Tips for a Safe Workout for Diabetics

Best Effective Tips for a Safe Workout for Diabetics

Exercising is a great natural measure to check your diabetes level under control, however, you must be aware that it can be risky too if you are not adhering all necessary safety rules. So to make your way easy here we have enlisted some tips for a safe workout for diabetics.

A person suffering from diabetes disease has to consider several aspects and factors before practicing any workout form. Also, they must consult with the doctor and physiotherapist before starting their workout regimen to control their sugar level as a doctor can better guide them whether their health is in a condition to start a physical activity or not.

Also, all exercise forms are not suitable for diabetics as it can impact their health negatively resulting in worsen their health condition. Light aerobics forms of exercise are generally considered good for these people such as walking, cycling, jogging etc.

A safe and well-trained exercise can control your sugar level, insulin level, cholesterol and blood pressure under the condition it is practiced on the advice of physiotherapist after considering your current overall health condition. That means a one-stop solution to all your measure health issues including diabetes.

In this context, you need to adhere some precautions which ensure that what you should do and what are the things that you must avoid if you are on exercise routine so that you don’t have to suffer from an undesirable injury affecting your diabetic health.

Best Effective Tips for a Safe Workout for Diabetics

tips for a safe workout for diabeticsThe workout is an easy way to control your diabetes and insulin level in proper condition as it increases the natural ability of your body to utilize the glucose level existing in your bloodstream and by keeping the insulin level in check. It is equally effective as the medications for controlling diabetes.

As per the renowned fitness trainers and physiotherapist, a person suffering from diabetes should follow some below-mentioned tips and precautions in order to ensure their safety and for reaping highest level of benefit out of their fitness program.

Check Your Blood Sugar Level Before Workout

The best way to ensure safety while exercising if you are a diabetic person, to check your blood sugar level just before you start workout as this will protect you from the health hazard by making you aware if your sugar level has gone very low or at a high level.

Also, don’t forget to check your sugar level after finishing your workout as chances exist for a drop or increase in your sugar level due to your physical activity. This ensures your health security especially if you are new at workout then this is the thumb rule for you as later on, you will have good knowledge regarding changes of your sugar level before and after a workout.

Start with Slow Moves

Don’t be in a rush or hurry while doing a workout. Always start your exercise session with moderate and warm up workouts and then after some time indulges in the vigorous exercise if your body is giving support for that and you are not facing any difficulty.

Aerobic workouts are always considered safe for a diabetic person so you can freely start your exercise program with these safe and healthful workouts such as walking, cycling, jogging, dancing etc.

Avoid Exercising If Blood Sugar Level is Not Balanced

Avoid exercising if your blood sugar level is not in a balanced position as it will be nothing but an invitation to a health hazard. Under the condition, your blood sugar level is lesser than the 100 mg/dl or it is greater than the 250 to 300 mg/dl then it is not safe for that particular time to start a workout.

You should wait until your sugar level reaches a standard and safe position. Here you can help yourself by having a snack that will manage to raise or decrease your sugar level whatever is required in that particular situation. Once you find your sugar level is under control then you can start your exercise session.

Stop Immediately If Getting Pain

Whenever you start feeling discomfort or uncomfortable health condition without thinking further, stop your exercise then and there only otherwise your condition may get worse. Don’t put extra stress on your body and mind and avoid exercising if you are noticing pain, hurt, breathing shortness, dizziness, disorientation etc.

Always Carry Glucose-Supplement with You

Carrying a glucose supplement whenever you go for a workout will be a prudent step to keep you protected and for preventing any health hazard. Mostly it happens with the diabetic people that their sugar level drops down after a few workout steps which are not safe.

So in this particular situation, you can raise your drop level of blood sugar by taking all or any of the glucose supplementary food which remains rich in sugar such as health drink(sugar melt), glucose tablets. Candy etc.

Take Enough Carbs

Exercise poses and steps harness your body energy level and this way it utilizes the extra glucose existing in your body. So you need to maintain a healthy balance of glucose both before and after finishing a workout. Having a carb intake is the easiest way to provide a balanced level of energy to your body.

Take a carbohydrate-rich snack or food always with you when you go to the gym. Apart from this before one or two hours of your exercise eat a healthy carb-rich diet so that you can sustain the strength and stress during the workout without getting tired or exhausted within a few minutes of exercise.

Also, follow the same rule of eating carbohydrate-rich snacks or meal after one or two hours of your exercise practicing so that there will no lack of energy as usually happens when your energy get burnt during exercise. It will balance the proper level of energy in your body and will not affect your blood sugar level rate. Apple, green moong, green peas, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin are some carb-rich foods.

Avoid Difficult Actions

Don’t be overconfident while exercising and risk for a difficult posture and exercise form as you have to take care of your internal health condition too which doesn’t allow you to get indulge in strenuous actions or activities.
An intense difficult action can drop your blood sugar level and blood pressure level in an extremely low position that can cause instant health concern which might be dangerous for you.

Also if along with your blood sugar problem, you are also a victim of other health issues such as high blood pressure, foot disease, have a blood sugar level greater than the 250 to 300 then you must avoid heavy activities. Instead of that, you can do swimming, walking, spot jogging, jogging etc.

Ensure Safety while Strength Training

You have to be very careful when you are on the strength training or doing intense forms of the workout as even a single wrong move can cause you injury or fracture which is not at all favorable for your health. Weightlifting, push-ups, pulling of heavy instruments are coming under strength activities.

In these forms of workout, you often have to hold your breath for a long time and then it needs to release, which is a dangerous condition especially if you have Retinopathy. So for ensuring your safety consult with your doctor if you plan to practice these strength training workouts form. Under the condition, your doctor is showing you green flag then and only goes for such strength activities.

Don’t Exercise in Intolerable Weather Conditions

Always keep in mind that you are not as healthy and normal just like other people who have no concern of diabetes as it is important for ensuring your good health. So follow necessary precautions while doing exercise. If the temperature of a day is not moderate means either it is too hot or too much cold then it can affect your blood sugar level.

In these unfavorable temperatures either you should avoid your workout practice or even if you don’t want to miss your physical activities then do it indoors. This precaution will keep your blood sugar level under control as your body needs to spend an extra amount of energy in these weather conditions in order to balance with the regular day’s temperature.

Give the Exercise Stress Test to Your Doctor

Another important precaution that every diabetic should follow before starting their workout practice is to give an exercise stress test to their regular doctor whom they consult for the diabetes issue. In this test, you will do all the common workouts that you want to practice as your routine physical activities.

This test will help your doctor to know your heart rate and your blood sugar level that comes into the picture after you finish with your workouts. If your doctor finds that any of the workouts is raising your heart rate extremely high rate then they will ban that particular form of activity for you so that you won’t have to suffer from any further health hazard. This test is important especially if your age is 40 or above.

Don’t Let Your Body to Get Dehydrate

While doing any physical activity our body loses fluid through sweat and this fluid secretion rate is higher if you are performing any exercise whether it is mild or intense. Losing fluid causes dehydration which is not at all a sign of good health and it can cause major health concerns. This health hazard gets chronic especially if you are a diabetic as it directly influences your blood sugar level.

So as a healthy precaution drink enough amount of water before you start your exercise and between and after your exercise also drink plenty amount of water as it will not let your body to get dehydrated either in between the workout nor after finishing your physical activity.

Give Time to Your Body for Adapting

You are not a machine which can adapt to a new situation at a single click of a button. So give enough time to your body to get freely adapted with the changes and adjustments that you face when you start any workout. It will take some time to get adapted with it very comfortably. This is the reason doctors always suggest to start with a moderate workout and then slowly increase your intensity level but yes, in a limit.

Carry Any of Your ID Card

It is very essential for every diabetic person to carry any of their identity cards along with them whenever they go out for the exercising purpose whether it is Gym, jogging park or going for walk. This will ensure your safety under the condition your health get worsen suddenly due to workout and you are not in a position to move even a single step or able to say something.

Any identity proof which has your home address and your emergency contact number in it will work as a source of your necessary information in the time of need and difficulty for strangers so that they can provide necessary help to you.

Best Foods to Control Diabetes

People who have diabetes have to face complications while selecting food for them as any wrong choice can directly affect their blood sugar level by making it extremely low or high. So to resolve such issues we have come up with some best nutrient dense foods that can help the diabetics to control their diabetes level.


Cinnamon is a well known delicious spice that enhances the taste of your food but the great benefit of eating this spice is that it has the capacity to reduce your blood sugar level, and also it can enhance your insulin sensitivity.
It is a rich source of antioxidant which is good for controlling your diabetes and to balance it in good condition. Apart from controlling your blood sugar level, cinnamon also lowers to your triglyceride and cholesterol level.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is one important food companion that you can eat directly or can also mix it with other foods to enhance its taste and quality. Along with good taste, it also carries health benefits, controlling the sugar level is one of its important feature and benefit.

Greek yogurt carries less amount of carb than the normal conventional yogurts. Also, it is a rich source of probiotics, protein, calcium that automatically reduces your appetite which is helpful in losing body weight. Excess body fat or weight is another primary reason for the growth of diabetes and heart-related diseases. So by having Greek yogurt in your daily meal, you can control your blood sugar level very fast.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fishes are the natural source of omega 3 fatty acid a vital nutrient that can control the level of your blood sugar. Salmon, herring, sardines, mackerel are some of the important fishes that carry ample amount of omega 3. A daily consumption of these fatty fishes can control your blood sugar level as well as it is also equally beneficial for people who are suffering from chronic heart diseases.


An egg is another healthy food that is beneficial for every diabetic person as it reduces the high level of blood sugar, controls the cholesterol level, improves insulin sensitivity and keep your heart in healthy condition. It is a good source of protein and other vital nutrients especially the yellow part of an egg that keeps your stomach full for a longer time hence suppresses your hunger naturally.

It is a good source of antioxidants, lutein, and zeaxanthin a vital nutrient that prevents eye related diseases and improves your eyesight. A daily consumption of at least two eggs is alone can control the sugar level of a diabetic.

Leafy Green Vegetables

We all are aware of the health benefits of green leafy vegetables but hardly most of us know that this leafy vegetable work amazingly to control blood sugar level, that means a natural way to manage your diabetes. Apart from this these green fresh vegetables are also beneficial for your eyes and heart health.

Spinach, broccoli, kale are some rich nutrient dense green vegetables that you must include in your daily meal if you are suffering from diabetes. These vegetables are rich sources of zeaxanthin, antioxidant, and lutein which are all important substances for keeping your diabetes level under control.

Apart from above-mentioned foods, there are also some other healthy and nutrient dense foods that every diabetic must include in their regular meal in order to live a healthy life with a controlled level of sugar. Also, our tips for a safe workout for diabetics are very much effective and a natural way to manage and relive your blood sugar level.

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