Natural Appetite Suppressing Foods

Top 15 Natural Appetite Suppressing Foods to Get Rid of Obesity

In today’s hi-tech generation most of us dream to look slim & fit and do whatever is possible to fulfill our dreams. But in spite of our hard and tough steps, it seems to be a failure when we feel empty stomach and hunger as it is. Here some natural appetite-suppressing foods play its role.

Yes, my dear friend, you can lose your weight without giving trouble and pain to your stomach. There are so many natural food items available that can suppress the feeling of hunger without hampering health & fitness.

Obesity is the common issue in today’s era and everyone suffering out of this want to get rid of it. There are pills available in medical store for this but it can prove unhealthy or in long run, it may not work as it used to be in the beginning state.

For healthy appetite suppressing there are some drinks, whole foods etc. are available that works as a food supplement and keep you away from overeating. Regular use of these food diets helps in decreasing body weight.

Appetite suppressing foods not only let your stomach feel full but indirectly you can get rid of obesity issue naturally and rapidly by burning appetite hormones. Here we will talk about top natural appetite-suppressing foods:


Vegetable Salad

Vegetable SaladMake a habit of eating the vegetable salad before your daily meal. Just before twenty minutes of your dinner or lunch have some veggie salad.

It will burn your hunger by intimating your brain that your stomach is full along with keeping your body healthy with its nutritional particles.

Vegetable salads are quite easy to prepare and considered one of the best appetite-suppressing food as you get enough amount of calories and nutrition by having it.


AppleAn apple a day along with keeping the doctor away also work as a healthy and natural element for suppressing appetite. If you are also suffering from obesity and looking for a natural hunger-suppressing product then eat an apple every day.

Its high range of fiber content keeps your body fit and healthy and burns your hunger that protects you from overeating. Apart from this apple can also control blood sugar level as it carries sugar in it naturally.

There are many cases found where people having a habit of eating an apple in their daily routine; have loosed their weight at a faster rate than those who don’t have a habit of eating an apple in their day to day routine.


SoupA healthy soup prepared with vegetables decreases your hunger hormones. This is one of the top natural appetite-suppressing foods.

One big bowl of vegetable soup before the regular meal can burn extra appetite and helps in reducing weight naturally.

If you are also willing to lose your weight naturally and rapidly then before every meal eat veggie soup as it sends a signal to your mind that your stomach is full hence you can control your habit of overeating.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet PotatoesThe Vitamin A and C ingredients of sweet potatoes fill the stomach naturally. Also, one special starch of sweet potatoes burn the digestive capacity which in turns keeps the food particles last in the stomach for a longer time.

Sweet potatoes wok faster so people with obesity problem can have it as their daily routine in order to experience the quick and effective result. So decrease your weight naturally by having few sweet potatoes before your daily meal.

Drinking Water

WaterDrinking two or three glasses of water before 20 or 30 minutes of your meal can fill your stomach for a longer time and can suppress your appetite naturally.

This is an easy procedure to suppress appetite naturally. Not only drinking water will burn extra hunger it keeps the whole body fit and healthy. This is one of the healthy habits that keep many health-related issues away.

Get easily rid of overeating problem with just two glasses of water before a meal and feel the changes in your body structure within few days.


EggsEating of boiled eggs is one of the great appetite suppressing elements. Digestion of egg takes quite long time which ultimately burns hunger enzymes.

Nowadays every 1 out of 5 people is suffering from the issue of obesity. Some choose to take pills for decreasing weight but this can harm your body badly and also it is not a healthy practice. So for best result start eating egg as a healthy and natural appetite suppressing food.


AvocadoAvocado is not only a healthy fruit for your body this can suppress your hunger naturally. This fruit is filled with healthy fiber and it is best for heart patients.

People having major heart problems must make a practice of eating avocado on daily basis. It burns your hunger enzymes and sends a signal to your mind that your stomach is full. It generally not available in general fruit markets so one can order it through online shopping carts.


GingerGinger is being used as an effective digestive food supplement since very long past. By increasing the digestive power it not only let you feel energized but also you can get easily rid of overeating habit.

Ginger is a healthy food supplement that naturally burns your hunger without hampering your health and helps in the weight loss practices very effectively.


coffee When talking about natural appetite suppressing food items coffee must be included in this list. Yes, my dear friend your daily coffee is a healthy food drink that naturally burns your appetite.

Coffee drink not only fills you full of energy for your day to day work but also this can indirectly prove helpful for suppressing your overeating habit.

If you want to lose your weight at the lowest possible time then you can easily stop your overeating habit by having a cup of coffee before your mail. You will definitely see the difference within few days.

Green Tea

Green TeaGreen tea is considered as one of the best health drink. Not only for obesity but it is been proved as a healthy food supplement in many other measure diseases.

It stabilizes your blood sugar level which in turns send a signal to your mind for the fullness of your stomach hence you can naturally get rid of overeating habit.


Vegetable JuiceJuice prepared out of vegetables burns your hunger hormones which ultimately suppresses your appetite naturally.

Though it decreases your desire for your daily doses of a meal but it doesn’t compromise with your health as vegetable juice remains full of healthy and natural food ingredients.

People with a daily habit of drinking veggie juice have seen a drastic change in their weight without hampering their inner body health and energy.


OatsOat is one of the healthiest breakfasts. Its ingredients not only let feel your stomach full for a longer range of time but also it keeps your body fit and energetic too.

The reason behind the oatmeal as a natural and healthy appetite suppressing food is that it’s very slow digestive capacity. As it digests very late so your stomach feels that it is full and you have your daily meal in less quantity with a comparison to other days.


SpinachSpinach is full of healthy fiber that keeps your body healthy and energetic for the whole day and also works as a natural hunger suppressor.

Those who are willing to see early result while trying to lose their weight must try to eat spinach as their daily meal part. Not only for obesity issue but spinach is suggested by the physicians as best food supplement for every measure diseases.

Dark Chocolates

Dark ChocolatesChocolates with 70% of cocoa ingredients is healthy for your body and you can have it without any headache of gaining overweight. So if you are a chocolate lover and in your dieting phase then no need to worry. Eat dark chocolates it is quite healthy.

Dark chocolates not only burn your emotional hunger but side by side it diminishes your habit of overeating too letting you enable to gain your desired weight at fastest possible time.


AlmondsLast but not the least almonds must be tried once as a regular practice if you are aiming to get rid of your obesity health problem. Almonds are full of Vitamin E, Antioxidants and Magnesium that naturally enhances the feeling of a filled stomach.

The taste of almonds is liked by all kind of people taste buds. So in the very morning or any time of the day eat one handful of this dry fruit within a very short span of time you can check the differences in your body curves.

Doctors always prescribe almonds as natural appetite suppressing food. At one side it reduces the habit of overeating or untimely eating and on another side, it keeps you healthy and fit.

We all want to live a healthy lifestyle along with balanced and healthy diet but once the fat level in body reaches to the obesity level it is really become difficult to bring it in its precondition without hampering your taste buds.

Here comes the role of appetite-suppressing foods. If you are also suffering from the overweight problem and tired of dieting practice then must try the above mentioned some best and reliable natural appetite-suppressing foods.


In our busy life schedule of every day, it’s really become difficult to give attention to our own health and this becomes give birth to some measure problems that spoil our normal life schedule. Obesity is one out of those measure issues. Here enlisted few tips to get rid out of obesity or overweight issue.

  • Protein and fats (healthy) containing food products should be eaten. It works similarly as fiber foods work. So along with keeping you healthy enough it will help in losing your weight without any kind of weakness in your body.
  • Drink plenty of water as much as you can. Drinking a good amount of water helps in any kind of measure illness and especially for obesity patients, it is too good. Before your meal drinks enough amount of water it will fill your stomach and suppresses your hunger.
  • Emotional eating practice must be tried by the obesity patient. If you can think of your mind that you have eaten enough then it will automatically satisfy your stomach and ultimately suppresses yours overeating habit.
  • There are some pills like omega 3 fatty acid and probiotic which helps in reducing inflammation, improve digestion, aging effects. These medicines reduce extra fat without deteriorating your inner health but these pills must be taken if prescribed by a physician to you.
  • If it is said that half of the big medical health related issues can be solved if we are sleeping on time or having a healthy sleep. Here healthy sleep means continuous sleeping without any break in between. For a healthy person, 7 hour of tight sleep in the night is necessary.
  • Meditation is one most important practice that you must do if you are suffering from the problem of overeating. Meditation not only keeps you fit and energetic but also reduces your habit of over and untimely eating.
  • One major reason for putting on weight is seen is taking overstress. Seems weird but yes it is a fact. Over and extra thinking or taking huge stress can be one of the reasons for your weight gaining. So take things lightly and give peace to your mind.
  • Another reason for gaining weight can be genetic. Yes through genes also you put on weight. But this can be also controlled by using natural appetite suppressing food items.

Once we become overweight it really becomes tough to get our pre-body structure. It’s not only concerned about our outer look but this destroys our energy and gives birth to many measure issues. But not to worry at all. Use all these natural appetite-suppressing foods mentioned here for quicker and faster result. Natural food products are always listed in the very first category whether there is any major health issue or minor. So for abandoning your overeating issue try these natural food supplements.

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