11 Easy and Effective Natural Measures to Lower Blood Sugar

High blood sugar is nowadays a very common health concern which mostly occurs as a result of unhealthy lifestyle routine followed by people all around the world. If it remains unchecked for a longer duration then it takes the form of diabetes which is considered as a lifelong disease.

Though there are medications to lower and control your sugar level it is always better to consider natural measures to lower blood sugar first before you jump up for the medical help. These measures guide you to incorporate healthy changes in your day to day life routine which helps in lowering the high sugar level more effectively and also helps in maintaining the healthy blood sugar level in the body for preventing its associated health risks.

The condition of high blood sugar develops when your body gets ineffective in handling sugar content in blood which requires to be transported into cells. Resulting in sugar level rises in your body which can create a major health hazard if necessary steps not taken to control and manage it on time.

As per one study report conducted in the year, 2012 says that about 12 to 14% of US adults are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes whereas the rate of pre-diabetic patients lies between 37 to 38%. That means we can consider 50% of the total US population are some or other ways affected with blood sugar health concern. Similarly, this count is high in other countries as well and rising in tremendous rate year by year which requires special attention, and steps to be taken so that it can be prevented. However, if someone develops high blood sugar health issue it can be well managed at home itself without any medical intervention.

Under the condition of the high blood sugar level, the administration of fast-acting insulin in the body helps in lowering the increased blood sugar rate to the lower rate at a faster speed. Apart from this many natural measures like exercising, reducing excessive body weight and some changes in diet routine also help in managing and reducing your increased blood sugar level.

However if anyone is experiencing DKA that is Diabetic Ketoacidosis which is a major complication of type 1 diabetes and in rare cases, it is a complication of type 2 diabetes, must seek immediate medical help or hospitalization without any delay.

Blood Sugar Level Chart

The below mentioned blood sugar chart will let you understand clearly your current health position with respect to blood sugar rate so that you can take necessary steps to control and manage your blood sugar rate to a normal or healthy state if it is not up to the mark.

  • Blood sugar less than 100 mg/dL- If your blood sugar level detected at this position then you needed to consume a small amount of snack with at least 15 grams of crabs to prevent further fall or drop of your blood sugar, otherwise the sugar level gets too low. In order to fulfill the instant necessity of carbs in the body, you can have a small fruit or have a half cup of fruit juice, etc. You can also take the glucose tab for managing your blood sugar level.
  • Blood sugar between 100 to 160 mg/dL- This range of blood sugar level is considered as a healthy level or healthy range which requires to be maintained. However under some special conditions, in the case of a patient with a specific health issue, they can be advised by doctors to take some actions.
  • Blood sugar between 180 to 250 mg/dL- This range of blood sugar level denotes as closer to the danger zone where you attain higher levels of blood sugar. In this case, you need to take some steps in order to drop down your blood sugar level. However, if someone is going to exercise right away this range is considerable for them.
  • Blood sugar 250 mg/dL or greater- At this particular state of blood sugar, you need to check your ketones level in urine via dipstick. If ketones are detected then the doctor should be called immediately to have necessary medical attention.

In certain cases doctors ask for maintaining and achieving higher blood sugar level goals. So it is vital to ask your doctor about your specific blood sugar goal based on your current health position.

11 Easy and Effective Natural Measures to Lower Blood Sugar

natural measures to lower blood sugar

Reduce Your Carb Intake

For lowering and controlling your blood sugar level you must reduce your carb intake. This is because it takes time to breaks down carbs into sugars which further moved by insulin into cells. So when you consume an extra amount of carbs in your meal it increases the work pressure on insulin especially when it is not functioning properly. Hence your chances of developing diabetes increase a lot.

So to prevent this health concern and to control your high blood sugar level easily at home you must count your daily carb intake. This carb calculation method will help in regulating your overall meal intake in a day which further helps in managing your blood sugar level and diabetes health as well.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends for low carb diet meal plan for improving blood sugar control and for preventing sugar spikes in the long run.

Drink Enough Water to Stay Hydrated

Drink enough amount of water every day as it is necessary to keep your body hydrated and for maintaining your blood sugar level within the healthy limit. Moreover, when your body gets enough level of water it can easily release your excess blood sugar content through the urination process by your kidneys.

It is found in a study report that people who drink plenty amount of water in their day to day life have a lesser risk of developing diabetes disease with a comparison to those who drink very less amount of water in a day.

Drinking enough amount of water on a regular basis helps in lowering your increased blood sugar level, re-hydrates the blood and reduces your risk of diabetes.

For fulfilling your body’s daily necessity of water level you can count your daily intake of plain water as well as non-sweetened or non-caloric beverages. You must avoid sweetened soft drinks which are unhealthy for your health as it can rapidly increase your blood sugar rate, body weight, and diabetes risk thereon.

Use Cinnamon Extract to Reduce Blood Sugar

Cinnamon is one of those spices which are loaded with many medicinal properties. This is the reason cinnamon is used for the natural treatment of different health issues. It is also known for its efficiency to increase insulin sensitivity by reducing insulin resistance on the cellular level.

As per one study report, cinnamon consumption can reduce the high blood sugar level by 29%. By slowing down the carbs breakdown process in your digestive tract it ensures that after a carb-rich meal intake there will be no spike in your blood sugar level which otherwise rises after every carb-rich meal intake. It works just like the insulin but at a much slower rate.

For lowering your blood sugar level at home you can consume 1 to 6 grams of cinnamon powder every day. However, you must not consume its excessive doses (excess than the mentioned limit) as it can even do harm to your health if consumed excessively.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known for its several health benefits. It is effective in the reduction of body weight which is a prominent reason that increases your risk of diabetes disease. Its consumption on regular basis helps in lowering your high blood sugar level.

It improves insulin sensitivity level which helps in boosting your body’s ability to response sugar with better utilization. Also, it promotes a lower fasting blood sugar level by increasing the usage of glucose by your cells.

For getting the benefits of apple cider vinegar for controlling your blood sugar level and to maintain it on a healthy state you require to include ACV in your regular meal in a very low quantity. You can use apple cider vinegar in your salad or can drink it directly by mixing 2 teaspoons of ACV into 8 ounces of water.

However, people who are currently on medication for lowering their blood sugar level must consult with their doctor before consuming apple cider vinegar on their own.

Choose Foods with Low GI Value

The Glycemic Index or GI value of the body helps in assessing your body’s blood sugar response to carb-rich food intake. In this context both the quantity and type of a carb determine the GI rate.

The study report shows that the consumption of foods with low glycemic index value helps in reducing long term blood sugar levels in type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients. However, it doesn’t mean that one can consume low GI value carbs in the excessive limit as the number of carbs also play an important role in triggering or boosting your blood sugar level.

Still consuming foods with a low glycemic index is good for the health of people with high blood sugar levels. Some common low GI foods include eggs, meat, seafood, corn, sweet potatoes, beans, legumes, lentils, yams, non-starchy vegetables, and many fruits.

Control Your Portion

Limiting your portion size is an effective way to reduce your blood sugar level at home. The excessive meal portion is one of the leading factors that contribute to your blood sugar level by raising it high. Moreover, excessive meal intake also contributes to your body weight which is again a leading factor that causes difficulty in lowering your blood sugar level.

By reducing or controlling your portion size you can regulate your daily calorie intake which also helps in lowering your excessive body fat or weight. Also, it reduces your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by maintaining your blood sugar level to a healthy rate.

For controlling your portion size you can implement cetin tricks in your daily life such as using smaller size plate, measure your portion size at home, avoid eating in restaurant where you can’t assess the size of your portion, maintain a food journal, check the food labels before purchasing them and chew and eat slowly so that your hunger would get satisfied even with little amount of meal intake.

Consume More Fiber-Rich Foods

Fiber-rich foods consumption slows down the carb digestion rate in your body as well as it also reduces the sugar absorption level, hence prevent the sugar spikes after meal intake. By increasing your fiber intake in your regular meal you can easily reduce and control your high blood sugar level at home.

However in this regard what type of fiber you are choosing to consume also matters a lot in controlling your blood sugar level. Fibers are divided into two types which are soluble and insoluble, out of which soluble fiber is known for its specific ability to lower your blood sugar level.

Food rich in high fiber content helps in managing type 1 diabetes by reducing blood sugar levels and improving your body’s control over blood sugar or glucose.

The recommended daily doses of fiber for men are 38 grams and for women, it is 25 grams in a day. Foods that are rich in fiber content include whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables.

Exercise Everyday

Daily exercising helps in faster and instant reduction of your increased blood sugar level. It increases the insulin sensitivity of your body that promotes better utilization of sugar or glucose existing in the bloodstream, by your cells.

Hence there will be no sugar spike after meal intake. Also, exercise practices are a great way of controlling and reducing your body weight especially fat accumulated in your abdominal area which is a leading cause of type 2 diabetes health risk.

Physical workout boosts the utilization of blood sugar by your muscles to generate energy and muscle contraction. However, people who are diagnosed with high blood sugar or having difficulty in controlling blood sugar levels must check their level after an exercise practice to assess how their body is responding after an activity.

This will ensure that your blood sugar level would not get too high or too low. Also, you can make necessary changes in your exercise routine which fits perfect in regulating your blood sugar level.

Some exercise forms that you can include in your daily routine for controlling your blood sugar level include running, dancing, brisk walking, biking, swimming, hiking, weight lifting, etc.

Manage Your Stress Level

You can control and reduce your blood sugar level easily by managing your stress level. During the stress period, your body secretes glucagon and cortisol hormones which gives a spike to your blood sugar level.

So to avoid this impact of stress on your blood sugar health it is essential that you take active measures to relieve and control your stress level. For this, you can practice yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness practices to calm down your mind and to stay calm in all the stressful situations of your life.

Exercise practices are also an effective way to instantly manage your stress level and for reducing your blood sugar level. Also, a good stress management practice helps in regulating insulin secretion issues in the case of chronic diabetes health problems, in your body for proper utilization of glucose in the bloodstream.

Have Quality Sleep

Having a long hour of quality sleep is beneficial for health in many ways. First of all, it keeps in check your stress level which is a major contributing factor for the spike in blood sugar rate.

Also, people who face difficulty in sleeping peacefully during the night or sleep only for 4 to 5 hours during the night or even less are much at risk of gaining weight at a faster rate with a comparison to those who sleep more peaceful at least for 7 to 8 hours during the night.

Apart from this late-night awakening increases your cravings for unhealthy snacks in late hours of the night due to your awaking which again contributes to your body weight.

So to avoid all these concerns and for reducing your blood sugar level naturally, make sure that you get enough quality sleep every night at least for 7 hours without fail.

Monitor Your Blood Sugar Level Every Day

Monitoring your blood glucose level on a daily basis is an effective step towards controlling and managing your blood sugar level. This will enable you to have a clear knowledge of your current state and also of your risk factor if you find your blood sugar level is lower or greater than the healthy limit.

Also, daily measuring and monitoring of your blood glucose level can help you assess the effectiveness of your daily diet intake and to make necessary adjustments in that in order to bring back your blood sugar level to the normal state.

Moreover, you can assess easily how your body is reacting to certain medications and foods. You can maintain a log of your daily blood sugar level which you can show to your doctor to understand your condition during your routine visit.

When to Contact a Doctor

You must consult and visit a doctor if you have recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or having symptoms of chronic high blood sugar levels such as frequent need to use bathroom, stomach pain, excessive thirst, nausea, loss of sensation in your fingers and toes or your blood sugar level is consistently near 250 or greater than that. In such cases, you must visit an endocrinologist a doctor who specialized in diabetes disease treatment.

Incorporate the above mentioned natural measures to lower blood sugar naturally at home. However, you should immediately seek medical help if ketones are detected in your urine or you are developing the signs and symptoms of excessive-high blood sugar level.

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