Use Green Tea to Lose Weight

Ways Green Tea Promotes Weight Loss

Green Tea: Healthiest Drink Available

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According to most experts, green tea has the distinction the healthiest beverage on the planet . Why is this so? Well, it is loaded with antioxidants and various substances that benefit health. Studies have proved that green tea helps in burning calories and losing weight.

How It Helps in Weight Loss


  • Green tea is rich in bioactive compounds which are beneficial in nature with strong biological effect.
  • Caffeine is the most well documented of these. Cups of green tea, however, contain slightly lower amount of caffeine than a coffee.
  • But it still exerts mild and subtle effects.
  • Caffeine is considered a critical stimulant that aids in burning fat and calories and enhances workout at the gym.


  • Green tea also contains a massive number of antioxidants called catechin.
  • The most vital of these is EGCG or Epigallocatechin gallate, a substance for boosting metabolism.
  • Research has shown that taking green tea or consuming it as an extract is equally beneficial.

Fat Metabolization

To burn fat, it must first be cut down within the fat cell and placed into the bloodstream. Active compounds in a cup of green tea aid fat-cutting hormones. The precise mechanism by which this works is as follows.

Along the leading antioxidants in the tea, EGCG can help impact the enzyme which breaks down hormone norepinephrine. As a result, this enzyme acts as a signal to fat cells instructing them to cut down fat by inhibiting norepinephrine and consequently leading to its constant secretion.

Caffeine and EGCG may exert a combined effect as caffeine enhances fat burning too. Substances in the green tea break down fat as the hormone responsible for telling cells to break it down rises.

Green Tea Increases Fat Burning During Exercise

Green Tea Increases Fat Burning During Exercise
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Commercial, professional weight loss and fat-burning supplements almost always have green tea extract in them. Research has found that green tea is known to increase fat loss during exercise. Studies found that green tea can boost fat cutting effects of exercise too.

Green tea Boosts Metabolic Rate

This makes you burn more calories around the clock. The human body is on a constant quest to burn calories. Cells perform billions of functions needing energy, but green tea boosts the metabolic rate and leads to weight loss even in the resting state.

An increase of 3-8 percent in fat loss following green tea ingestion has been observed by researchers. For a person burning 2000 calories in a single day, 60-80 calories per day are around 3 percent. Green tea is as effective as a high protein diet for weight loss.

Green Tea is an Appetite Suppressant

Green tea can help in reducing weight loss by reducing appetite. This ensures that fewer calories are taken in automatically without any additional effort on our part. Research also suggests green tea can help us to absorb fat from the for faster and burn it. Calories out or burning more fat is an important way green tea helps in weight loss.

Green Tea beats Other Teas Hands Down

Green tea is less processed as against oolong and black tea. Because of this, it has a high concentration of polyphenols called catchiness which is an active ingredient linked to weight loss.

They prevent accumulation of body fat. Catechins also increase the body temperature making it easier to burn fat easily. Green tea also has thermogenic properties- this is basically that green tea causes metabolism to rise and fuel or calories to be consumed at a faster rate. Consuming fat at a faster rate causes massive weight loss.

How to Use Green Tea to Lose Weight

Use Green Tea to Lose Weight

Start Early With A Morning Cup of Green Tea

Green tea has caffeine for boosting a good start to the mornings and creating metabolism which jump starts into action. Avoid filling or adding excessive condiments to the tea such as cream, sugar or honey. This can counteract the weight loss property of green tea.

Drink Several Cups

As there is less caffeine than in a cup of coffee, you will not get jittery if you consume several cups of tea. Green tea contains a diuretic so you may visit the washroom more often, but this s a good thing because toxins and lipids will be flushed out.

Be Regular

Drink green tea regularly to experience rapid weight loss benefits. More you stick to green tea, the more you will absorb less fat in the long term. This is a wonderful reason to keep drinking the tea because you can be sure that regular ingestion will ensure consistency in weight loss.

Stretch After a Cup

Green tea contains amino L-theanine. This amino acid increases brain wave activity leading to peace of mind. Concentration improves focus and leads to better exercise and fat loss outcomes.


Want to include more green tea in your daily diet? Remember that it is safe to consume up to 5 cups in a day. To get the maximum health and flavour benefits, you need to prepare the tea well. Use a ceramic teapot warmed with hot water and for the tea use cold fresh water filtered or from a spring. After letting the water boil, allow it to cool and then pour it over tea leaves or a tea bag and let it steep for at least three minutes.

Remember that black tea is more processed,so it contains fewer antioxidants and polyphenols. Polyphenols are plant-based chemical compounds that are beneficial for the body, Caffeine can also interfere with medications. If you don’t like green tea in the form of (well there’s no other way to say it) tea, then you could perhaps have it in the form of a supplement or extract. Green tea flavoured mouthwash and lozenges are also available at select health outlets.

The most important part to remember is that green tea only aids in weight loss, but it can combine with other strategies and tactics like exercise equally well. Use green tea to calm the mind and soothe the senses. And add weight loss to the list. Through its polyphenols, antioxidants and more, green tea is a miracle beverage for a host of health conditions as well.

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