such kind of terrific physical pain as it not only affects your physical and mental wellbeing but also interferes with your day to day lifestyle activities. Yoga is an invention of ancient civilization time but it will be useless to point it again that its benefits are versatile and for every one of us which no doubt you must be aware of.

The benefits of yoga practicing you can grasp for improving every sphere or dimension of your life whether it is an emotional, spiritual, physical or mental improvement or growth is concerned. The pain you feel today is not only the suffering of your physical body but it also symbolizes that how badly your brain or mind is affected with it.

Also, it shows that your mind is incapable to deal with it and that is the reason it is radiating all over your body causing you an immense amount of difficulty and disturbances. Herein lies the importance of yoga teaching which guides you better how to control your mind and body and how easily you can maintain synchronicity between these two important aspects of your existence or your life.

Once you will be the master of this particular connection, you will feel the pain is nowhere because the physical sensation we human beings feel is not just an outcome of physical trauma but it also reflects how weak our mind is to tackle with this particular phenomena.

Yoga is just like any other physical form of exercise however its perfect combination of specialized techniques like meditation, breath control, and specialized movements ensure that with yoga-practicing not only physical health get enhanced but it also places equal emphasis on boosting your mental health and fitness as well.

And that is the secret of yoga practice that you can hardly find through any other physical exercise practices. Through stretching and movements, it ensures that your muscles get strengthen from deep inside and through meditation and breathing control practices it ensure that peace and harmony can be maintained in your mind as well to keep it strong so that it can easily survive and face any physical or mental trauma.

As all the pains generate first in your brain and then its message is spread through the nervous system of the body to a specific or all other parts of the body. This simply clears if your mind will remain strong and calm then no matter how big trauma or injury you face, its ultimate pain will not be as severe or chronic as a normal person usually feels who doesn’t practice yoga at all.

This works as a healer as well, to ensure that your injury or pain could be healed faster so that there will be no risk of future recurrence of pain or in more precise term chronic pain out of that past injury.

As per the International Association for Study of Pain (IASP), pain is a subjective sensory and emotional experience that develops due to potential or actual or described in the terms of an injury.

They clearly give emphasis or supports to the concept of mind-body relationship with respect to a particular pain which at first develops in your consciousness and then it is reflected in your behavioral or physiological planes. If health specialist can understand this relationship then many types of chronic pain concerns of a patient can be relieved and cured in a much easier way within a very short span of time.

This clearly shows that the dependency on surgeries, medications, and therapies is not the only ways of relaxation for treating or coping with a chronic pain caused by an injury or due to any other trauma. Yoga is an effective tool or way which offers you an opportunity to get easy and natural relief from your chronic pain concern by truly understanding and developing the mind-body experience with regard to chronic pain.

By including breathing exercise, meditations and restorative poses in your day to day life you can easily get full control over your chronic pain and can live your life in a much healthier form naturally.

Restorative Yoga Poses

Restorative Yoga PosesRestorative yoga poses helps in transforming chronic pain and stress responses of your body into “chronic healing” by maintaining a perfect relationship between your mind and body. That means it can easily reduce or relieve you from the suffering of chronic pain caused by an injury or due to any other underlying condition.

The restorative yoga poses are very simple in processing so you can practice them effortlessly. There is no particular time bounding for these poses and each poses contains more than the few breaths. However each pose you need to do at least for 10 minutes which is quite enough time that allows your body to release its deepest core tension with each breath.

Another benefit of doing restorative yoga pose is that it is conducted through the help of props. So you get all time support throughout its process. You can use a chair, wall, pillow, towels, and bolsters, etc as your props.

It combines the normal yoga poses with the conscious breathing process to turn on the healing responses of your mind and body. Some common restorative yoga poses are mentioned below which will boost the relaxation responses of your mind and body. You can practice them either alone or you can complete the sequence as you feel better.

Supported Bound Angle Yoga Pose

The Supported Bound Angle Yoga Pose helps in releasing stress and tension from your shoulders, chest and belly areas of your body. For doing this restorative yoga pose you need to lean a bolster over a block or any other support that is available to you.

Then sit in front of the said bolster making a diamond shape pose through your legs. Give proper support through a pillow to your external parts such as your outer knee and thigh to let go the whole process effortlessly.

This outer support ensures that your knees, hips or legs don’t get a strain or stretched badly due to your developed pose. Now lean back over the bolster to get full support from your lower back. You can keep your arms anywhere which seems comfortable to you.

Now inhale and exhale gently focusing on your front part of the body. You will feel with each breath you are sensing comfort and relaxation.

Supported Forward Bend Yoga Pose

The Supported Forward Bend Yoga Pose helps in bringing relaxation to your back and hips areas of the body. It releases the stress and tension from your spine caused by daily life activities and pressure.

This restorative pose is also very supportive and safe just like other restorative yoga poses. For doing this you need to first sit on a floor with crossed legs. Then lean forward on to the support of a chair, sofa, or you can use a stack of cushions, blankets, and pillows.

In case you are using a bolster then place one end of it in your lap and the other end on the sofa or any other external support that you are using. Hug the bolster in the most comfortable way and turn your head to that side.

In this particular position with your every breath your chest, belly, and back will contract and expand. Try to feel the movement of the torso with your every breath (inhalation and exhalation). This pose will relieve you from the suffering of chronic pain existing in your muscles and bones.

Supported Backbend Yoga Pose

The Supported Backbend Yoga Pose is one of the most effective restorative yoga poses. It is a heart-opening pose that helps you to embrace life and releases all your stress and sufferings including your chronic pain as well.

It helps in releasing stress and pain from your back and shoulders caused by daily life activities or even caused by a past injury. For doing this you require to sit on a floor and then place a bolster or a stack of blankets or pillows under the slightly bent knees for the support.

Then place a folded pillow or any other support behind your back to give support to your upper rib cage, not your lower back. Use a rolled towel or blanket under your head to give support to it and your neck. If your lower rib cage or lower back need any support then you can place a small towel to support the natural curve of your spine.

This particular restorative pose will boost the breath flow towards your upper rib cage, chest and belly. Let yourself feel the movements with each breath. With regular practice, you can surely ease your pain and discomfort caused by an injury.

Nesting Yoga Pose

The Nesting Yoga Pose is the most comfortable restorative yoga pose. People who have difficulty in sleeping, or suffering from insomnia issue can try this yoga pose to relieve their concern.

Lack of sleep is one of the major factors that increases your pain intensity to a great extent. So you can practice this yoga pose to get relief from your injury-related chronic pain.

For doing this yoga pose, you need to lie on your side, bend your legs and draw it towards your belly area. Keep your head on a pillow to give support to your neck and head.

Place a bolster or a pillow between your knees. Keep one bolster behind your back to ensure extra safety or support. You can keep your arms in any position that seems comfortable to you.

Now observe or feel you’re each breath and feel the sensation through your body with each inhalation and exhalation. Rest in this position for 10 minutes to release stress from your cores and muscles to get rid of your chronic pain concern.

Breathing the Body

Breathing the body is a kind of visualization practices which is derived from the traditional Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep poses and the body-scan practice which is a stress bursting, mindfulness techniques taught in Jon Kabat-Zinn’s program in order to relieve chronic pain.

You can start, breathing the whole body exercise in any pose that seems comfortable to you like savasana or any other pose of yoga. Now place your hands over your belly and feel you’re each breath (inhalation and exhalation).

Focus on your body how it (your belly) rises and falls with each breath and then try to feel how your breath comes out of your body and how it enters inside each time.

You will notice after some time that your body stress and tension is releasing with your every breath. This particularly happens because your focus naturally shifted from your pain areas to your breathing movement and this shifting of focus helps you in easing your chronic pain and discomfort caused by an injury or any other trauma.

Meditation Practices

The human body is the most wonderful creation of this earth in all respect. Your body has its own inbuilt healing responses which are so powerful that you can hardly imagine. Your body can itself release a protective-pain or stress responses that will not let you feel any pain at all.

Meditation is the easiest way or method to develop peace and relaxation throughout your body. It evokes the flow of energy to the positive direction that works as a natural healer for your senses which makes you feel pain. Hence helps in maintaining relaxation and well being all over the body by easing your pain and discomfort.

You need to focus on one center during the Pranayama and meditation and its effects will spread in your all over the body. In yoga, you will find different verities of meditation practices. Each one of them is specialized for accomplishing a particular target or aim. So you can practice Dhyana or meditation to fix your chronic pain and relive it completely.

In higher-level meditation techniques detaches you from your physical body existence hence detaches you from all physical pain and discomforts including your chronic pain by nurturing the mind and body experience within you.

Practice the above-mentioned poses and techniques of yoga to treat your injury-related chronic pain, which will develop a highly influential mind and body relationship within you that will enable you to control your pain in much effective way.

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