Lose Weight with Easy Diet

Tips to Lose Weight with Easy Diet and Workouts Plan

Obesity or overweight is now getting a very common problem of every second individual and the worst part is that it can attack you at any point of your age or lifetime risk. Though there are several medications, supplements, and medical surgeries are there which claims to reduce your body fat and to give you a perfect shape. However, nothing comes without any side effect or loophole and same is applicable with all these artificial weight loss measures. So today we have come up with some healthy tips to lose weight with easy diet and workouts.

Yes, it is true that you have to keep hardcore patience and commitment in your mind while applying or following these legitimate and safe weight loss measures but remember good things always take time. So be dedicated towards your whole weight loss journey which is the primary factor for success with regard to any target.

You will be surprised to know that only by little amendments in your regular diet or meal plan you can achieve your desired body weight which will not only enhance your external look but will also raise your confidence level.

A healthy diet plan includes all those food items which are healthy for your overall body and health. In this context, you have to give up all those food products which are good by taste but nutrition wise or for your health concern, these are worst. However, this will really be not a very big payout when your ultimate target and its benefits are huge enough.

Obesity issue not only hampers your physical appearance but it is the root cause of many critical health issues if it remains uncontrolled for a longer duration such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol etc.

Another tool that we will apply or use in our regime to lose weight in a healthy way is physical activates or workouts. Fitness activities are a great mode to change your lifestyle as this single and consistent activity boost your physical as well as mental health as well.

The only one thing you need to ensure that you have to be dedicated towards it, no matter what exercise plan you are going to include in your regimen whether it is low or moderate or high-intensity workout. All of them are good enough for you in their own ways as each of them benefits your body and mulches in some or other form.

So just take a look our below mentioned most effective diet plans as well and workout plan to reduce your unwanted body fat and for improving your overall lifestyle.

Diets for Weight Loss

weight LossYou can easily control and maintain a healthy rate of your body weight by maintaining a proper and well balanced daily diet routine. Foods are the ultimate source of nutrition that is necessary for deriving energy for your day to day work and for workouts.

However, if someone keeps on following unplanned and unhealthy diet chart in their regular life then it ends up with many health problems. Obesity or overweight problems are one of those issues caused by unplanned and unhealthy diet routine.

So to make your weight loss journey easy below we have enlisted some healthful and effective diet suggestions for you which can fill your stomach easily with a very small portion of their consumption along with keeping your energy level high.

Oatmeal with Fresh Fruits


Oatmeal is an ideal form of whole grain which is healthy and important for your overall health. Its nutritional value is very high especially when fresh frozen fruits are mixed in the bowl of hot oatmeal.

This will be an amazingly delicious breakfast for you which can fill your stomach easily with a very small portion or intake. Also, it will keep your craving in control without any compromise for boosting your energy level.

With this healthy cereal and fruit breakfast, you can ensure approx. 10 pounds of your total weight reduction within a year as its calorie value is very low with a comparison to other commonly used breakfast cereals.

Brown Rice

Brown Rice
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People who are planning for weight loss for them brown rice is a healthy and effective diet option over the white rice which can easily increase your fat and calorie value. Also, it suppresses your hunger for a longer duration by making your stomach feel full with its small intake.

You can increase the nutrient and taste in your regular brown rice by adding healthy and fresh vegetables in it during the preparation process. This will help to control your daily calorie intake and ultimately will reduce your excess amount of weight with its regular consumption.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes
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Sweet potatoes are delicious starchy fruits which are rich in fiber content an important element for reducing body fat and weight. It is very good in taste in whichever mode or way you plan to eat them. As per your choice, you can bake them or can boil them according to your taste buds demand.

As sweet potatoes are itself a great source of nutrition along with high taste value so you don’t need to add something else for enhancing its taste. As per the health specialties eating sweet potatoes 3 to 4 days in a week is quite enough for controlling and reducing your excess weight in a natural way.

Green Leafy Vegetables

laefy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, swiss chards, collards etc. are rich with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and calcium properties which is very important for burning excess fat from your body and for keeping you fit and energetic in a healthy way.

Moreover, its calorie value is very low which is very beneficial for people suffering from obesity problem. As it is rich in fiber so it fills your stomach easily and controls your frequent hunger for unhealthy calorie-rich snacks and foods.

Chicken Breast and Lean Beef

Lean Beef
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Unprocessed red meats are a good source of protein which is an important nutrient for reducing fat and calorie level of your body. However, you have to ensure that you avoid processed meat always as it is no way good for your health, especially for your weight reduction goal.

Choose to eat unprocessed chicken breast and lean beef which are rich in healthy nutrients. Also, its high protein value is capable to control your frequent hunger by keeping your stomach full with a very small portion of its intake.

Include this unprocessed red meat in your fitness plan for 2 to 3 days in a week for getting its high nutrient value for your health. Also, it will reduce your daily 80 to 100 calorie intake if you consume them daily which will speed up your weight loss journey by ensuring the maximum amount of weight reduction within a few months.

Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple Cider Vinegar
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Now the features and health benefits of apple cider vinegar are medically approved. Out of its several health benefits, its role for weight loss is really appreciable.

It is found in researches that obese people have shown an effective amount of total weight loss with the regular consumption of this healthy vinegar.

You can mix the ACV with other meals for the dressing purpose or as a taste enhancer or can drink it directly after diluting it in water.

In all the forms it is effective for reducing your daily calorie intake of about 200 to 300 calories in a day.

Workouts for Weight Loss

A workout is an easy and most effective way to burn excess fat and calories from your body which are the primary element for your weight gain issue. Along with burning calories and fat, it keeps your energy level high throughout the day by boosting your metabolic function.

For losing weight there is n number of workouts some of them includes cardio, HIIT, weight lifting, hardcore flexible workouts etc. All these workouts ensure that you lose your weight in a very speedy rate along with toning your muscles.

You only have to be consistent for getting the result so for this make sure that you give at least 20 minutes time each day for your workout out of your daily busy life schedule.

If you choose for hardcore workouts then it’s better to do them in an interval of one day as in these forms of physical activities your body needs time for recovery otherwise you can get a victim of injury.

So to make your weight loss journey easy below we have enlisted some most effective and recommend workouts which you can do at your home itself or can join a gym as per your suitability.



Cardio workouts are also known as aerobic exercises which is the safest plus effective way for rapid weight loss program, It includes both low and high-intensity workouts. Along with reducing your body fat it also helps in toning abdominal muscles that is why it is also good for muscle building purpose.

It is effective for cardio patients as most of the cardio exercises don’t require any weigh to utilize for pursuing these workouts. Some vital weight loss cardio workouts include HIIT, cycling, rowing, walking, running etc.

The best part of cardio workouts is that it raises your metabolism rate to a very higher level which remains boosted for next 24 hours that means it ensures weight loss even in your inactive state when you are resting, sitting or sleeping. Also, it helps in reducing stress level, strengthen heart muscles and raises blood circulation level in the body.



While planning for weight loss the primary target or focused area of the body for everyone is the excess abdominal fat area which hinders you primarily to be in proper shape. So if this is your target then crunches are the right forms of workout for you.

It primarily focuses on abdominal fat and helps to reduce and level it in an accurate position with its especial effective moves. Also, it helps in toning muscles and in developing abs to create proper body shape with an attractive muscular look.

As per the fitness experts if you can do 100 crunches in a day then you can easily and rapidly make your abdominal muscles strong and in proper shape. By including crunches in your daily fitness program you can experience a drastic reduction in your overall body weight.



For losing body fat and for toning your muscles lunges especially forward lunges are a great form of workout which is absolutely right for your target. The forward lunges steps help in toning your core areas of the body and also it helps in reducing excess fat from the body to bring it the desired level.

Also, it is good for your glutes health. Moreover, it tones your thighs and legs means with a single workout you ensures overall muscles toning along with weight loss. For the best result repeat 10 reps of forwarding lunges of total 3 sets on both sides of your legs.



While discussing weight loss workouts the list will be really incomplete without squats which is considered as one of the most effective weight reduction exercises. In this single exercise, your whole body engaged at a time which helps to build up your strength and endurance.

Start this weight loss workout by keeping your hip and feet width apart. Keep your arms at your side or you can hold a weight to make your workout more difficult for speeding up your weight loss journey.

Now with whole body pressure on your heels, lower your both legs downward and raise your hands in your front part. Make sure that your back portion of the body remains straight throughout this workout session and then lower your thighs down until it gets parallel to the floor.

Now go up and down for completing 15 reps. of total 3 sets. This will work amazingly in toning your core and lower back muscles area. Also, you can reduce your weight very effectively by practicing it consistently.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers

It is the excess accumulated calories in the body which raises your overall body weight. However, you can easily burn the excessing calorie level from your body through the mountain climber workout. The primary target body areas include in this form of workout are butt, hamstrings, obliques.

Start this mountain climbers workout with the plank position on the floor facing away from the post, place your feet in the handles. Now, forward your alternate knees one by one towards your chest without letting the bent leg’s toes touching to the ground.

Repeat 2 sets of mountain climber weight loss workout for one minute and then take rest for few seconds and then start another set. Regular practice of this workout will help you a lot in your weight loss journey.

Rope Jump

rope jump

Jumping on ropes is considered as a multipurpose workout as it ensures overall health benefits including raising heart rate, tones your overall muscles and reduces your excess fat and calories means perfect workout for weight loss.

You can do cross jump, basic jump, high knees jump, side swing etc. any of the jumping ropes forms all are best for shedding excess pounds of your body. 100 jumps in a day at single go is best for ensuring fastest weight reduction purpose along with toning your legs, hands and abdominal muscles.

Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is another effective workout for weight loss as this single workout is enough to keep engage your entire body throughout the workout session. This is the best combination of high intensity plus low impact workout which helps in burning excess calories from your body to reduce the excess amount of your weight.

Start with wide feet and hip-width apart. Take kettlebell by both of your hands in front of your body. Now squat slightly by engaging your core. Push your hips forward along with standing and swing the kettlebell upwards.

Now get back to the squat position by lowering your arms to complete your one rep. Practice at least 3 sets of kettlebell of 15 swings to speed up your weight loss progression rate.

Friends the above-mentioned list of tips to lose weight with easy diet and workouts are not only safe but real time-proven methods for reducing unwanted weight from the body. So be consistent with them and get in to shape without joining a gym or any trainer’s help.

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