Natures Co Watercress Hair Cleanser vs Hair Conditioner

Nature’s Co. Watercress Hair Cleanser & Watercress Hair Conditioner

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The Indian market is already flooded with hair care products; there is no shortage of new names particularly when it comes to the hair cleansers and hair conditioners. Today we will review the much talked about Watercress Hair Cleanser and Watercress Hair Conditioner from the Indian organic brand The Nature’s Co.

Watercress Hair Cleanser and Watercress Hair Conditioner from this brand are priced much higher than the normal drugstore brands available in India. In this article we will dissect these two hair care products to find out if they are really worth the price or you should spend the money on your favorite TBS hair care products?

Let us start with a short introduction about the brand. So that you can get a clear idea about what the company is up to.

Brand Introduction 

The Nature’s Co. started its journey in 2003, with the motto to bring products made from the best natural ingredients. The brand is known for using 100% natural extracts, essential oils and other nature derived components in order to come up with products that are safe, gentle and yet effective.

This brand uses only organic preservatives and ensures that all their products including the Watercress Hair Cleanser & Watercress Hair Conditioner pass through a stringent quality control. Clinical testing of every product from The Nature’s Co. is done on humans and hence the products are free from animal cruelty.

The Nature’s Co produces and markets only vegan products that are absolutely friendly for the environment. Every product from the brand, including the Watercress Hair Cleanser & Watercress Hair Conditioner is PETA certified.

Nature’s Co. Watercress Hair Cleanser

Watercress Hair Cleanser & Watercress Hair Conditioner

The Watercress Hair Cleanser is one of the top selling products from the Aquaspark range of the brand. The product has a deep green color and a gel like consistency. It has a natural fragrance that does not linger for long after washing your hairs.

The packaging

The brand has recently changed its packaging. It used to come in a completely transparent square shaped plastic bottle with the details etched on the surface. The green color of the hair cleanser itself used to add color to the transparent bottle packaging. However, currently it comes with a paper printed tag added on the transparent plastic bottle. The flip-open cap is easy to handle.

What it claims?

The Nature’s Co. Watercress Hair Cleanser claims that it cannot only retard the loss of hairs but can also boost fresh hair growth due to its unique constituents that nourishes the scalp as well as the hair shafts. The formula claims to clean your scalp and hairs without reaping off the needed moisture and will leave your hairs healthy and shiny.

What’s in it?

So, now as we are clear about the claims, let us take a quick look at the key ingredients of the product so that we can get a clear idea about how far the claims can be true.

Watercress Extract: Watercress is known as one of the best natural hair tonics that can prevent hair fall and boost hair growth. So, the primary claim of this hair cleanser about boosting hair growth comes from the abilities of this key ingredient.

Vegetable Glycerin: Vegetable glycerin is a commonly used ingredient in high quality hair cleansers to ensure proper hydration and water retention in the hairs.

Pro-vitamin B5: This ingredient is also closely related with hair growth and hair health. Every professional hair care product that claims to support hair growth combines pro-vitamin B5 for the best results.

Apple Cider Vinegar: ACV is a well know remedy for a number of scalp conditions including dandruff and scalp itching. It is also known as an effective and all natural hair conditioner.

Aloe Vera Extract: Aloe Vera extract has the ability to nourish the hairs as well as the hair roots. It helps in hair regeneration and also saves hairs from dryness.

How to use it?

To use this hair cleanser, wet your hairs completely and then take a minimum amount of the product on your palms. Massage the product lightly onto your scalp and hairs. It will lather but you will not surely see as much lather as you get with an SLS/SLEs filled shampoo.

After you have messaged the cleanser into your scalp and hairs, leave on for 1-2 minutes and then wash off with water. Repeat if needed but do not use a lot of the product at one go. You can also use warm water for washing off the cleanser, if required.

This cleanser is extremely gentle on hairs and hence if you are looking for a daily use product, the Nature’s Co. Watercress Hair Cleanser can make a good pick.


  • Completely natural product that is free from SLS/SLEs and paraben
  • The cleanser is mild and appropriate for daily use
  • It cleanses the hairs and the scalp really well without reaping off the necessary moisture
  • Nice natural fragrance that is not overpowering
  • Mild enough even for use of Children
  • Free from animal cruelty


  • The price of this product is on the higher side
  • Availability (The product is not normally available in local stores, buying online is the best option)


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Having elaborated about the Nature’s Co Watercress Hair cleanser, now let us move to the product description of the Nature’s Co. Watercress Hair Conditioner

Nature’s Co. Watercress Hair Conditioner

Watercress Hair Cleanser & Watercress Hair Conditioner

The Nature’s Co. Watercress Hair Conditioner is formulated with a bunch of natural ingredients and can tame even the most unruly hairs due to its highly moisturizing formula. This white colored hair conditioner has a thick consistency and comes with a mild natural fragrance that stays on the hairs for some time even after the hairs have dried out completely.

The packaging

This hair conditioner comes with a packaging similar to the hair cleanser of the same range. The packaging of the Watercress Hair Cleanser & Watercress Hair Conditioner has been changed recently, but we have to admit that we liked the earlier packaging more. The flip-open cap is easy to operate and you can easily control the quantity of the product you want to take.

What it claims?

To give a naturally strong and nourished look to your hairs in a natural way nothing can be better than the Nature’s Co Watercress conditioner. The product combines a bunch of natural extracts that can nourish the hairs from within ensuring no hair fall due to breakage.

What’s in it?

Both the Watercress Hair Cleanser & Watercress Hair Conditioner are filled with natural ingredients. Some of the key ingredients of this hair conditioner include Arnica Extract, Watercress extract, Great Burdock extract, calendula extract, Ivy extract, chamomile extract, Lemon extract, Pine extract, Rosemary extract, sage extract and Pro-Vitamin B5. All these ingredients are known for their natural ability to nourish the hair shafts, preventing breakage and banning dryness.

How to use it?

Shampoo your hairs, squeeze out the excess water from the hair shafts and apply a sufficient amount of the Watercress Hair Conditioner to the length of the hairs. You should use the product sufficiently but not in excess to prevent weighing down of the hairs.

After you have applied the conditioner, leave on for 1-2 minutes and then wash off completely with excess of water. The product is gentle on your hairs and is free from chemicals. Hence you can use it even daily without worrying about long term side effects.


  • A completely natural hair conditioner free from harmful chemicals
  • Leaves hairs soft and manageable
  • It has a nice pleasing fragrance that lingers on hairs
  • Mild enough for everyday use
  • Does not weigh down hairs when used in proper quantity


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The Final Verdict

The Nature’s Co Watercress Hair cleanser is a mild and gentle hair cleanser that can be used regularly without the worry of using harmful chemicals on your hairs every day. The product might not be very effective to boost new hair growth as it claims but it can be helpful to stop or reduce hair fall.

The Nature’s Co. Watercress Hair conditioner on the other hand is also an effective and all natural hair conditioner that can meet with the daily nourishment needs of your hairs giving them protection from the daily wear and tear as well as pollution and harmful sun rays.

If you are looking for a daily use hair cleanser and hair conditioner that are gentle on your hairs, free from SLS/SLEs/Paraben, the Watercress range from the brand Nature’s Co. can be a good pick.

These products come for a price that is comparable with The Body Shop hair cleanser and conditioner and they stand true to their claims by providing you nothing less than the most renowned TBS hair care products.

Watercress Hair Cleanser and Watercress Hair Conditioner

So, our final verdict ends with a positive recommendation for both the products, The Nature’s Co. Watercress Hair Cleanser & Watercress Hair Conditioner. Use them and you will thank us for the recommendation.

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