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Ways to Lower Insulin Level : How to Keep Insulin in Balanced Level

Insulin is an essential hormone produced by the pancreas, which helps your body to get energy from the carbohydrates existing in daily food that you eat. Its primary work is to control or maintain your blood sugar level as in the lack of insulin the blood sugar level rate can be very high. There are some trusted ways to lower your insulin levels that you can apply in your day to day life to keep yourself protected from high blood sugar.

Insulin balances the blood sugar level. It is secreted throughout the day in your body but when you eat something the secretion rates get high. It is a fat-regulating hormone that helps in storing fat and gives protection to the stored fats from getting broken.

Insulin is good for your body in a balanced level if its level gets increased it causes insulin resistant under that condition the cells resist to hormone’s effect. Also, a higher level of insulin causes many serious health problems such as cancer, heart disease, and obesity.

11 Ways to Lower Your Insulin Levels

Ways to Lower Your Insulin LevelsInsulin is a necessary and beneficial hormone for the human body for balancing the blood sugar and fat level in the body. You can only get benefited by it if it is in balanced level. A higher level of insulin can destroy or damage to many body parts such as eyes, kidneys and hands and feet nerves. So follow the below-mentioned ways to lower your increased level of insulin.

Exclude All Forms of Sugar:

Forms of SugarSugar doesn’t always denote a direct sugar, it is found in many forms. So when you are planning to reduce your insulin level, your first target should be to avoid or skip the all forms or types of sugar in your diet chart. Your blood sugar level gets increased when you consume sugar in any form causing an increased level of insulin production.

It is proved after the study that over-eating of candy tends to increase 31% of insulin level whereas over-eating of peanuts causes only 12% increase in insulin level. Consumption of fructose which exists in honey, table sugar, syrup and agave stimulates the level of insulin.

Food items containing high sugar can cause 22% hike in insulin level especially in the people who are suffering from the over-weight problem. You can include artificial sugar in your daily diet which is good for health and will also help in diminishing the insulin resistant. A study on this says that people who have included this sugar in their daily diet have been able to reduce 3% down in their increased insulin level.

Include Low Carb Diet:

Low Carb DietCarb causes to stimulate the insulin level in the body at a very high rate with a comparison to all other micronutrients which are fat and protein. This is the reason you need to focus on including low carb diets which can balance your blood sugar level as well as will help in reducing body weight.

Some trusted studies over low carb diets have proved that it can enhance the insulin sensitivity and can effectively reduce the insulin level. Those who are suffering from insulin resistance and observing metabolic and polycystic ovary syndrome can drastically experience the reduction in the increased rate of insulin level.

Another study has proved that people who include low carb diet can reduce 50 % in the increased insulin level with the comparison to people who have included carb diets in their daily intake. It is suggested to people who have raised their blood sugar level to include the low carb diets in their everyday intake for getting rid of any further health hazard associated with high level of sugar.

Protein Size Matters:

Protein Size MattersProtein size in your diet matters a lot in increasing the level of insulin. A higher rate of protein intake tends to boost the level of insulin. People suffering from obesity are primary victim of insulin resistance which causes to damage some important body parts. So these people should always be careful regarding their protein intake.

It is proved from a study that obese people with the insulin resistance have developed the twice rate of insulin with the comparison to people in normal health condition after consumption of the same rate of food intake including protein. In this context, you need to keep a constant watch on the amount of calorie that you are getting after eating any food item.

Prepare a chart so that you can better determine yourself that which food item is increasing what rate of calorie, and starts avoiding these food items completely from your diet chart so that you can easily get rid of obesity or weight gaining issue.

Apple Cider Vinegar Intake:

Apple Cider VinegarThe sour and acidic flavor of apple cider vinegar is best for the people with high sugar level as it can improve their health condition by reducing the increased level of insulin. You can take the vinegar intake directly or it can also be taken by sprinkling over the high carb diets. It is seen that when you take ACV with high carb diets it works much more effective way.

People with high sugar are also required to consume less quantity of food as secretion of insulin gets increased after the food consumption. The apple cider vinegar intake burns your appetite naturally by feeling your stomach full even with small amount of meal you consume. For improving your health and for lowering your insulin level take two tbsp. of apple cider vinegar intake every day.

Apply Cinnamon in Diet:


Cinnamon works as antioxidants which help to stimulate your health. This is a tasty spice which adds taste to your regular food by putting its flavor and taste. You will be surprised to know that this normal spice in your kitchen is rich with essential qualities as it has the capability to control your diabetes level.

By protecting some of the pancreas cells where from insulin produced it helps in reducing the increasing insulin level. It is good for fighting with insulin resistance which can affect your body parts badly. So apply this rich and beneficial spice in your meal or you can directly sprinkle it on your salad, soup or other food items.

It is been proved now by some trusted studies that cinnamon can improve your health condition by increasing the insulin sensitivity and by decreasing the level of insulin. Add cinnamon to rice pudding and consume it daily. This will reduce your higher insulin level. One thing should be remembered in this context that the level of benefit out of cinnamon consumption varies from one person to other.

Use Soluble Fiber Intake:

Soluble FiberSoluble fiber intake is the best remedy for reducing your insulin level. By absorbing water it takes the form of gel and hence it reduces the flow of food intake over the digestion tract. As it slows down the digestion process so the feeling of fullness exists in the stomach for a longer time.

Soluble fiber reduces your habit of taking frequent meal by suppressing your appetite hormone naturally and this way it guards you against increased insulin and blood sugar level that you generally face after having a meal. It is been medically proved that soluble fiber works faster than probiotic foods as it has a higher capacity to increase insulin sensitivity and for reducing high insulin level.

It also helps in feeding the healthy bacteria living in your guts which help in reducing insulin resistance. For weight loss purpose also soluble fiber is the best intake. So include this healthy diet in your everyday meal and control your higher insulin level along with decreasing the overweight.

Avoid Refined Carbs:

Refined CarbsStay yourself away from the refined carbs if you are planning to decrease your higher insulin level. Refined carbs are not at all good for your health as along with stimulating your insulin level it also increases your body weight causing obesity.

In the context of refined carbs, you should aware that it implies to the glycemic index. The GI denotes a diet’s capacity to increase blood sugar level which is measured in scale. So a higher scale of GI containing refined carbs can increase your insulin level faster than the refined carbs with a low level of the glycemic index.

Apart from lowering your insulin level, it controls your weight also. So people suffering from obesity must use low GI level refined carbs in their daily diet.

Green Tea Intake:

Green TeaGreen tea is rich with numerous health benefits which not only keep you fit internally but also keep you fit and energetic externally too. This rich and essential healthy leaves are good for controlling the increased blood sugar level and lowering the insulin level.

Its rich antioxidant content which is also known as epigallocatechin gallate is helpful for fighting against the insulin resistance which is a severe health condition. This is a healthy drink and of good flavor too, so there is no harm in including this in your everyday breakfast. It works faster if you drink it in the early morning with an empty stomach as it will keep you energized throughout the day by improving your metabolic rate and energy level.

It is been proved in a study that people who had taken this healthy drink on daily basis have observed the balanced level of insulin with a comparison to those who have not included it in their daily diet.

Increase Your Movements:

Pros and Cons of RunningAn immovable body or static body is likely to face many health problems especially when you are suffering from obesity and diabetes, your body needs regular movement so that you can fight with your current health condition. It is seen that people with sedentary activities develop an increasing level of insulin whereas people with regular physical activity can easily manage to lower their insulin level.

Regular body movement or exercise practices increase your body metabolic rate which helps to improve your insulin sensitivity and reduces insulin resistance symptoms. This is the reason sedentary people generally observe metabolic syndrome related issues such as obesity and hypertension. An increased level of metabolic activity is also helpful for lowering the blood sugar level and for reducing the body weight.

So include some beneficial movements in your everyday routine which can improve your overall health as well as reduces your increasing insulin level. You can do morning jogging or walk, few simple workouts, movement within the home, skipping, swimming etc. When you do these physical activities your insulin sensitivity gets increased and hence you observe the balanced level of insulin.

Reduce Your Body Fat:

Reduce Your Body FatYour increased rate of body fat or muscles is one of the primary reasons for increasing the insulin level or insulin resistance problem. So your primary task should be to reduce the extra amount of fat in order to maintain the balanced insulin level in your body.

Over fat in our body causes many health-related problems like it stimulates to diabetes level, reduces the body’s metabolism activity rate and ultimately causes obesity. So include those healthy activities and diet in your daily lifestyle which can burn a very good amount of fat. Do cycling, jogging, weight lifting workouts, swimming, skipping etc. on daily basis.

Once you finish your regular workout you can feel that your metabolism rate is increased at an effective rate which helps in burning over fat of your body also it improves your overall health too. People with high blood sugar problem are always suggested by doctors to start some healthy fat burning exercises in their daily routine as extra fat increases the level of blood sugar.

It is been proved from the study that a slim and fit body can easily fight with insulin resistance and can lower the increased rate of insulin. While practicing fat burning workouts try to do the workouts which tend to reduce abdominal fat as its better for your wellbeing.

Include Omega Fatty Acid in Your Diet:

Omega Fatty Acid in Your DietYou can improve your insulin sensitivity level by including omega fatty acid in your everyday diet. People who are already suffering from obesity, POCS, gestational diabetes should definitely take omega fatty acid intake as it helps in fighting with insulin resistance.

It is cleared from the study that omega fatty acid supplements are good for improving your overall health. People who take this healthy supplementary intake are less prone to diabetes and increased insulin level with a comparison to the people who don’t consume this healthy supplementary intake.

Apply these healthy and beneficial ways to lower your insulin levels in your daily lifestyle and stay away from the tension of increasing insulin level or insulin resistance.

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