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Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides Review – Best Collagen Supplements

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Do you want firm, flawless and supple skin? Are you looking for positive health outcomes when it comes to your complexion? Soft, smooth skin is something we all crave and the wellness and health market is brimming with creams, serums, and lotions. But the best results can be obtained by collagen supplements, specifically hydrolyzed collagen peptides as opposed to topical creams and lotions.

What is Collagen Supplementation All About?

Collagen is a widely prevalent and most common protein present in the human body. It serves as a means of getting beautiful, healthy hair, nails and of course, skin. This is the reason most people are opting for collagen supplementation for improving the glow and adding to the youthful appearance of their skin. The main structural protein found in the connective tissues of both land and sea animals, collagen is essential for renewing skin cells, improving the supple firmness of skin. Though it is naturally produced by the human body, normal aging processes, as well as unhealthy activities like lack of sleep and smoking and a harsh exposure to sun’s rays and AC rooms can leave your skin depleted in this protein. This translates into dark spots, bags under the eye, wrinkling of the skin, damaged hair and nails. This is when collagen supplementation is very vital.

Types of Collagen Supplements

Collagen supplements range from liquid to powder and tablets. They are derived from naturally occurring ingredients from grass-fed cattle mostly. Helpful in repairing the skin and hair, collagen also strengthens the joints and repairs the leaky guts. Collagen supplements also sustain the effects of weight loss by boosting the metabolic rate.

A naturally found protein found in the human body, it has long-chained amino acids rich in arginine, glycerin, hydroxyproline, and praline. It is generally present in muscles, skin, bones, and tendons serving as the glue that binds the body together. It makes up thirty percent of the complete protein present in the human body and as much as seventy percent of the skin’s total protein content. Collagen creates elasticity for the skin, strengthening nails, skin, and hair and boosting metabolism and creating strong DNA.

As collagen is a natural byproduct in the human body, what is the need for supplementation? This occurs because as one ages, collagen levels fall. Weaker joints and sagging skin is the result. From 25 years and beyond, collagen generation decreases at 1 percent per annum. Unhealthy sugar-rich diets and exposure to sun or cigarette smoking can also halt the generation of collagen considerably. So collagen supplementation is critical for a healthy diet.

Vegans avoid animal produce which is why the addition of collagen supplementation is an easy way out.

Positive Health Outcomes of Collagen Supplementation

#1 Anti-Aging

Fall in collagen level causes loose, sagging skin, wrinkling, and crows feet, or fine lines. The lowermost layer of the skin called the dermis ensures optimal skin elasticity. Generation of collagen is chiefly found here. By raising the levels of collagen, the dermis keep the skin supple and firm. Lots of studies have demonstrated that collagen consumption lowers the chance of premature wrinkling.

#2 Moisturizer

Apart from maintaining the skin’s elasticity, the collagen is also needed for moisturizing and contributing to an even skin tone. Lower levels of the amino acids and /or collagen can cause tiny arteries and veins beneath the skin to pop up and lead to dull, dry skin. Keeping the concentration of amino acids at a steady level is essential for moisturized and smooth skin.

#3 Improves Hair Strength

Additionally, collagen plays a critical role in strengthening hair, preventing the loss of hair and maintaining its natural color. Collagen supplements also reverse oxidative stress and free radical damage associated with damaged hair follicles and loss of hair. Sufficient levels of collagen strength the follicles, raising the volume and improving the growth of hair.

#4 Building Blocks of Teeth and Nails

Strong teeth and sturdy nails are only possible if collagen levels are high. Splits and peels of the nails indicate collagen levels require a boost. These supplements permit strong, healthy nails and raised nail growth. Collagen constitutes the teeth structure and connectivity tissues around it. Revving up the levels of collagen raise the strength of your teeth or your nails.

#5 Boost Your Metabolism

Also, collagen supplements increase the metabolic rate, which helps in delivering energy to the tissues and aids in the development of muscles.

#6 Healthy Tissue Formation

Collagen is critical for a healthier formation of tissues. Scars created by the outbreak of acne and/or other issues can stop your skin from looking flawless. Take collagen supplementation for healthy formation of tissue and speeding up the process of healing the skin.

#7 Strong Joints

Lowered collagen can adversely impact our joints. While collagen levels rise till we age, ligaments and tendons stiffen and joints become inflamed moving with less efficacy. Opting for collagen supplement can prevent deterioration and reduce the pain in the joints, permitting easier movement and higher mobility. Osteoporosis can also be treated through collagen supplements.

How to Seek A Good Collagen Supplement

Topical creams with collagen are not effective. This is because molecules are exceptionally large and cannot be absorbed by the skin. Best supplemental collagen comes from powers and pills. Opt for pasture-fed cows, so you don’t get collagen that comes ingested with antibiotics or chemicals.

Collagen comes in the form of hydrolyzed peptides in its most effective form obtained from bovine animals and can be easily absorbed in the body. The 3 types of collagen are found in the body. Types 1 and 3 comprise a majority of the collagen found in the body. Type 2 collagen contains 18 amino acids and is found in the joint cartilage. It is critical not to combine these two types because they have differing amino acid profiles and bind to form a comprehensive protein instead of generating collagen for your needs.

Check out collagen supplements that contain essential nutrients like Hyaluronic acid and vitamins to ensure collagen formation. Additionally, ensure that collagen is sourced from grass consuming animals whether it is taken in powder or pill format. 

Atlas 6,000 mg of collagen supplements are needed in average adults to see best results. Collagen powders have greater bioavailability making them the better choice. Hydrolyzed collagen rejuvenates the collagen levels of the body and affects every part where connective tissues exist including lungs, skin, heart, hair, arteries, joints, bones, blood cells, discs, nails, liver plus prostrate.

Why We Need Collagen?

Decreased levels of collagen cause more than skin and muscular problems. They also lead to weakness and instability in the organs. Heart and prostrate enlargement may occur. Other organs may weaken. As collagen levels fall, the density of bones will diminish. Joints and ligaments will weaken and become less elastic. Collagen cushions the joints and the bones. When it lessens, the health problems can result.

Lack of collagen also leads to higher cardio problems as arteries undergo plaque formation due to weakening.

Benefits of Hydrolyzed Collagen

This collagen, also called collagen hydrolysate, is predesigned to be easily absorbed. Instead of forcing the body to break and assemble amino acids into collagen, hydrolyzed version does not require this. It instead gives the body small chain peptides that are usable and amino acids which can go well with your body.

These supplements are fashioned from high-grade gelatin taken from cattle hides and other animal parts. Gelatin is the main ingredient because it contains all the essential amino acids- proline, glycine, hydroxyproline, alanine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid and arginine among others.

Additionally, gelatin is also highly bioavailable. The compound is 95 percent bioavailable meaning less of it is not used. A 2008 Tokyo study found that among 33 middle-aged women, 10 grams of hydrolyzed collagen daily for two months indicates 91 percent rise in resilience and skin hydration. A French study in the same year replicated the findings. Hydrolyzed collagen led to 41 percent less furrowing and lesser wrinkles. Skin hydration and resilient were at the best levels.

#1 For Bone and Joint Health

Studies have found that hydrolyzed collagen can improve the joint and bone health as the aging process progresses. Studies have also shown that daily rising levels of hydrolyzed collagen contribute to raised bone mass density. This stimulates the activity of osteoblasts, fueling cells to generate bone formation.

#2 For Muscle Growth and Athletes

CDC reported that 30 percent of adults in 2010 suffer from arthritis and back pain. Relive muscle pain using hydrolyzed collagen. This branched-chain amino acid substance improves the way the body synthesizes protein. This results in gains in muscle mass and strength. Joint pain and joint deteriorating in athletes can be arrested through hydrolyzed collagen.

#3 Induce Weight Loss

This collagen has even been included in energy bar products as it satiates the appetite and cuts down on the need for food. While products rich in collagen can serve as useful supplements for other reasons, they can also burn excess fat in conjunction with exercise. Many doctors agree that it provides usable protein supporting the functions of the body and provides the energy needed throughout the day.

#4 Post Surgery Treatment

Invasive processes such as arthroscopy, disc surgery or muscle, tendon reattachment can be accompanied by collagen supplementation for the best results.A 2011 US Army research institute study found that hydrolyzed collagen is rich in muscle protein synthesis triggering improved muscle growth. This increases muscle recovery time and improves overall muscle growth. When combined with recommended therapy, this reduces the time needed for muscles to recover and improve overall growth.

#5 Treatment and Recovery From Chronic Medical Conditions

Cancer is a chronic disease which has a massive impact on the human body, causing fatigue and appetite loss. Combined with chemotherapy, this is detrimental to healthy cells. Doctors at the American Cancer Society recommend additional protein for healing the tissues and fending off infections. Hydrolyzed collagen can prove extremely beneficial in this case.

#6 To Reverse Aging of the Skin

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Aging process of skin introduces changes such as loose skin, wrinkles, and dehydrated appearance. Also, habits like smoking, drinking and sleep deprivation speed up the aging process of the skin. For healthy and smooth skin, hydrolyzed collagen is the best as this lowers scaling, skin dryness, wrinkles and fine lines. Average of 8 percent raise in hydration of the most external skin layer was noted when people underwent hydrolyzed collagen supplementation, in one study.

Types of Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptides or hydrolyzed collagen can be from land or sea-based (marine) animals. Collagen peptides, especially marine collagen are extremely beneficial for the human body. Amino acids are protein’s building blocks. On account of inadequate nutrition, deficiency in amino acids is noted. Collagen peptide contains 22 amino acids. Of these, 18 are critical for the body. But as most people do not consume animal parts like ligaments and tendons, certain amino acids are difficult to obtain through diet. Collagen peptides come into play in such cases.

Advantages of collagen peptide powders are many. The first is that they are more palatable than gnawing on animal produce needed for protein in the human body. Whey protein and other powdered protein sources may be rich in amino acids, but they are not as palatable as hydrolyzed collagen. Trouble digesting powdered protein? Try collagen peptide powder which is easier for digestion as it has shorter amino acid chains.

Collagen peptide ensures that one does not have to spend additional time preparing a protein broth. Additionally, hydrolyzed collagen peptides contain cooked gelatin so you can even add the product to smoothies or your morning cup of Joe.

Collagen of this kind comes from the skin, connective tissues of bones and bones of animals. Marine collagen is made from scales of fish. Another option is collagen sourced from the hide of cows or other animals. Several researchers hold that marine peptides are the best form of hydrolyzed collagen because amino acid profiles among land-based animals varies only slightly. Fish and other marine animals have the highest amount of Collagen Type 1 which is easy to digest on account of smaller amino acid chains. Fish have a smaller particle size too and marine collagen are shown to benefit those suffering from metabolic disorders.  They are great for repairing the bone and skin and warding off aging as well as normalizing blood pressure.

Does Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptide Have Side Effects?

As this collagen peptide supplement is processed very carefully, there are few side effects. For example, marine collagen from shells are high in calcium. Excessive collagen and calcium supplementation can lead to over calcification which can cause serious problems in the body. Also, collagen peptides contain no fat or cholesterol while they are high in hydroxyproline and other amino acids. A growing body of evidence suggests that collagen hydrolysate can ward off osteoarthritis too. Apart from hypercalcemia, there appear to be no side effects.

Nutraholics Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides: Packing a Powerful Punch

Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides
Photo By: Amazon

One of the best collagen peptides which is hydrolyzed is Nutraholics. 

Essential ingredients this collagen powder contains include premium collagen (11 grams), protein per scoop (10 grams) and over 18 essential protein-based amino acids. The collagen is sourced from Brazil’s farm fed, grass and pasture raised animals. Additionally, the product is free from glutens and nuts as well as grains for those with food allergies or just the need to follow a healthy, low-cal option for boosting collagen. GMP certified this non-GMO product is paleo-certified. It contains no additives or harmful fats. Free from cholesterol and low in calories. Nutraholics offers the following benefits:

  • Healthy, balanced digestion
  • Weight loss and maintenance of ideal weight
  • Healthier gut formation
  • Healthy bone formation
  • Increased bone strength
  • Stronger muscles, tendons, and ligaments
  • Reduced joint pain
  • Healthier hair, stronger nails, and radiant skin

Additionally, this product comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Pros of This Collagen Peptide

#1 Improved and Enhanced Gut Health

The gut is the second brain and it impacts mood, health and overall wellness. It is necessary for gut-friendly proteins and essential amino acids, to take this collagen supplementation. Now boost your health outcomes with this hydrolyzed collagen peptide.

#2 Excellent for Those With Allergies or Food Sensitivities

As this product uses paleo ingredients that are premium and rid of allergens and additives or preservatives, this is an excellent choice for those with allergies to grains, milk or nuts. Gluten, dairy, and nut free, this product is exactly what you need to fend off weak connective tissues and build stronger bones.

#3 Boosts Muscle Recovery

This collagen product is perfect for improving bone health as well as the strength of joints, muscles and flawless skin. It is perfect for all those who work out, professional bodybuilders and athletes and those looking to improve their health. This powder is taste-neutral and can be easily added to cool or hot liquids and consumed.

#4 Carefully processed

This product has been crushed, grounded, defatted, and checked for calcium content. Dehydrated for optimal storage, this collagen product is easily absorbed into the bloodstream and is used as a building block of fresh collagens.


#1 Taste Neutral

This can be a negative for some people who may want exciting flavors like mint and chocolate or salty taste to boost the palatability of the powder.

#2 Possibility of Over Calcification

Additionally, hypercalcemia can also result when too much calcium in the collagen is coupled with additional supplements. Take supplementation under medical supervision for the best results.


Access the best in nutrition and health outcomes by opting for Nutraholics, a brand you can trust. Secure positive health and well-being through reduced weight, increased optimal functioning, and ward off arthritis, joint pain and even stave off chronic medical conditions. Improve the strength of your skin, teeth, nails, bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles through this amazing protein supplement and take your fitness to a new high.

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