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Gray Hair: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

The aging effect is seen in every part of the body and these inevitable signs cannot be avoided completely. In the series of aging process one aging sign that often people notices along with other signs or symptoms is the graying of hair which is neither completely black nor completely white. There are several causes of gray hair issue, aging is one of them and a vital one.

Apart from aging, there are many influential factors that turn your hair into grey before you actually reach a particular stage of life where gray hair can be considered as normal. The hairs start getting gray when the color or pigmentation producing cells i.e. Melanocytes stop producing pigment or produces in a very lesser amount.

Usually, on an average White people start developing gray hair in their mid-30s, Asians start getting gray hair in their late 30s whereas African –Americans develop gray hair in their mid 40 s. Overall by the age of 50 people of all territory develops gray hair in a significant amount.

With age, the reduction in the level of hair pigmentation is natural and it is just a mark of aging no underlying issues is considered responsible for this. However, getting gray hair becomes an issue when you develop in your early 20s. Also, there is no lack of a significant number of cases where children aging 10 or even less start getting gray hair issue.

In such condition, an intervention of medical consultation is a must because in a normal health condition you are not supposed to develop gray hair before your 30s. Apart from aging other common condition which causes gray hair problem, especially in teenagers or even in little kids, include some underlying health concern like hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, anemia, hormonal imbalances, lack of nutrients in the body, etc.

Uses of color dyes which contain ammonia that gives color to your hair are no way healthy for your hair or follicles health. It hampers the natural ability of your hair follicles for producing hair pigmentation. Also, major hair fall and damaging happen by these hair color application.

Whatever may be the cause of your gray hair issue it should not be avoided as with necessary care and treatment you can get back the natural color and health of your hairs back.


causes of gray hair issue

Deficiency of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a vital nutrient not only for your skin health but also for your hair health as well. So if your body lack in this particular vitamin you can easily develop premature gray hair concern at the very early stages of your life.

This can happen to anyone whether it is a kid, teenager or an adult person. The deficiency of Vitamin B 12 speeds up the graying process at a much faster rate and if at early stages this deficiency is not fulfilled then it can cause you permanent gray or white hair problem irrespective of your age.

Excess Smoking

Smoking is injurious for your health in all respect whether it is your internal health or external health or well being is concerned. So if you smoke too often your risk of developing gray hair problem will remain quite high.

As per one research report, people who smoke contain four times greater risk of getting premature gray hair problem with a comparison to those who haven’t smoked in their life at all.

However, by avoiding this unhealthy habit you can stop your hair from getting graying anymore and can age more gracefully as per your hair color is concerned which is one of the primary parameters of your age.

Genetic Issue

This is now scientifically proven that genetics play a vital role in causing premature graying hair issue. That means if your parents have developed the gray hair problem at the very early stages of their life like in teenage or even before that then you are most likely to develop this issue at the same age or stage of your life.

Anyone developing gray hair out of the genetic concern is very difficult to relieve completely as it is something that you have inherited from your parents.

Thyroid and Other Major Illnesses

People who suffer from thyroid or from any other major illnesses since a very prolonged period of time can easily develop the early-stage gray hair problem. This particularly happens because your major health concern affects the other areas of your body too like your skin, hair, etc.

This is the reason when your body suffers from any major concern for a very long duration it throws its negative impact on your hair health leading to premature gray hair problem. Also along with rapid weight reduction too hair’s health get affected leading to premature hair graying problem develops.

Lack of Nutrition in Body

Foods that you eat in your day to day life reflects well on your skin, hair and overall body health. That means if your daily diet is a balanced meal means a proper combination of all vital nutrient then it will keep you healthy internally as well as will make you look healthy and beautiful externally.

This is the reason people whose body lacks an essential level of nutrients can easily develop premature graying hair problem. In the lack of nutrients, their hair follicles fail in producing a necessary amount of hair pigmentation which gives black color to hair, leading to gray hair problem before age occurs.

On the other hand, people who are fit and healthy age more gracefully than others and that is well seen in their hair color and health as well.

Stress and Busy Life Schedule

Stress is one of the conflicting factors for causing gray hair issue as it is not fully backed by science still it matters a lot. It is very obvious that when you spend a more hectic or busy life schedule or take unnecessary stress excessively your health gets affected in some or other ways. In this series, if you develop the premature hair graying problem then there is nothing to astonish.


Environmental pollution and dust affect your hair health badly especially if you indulge in a life schedule where you need to spend most of your time in a very dust full and pollution dense environment.

The accumulated dust particles of environment obstruct the normal growth process of your hair and leading to a reduction in the production of hair pigmentation by the hair follicles that causes premature gray hair issue.

High Doses of Drugs Consumption

The consumption of certain high doses of drugs can easily hamper your hair health as its side effects on your body. As a result of it, you started to develop premature graying of hair problem at the very early stages of your life when normally you are not supposed to get graying hair.

Hormonal Imbalance

Your overall body health very much depends on your hormonal balance or level. So for any reason at any stage of your life if your hormonal balance gets disturbed you can easily get affected from the gray hair problem. This can only be relieved once you get full treatment to balance your hormones to the normal level.


Last but not the least we cannot forget the most influential and natural factor responsible for gray hair issue which is the normal aging process and the biggest factor responsible for this concern. With age just like your skin even your hair also changes its normal texture resulting in changes in the hair color develops.

By the age of 50 people from all areas of the world develops gray hair by fifty percent of their total hair. This is a natural factor responsible for changes in normal hair color so it cannot be avoided. Yes, through dyes and other available options you can temporarily make changes in your color but after some time, it will automatically return to its original color.


grey hairCertain lifestyle changes and by curing the responsible underlying concerns you can easily delay the graying process of hair and can maintain its natural color and health for a very long duration of your life.

Quit Smoking

If you are facing difficulty in quitting your smoking habit then there is one strong reason for you that will surely work in your case. Smoking tobacco not only affects your inner health but it is equally harmful to your hair health as well. Premature graying hair problem is one of those concerns that develop out of your smoking habit.

Also, smoking affects your normal hair quality and health by making it look dull, rough and lifeless. Though you probably can use hair health improvement products to improve the quality and health of your damaged hair or graying hair however that will not be a permanent solution.

So to avoid this concern and for maintaining the natural and youthful color of your hairs quit smoking as early as it is possible. If you are a heavy smoker then your chances of getting gray hair increases twice than an occasional smoker.

However, even occasional smokers are not completely free from this risk but in their case, the speed will remain quite slow than the former one. In the cases of heavy smokers, it creates an immense amount of difficulty in the quitting journey however it is not impossible if you take necessary support and steps.

For occasional smokers, it is less difficult to quit smoking if they have strong will power. Especially if it is concerned with your external appearance, everyone show self-interest to improve it. So by today itself get ready with your quitting plan to prevent the premature graying hair problem naturally.

Increase Your Vitamins Intake

Vitamin B12 which is the most essential vitamin for your hair health whose deficiency can cause you to suffer from early age graying hair problem should be increased in your daily meal. By increasing the intake of these vital vitamin-rich foods in your daily meal you can delay or avoid the graying process for a very long duration to age more gracefully and beautifully.

Some common sources of B Vitamins include eggs, fish, beef, chicken, many fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and nuts. You can also take the help of multivitamins supplements if you have already developed graying hair issue as it will help in maintaining your hairs health, density as well as color in a healthy and effective way.

Vitamin supplements will fulfill the scarcity of vital vitamins that your diets are incapable to fulfill. Both supplements and direct vitamin-rich foods will delay the graying process of your hair to ensure that you develop this problem at the right stage or point in time of your life.

Give Good and Consistent Care to Your Hair

As you get older the natural ability of your follicles for producing hair pigmentation reduced hence the new graying hair, especially which grows in the place of an unhealthy hair fall out, grown with very less pigmentation than the original hair.

This requires very good and consistent care of your hair and scalp which will not only prevent the hair fall problem but will also delay the graying process even the gray hair problem caused by the aging effect.

Give a good scalp massage at least two times in a week with natural or herbal hair oil such as sesame oil, almond oil, coconut oil, egg oil, etc. These oils are primarily rich with the antioxidant property which not only prevent the graying hair problem but also reverses the premature graying of hair.

Also with scalp massage, the hair roots get strengthen with good blood flow circulation that stimulates the process of more pigmentation production naturally. Other than that you should avoid dyeing your hair not even for the styling purpose.

The usage of hair dryer, hair straighter or curling iron also harnesses the natural health and quality of your hair and it affects the normal color tone of your hair leading to a premature graying issue occurs. So, avoid the usage of all these appliances.

Instead, you can use natural measure for straightening your hair and always prefer to drying your hair naturally with the natural air in the environment. Also as per the experts combing your tangle hair especially when it is wet can also hamper the natural health of your hair leading to hair breakage and hair loss.

So to avoid this concern always be gentle while combing your hair and use a wide teeth comb to protect your hair from premature damaging risks.

Avoid the Usage of Harmful Chemical Dense Hair Care Products

For preventing the premature graying of hair issue you should always avoid the application of all hair care products which contain ingredients that are rich in harmful chemical substances. The common hair care product which you include in your general hair care regime should be selected very wisely to protect the natural color and health of your hair.

Haircare products such as shampoos, conditioner, hair oils, etc which contain artificial perfumes or other chemical substances can reduce the natural pigmentation of hair in the long run if used consistently.

So to avoid this issue you should always prefer to hair shampoos and conditioner which are mild, organic and completely free from any artificial fragrance or chemical. Also, use only natural and herbal oil instead of choosing hair oils which can easily damage your hair color and strength leading to graying and hair fall issue grows.

Diagnose Your Thyroid Status

The thyroid is one very common underlying health concern often associated with the premature graying hair issue in people. So for preventing this concern, you should check your current thyroid level status at least once in a year.

Whether you diagnose with low or hyperthyroid concern in both the condition you are highly suspected to develop premature graying of hair. However with proper medication and timely treatment you can avoid this concern easily.

Now you must have enough knowledge about the responsible factors and causes of gray hair issue. So stay ready with the above mentioned preventive measures and avoid getting gray hair when you don’t deserve it at all.

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