Most Effective Tricks to Boost the Metabolism

Most Effective Tricks to Boost the Metabolism Function of Body

Metabolism is all the energy expenditure by your body counted in terms of calories and which is responsible for all bodily functions. That means it is the reason behind the aliveness of all living beings. The good news is that with some effective tricks to boost the metabolism function of your body you can improve overall functionality and your health.

Whatever you eat every day your body converts it into the energy form with the help of the metabolism function of your body known as metabolic rate. This implies that higher the metabolic rate of a body greater the rate of energy level and calorie burn rate which are helpful for losing weight and keeping the body fit and active naturally.

In this context you can take the help of different exercises like heavy weight lifting, HIIT etc. which give a boosts to your metabolic rate and speeds up the calorie expenditure means you reduce your excess weight speedily.

Scientifically metabolism is defined as the chemical reaction inside the body which keeps a human body alive and well functioning. It is also known as Total Daily Energy Expenditure or TDEE.

The regular normal calorie expenditure of body which is needed for general functioning of different organisms of the body to keep a person alive is known as Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR. This takes approx. 70% of the total expenditure of your metabolism in a day.

BMR is the basic necessity of your body that you derive through converting your regular food intake into the usable energy. This usable energy is then utilized for common functioning of the body like for digestion, breathing, walking, talking etc.

10 Effective Tricks to Boost Metabolism

Ways To Boost Your MetabolismPrefer to Drink Cold Water over Normal Water

It is scientifically proven that people who drink cold or chilled water more frequently have an increased rate of metabolism all the time. Like a healthy diet routine, it is always advised to drink at least 8 ounces of water in a day which is beneficial for improving any kind of health concern.

In this regard, the benefits of drinking this 8-ounce water increases when you prefer cold water glass instead of normal water as it indirectly boosts the metabolism function of your body.

However its benefits cannot be availed just within one or two days, you have to be consistent with it. In order to check its effectiveness, you can take the test of 7 days in which you will only consume cold water consistently.

On the seventh day, you will definitely notice a drastic increase in the calorie burning rate of your body. This becomes possible only because of your boosted metabolic function of your body due to increased consumption of cold water in the last few days which used to work even when your body was in resting position.

This is really an amazing feature of drinking cold water in your day to day life which not only keeps your body hydrated all the time but also ensure a boost to your metabolism in a natural and easy way.

Take a Sip of Green Tea Every day

We all know the versatile health benefits of drinking green tea for our overall health improvement. Out of these amazing health benefits boosting metabolism function rate of the body is really tremendous.

Start your day with green tea which will give a kick boost for your day ahead by keeping your body and mind energetic throughout the day. Only drinking one cup of green tea in a day is enough to increase the normal metabolism function rate of your body by 5 to 7% than the usual rate.

People who are obese or have over body weight and want a fast reduction of their weight, they can take the help of green tea, as regular two to three-time consumption of this healthy beverage will burn the unwanted fat and calorie of the body with a very high speed.

This becomes possible because the content of green tea converts some of the old stored fat of body into fatty acids which raise the fat burning rate by 10 to 17% approximately.

The best part of drinking this healthy hot beverage intake for you is that it not only helps in weight loss but at the same time helps in maintaining your desired body weight once you reach to your desired weight goal effortlessly.

Drink Coffee Regularly

Just like green tea intake coffee is also known for its fat burning properties as its caffeine content increases the metabolism rate of the body by 3 to 11% than the usual body’s metabolism rate.

People who are willing to lose their weight faster can include coffee in their regular day’s diet list as a natural trick to lose their unwanted body weight. Its regular intake ensures fast metabolism and fast fat burn thereon.

However, it is found in researches that caffeine intake for weight loss works faster in lean people that the overweight or obese people. For example, it raises the metabolism rate of lean people for weight loss by 29%, and in obese people, the fat burning rate is increased only by 10% by increased coffee intake.

Increase your Protein Intake

For boosting your metabolism rate to a high level you should increase your regular protein intake. Foods which are rich in protein take a longer time to digest than the normal food intake.

So it raises your metabolism for a longer duration with a comparison to other fats and carb-rich foods. Foods that you eat daily are converted into energy by the metabolism function of your body known as the thermic effect of food or TEF.

That means when you have more protein-rich diet then this TEF rate rises than usual and it raises your metabolic rate by 15 to 30% with a comparison to fats and carb-rich diets.

Another benefit of increasing your regular protein intake is that it keeps your stomach full for the longer duration. So your stomach doesn’t feel a craving for snacks or other foods too frequently.

In this way, it cuts your daily diet intake without hampering your health anyway and helps in losing body fat and weight faster by preventing your overeating habit.

People who tend to include a greater portion of their regular meal with protein rich diet lose excess body fat with their improved rate of metabolism naturally and effectively. Also, they feel more energetic and healthy throughout the day.

Eat More Organic Foods

Eating organic foods is the best way for improving your overall health as it is beneficial in all respect for the people of all ages and health group. However, it is a little bit costly than the normal diets but when you will count its benefits and features for your health you will automatically start to prefer it over non-organic foods.

By including organic foods in your regular diet you can boost the normal metabolic rate of your body which is very beneficial for improving your overall health, reducing body weight is one of those benefits.

The normal or non-organic foods are produced by greater use of pesticides and other chemicals which affects your immunity power and metabolism function of the body very badly.

So to prevent this risk as a natural and healthy measure for boosting your metabolism functionality you must concentrate more on organic foods than the non-organic foods as much as it is possible.

Include More Omega 3 Rich Diets in your Meal

You can boost the metabolism function of your body by increasing your intake of omega 3 rich foods. Food content high in this healthy fatty acid nutrient not only gives a boost to your metabolic rate but also improves your overall health.

There are several health benefits of eating omega 3 fatty acids foods that is why it is the most recommended food to almost every major health issue patient, cardiovascular patients are one of those.

It mainly exists in sea fishes such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, and herring. Apart from this, some nuts are also rich in omega 3 content including walnuts, chia seeds, flaxseeds etc.

People who consume omega 3 fatty fishes burns excess fat and calorie of their body with a comparison to other people who don’t eat these healthy nutrient-rich diets.

This is happening because omega 3 contains fat burning enzymes in it that burns the old stored fat of body and 25% of your daily calorie portion. Hence effective for the weight loss purpose. Just like omega 3 rich fishes, its food supplements are also effective for burning excessive calorie and fat of your body.

Make a habit of Eating an Interval of 3 Hours

One of the easiest methods to boost your metabolic rate is by increasing your regular dietary intake or in the more precise term by eating your daily intake in more frequent scale. As you know the foods you consume is burn by your metabolism function to generate energy.

So when you eat more frequently than your usual day’s routine your energy level automatically gets high due to this frequent and exceeding diet intake. In this context, you must understand that eating more frequently doesn’t allow you to eat anything which is unhealthy.

As per the health specialists, the metabolism rate of the body remains faster in the morning time after you wake up. So make sure that you eat one of your heavy meals in this particular time as it will burn faster. For the rest of the day make a habit of eating your meals at an interval of every 3 hours.

This includes both heavy meals and snacks intake. You can divide your meal into 6 meals in a day which will be consist of breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and a light snack after dinner which is optional.

HIIT Workouts

Out of different simple form of cardio workouts, it is found in researches that High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT workouts help to boost your metabolic rate of the body more rapidly and steadily. With this single workout training, you cover your different muscles groups at a time.

The best part of HIIT workouts is that its calorie burning rate not only exists for the time being you practice it but for the next 24 hours too, the calorie burning rate remains boosted. Yes, the after calorie burning rate will be a bit slower than the actual time of workout but its benefit is amazing as you burn your body fat and calorie even in your resting period.

So make sure that you do HIIT workouts at least for 3 to 4 days in a week to boost your metabolism function in an effective way.

Strength Training or Weight Lifting

Heavyweight lifting or strength training workout is another prominent way to boost your metabolism function in a rapid way. This becomes possible because strength training or heavy weight lifts help to shape up your muscles to attain the lean muscles mass.

It is found in researches that your different muscles group of the body are highly prone to burn calorie than your body fat. So for boosting your metabolic function, it is better that you focus on more heavy weight lifting or strength training workouts.

People who practice these workouts consistently manages to lose their weight faster than those who practice other weight loss methods in their day to day life.

This becomes possible because strength training not only burns your calories during the workout session but its effect remains active for the next 24 to 48 hours after the actual strength training session.

Though the metabolic rate reduced during the resting period even then also it lies between 200to 250 calorie burn rates in a day.

Take a Sound Sleep during Night

Waking up longer in night’s time gives an invitation to nighttime cravings for snacks which are again unhealthy and weight prone element for your body. So it’s better that you pack up all your works on time and enter into your bed to sleep.

No matter you get instant sleep or not but this healthy bedtime arriving habit will surely help you in the long term when your body will automatically pull you towards bed for sleep on time.

People who take sound sleep during the night at least for 7 to 8 hours have greater metabolism rate than those who sleep only for 4 to 5 hours in the night.

Moreover, they feel more fresh and energetic in the morning because of this boosted metabolic rate of their body which is very important for burning excessive calorie of your body during day time.

Having a high metabolic rate of your body has several health benefits which can only be ensured through a healthy lifestyle and the effective tricks to boost the metabolism mentioned above in this article. We all want to live a naturally healthy life in this context our tips will help you a lot by raising your metabolism in a healthy manner.

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