Number Of Ways To Lose Weight Quick

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Whether you are looking to get into shape as part of a new year’s resolve, or just to look good in your latest ensemble, it’s always a good idea to get into shape and lose those extra pounds. The odds are higher that you will want to lose weight quickly. But if you’ve ever tried to get into shape, you would know that losing weight is more than just dieting and taking your number of workouts to a higher level. If you want to lose weight fast, here’s the help you need. From exercising for short duration to making a cheat meal a part of your regimen and acing your fitness levels, here’s the lowdown on how to lose weight fast.

Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Exercise Tips

#1 Schedule Your Workouts

The first and most important tip is to schedule workouts using your daily planner in much the same way you opt for monitoring a business meeting or a dinner date. This helps you to be more accountable and forces a specific time to get you to exercise. This also ensures you will be more likely to stick to your exercise regimen.

#2 Work Out Throughout the Day in Short Bursts

If you want optimum results in less time and can’t devote an hour to exercise at one shot, opt for shorter durations of training interspersed with lack of activity all day. Several short exercise bursts provide additional rewards when it comes to working out. Try a quick cardio workout during the morning, a strength session in the evening and an after dinner walk to get the benefits of quick weight loss without losing out on time.

#3 Don’t Let Work or Traveling Stand in the Way

Breaking apart from the normal routine, whether it is due to a heavy day at work or a vacation, can be a bad idea, if you need to make sustained efforts to lose weight rapidly. Instead, jog on the office or hotel gym treadmill and take a walk in your spare time to stay fit. Try resistance band exercises if you are pushed for time and space both. It fits into a bag and offers the ultimate workout benefits when you are on the move.

#4 Opt for a Varied Routine

Opt for a Varied Routine
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Another important way to lose weight fast is to add various types of exercises to your health regimen, Try different workouts or breaking apart from your usual routine. Keep your muscles guessing by opting for cross training one day, yoga the next and so on. Speed intervals and high-intensity exercises in short bursts can be the perfect recipe for weight loss.

#5 Don’t Opt for Fitness Activities You Don’t Like

For example, if you don’t like swimming or trekking, there’s no point in scheduling this exercise, because you are less likely to be regular and stick with it if you dislike it. Working out should not be a task, it should be something one looks forward to.

#6 Follow a Budget

Getting into shape is costly, but with careful planning, you can have a great workout without spending oodles of cash. Try the local community gym or the YouTube workout if you want to stay fit and lose those extra pounds.

#7 Pump Up The Volume

Another way to face the pounds piling on is to listen to upbeat music during the exercise. It can help you to cut through an intense workout by distracting your mind and energizing your body. It is also extremely easy to carry out this small tip for big benefits. Get the fast-paced songs onto your iPod or music player and get ready to sweat it out in style.

#8 Opt for Group Exercises

Group fitness exercises can help you to remain accountable as per a specific time and place to workout. It is also a great way to get fit harnessing the power of social interaction and working out in a supportive environment. If the studio or gym is not your cup of tea, zone in on sites to find local sports groups and communities.

#9 Begin Your Day With A Workout

Another important thing is to work out in the morning. This is excellent because it will ensure peak performance throughout the day and your fitness plans will not be compromised. Additionally, you will end up making healthier choices.

#10 Get Quick Results With Burst/Interval Training

Burst or interval training helps to combat the body fat in new and unique ways. High-intensity fitness bursts paired with slow recovery help the body to get rid of fat and calories faster and the metabolism remains elevated 48 hours after the exercising. When you lack the time but want a quality result, this is an effective way to lose weight rapidly.

#11 Don’t Rely on the Scale

watch out for weighing machines.
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Another tip is to watch out for weighing machines. These can be really deceptive because you may be adding on muscle not fat, leading to a trimmer you, though the weighing scale does not reflect this. Muscle is lean and smooth and to get a clearer picture of whether you are losing weight, use a measuring tape to track progress.

#12 Pair Push Ups and Lunges

These additional exercises shape up your muscles so that you look fit and toned. Three sets of 12 pairs of lunges and push-ups can work wonders. While push-ups target the upper end, the lower portion of the body gets a fit and toned appearance thanks to lunges. Ensure that your back and legs are aligned in a straight line at the time of the push-up, and this also improves muscle tone. You can even get more ambitious and use free weights with lunges for instant weight loss results.

#13 Sleep Well

Yes, you read that right! Exercising and sleeping well go hand in hand and result in better food choices because you won’t want a sugar treat for breakfast thanks to better energy levels. Getting restful means that the metabolism gets boosted. Getting sleep ensures better and more toned appearance. Break into sweat just for a few minutes as regular physical activity leads to maintenance of weight.

#14 Include Weight Lifting

Whether lifting weights could be one of the fastest means of losing weight is also a key point. Savvy exercise enthusiasts know that the best workouts include strength training as well as cardio. Building muscles help in loss of inches, ensuring that the metabolism remains in prime condition. Weight training could be even more helpful than aerobics for reducing belly fat. Weight-lifting does not lead to bulky muscles. Instead, you get a toned, fit look.

#15 Opt for a Personal Trainer

Another critical factor is the use of a personal trainer. Want to get fit without injuring your health or losing out on your gym time? Then consider opting for a personal trainer who can shape your fitness goals without taking special considerations into account.

Diet Secrets

#16 Drink Lots of Water

Often, we assume we need food when our bodies actually need water. Drink enough water across the day to ensure your hydration levels remain optimal. Water weight is negligible and drinking enough water actually reduces the overall weight. It removes fat toxins from the body and keeps the metabolic rate at optimal levels. A 2013 study showed that healthy men and women increase metabolic rate by 30 percent after consuming adequate water of around 16 ounces over a period of time. Water is calorie free too.

#17 Opt for Nuts

Nuts are one of the most superior methods of initiating weight loss. Offering protein, healthy fiber and fat that can help you to cut down on a growing appetite. Nuts are convenient and versatile so they can be mixed into yogurt or oatmeals tossed into a salad or paired with fruit as a snack.

#18 Choose Citrus Fruits

Many foods aid weight loss and one of these is citrus fruits like grapefruit. When people ate half a grapefruit at each meal, in one study, they dropped an average of 3.5 pounds over 12 weeks. Tangy fruit can lower insulin and lack of this fat storage hormone can initiate weight loss. A majority of the water fills you up so less is eaten. If on certain medications, however, citrus fruits must be avoided.

#19 Eat Judiciously

Eating directly out of a bag
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Eating directly out of a bag or box can cause overeating. Serve the food in a plate or bowl to ensure portions remain in check and one serving does not exceed the limits. Research shows up to 30 percent more is eaten if food is consumed standing up. Additionally, you need to sit down and eat leisurely to ensure the food consumed is of a sensible portion.

#20 Try Eggs

Hardboiled eggs are easy to cook ahead of the time. It costs less, offers optimal health and satiates protein concentration in the body. Other healthy ways to consume eggs are also there.

#21 Go for Oatmeal

If you have to choose one food for ensuring weight loss, it should be whole grain, high fiber carbs that stick to the ribs to ensure complete satiation and satisfaction. Eating oatmeal also slows down the blood sugar and keeps insulin levels from rising and lead to less fat storage. Ensure you use non-fat milk and top it with fruits instead of sweetening agents.

#22 Prep Your Meal Ahead of Time

It is far more difficult to eat a healthier diet and fit in exercise if the planning ahead does not take place. Planning out your meals ahead of the week ensures that grocery shopping can be carried out over the weekend to ensure ingredients are in place and you don’t end up adding fattening alternatives. Cut fresh vegetables, marinate the protein and cook grains in advance.

#23 Sip Tea

Opt for different kinds of teas such as ginger tea, green tea, and other such antioxidant-rich beverages. These flush toxins and cut down on fat. You can ensure the loss of weight through regular ingestion of beverages like these. Black dragon or Oolong is a type of Chinese tea brimming with catching nutrients that promote weight loss by impacting the ability of the body to metabolize fat.

#24 Focus on Food Quality

One should not focus on calories and instead study the quality of foods eaten. Top quality diet options include whole, minimally processed natural foods like fruits, veggies, nuts or seeds that offer greater nutritional value in form of minerals, vitamins, fat and fiber. These tame hunger naturally and nourish cells at the lowest level so there are no cravings.

#25 Eat Veggies Instead of Refined Carbs

Simple carbs in white rice, sandwich rolls, and pasta wreak a lot of havoc on the weight because digestion takes place readily, leaving the food satiation at high levels. Instead of replacing foods with healthier whole grain-based products, containing filling fibers that trigger bloating, Instead of rice, try substituting it with cauliflower. Rather than chips and dip, opt for carrots and dip. Simple carbs are tougher to digest than complex ones. Additionally, veggies are water based so they help flush out excess weight.

#26 Track Your Diet

Another important step to take is to track the diet, meaning everything you eat. This even includes gums or breath mints. Whether you are tracking food intake through an app or paper-based diary, it becomes easy to see what you are eating and try to eat less. When calories are jotted down, it will certainly make you think twice before indulging in fatty treats.

#27 Spread It Out

Don’t consume protein in just a few meals. Instead spread out your protein requirements as blocks for building your muscle strength. This is because excessive protein can also be bad as it leads to rising insulin levels and associated storage of fat.

#28 Drink Coffee

Coffee can make your workout more productive and you will burn more calories because you will be able to push yourself harder.

#29 Give Up Processes Foods

Foods that are processed or have chemicals or additives in them are harder to digest. A study found that bodies burn only 50% as many calories in digested processed foods as they do fresh, unprocessed foods. Eating twice as much is the result, of consuming processed foods even if the calorific count is the same as fresh foods.

#30 Have a Cheat Meal

Have a cheat meal at least once in a week so you can get over cravings for particular foods and resort to a strict diet the other days of the week. Turn off your fat cells and help your body to stay fit for life.

#31 Don’t Miss Breakfast

Another important consideration is not to miss out on breakfast. Eating within 90 minutes of waking and having something healthy within a gap of 3-4 hours after that every time is important. When we skip breakfast in the morning or eat too late in the day, the body conserves energy and the metabolic rate slows down. Skipping breakfast also leads to excessive ingestion of food for the rest of the day.

#32 Control Portions

Another way to combat weight gain is to cut down on calorific intake. This is easy to do by eating less of what is currently eaten. Once portions are reduced, the diet can be fine-tuned to incorporate foods rich in nutrients. Dialing down portions can really impact your health in a positive way.

#33 Eliminate Anxiety

When you are under stress, emotional eating is the result. Instead, take out your pent up anxiety by going for a walk or a run instead. Combine the outdoor run or bike ride and race away from anxiety.

#34 Eat Fish

Omega 3 fatty acids.
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Fish of all types are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. This is good for your belly because this reduces swelling, controls hunger turns off the fat genes and lowers insulin. All of these are perfect for a trim, slim body and plenty of weight loss.

#35 Try Fiber-Rich Foods

Research shows that those who consume foods rich in fiber have a lower risk of obesity regardless of how many calories are consumed. Opt for fiber-rich foods that are excellent in improving digestion, flushing out toxins and inducing satiety without gaining on calories.

#36 Keep Having Your Favorite Foods

Lose weight by eating whole foods but don’t cut down on the favorites. Nutrient dense food in a daily basis improves chances of regulating metabolic rate and cutting down on the nutrient deficit. Consistently nutritious food is of great value to you. Find healthy alternatives and stay fit.

#37 Pack Own Snacks

Hitting the vending machine for unhealthy processed food item can have a disastrous impact on the calorific count. It raises the blood sugar level and leaves a person facing hunger pangs later. Packing snacks help in weight loss while giving you the nutrients you want and your body craves.

#38 Increase Protein Intake

Increasing the protein intake is a wonderful way to cut down on fat as well as burn it. A protein-rich diet should be consumed to the tune of 0.7 to 1 gram per body weight pound. For example, if one weighs 150 pounds, 75-150 grams of protein in a day is a must.

#39 Try Coconut

When consumed as part of a low-carb diet, along with avocado, coconut is the best weight loss item in the menu. This is because this fruit is rich in medium chain fatty acids that the body can easily burn as fuel for energy. To get more coconut into the diet, you can try it in the form of oil, flakes or even coconut water or fruit pieces.

#40 Don’t Consume Empty or Liquid Calories

Creamy drinks or carbonated fizzy sugar soft drinks have enough calories to serve a complete dinner or lunch! Rather than drinking a whole meal, opt for a nutritious alternative to high-calorie beverages.

#41 Opt for Healthy Fats

All fats are not the same. Learn to differentiate between good and bad fats and eat foods like avocados, nuts and dark chocolates for the best results, as these are calorie dense.


Living a healthy life is all about making the right choices when it comes to food, sleep, and exercise. You need to eliminate stress in healthy ways too so that your body does not respond to anxiety with heightened cortisol and emotional eating binges. Look to embrace wellness on a holistic scale rather than just seeing weight loss as a combination of diet and exercise tips. Sleeping well, understanding your needs and keeping your body fit and toned is your duty to yourself. If you want a sound mind in a sound body, work to keep yourself healthy. Much like any other target, working towards fitness with a disciplined and committed approach is half the battle won when it comes to losing weight fast.

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