Tips For Permanent Weight Loss

Best Tips for Permanent Weight Loss and Better Health

Your body weight and overall health are two interconnected and interdependent concepts or matter. One of the most common health issues that most people around the world are facing since last few decades is excessive body weight, which gives birth to several chronic health issues.

Though most of you manage to reduce your weight through different weight loss measures, still the difficulty in its way comes when you fail to keep it off. Losing weight is vital for every overweight and an obese person not only for smarter appearance but also to keep their body energetic and diseases free. So today you will get here some effective tips for permanent weight loss and better health.

The aim of shredding 5 to 10 pounds is achievable with some dedicated hardcore workout routine and concentrating on health friendly diet which includes primarily low fat and low-calorie content. However, this is not a permanent solution as once you stop doing or following those daily routines or get infrequent with the time you start gaining your weight again that you have loosed through tremendous effort.

That means consistency is the key but yes it is not so easy to follow a restricted life schedule for the lifetime as because as a human being everyone wants to spend some casual time in days and weeks. However, this can be maintained without hampering your health by adhering some rule consciously that will make your path easier not only for losing weight but also for keeping it off for your improved health permanently.

Tips For Permanent Weight Loss and Better Health

tips for permanent weight loss and better health

Avoid Liquid Calories

While planning for dieting and weight loss we often consider to control our solid food calorie intake and forget the fact that even the liquid sources of calorie matter a lot in contributing your body fat or weight.

As the human body doesn’t count or note liquid calories the way it does to solid food sources of calorie so one can drink it excessively without feeling full. However, drinking calories is no way health friendly and contributes to weight positively.

So make sure that you avoid the excessive doses of calories size attentively as you do with the solid food sources of calorie. No matter even a drink is labeled as fat-free, or diet drink, etc avoid it completely.

Also avoid the consumption of sugary drinks which are another vital sources responsible for gaining weight and causes difficulty in reducing weight, such as tea, coffee, sports drinks, juices (even fruit juices have high-calorie content), alcohol, etc.

Sweetened beverages not only cause difficulty in permanent weight reduction but for other health points of view as well it is bad. Excessive sugary drink consumption can increase your sugar level leading to diabetes risk, high cholesterol, and other measure health concerns risks.

Cut your daily morning sugar-sweetened beverages like tea, if you drink alcohol then drink it in moderate level, use small glasses for juices and cut other possible calorie intakes in your meal to keep your weight under control throughout your life.

Make Right Choices of Fat Rich Diets

One popular belief that most people carry is that fat can increase their overall body weight in a rapid manner. Yes, it is true but it is a half-truth because not all kinds of fats are bad for health. In fact, some of them are the necessity of improved overall health.

Fats which are good for your health are known as good fat that you can easily get through different diet sources such as fatty fish, avocado, nuts, seeds, tofu, soy milk, etc. These fasts are also known as unsaturated fat which is good for human health and protects you against frequent fatigue issue, mood changes, weakness and also for controlling your body weight.

Another common mistake that often people do while selecting foods for them in order to reduce and control their weight that they pick all “no or low fat “label foods for them with a belief that they are cutting their fat doses which will help them in their final goal achievement.”

However, in these cases instead of losing weight you do more harm to your health because in such diets in order to compensate the taste loss due to no or low level of fat, more amount of sugar is added in its preparation process so that the users can feel the same delighted taste.

This added sugar means more sugar spike in your body leading to a high blood sugar level or diabetes concern develops thereon. So as a smart player, you have to be very wise while selecting fatty diets for you so that you will not only lose your desired level of weight but can also keep it off permanently for the sake of your good health.

Eat When You Feel Hungry

Many people consider eating as the fixed ritual of their daily life routine means they maintain their fixed eating schedule whether they actually feel hungry at that point in time or not. This casualness is one of the factors that lead you to gain weight and causes difficulty in losing it in spite of other weight loss efforts.

As per the dietician’s recommendation, it is important to listen to your body. Eat when you need that and stop eating the moment you feel full. Diets are a most valuable source of energy for the human body which is produced through the metabolic function whenever you eat something.

So when you eat even at a certain point when your body doesn’t need fuel or energy then this unwanted food accumulates in the form of fat leading to more weight gain.

Also many time people eat out of their emotional disturbances such as due to anger, anxiousness, stress or due to boredom feeling. People choose unhealthy snacks eating as an option to divert their mind from these feelings of the mind.

So next time when you will think to eat snacks or untimely meal ask yourself whether you are hungry or is this eating is just to change your mood. Follow this thumb rule in your life and you will notice a drastic improvement in your overall health along with weight loss.

Eat Frequently

This might be sound ridiculous for some people who are looking for permanent weight loss tips and here we are suggesting to eat frequently or often. However, there is nothing to be surprised with this my dear friend because this trick really works for many who have success stories of permanent weight reduction and improved overall health.

Those who think that skipping one or two meals of their overall day will help them in their endeavor are making a big mistake. When you keep your stomach empty by skipping a meal say a breakfast etc. then your craving level increases dual than its normal limit.

As a result of it at the second meal that you are going to have you will eat excessively without caring about the nutrition and health value and the effect of the foods that you are eating.

Also, you’re craving for unhealthy snacks increases when you skip a meal and in such conditions, if you find yourself in a place where there is no healthy food option is available instead all unhealthy drinks are foods are there in front of your eyes then you are likely to eat them.

So forget about the theory of skipping meals especially breakfast which is the first meal of the day and vital source of energy for keeping you fit the whole day. Eat frequent but in a limit and only the right quality of foods which are healthy and safe for your weight loss goal and overall health and fitness.

Follow the Best Workout Plan

For permanent weight reduction, it is very crucial that you don’t let your hardcore effort waste which can only be possible with a smarter workout plan. Though people mostly consider cardio as bets workout for losing weight but in the long run when you want to maintain your weight to a certain fixed level, interval training, and strength training will be the best possible workout routine.

These workouts are mostly known for building muscles and, for building and maintaining muscles your body needs more fuel which is derived out of the excess food consumption. Hence the food you eat will be utilized for a good muscle buildup purpose instead of accumulation in the body in the fat form.

Also in this context, you have to ensure that whatever workout routine you follow for your fitness goal you have to be very consistent with them otherwise once you get infrequent with them for a very long duration you control over your body will be lost leading to again weight gain and other health impacts will occur.

Include Everything in Your Diet to Prevent Weekend Off from Diet

It is a universal truth that no one can stay on a restricted diet routine for life even though it is good for the overall health. You cannot say always no to your taste bud and you should not do that even.

People who consistently follow a restricted diet routine often take weakened off from their regular routine of diet and eat everything that they have sacrificed in their weekdays.

This type of tendency gives nothing more than a loss. When your body gets accustomed to a certain routine and suddenly it gets some freedom then after that it takes a long time to get back in the track.

The whole effort that you have made to manage and reduce some of the pounds of your overall weight get into vain when for a whole day you eat everything which is unhealthy leading to again weight gain.

So for preventing the risk, it will be a better idea that you consume everything, every day but in a restricted amount and considering the quality of food.

When your daily routine will be a smarter blend of all kinds of diets then your mind and body will not force you to take a weekend off or weekly off from any restricted diet routine (as it happens when you follow only a planned diet routine).

Weigh Yourself Frequently

People who show laziness in weighing themselves frequently or avoid taking their weight measure with the fear that an undesired result will discourage them, cannot lose their weight faster or keep it off permanently.

On the other hand, people who weigh themselves often not only manages to lose weight faster but also keep it off in the long run. This particularly happens because frequent weight measure keeps you on track by enabling you to record and check the trend of body weight irrespective of your daily healthy diet routine, exercise, and other weight loss measures.

This enables you to understand that which workout, as well as diet routine, is actually working in your favor and which ones are working against you, etc. In this way, you can understand your diet and workout potential, and make necessary changes which will ultimately help you in losing weight faster as well to maintain it at your desired level even in the future.

Keep the Triggers Away from Your Sight

When we talk about permanent weight loss and better health it simply seems impossible to avoid our favorite foods or diet triggers for the whole life. However, for gaining something you have to sacrifice a few things for the betterment and when a sacrifice is for better then it is not bad or worthless.

One of the most common triggers people generally have is for sugary diets and drinks which are the ultimate source of rapid weight gain as well as blood sugar spike.

So if you are the one who is health conscious and want to lose your weight permanently then you have to keep your trigger away from out of your sight. For this, you can choose some alternate healthy choices of sugary diets and drinks instead of high-calorie chocolates, drinks, and other foods.

Next, you have to ensure that these triggers are kept away from your sight. In this context, you can take the help of your family members and ask them to hide those temptations from your sight.

Also, ask your colleagues and friends to keep those triggering foods away from you so that you can maintain your health and lose weight permanently.

Be Consistent

Last but not the least if you are truly passionate about your look and health then you have to be consistent with your diet as well as workout routine around the year no matter whether it is weekday off, vacation or a holiday tour.

Whatever the time it is and wherever you go keep this one thing in your mind that your health and look comes first. Your body doesn’t understand the week offs or vacation casualties so it will response what it will get.

So take a pledge that you will not avoid your diet and workout routine whatever the circumstances come in front of you. If you will be that much determined then no one can stop you from losing weight and keeping it off which is the key to better health.

If you are ready to follow the above-mentioned tips for permanent weight loss and better health then you do need to worry about your overall health fitness nor the risk of shredded pound sneak back in future will exist anymore.

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