Tips And Foods To Improve Your Digestion And The Health Of The Digestive Organs

Problems with digestion? Constipation, diarrhea, bloating and frequent abdominal pain – it sound quite familiar? There is no one who has not experienced the inconvenience of the above situations. They may put us in an awkward situation, to feel uncomfortable and unable to perform our daily duties normally.

Digestive system is undergone to many influences. The biggest culprits are of course ourselves. Irregular and unhealthy diet, avoidance of fruits and vegetables, eating fast and “modern” foods, are the main ‘destroyers’ of proper digestion, and the health of the entire digestive system.

“What to do, it’s not my fault, my job is like that, I have no time for healthy eating” – This is undoubtedly the answer that most of you will think of, now while you’re reading the introduction to this article, but think – maybe you are wrong, perhaps there is still something that you can do, if you only take the trouble.

Yes, we all live in a world when we need to give maximum flexibility, work, and we are constantly under stress and workload, so normally, not very often we are able to stay at home and to prepare something healthy  for eating. However, follow these tips that I chose today to present, and I’m sure that some of them will be able to apply, and even more sure that if you apply, the problems with digestion will occur very rarely, and the health of the entire digestive system will be much better.

Use probiotic yogurt every day

Probiotic yogurt is one of the few modern healthy groceries. Probiotic yogurt is really effective, it can help you to improve digestion, reduce stomach bloating, neutralize toxins, and to reduce weight. Cup a probiotic yogurt, is really a cup full of health and a boon for your digestive system. Just one cup a day, and the digestive organs will be very grateful, i.e. they’ll get the considerable support for proper digestion and absorption of food in the digestive system.

Now, let’s think – Do you really cannot afford through all day to have a cup of probiotic yogurt? No matter how short break for eating you have, the probiotic yogurt is cheap, easy to get and fast for drinking, and will improve the work of the digestive system.

Green Tea

I don’t believe that the benefits of this wonderfully powerful and healthy drink, are unknown for someone. Green tea is great for the whole body, not just for the digestive organs. Green tea is a powerful guardian of the health of all digestive organs, from the mouth, esophagus, stomach, colon and the end of the digestive tract. According to studies, people who drink a cup of green tea a day, have more than 10% lower risk of developing cancer of any of the digestive organs.

Now, let’s think – Do you really, during the whole day, can not find time to drink at least one cup of green tea? If you can’t, you should not drink at work or school. You can drink it at home, in the morning or at evening, and will not take more than 15 minutes, but will give you so much for your digestive organs.


Yes, fruit can’t be skipped, and vegetables too. Just one apple a day can very positively affect your digestive tract, and except the digestion and digestive tract, also affects on the blood and general health. Fruits are rich in fiber, they are immensely important for proper digestion and stool formation. In the beginning, because of the large amount of fiber, may occur bloating, but after a few days it will get balanced.

With the consumption of fruits, you’ll get many continuous health benefits: better digestion, protection from malignant neoplasms, regular stool, a lot of vitamins and minerals, good blood, a lot of anti-oxidants and many other benefits, not only for the digestive tract, but also for the whole body.

Now, let’s think – Really you can not find time during the day to eat at least one to two apple/s? It’s not necessarily to be apple, it can be any kind of fruit, according to your taste. Might you ever thought to eat fruit while sitting and working in front of the computer? Or as you collate the documents? Or perhaps while doing a short break? -It’s not a bad idea, it can be even more fun and delicious, and at the same time healthy.


Movement is half health, not only for the cardio-vascular system, but also for the whole body. I say “movement” not sports, because today we are talking about how to improve the digestion, although we are under physical and emotional effort over the whole day. The movement is of utmost importance for the proper digestion of foods in the stomach and intestines. With regularly, at least minimal movement, is reducing the risk of many digestive diseases, especially intestinal diseases, cancer, hemorrhoids and etc. And on the other hand, will contribute to proper digestion and regular stool.

Maybe you do not have time for some sport and physical action, but do you really have not time to do some short walks, even while working inside in the company where you work. Instead to send your colleague to buy something from the market, you could do it. Just don’t be lazy… During the break at work, instead watching from the window, go out to take some fresh air, and to make a step plus…

Walk in nature

Nature is a great relaxant for our nerves, it’s our brain refresher. Relaxes and refreshes the nerves, stimulates the secretion of hormones that relax the whole body, and most importantly, the nature is one the most effective eliminatory of stress. Many will now say, “How is this related with the digestion?” Believe it or not, more than half of the problems with digestion and intestines, are associated with stress.

Stomach is really prone on stress situations, and many serious digestion problems you may have, are related with chronic or acute neurogenic effect. Nature, seeing at greenery and blue sky, stimulate the body to relax and have a significant preventive role, when it comes to problems with the digestive organs.

You might say “I do not have time for picnics and walks in the mountains” but do you really have not time to take a walk in the park? Do you really have not time to relax on a park bench, or to go out to the nearest foliage in your company where you work, sometimes during the break? Maybe you should go to work at least once a week on foot? It is enough to go on foot in one direction, while you’re relaxing and unfolding your thoughts. This will reduce the stress, which is the number one cause of various cancers, digestive, heart, and problems with almost all other organs.


Indeed, sometimes one thing to be done, is only a big wish and to take a small step forward. Do you want to have no more problems with digestion and to have a healthy digestive organs? If the answer is yes, logically you just have to take that small step. The purpose of today’s short article is not only to repeat the healthy foods and habits to have and maintain a healthy digestive system, but also to encourage you, as readers, to think that you could make some lifestyle changes and to do something extra for your digestive system and for the general health, and to put an end to the problems that bother you regularly.

To find a solution to a problem, sometimes it is necessary only to think of the problem and to face it, and the path to the solution may not be so long and painstaking as we expect.

Eat healthy and live healthy, health comes from our mouth !

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