Dietary Benefits of Eating Chia Seeds

14 Dietary Benefits of Eating Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are one of the healthiest foods rich in high nutrient value that you can easily avail at a very cheaper cost. It is rich in antioxidants which protect your body against free radicals damaging which can affect your overall body health. The dietary benefits of eating chia seeds are enormous and it is for everyone.

It is rich in iron, fiber, calcium and omega 3 fatty acids that make it as a complete food to include in your daily diet routine if you really want to improve your health naturally. It will boost your brain and body and will keep you protected from the growing risk of major health concerns such as high cholesterol level, diabetes, heart diseases, etc.

You will be surprised to know that chia seeds are a superfood. Yes, it contains all the features and benefits of a superfood which makes it most easily available and low costing superfood.

As per United States Department of Agriculture, National Nutrient Database only one-ounce chia seeds consumption which equals to 28 grams can fulfill your necessity of daily doses of 18 percent calcium, 30 percent manganese, 27 percent phosphorus and in a very small amount, copper and potassium need as well.

One ounce Chia seeds serving contain131 calories, 13.07 grams carbohydrate, 8.4 grams fat, 5.6 grams protein, 11.2 grams fiber, and no sugar. In fact, with respect to nutrient value, chia seeds are far better and richer than the flaxseeds. Some common dietary benefits that you can ensure by consuming this healthy superfood are enlisted below:

14 Dietary Benefits of Eating Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

Promotes Weight Loss

The number one dietary benefit that you can get through chia seeds consumption is its contribution to weight loss. If you are willing to lose weight faster then this superfood can make your goal faster and easily achievable with its regular consumption.

As chia seeds are a good source of fiber and protein so it stimulates faster weight loss by keeping your stomach fuller for a longer duration. It eliminates your frequent hunger issue which compels you to eat anything which is unhealthy or not good for your weight loss goal.

It suppresses your hunger naturally and helps you in following your diet plan that you have made to achieve your ultimate goal. In a study, it was found that people who consumed 25 to 38 grams chia seeds in a day reduced their weight by 4 or 5 kilos of their overall weight within a month. Also, it helps to reduce your waistline size naturally which is a major issue associated with excessive body weight.

However, in this regard, you need to stay very clear that no single food can alone do a miracle for you. You have to manage your overall diet plan to ensure a balanced diet routine which can stimulate your weight loss goal. Yes, chia seeds regular intake gives a boost to your overall diet effectiveness.

The other benefit of using this healthy dietary source is that you can prepare it very easily. Just you need to pour the required amount of raw or whole chia seeds into one glass of water. Stir it well and let the mixture to settle down and then drink it quickly.

Manage Blood Sugar Level and Prevents Diabetes Risks

Regular chia seeds intake can keep your blood sugar level in check and can prevent the diabetes growth risk in the future. Foods are one of the major contributing factors that stimulate your blood sugar level in the body and causes insulin sensitivity which is a leading factor that boosts your diabetes risk.

However, with the help of this healthy diet intake, you can eliminate all these health risks because it will keep your hunger under control and will promote early weight loss so that your body can maintain the normal sugar level. Similarly, it helps to keep your blood pressure in check, common health issue associated with diabetes.

Also, its especial nutrient component ensures that your body doesn’t have to compromise with vital vitamins, minerals, and other essential substances even with the restricted quantity of daily diet doses with its naturally high protein, fiber, and omega 3 fatty acids substances.

Boost Healthy Cholesterol and Reduces Cardiovascular Concerns

One of the biggest dietary benefits that you can ensure by eating chia seeds is that it helps to keep your cholesterol level in a healthy position. High cholesterol is nowadays a very common health issue that you will find every next person after a certain age period is suffering from. This is quite likely of course due to the wrong diet habits and unhealthy regular lifestyle which are indirectly stimulating this health problem whosoever is indulged in it.

However, this major health problem can be well managed with a healthy fiber-rich diet intake. Chia seeds are one of those healthy diet options that you must consider in order to reduce the bad cholesterol of your body.

This fiber-rich diet reduces the level of LDL or bad cholesterol in the body and stimulates HDL or good cholesterol in the overall body naturally. Hence it reduces the risk of cardiovascular health problems to a great extent because high bad cholesterol level in the body is a leading factor that causes different coronary artery diseases, stroke, and other cardiovascular health concerns.

Metabolism Booster

Chia seeds are also known as immunity or metabolism booster which is the key to a healthy human body. This superfood is rich in healthy nutrients which works as a fuel to nourish and build your body immunity system the inner defensive mechanism of the body.

It is rich in Vitamin B, iron, zinc, and magnesium which are all an energy booster. As per the recent studies conducted on the benefit or effectiveness of this fiber-rich dietary source report, it helps to reduce and eliminate inflammation in the body.

Hence protect you against many chronic inflammatory diseases that mostly occur due to weaker immunity system or due to auto-immune diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity.

As it is quite easy to prepare so it’s not very tough to include it in your regular meal routine. Make a smoothie out of it or prepare it in any other form whichever way suits your taste bud better. It will keep your body and mind energetic throughout the day.

Rich in Antioxidants Properties

Another vital property that you get out of this vital dietary source is its high natural antioxidant content or property. Chia seeds are known as an abundant source of antioxidants which is a protective mechanism that prevents minor to major health problems growth risk.

Whether you want to reduce your skin problem or want to boost your immunity power or relieve your major health issues such as cancer or heart diseases, in all the cases chia seeds fits best in your condition. It helps to recover and heal the damaged cells of the body and promotes the growth of fresh and healthy cells to keep you fit and beautiful both internally and externally.

Prevents Constipation Problem

Constipation which is a very common and major digestive health issue is overwhelming nowadays because of the unhealthy dietary habits in people and sedentary lifestyle. However, with healthy food like chia seeds, this digestive tract health issue can be relieved just within a few days.

It ensures easy bowel movement and thereby relieve constipation problems with its regular intake. As chia seeds are rich in fiber, an insoluble fiber so when it comes in the contact of water it easily converts into the gel. So when you consume, it ensures that your stools get soften resulting in easy stool pass without any discomfort.

By relieving constipation problem it protects you from the danger of major intestinal tract related health problems which are quite likely to develop if your constipation issue persists for the longer duration.

Promotes Your Bones and Teeth Health

The consumption of foods rich in calcium mineral helps to boost your bone density and reduces the different bones health problems. As chia seeds are one of the healthiest dietary sources of calcium so it fulfills the necessity of calcium level of your bones and teeth to keep them strong and in a healthy position even in your older age.

Apart from calcium chia seeds are also a good source of manganese and phosphorus which are also vital minerals for your bones and teeth health, to keep them strong naturally. Also, its antioxidant property ensures your bones and teeth protection by preventing the damages caused by the external bodies.

Relives Diverticulosis

Chia seeds help in the treatment of the diverticulosis a major digestive tract health concern in which many bulging pouches develop in the colon wall. As chia seeds are the rich source of fiber diet so when it enters in body, it helps to decrease the size of those bulging pouches by absorbing water in the colon.

Hence it makes the clear passage for bowel movements so that stools can pass easily without any discomfort. Though as of a date no particular factor is found responsible for the diverticulosis health condition but most often lack of low fiber diet in the meal is considered as triggering factor.

However with necessary changes in your daily diet routine such as fresh fruits, vegetables and fiber dense diet you can relieve this issue to a great extent naturally.

Rich in Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The essential nutrient content of chia seeds such as its high protein and omega 3 fatty acids substances makes it a vital anti-inflammatory dietary source. Hence it is effective for the natural treatment of different inflammatory health issues such as arthritis, bowel diseases, etc by reducing the inflammation in the body.

Good Source of Protein

Chia seeds are the good source of protein which is the basic necessity of body and an important nutrient that helps to relieve several health conditions. It works as a natural hunger suppressant by burning your hunger desire and develops the feeling of satiety for a longer duration.

Hence vital for stimulating weight loss, controlling bad cholesterol level in the body and for overall health improvement. Chia seeds contain 19% protein which fulfills the daily dietary requirement of protein nutrient for an adult person.

Good Source of Fiber

Chia seeds are the natural and healthy sources of fiber which is a vital nutrient essential for every individual for a healthy living. So for filling the necessity of your daily recommended doses of fiber intake you can include chia seeds in your everyday meal.

Only one ounce of chia seeds offers 10 grams of fiber. Apart from chia seeds, other dietary sources of fiber include fresh vegetables, fruits, unprocessed grains, nuts, and seeds.

As per the U.S. dietary guideline for men aging under 50 should consume 30.8 grams of fiber every day for ensuring good health whereas for men aging above 50 this limit is 28 grams per day. For women aging under 50 should consume 25.2 grams fiber every day whereas women aging above 50 should consume 22.4 grams of fiber every day to stay fit and healthy.

Boost Your Skin Health

With aging the natural production of collagen a vital protein essential for your skin health reduces to a great extent leading to sagging skin problems, dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles appears on your face and different areas f body.

Though you can hide these aging signs temporarily through the application of cosmetic products however it will not give you a permanent solution. In this context, you can take the help of chia seeds which is an abundant source of many vital nutrients which are required for your good skin health.

It helps in reducing skin inflammation and promotes good blood circulation in your skin. Also boosts the production of collagen protein to reduce your dryness and other aging signs on your skin. Apart from this its omega 3 fatty acids substance protects your skin against UV rays damaging which are the major factor responsible for your skin health damages.

Improves Your Sleep Quality

If you are suffering from insomnia issue or have frequent sleeping disorder problem then you can take the help of chia seeds as a natural remedy to improve your sleeping quality. For sound and peaceful sleep, your body needs two vital hormones such as serotonin and melatonin.

However, people who suffer from stress or other issues their body stops producing these vital hormones. These two essential hormones are released by the tryptophan, amino acid in the body. Chia seeds are a rich source of tryptophan hence it helps in promoting quality sleep and relaxation.

Mood Enhancer

Last but not the least chia seeds plays a vital role in enhancing your mood by promoting more happy hormones in the body which is one of its important dietary benefits.

People who suffer from mood swing, stress and depression problem can relieve their condition to a great extent by including this brain health-friendly dietary source in their regular meal. It helps to combat your symptoms and improves your mood and behavior with its regular consumption.

After knowing all these vital dietary benefits of eating chia seeds there is not a single reason to say NO to this highly effective, health-friendly and nutrient powerhouse natural food source. So include it in your everyday meal and ensure your overall good health and longevity naturally.

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