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Best Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use: Top 5 Review and Picks

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If one has a health problem such as hypertension or blood pressure, staying alert about your BP count is important. Your life could depend on it. In case one is also on medication, precise BP readings need to be recorded. In the absence of solid data, it is not known how much medication should be prescribed. Failure to keep blood pressure reading counts in check can be a real mistake. It has been found that globally, hypertension causes about 12.8% of total deaths. As per the CDC, one in 3 Americans suffers from hypertension. However, there are many options available for individuals, such as blood pressure monitors. Accurate blood pressure readings are the key to monitoring the state of your health. The best BP monitors today are discreet, precise, accurate, portable and inexpensive.

Top 5 and Best Blood Pressure Monitor

Discover the top 5 best blood pressure monitors for accurate health tracking. Monitor your blood pressure with precision and ease using these advanced devices, ensuring your well-being is always in check. Stay proactive about your health with reliable and convenient blood pressure monitoring at its finest.



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Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist Cuff

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Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Measurement

Blood Pressure Monitor Sphygmomanometers

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Categories of Blood Pressure Monitors

There are many different kinds of blood pressure machines or monitors. Each of these come with certain specific features and advantages and are discussed below.

Upper-arm style or conventional blood pressure monitors are used by most medical professionals to measure blood pressure. This is primarily because these arm cuff blood pressure monitors offer a high degree of accuracy. Certain blood pressure monitors of this category are uncomfortable and bulky compared to other blood pressure trackers.

Wrist style BP monitors are discreet and smaller or compact as opposed to upper arm type devices. While the technologies are set to improve, overall wrist BP monitors are nowhere near as accurate as upper-arm BP devices.

Manual BP monitors are the traditional type, This is known as sphygmomanometers and they offer accuracy if correctly calibrated. These manual BP monitors are cheaper than digital alternatives. Another plus point is that no power is needed.

Digital automatic BP monitors are able to engage in auto-inflation. These upload information onto the smart-phone or the Internet. Some digital BP monitors come with batteries while others run with A-C adapters. To run a digital BP monitor, electricity is required. Portable digital monitors have the same type of cuff used at the doctors. It is easier to read as one does not need to listen through a stethoscope. Low in cost, it is also high in accuracy. Opt for a portable blood pressure monitor that offers an easily readable screen and right-sized cuff.

Finger Monitors are small and can slip into narrow spaces like wallets, purses, and pockets. They slip over the finger and start checking with a push of the button. The finger blood pressure monitor is not as accurate as a digital monitor, but it can be used conveniently and easily.

Watch Monitor is a type of blood pressure monitor worn like a watch. It enables taking the blood pressure easily wherever one is. The button needs to be pushed and the results are displayed on the face of the watch.

Ways to Track BP

Once the right BP monitor is used for needs and requirements, it is important to record readings that are taken. This ensures doctors can see patterns across time and ensure medication is working just the way it should be. Many ways are there to track blood pressure.

Measuring BP Manually

Measuring BP by hand involves taking all records down. These can be transferred into the computer at the close of the day, but most individuals prefer to jot the readings down.

USB Enabled Measurement

One of the newest ways for recording hypertension is through a USB blood pressure monitor. These monitors plug into the computer through the USB drive and readings can be transferred to a specific program. When one goes to the doctor, the print out of the readings can serve as a useful guide for blood pressure.

Bluetooth Enabled Blood Pressure Measurement

A blood pressure monitor which is Bluetooth enabled is the easiest way to track blood pressure. When this Bluetooth enabled monitor is used, it sends a reading to the Bluetooth enabled devices such as a tablet or phone. This records all the readings in the app and offers no worries when it comes to finding a paper or getting a computer for recording readings.

In case blood pressure readings have to be taken multiple times in a day, take the time to assess which type of monitor may work out well for you and the many choices for recording readings. One can then purchase the monitor and start tracking blood pressure effectively at home. With these monitors, blood pressure can be quickly and correctly checked.

Benefits of Blood Pressure Monitors

#1 Monitoring Blood Pressure Conveniently and Quickly

Hypertension can be fatal if it is not kept in control. Lowering it through medication designed for high blood pressure is possible, but you need accurate blood pressure monitor readings. You can’t just take the medicine without monitoring your BP. It is important to check regularly to ascertain that your medication is impacting your system and no factors are causing BP to rise, like poor diet.

#2 Portable and Handy

Earlier, BP monitors were massive in size and could only be used by a qualified medical practitioner. Then, blood pressure monitors became portable and could be used at home, yet there were still some limitations associated with it. Portable blood pressure machines finally came into vogue with fresh technology so that measuring the BP count many times in a day became quick, easy and convenient. Different kinds of BP monitors come with their advantages and disadvantages.

In case doctors or other medical practitioners need you to monitor BP at home, a sphygmomanometer is needed. Made of the cuff, stethoscope, and pressure registering system, it comes in three types namely mercury, automatic and aneroid. Automatic devices work well with batteries and come with a digital readout. The can even remember and print readings.

Mercury Sphygmomanometer

This is a standard for easy measurement of blood pressure. It offers durability, ease of reading and does not require readjustment. This mercury-based blood pressure monitor works on a simple principle. It uses mercury’s response to gravity to provide accurate and consistent readings. This has a long, tube-shaped gauge comprising of plastic or glass. These are made for home use and offer lightweight safety by design. These can be used with a D-ring cuff and a stethoscope that is attached for measuring your blood pressure on your own. It also lasts longer with minimal maintenance. On the other hand, it can be too bulky to carry. Additionally, the spilling of the mercury can be hazardous and the blood pressure monitor gas to be set upright on a flat surface at the time of measurement. The gauge can be also read at eye level for accurate readings. It does not work well for hearing or visually impaired people or those with the inability to perform hand movements needed for squeezing the bulb and inflating the cuff.

Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor

More convenient to carry than mercury, aneroid blood pressure monitors cost less and come in lightweight form. The aneroid gauge functions in a position if it can be viewed directly by the reader. Certain types of aneroid blood pressure monitors are easier to read. These have extra large gauges and one-handed application through a D-ring cuff. It also comes with a stethoscope attached or built in and a self-bleeding deflation valve for improved reading accuracy. However, this machine is also extremely delicate and complex. The gauge needs to be checked against mercury machines once a year or whenever dropped or bumped. It can be easily damaged if the user does not know how to try it and it also may require factory readjustment and repair. The gauge is tough to position and in the absence of D-ring cuffs, it can have a problem when it comes to application. It may not work well for visually or hearing impaired or those who cannot perform the hand movement needed to inflate the cuff by squeezing the bulb.

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Automatic equipment is within a single unit, so manual dexterity is needed for those machines with separate stethoscopes and gauges. The blood pressure monitor is easy to use, cuts down on human error and is perfect for those with vision or hearing loss. These units are portable and have a D-ring cuff for easy, one-handed application. The cuff can be easily fitted around the arm or wrist. Costlier models come with systems that automatically inflate or deflate. The digital display and error indicators are easier to read, with inbuilt heart rate or pulse measurement and reading printouts. The only problem with automatic blood pressure monitors is the sensitive, fragile and complex mechanism. Device accuracy needs to be first checked through comparison to a mercury device and then used to measure BP. But the downside is these machines can lack accurate readings. For example, body movements can determine readings. It can also be costly, requiring an AC adapter and a set of batteries for larger arm cuffs. It needs factory repair and readjustment when it is faulty. Careful cuff placement and arm positioning ensure accurate operations, such as the model focused on the wrist or cuff. These models can be designed for usage on the left or right arm. Large cuffs are costlier or tougher to obtain.

Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor and Cuff

This is one of the most popular styles on the market. The AHA recommends the automatic, cuff style bicep or upper arm monitor. It offers accuracy, and quality models should not move from actual measurement more or less than 5mmHG. Additionally, this blood pressure monitor does not need assistance or skill for usage. The cuff needs to be aligned properly, with most cuffs including a diagram. These monitors come with push buttons enabling a reading in seconds. Easy operations will also result.

Many digital upper arm monitors come with multiple user capabilities, an inbuilt memory, average reading metrics, heart rate, and cardiac arrhythmia detection. It also offers larger, easily readable displays on backlit, bright LCD displays.

Manual Blood pressure Monitors

Ultra accurate blood pressure monitors are generally those which are manual. Professional medical units prefer this style. However, one needs the experience to operate the manual blood pressure monitors effectively. If you are checking the accuracy of blood pressure readings without considering additional features and are looking for the simplicity of design and low cost, these monitors are a good buy.

Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

These portable wrist monitors are light and easy for traveling. There is no difference in size as compared to other versions. If you are looking to save your budget, check the smallest monitor size possible. Wrist blood pressure monitors can be inaccurate and readings can vary widely based on how you position the hand. However, these wrist monitors are simple to use although they must be positioned correctly.

Finger Blood Pressure Monitor

The finger blood pressure monitor comes in a convenient size and does not come with a blood pressure cuff making it easy for traveling. The fingerprint style blood pressure monitor gets its measurements from the fingertip and not the upper arm. These readings are not as accurate but can be used as a gauge. Additionally, the display screen displays blood pressure results though the screen is small and does not provide information pertaining to the heart rate. Additionally, the adjustable finger insert can be fitted on any finger, though there is a chance an error can result. if one is not aware of how to size the finger cuff, the results can be wrong.

Why you Need Blood Pressure Monitors at Home

Many reasons are there to own blood pressure monitors. Whether you buy a monitor for use at work or home, or a more proactive approach to health or professional performance if you are an athlete, this blood pressure monitor can prove handy. Patients diagnosed with blood pressure problems need to have a machine at home to track the readings, as per the American Heart Association. Those with hypertension should not be the only ones monitoring pressure. Consider purchasing a BP monitor, if you have diabetes, senior members, take prescription medication, or have low blood pressure or are pre-hypertensive.

Purchasing a blood pressure monitor is an important move in helping you on your health journey. The information gathered from the blood pressure monitor can make informed decisions about health. A BP monitor offers your diastolic and systolic blood pressure readings and a pulse rate at distinct moments in time. The blood pressure reading is much like a snapshot, capturing how the heart works at the moment given.

Systolic blood pressure is the pressure in the arteries when the muscles are contracting and the heart is beating. It offers a higher number in a high blood pressure ratio. The degree of pressure arteries feel between heartbeats when the muscles of the heart are relaxing are the diastolic blood pressure. Pulse rate informs the rate at which the heart is beating. This number is higher for females than males. These numbers indicate the overall heart health picture. Changes in the blood pressure can accurately track blood pressure, monitor medical states, check treatment effectiveness and investigate causes.

Additionally, having a blood pressure monitor at home can beat the stress of the doctor’s office and what is known as a white coat effect. Consistent BP monitoring can help in achieving an accurate understanding of blood pressure by creating awareness about doctor’s readings and one’s own. In case readings are lower at home than the doctor, it could simply be the white coat effect.

If your blood pressure is high, home tracking can inform you when to consult the doctor and raise medication. Diagnose medical conditions before they strike, by using a BP monitor. Tracking blood pressure at home determines whether the treatment or prescribed methods for managing blood pressure are impacting you positively.

Try a blood pressure monitor for controlling your health. Rather than relying on screenings at the doctor office at limited times, you can schedule your own readings and track results, placing the health in your hands. This can be empowering information. Knowing how the blood pressure and other activities affect managing stress and additional conditions can be extremely helpful. Blood pressure medicine needs to be effective in which case tracked results can be effective.

#1 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist Cuff

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist CuffThe Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist Cuff is a reliable and easy-to-use device for monitoring blood pressure at home. Its compact size and wrist cuff design make it a convenient option for people who need to monitor their blood pressure regularly.

The device is very easy to set up and use, with clear instructions provided in the user manual. It is also quite accurate, with readings consistently matching those taken by healthcare professionals.

One of the standout features of this device is its memory function, which allows you to store up to 90 readings and track changes in your blood pressure over time. The device also comes with a large, easy-to-read display that shows systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings as well as pulse rate.

The wrist cuff itself is comfortable to wear and fits a wide range of wrist sizes. It is also adjustable, allowing you to get a snug and secure fit for accurate readings. The device runs on two AAA batteries, which are included in the package.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist Cuff

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Features:

  • Small delicate design
  • Clear LCD digital display
  • It can store 99 groups of measuring results,display the average of PR readings about the latest three times.
  • Automatic compression and decompression
  • Voice broadcast function
  • Blood pressure classification function provides convenience for users to judge whether their blood pressure value is normal or not
  • 2 display units: kPa, mmHg
  • The product will automatically go into sleep mode in 1 minute after measurement

Overall, the Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist Cuff is a great investment for anyone who needs to monitor their blood pressure at home. Its accuracy, ease of use, and memory function make it a top choice for those looking for a reliable and convenient blood pressure monitoring solution.

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#2 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Cuff

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Those looking to purchase a BP monitor without spending too much can consider this blood pressure monitor.

What It Claims

This blood pressure monitor upper arm cuff is the upper arm type. This monitor is associated with a top brand, making it faster and easier to get accurate measurements. It has an affordable price but offers feature-rich capabilities. This is why it has some of the best features for a home blood pressure monitor such as wide range cuff, ease of operation and multiple usages.


Wide Range Cuff

The blood pressure monitor upper arm cuff has a cuff with a wide range. This is a critical blood pressure machine for a rapid solution to those who want accurate readings at prices that don’t pinch the wallet. This blood pressure monitor lacks the extra features that come with it, yet has all the essential characteristics needed from your monitor.

Easy Operation

One of the top features of this device is its one-button start operation and capacity to record over sixty readings. The capacity to record readings leads to deeper understanding of blood pressure states. It also alerts you to high or low blood pressure.

Multiple Usage

It can also be shared with a partner in dual user mode. The blood pressure monitor, therefore, maintains which data is separate.


  • This blood pressure monitor is easy to use.
  • It comes with auto inflation for easy operation.
  • It is also highly efficient and accurate.
  • It offers dual user mode.
  • It records over a total of 60 readings in one go.
  • It also has a hypertension indicator.
  • It can detect cardiac irregularities
  • This blood pressure monitor comes with automatic averaging. Taking 3 readings over a ten-minute period gives the clearest picture of your blood pressure.
  • Dual settings also mean that users can store over 100 readings on the same devices at one go.
  • You can also see readings as against normal levels and this device comes with a BP level bar.
  • Check your reading against healthy levels too, with this BP monitor.
  • This BP device comes with a blood pressure level bar. You can, therefore, check against healthy standards.
  • It also fits a wider range of arms. The arm can range anywhere from 9 to 17 inches in circumference as a result of which the monitor cuff can fit any arm.
  • Additionally, its D-ring cuff is not a standard blood pressure cuff, designed for ease of use so single individuals can get accurate readings without the need for help.

The Cons

  • This unit has been criticized by some as producing inaccurate readings.
  • Additionally, blood pressure monitors for home use need to be calibrated.
  • According to some critics, the upper arm blood pressure monitor lacks a standard cuff for extra large arms.

Final Verdict

This blood pressure monitor upper arm cuff is a wonderful device. It can measure BP in a simple way, letting you track blood pressure on the go and over time. An averaging feature enables you to get the whole picture when it comes to monitoring blood pressure. Additionally, this blood pressure machine also provides insights into blood pressure status. Many monitors out there just give a number but do not tell if the reading is low or high. The only problem with this machine is its calibration issues. But still, its advantages as a blood pressure monitoring tool are unbeatable. This BP monitor can provide accurate readings. This machine is a simple, effective and accurate device. Using a 60 reading feature, users can record readings over time. With the dual user mode, 2 people can store their readings separately in the same machine. The hypertension indicator helps to indicate if blood pressure is low or high. Omron BP742N is an efficient blood pressure monitor for consistent and accurate readings. The one button push can be used for measuring blood pressure readings precise and consistent. Less expensive than competing products, it offers amazing ease of usage.

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#3 Omron BP7-854-10 Deluxe Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron BP7-854-10 Deluxe Blood Pressure Monitor
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Want a BP monitor that offers a lot of deluxe features, consistency, and accuracy? The Omron 10 Series Blood Pressure Monitor BP7-854-10 is designed for fitting the upper arm. It creates a one-touch operation for accurately reading time.

What It Claims

This Omron 10 series deluxe blood pressure monitor for tracking blood pressure and being proactive about the process. A way to monitor blood pressure accurately, from the comfort of your home ensures that blood pressure readings are up to date. Top quality blood pressure monitors like the Omron 10 series have appeal for a wider cross-section of people. This blood pressure monitor provides long lasting usage and accuracy.


Advanced Home Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron 10 series home blood pressure monitor has advanced features compared to others in the market. Understanding about blood pressure and heart beats is easy the device uses the TruRead technology to provide accurate readings.

Ease of Usage

One can take three readings spaced apart by a minute and the machine then averages into a single reading. Sharing this blood pressure monitor with another person is also possible and it can store over 200 readings for every individual.

Accurate Reading

The blood pressure monitor’s cuff can be adjusted simply as it inflates around the arms. The cuff is correctly placed for an accurate reading.


Another feature of this blood pressure monitor is it’s easy to read LED and backlit screen with large sized numbers. It also compares blood pressure readings as against normal home blood pressure levels.


  • This display is easy to read.
  • Additionally, the BP monitor can be used in multiple user modes.
  • It can store up to 200 readings in dual mode.
  • It can also inflate around your arms, making for the perfect fit.
  • It uses revolutionary TruRead technology and comes with a heartbeat indicator to detect cardiac irregularities.
  • Additionally, the technology allows the monitor to take 3 consecutive readings and turn the feature on or off as desired.
  • This monitor also has multicolor indicator lights.
  • It permits users to compare blood level to normal blood levels.
  • Access consistent and accurate readings with a touch of the button.
  • Multicolor indicator lights are quick to indicate the status of your blood pressure.
  • It takes three consecutive readings one minute apart for displaying it as an average.
  • With close to 200 readings storage, the monitor can be shared with another user.
  • You can also use the option of either AC adapters or batteries.
  • The Comfit technology ensures accurate positioning and the monitor can come around arms from 9 to 17 inches.
  • The Comfit technology also ensures the monitor inflates evenly.
  • With plenty of storage, it can save around 200 readings in the device’s memory bank.
  • Power use is efficient and this monitor provides great value for money.


  • The device’s lifetime is not long, according to some users.
  • Additionally, the cuffs show a problem of adjustment.
  • Cuff inflation is not standardized either.

Final Verdict

The Omron Series 10 is one of the best blood pressure monitors in the market. It is associated with a brand that provides quality products. Using this blood pressure monitor provides access to accurate measurements and storage of up to 200 readings across different users. This monitors auto cuff inflation makes it a great choice for groups and families. Identifying and reading BP with this machine is simple courtesy its large display and multicolored lights to indicate blood pressure condition. While the cuff has been criticized as flimsy, the monitor scores in terms of accuracy and speed, as the TruRead technology enables an average of three different readings. This blood pressure monitor combines easy to use and rich features, offering consistency and accuracy in readings.

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#4 Omron BP652-7 Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron BP652-7 Blood Pressure Monitor
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This is one of the most portable and comfortable blood pressure monitors when it comes to wristband style blood pressure monitors. This Omron blood pressure monitor is accurate, discreet and super portable.

What It Claims

The Omron wrist blood pressure monitor offers everything you need in a machine for measuring the BP. It is portable, easy to use and accurate. It has many features that make it an exceptional choice for those who are looking for enhanced user experience.



For getting accurate blood pressure readings, the wrist needs to be kept at a heart level. The 7 series blood pressure monitor comes with a technology called Smart Heart Guide. It flashes dual colored indicator lights, blue and orange, ensuring the wrist can be used to detect heart rate. It also helps in getting accurate readings. With calibration and research, the wrist blood pressure monitor is compared to upper arm models.

Averaging Feature

Additionally, it has advanced averaging features that provide a set of triple readings within 10 minutes to get the most up to date readings.

Good Fit

The cuff is attached to the Omron 7 series monitors fitting most of the wrist. The cuff size alternates between 5.04 to 8.5 inches.


The slim portable Omron 7 series wrist monitor is convenient and discreet. It permits users to try the device at work, home or outdoors.

Blood Pressure Level Indicator

A useful and key feature of this monitor is the blood pressure level indicator. It compares blood pressure readings with guidelines established for regulating normal blood pressure. This feature offers a checkpoint for blood pressure.

Useful Add-Ons

This Omron 7 series blood pressure monitor permitting dual users for the monitor. It also comes with a memory storing capacity of 200 reading for 2 users, about one hundred each It also comes with a date and time stamp so previous100 readings can be reviewed with a button touch. The irregular-heartbeat detection device measures fluctuations while assessing blood pressure. In case the irregularities are detected in the pattern of heartbeat, indicator icons alert one. This feature offers medical assistance if there is heartbeat pattern irregularity. This Omron wrist blood pressure monitor comes with a pouch for carrying.

Value for Cash

This wrist blood pressure monitor offers reasonable price and the best bangs for your bucks. For those measuring blood pressure consistently and keep track of readings at constant intervals, this blood pressure monitor offers the best deal. It comes with slim portability, distinctive features like heartbeat detection, advanced averaging, and blood pressure level indicator. This is a wrist blood pressure monitor with budget-friendly cost.

Small and Lightweight

The Omron 7 series BP monitor is lightweight and small. Apart from being small and compact in size, it has a wide variety of features in relation to blood pressure monitors permitting owners to improve and track health through the unit use. It covers basics giving the proper reading in record time.

Good Storage Space

Many Omron blood pressure monitors enable tracking of readings over a period of time and are smartphone friendly. This 7 series blood pressure monitor additionally offers a chance to track 100 readings for each user in the absence of hardware that is external. Now users can track their health and blood pressure readings at any point in time. This makes it perfect for traveling and home-based use.


This Omron 7 series BP-652 is a small blood pressure monitor which can be fitted into one’s pocket. It increases overall comfort levels so that there is no gigantic machine attached to the wrist. Additionally, the machine is attached to the armbands, permitting the entire unit to be wrapped around the wrist.


This is a resilient blood pressure monitor. It requires you to attach the complete unit to the arm. It gives a wonderful feeling when it comes to perceived durability. This machine comes with an easily readable display screen. This home blood pressure monitor provides warranty for 5 years, as against the average 2-3 years of other products. Its generous warranties are an added advantage.


  • This blood pressure monitor automatically inflates for high accuracy when it comes to readings. It only needs a single button punch. The wristband fills with air and monitors the BP.
  • This blood pressure monitor is a silent performer. It offers smooth operations rather than a lot of noisiness when it operates.
  • It works like an ordinary wristwatch and though some BP monitors are bulky, this one is portable and compact.
  • It reviews blood pressure readings with ease, storing health information and blood pressure readings in memory.


  • The manual is tough to understand with confusing instructions

Final Verdict

While there are numerous wristband style BP monitors, the BP-652-7 is the most discreet and smallest option. The instructions may be hard to understand, but if you can figure it out, you’ve got yourself a stellar blood pressure machine. While it scores on comfort and durability, it is also known for generous warranties and accuracy when it comes to the readings. Customer care is exceptional. For long-term monitoring that is accurate for gauging health markers, this is the ideal blood pressure machine.

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#5 Panasonic EW3-109W

Panasonic EW3-109W
Photo by: Amazon

This is a user-friendly digital BP monitor. While options work well, simpler machines like these provide value for money. If you are looking for digital blood pressure monitors that offer ease of usage, don’t look any further. Panasonic EW3-109W is the perfect choice for looking for hassle-free means of checking BP.

What It Claims

This digital filter technology is one of the most advanced. Calculating blood pressure offers high precision with this blood pressure monitor. Few blood pressure monitors use this technology. This works with the aid of a sensor which detects the pulse and separates it from noise which is uneven. Other machines face an issue in pulse detection and often give a false reason. This Panasonic blood pressure monitor takes blood pressure reading during vein inflation to lower pain of tightening of the cuff to an excessive point.


Flash Alerts for Hypertension

This Panasonic blood pressure monitor has unique and special features differentiating it from other blood pressure machines. One such is its flash warnings. In case the patient suffers from hypertension, and the machine detection takes place, it starts automatically flashing the screen indicating that the patient requires care from a doctor. This is a feature which cannot be found in medical machines. Warnings are crucial for patients monitoring their conditions.

Automatic Blood Pressure Reading Record

With a record of readings to check improvements in health, blood pressure monitoring machines can prove handy if remembering your readings is a task. An automatic blood pressure reading records are saved for those who find it difficult.

Memory Storage

This Panasonic blood pressure monitor maintains a maximum of over ninety readings. This is the second highest memory space storage among blood pressure monitoring devices from this brand.

Single Touch Operation

Additionally, this Panasonic blood pressure monitor has inflation of the cuffs which offers a means of measuring blood pressure. For other blood pressure monitoring devices like the sphygmomanometer, the cuff has to be pumped to be inflated and exert pressure on the vein. With its one-touch feature for inflation, this machine offers benefits for inflating the cuff and is an effective aid for older persons. With the aid of these features, blood pressure can be easily measured on your own. The response time of this auto inflate feature is quick. This machine therefore acquires the status of being a single blood pressure monitoring device.

Large, User-Friendly Display

This machine’s large display makes it super attractive and provides easy readings for blood pressure. This ensures readings remain visible. Additionally, the interface is easy to use with user-friendly symbols added to the massive display. Additionally, the size of the display is larger compared to other blood pressure monitoring devices at the same cost.

Includes Batteries

To provide perfect portability, this Panasonic blood pressure monitor has four AA sized Alkaline batteries too. Many of the other devices come with AC adapters which makes it tough to add portability to the blood pressure monitoring device. Additionally, this machine’s battery life works out well too. The batteries offer usage numbering over 500, offering a great backup and providing relief from searching electricity ports.

Slim, Compact Design

Weighing around 1.6 pounds with compact dimensions of 8x2x3 inches, this blood pressure machine’s design is slim, making it easy to manage. For easy portability, its arm cuff can be wrapped around the monitor and placed in the pouch provided by the pack. This compact machine is so easy to carry, you can hold it in a single hand.

Affordable Price

This is the perfect cuff and blood pressure monitor device for those looking for ease of use and affordable pricing. The results can be reproduced while the blood pressure machine is also fast, easy to handle and comfortable to use at this price.

Wide Applicability

This blood pressure monitor can be used for not just hypertensive patients, but pregnant women prone to preeclampsia, those with coronary disease, kidney diseases, diabetes and elderly individuals in whose case there are rapid fluctuations in blood pressure. A blood pressure monitor like this provides peace of mind for those concerned about their blood pressure.

Warranty and Ease of Use

The blood pressure monitor which safely inflates with a single touch of the button has a 2-year limited guarantee and a 24/7 customer care service. In case readings are higher than 139/89, the warning system alerts automatically as well. It has ease of use, precision, and an extra large cuff apart from a digital filter technology to detect the pulse oscillation from external noises to ensure quick and reliable measurements. Additionally, it inflates with a single touch of the button, storing up to 90 readings and having an averaging feature. Easy portability and storage are other benefits.


Panasonic’s range of BP monitors is reliable, comfortable and accurate. It is a brand that can be trusted and blood pressure can be monitored from the comfort of the home. The special digital technology used by this monitor detects essential pulse oscillation and cuts down on noise factors. This provides greater accuracy and reliable and easy measurement.


This Panasonic upper arm BP monitor is portable, making it easy for recording readings post the inflation. This prevents the cuff from tightening and offers a great deal of comfort while taking readings. Moreover, the cuff sizes range from twenty to forty cm and this cuff size fits a wide range of users consequently. Larger sized cuffs can be purchased if required.

Ease of Operation

This Panasonic blood pressure monitor inflates at the touch of a single button. No manual efforts are needed to inflate the cuff. It offers ease of use and quickness. Additionally, special training and professional help are required for operating this device. The Panasonic portable arm blood pressure monitor also comes with a flashing warning system for quick alerts. If readings are more than 139/89 indicating hypertension and when it is a good time to visit the doctor.

The large LCD display offers easy blood pressure readings and the pulse rate all at once. Large digits and legible readings aside, this blood pressure monitor device aggregates a total of ninety readings. Automatic memory storage feature helps to track the readings over 3 months. This blood pressure monitor also has an easy to store pouch for convenient portability. Cuffs roll around the monitor and fit into the storage pouch so they can be carried wherever one wants.


  • It is easy and convenient to monitor health using this upper arm blood pressure monitor.
  • The device ensures accurate reading of the blood pressure.
  • The BP monitor comes at an affordable rate.
  • It is easy to design on the arm using one hand and offers simple operations. Blood pressure can be effectively checked without any aid from others.
  • It is also lightweight, portable and can be stored in the carrying case.
  • It is easy to be alerted if your readings are near danger levels.
  • This blood pressure monitor comes with certain exclusive features.
  • It comes with an accurate measurement for digital filter technology.
  • There are flash alerts for hypertension readings.
  • There’s automatic blood pressure reading recording.
  • Its one-touch operation offers quick response and ease of application.
  • Batteries are included with this blood pressure monitor.
  • It also offers easy portability and slim design.
  • The blood pressure monitor comes with a carrying pouch.
  • It has an easily readable display, making it perfect for those with vision problems.


  • The cuff offers a circumference of 15.8 inches, which may be too small for certain individuals. So larger cuffs need to be separately purchased.
  • This model has no AC adapter, which is a real problem for those who like to use the monitor without batteries.
  • Because of the memory storage feature, a second reading cannot be taken without switching on and off the unit.
  • The BP monitor gives a sensation of pinching according to some, while it is wrapped around the upper arm.
  • Over tightening of the cuffs raises the BP readings by about 15 to 20 values.
  • The inbuilt memory saves the last 90 readings which are less.
  • This blood pressure monitor does not detect irregular heartbeats.
  • Different sized cuffs need to be purchased separately.
  • Memory to be stored for only a single user.

Final Verdict

This blood pressure monitor does not have the add-ons and additional features others do. But if you’re looking for a basic digital monitor, this is the right choice. It has a blood pressure risk category indication system, apart from an easily readable digit display. Data averages function is there and this device is excellent for accuracy too. Directions for using the cuff are clearly provided. For those looking for blood pressure monitors with AC adapters or irregular heartbeat detection capabilities, the Omron brand may be better.

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#6 SantaMedical Deluxe Blood Pressure Monitor

SantaMedical Deluxe Blood Pressure Monitor
Photo by: Amazon

While digital BP monitor devices have so many intriguing and time-saving features, if you want to take a single blood pressure reading, aneroid BP monitors may be more beneficial. The SantaMedical Deluxe Blood Pressure Monitor is an aneroid sphygmomanometer that provides effective blood pressure readings. This SantaMedical Adult Deluxe sphygmomanometer that helps in control and prevention of high blood pressure complications. It is the ideal choice.

What It Claims

With close to 75m Americans suffering from hypertension at the closest count, stroke is one of the leading causes of death in American. Monitoring BP readings with this aneroid blood pressure monitor device can prevent high blood pressure complications. Additionally, prevention is better than cure. The CDC estimates that hypertension costs the nation billions of dollars. This simple to operate and easy to use sphygmomanometer is a useful addition to your medicine chest.


Made of Aluminum Alloy

This SantaMedical blood pressure monitoring device has an aluminum alloy manometer. It is solid and houses the device’s reading. Most readable measurement is pegged at 300mmHG. An accuracy of 3mmHG points above or below are noted. The aneroid manometer has a diode that is completely operational by pressure bulb released air pressure.

Nylon Cuff

This is an adult, standard sized latex free sphygmomanometer which is around 20×5 inches in width, as per the AHA recommendations. For an accurate reading, the right nylon cuff can be purchased to avoid  incorrect cuffing. The nylon cuff additionally has velcro straps at the end of the tail for fastening the arm cuff.

Ease of Use

This aneroid blood pressure monitor comes with PVC pressure bulbs with 2 tubes measuring 19 inches in length. This length permits easy manipulation of the device once attached to the arm.

Simplicity of Design

The deluxe aneroid sphygmomanometer has a simple design making it easy to use for medical and home purposes, by following a few simple instructions. Additionally, the device comes with calibration from the manufacturer. One needs to wrap the cuff around the upper left arm and use the pressure bulb for an accurate reading. The display digits are visible and the dial movement is smooth.

Easy Instructions

The scale has a wide range from 20 to 3 hundred mmHg. There are intervals of around twenty digits. Once the blood pressure is taken, the pressure needs to be released by turning the thumbscrew attached to the pressure bulb. This device is easy to carry and comes in a zipper carrying bag. Additionally, there are detailed instructions in the manual to guide you through the process.


  • This device has zero latex.
  • Though it is not life-threatening, latex allergies can cause serious problems. Patients having undergone multiple surgeries or with latex allergies can use this device easily.
  • Approved by the USFDA, this blood pressure monitor offers quality and utmost safety.
  • The sphygmomanometer also comes with a D-ring. This prevents the arm from moving away from the airbag.
  • Blood carrying vessels offer accurate reading and measurement using this monitor.
  • This sphygmomanometer can be used at home without trained medical professionals.
  • This blood pressure monitor is popular, has good reviews and lacks cost.
  • Additionally, no batteries are necessary – electricity is not needed to use this monitor.
  • It comes with a carrying case that is discreet and permits the blood pressure monitor to be easily brought with one wherever one goes.
  • This blood pressure monitor comes at an affordable price and is the cheapest one in this review.


  • This blood pressure monitor lacks the features found on digital devices.
  • Manually calibrating the device if one wants the accuracy of readings is a must.
  • This device delivers accurate readings, but it needs a stethoscope, which costs more to get the upper and lower blood pressure readings.
  • Diastolic reading cannot be had without stethoscopes.
  • This aneroid sphygmomanometer offers less convenience than the digital versions, though it is more accurate.

Final Verdict

The SantaMedical aneroid sphygmomanometer offers additional benefits apart from ease of use. This SantaMedical blood pressure monitor offers a wide range of benefits from easy mobility and portability to effective. This blood pressure monitor, however, does require a stethoscope to assess the diastolic and systolic blood pressure readings, entailing additional investment. The SantaMedical blood pressure monitor offers value for money at the price it comes at, though.

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How to Use the Blood Pressure Monitors

A few simple steps are needed to ensure accurate blood pressure reading. Before taking the blood pressure reading, you need to take certain precautions and ensure you are well rested, and in prime condition. Don’t eat a big meal or take BP readings within 30 minutes of smoking or drinking coffee.

It is also important to wear clothes that are loose-fitting such as t-shirts with short sleeves so sleeves can be pushed up comfortably.

It is also critical that the same arm is used for each BP reading, as arms give slightly different readings. Using the arm the doctor or nurse uses while measuring the blood pressure is important.

Before you take readings, it is important to rest for a duration of 5 minutes. Sit at a quiet place like a table or a desk, with the arm placed on the firm surface and feet flat on the ground.

Ensure that there is support for the arm and the cuff is at the same level or position as your heart. Support your arm with a cushion to ensure it remains at the correct height.

Arms need to be relaxed, not tensed.

To take the blood pressure readings, you need to remember the following:

  • The cuff should be placed with the guidelines that come with the monitor.
  • The person whose BP reading is being taken should be comfortable and relaxed. For those who are anxiety-ridden or facing discomfort, blood pressure may temporarily rise.
  • While taking the reading, it is important to keep silent and still, as talking and moving can impact the reading.
  • Taking 2-3 readings is set apart by a difference of 2 minutes and then work the average out. The first reading is higher than the next for some people. In this case, more readings need to be taken till one level out and stop fluctuating.
  • It is important not to round measurements down or up.
  • If one does not keep accurate records of the blood pressure, it affects the treatment received.
  • If you get a one-off high reading, don’t be alarmed, however consistently high blood pressure readings mean you need medical care.
  • Checking the blood pressure too often will not work. Don’t be worried or stressed about problems in reading.
  • Remember that worrying about the reading can cause it to become high.

Tips to Buy The Best Blood Pressure Monitor Device

#1 Check The Regulation

The US FDA is a governmental agency that vouches for testing and monitoring medical devices such as blood pressure monitors. The approval is sought after and a standard for all medical products. Approval by the FDA assures buyers that products purchased have been tested and approved for usage or public consumption. This is more so while tracking vital health markers like blood pressure readings, as these have a lot of medical consequences.

FDA approved devices are essential for monitoring blood pressure for taking care of ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, pre-hypertension, and other ailments. Serious medical conditions need to be monitored keeping this in mind.

#2 See the Type

There are 2 types of BP monitors namely those measuring the upper arm and those at the wrist or finger. While selecting BP monitors, according to the US Heart Association, you need to choose one based on upper arm measures. This device type is useful for tracking blood pressure for health reasons. While finger blood pressure monitors are common, they are considered less accurate. Wrist blood pressure machines are also counted as less accurate. While measuring blood pressure at the wrist is easy, measurement at the upper arm is more accurate because the cuff aligns with arteries closer to the heart, and the blood pressure monitor is able to test pressure on these. If one does decide to measure blood pressure at home, getting a blood pressure monitor is important. There is a wide range of choices but you have to choose one accurate and right for you.

There are many different categories of blood pressure monitors, but you need a monitor that is digital and fully automatic. Choose one that measures upper arm pressure, rather than the finger or wrist. Upper arm BP monitors give the most consistent and accurate results.

#3 Check the Accuracy

You need to choose a monitor that has been listed for accuracy and validated by the authorities. This digital monitor has undergone a series of tests to ensure you get results the doctor can trust.

#4 Check The Size

For instance, an upper arm blood pressure measuring monitor comes with a cuff that must be wrapped around the arm. If a wrong sized cuff is used, the blood pressure reading lacks precision. Measuring around the upper arm at the midpoint between the elbow and the shoulder means choosing the right cuff size is important. It can range from 18-22 cms generally considered small to 22-32 cms considered medium. The large blood pressure monitor is 32-45 cm.

Most blood pressure monitors come with medium sized cuffs. A different cuff size may be needed to ensure a comfortable fit.

#4 Choose a Budget-Friendly Option

Blood pressure monitors vary in price. This is based on additional features the digital monitor has such as in-built memory. You need to measure the BP using a monitor that is clinically validated and affordable at the same time. Additionally, there may be more costs to factor in. For automatic, digital blood pressure monitors work on their own, they must be recalibrated once in 2 years to ensure you get accurate results. To ensure the automatic home monitor is recalibrated, one needs to send it back to the manufacturer and a fee may be charged for this.

#5 Consider Ease of use

While finger and wrist monitors are available, automatic, cuff styled BP monitors fit around the upper arm and offer the most accurate measure as recommended by the AHA. Blood pressure monitors operate in one of two ways, namely digital blood pressure monitors taking a reading at the touch of a button or manual blood pressure monitors, which involve pumping through the hand on the bulb. While manual types are more accurate, opting for an automatic, digital model is preferable if you are a medical professional.

#6 Check The Speed of the Monitor

This is associated with the quickness or rapidity with which blood pressure monitors return results. While some take twenty seconds or lower, others can take around 60 seconds. In case the squeezing sensations during the process of measurement cause discomfort or stress, chosen monitors return results better in digital format. Being stressed or worried about your blood pressure can cause your readings to come out higher. You need to take the reading quickly to help in getting more accurate results.

#7 App Compatibility Matters For Digital Versions

If you are choosing high tech digital blood pressure monitors, you should be able to sync a smart device such as a Bluetooth and record health metrics. Features of these applications are based on the monitor manufacturing brand, but most app compatible versions offer more tracking and complex analytics than BP monitors that are run of the mill. Certain apps even permit results to be digitized medically or sent to the doctor directly.

#8 Multiple Usage Permissions

Some BP monitors allow tracking and storing data and results for a lot of users, rather than just one. This is handy if a family or a couple is monitoring the BP using the same monitor. Sharing one device instead of multiple separate models is a consideration. If 2 or more people in the same house require their BP monitored, it works better to buy a slightly pricier model with better features for multiple users that can track data.

#9 Issuing Alerts

Another key ingredient that makes for effective blood pressure monitors is if you have high blood pressure or cardiac arrhythmia, you need to check if the alert is issued. This alert helps if you are not sure about whether you need to seek medical help or not. Irregular heartbeat detectors can also sense the abnormalities in a heartbeat if there are any. If the vision is less than 20/20, a BP monitor with an easy to read screen and large buttons is best.

#10 The Price Factor

Basic blood pressure monitors are cheaper. On the downside, you only get blood pressure reading and not much else. Finding models that store multiple user data is important if you are a group or family monitoring your BP. Mid-range BP monitors come in multiple usage capabilities and can offer a variety of cuff sizes giving a more accurate reading. A high-end monitor costs more. But then, it generally connects to apps and can even send the data to the doctor through wireless Internet. A blood pressure monitor does not only track medical conditions but also monitors your health in a normal course. So choose wisely.

#11 Automatic Versus Manual Models

Each of these two models come with their own features. Automatic models cause auto-inflation of the cuff. They operate at the click of buttons and perform better than hand-operated monitors. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Manual models, while involving the cuff inflation by pumping the bulb, give more accurate readings.

A major percentage of monitors are the upper arm models. Wrist models are there and fingerprint ones are there too. While upper cuff models are harder to use, they offer more precision. They also come with large easy to read displays. Wrist cuff type models are smaller though, which makes them a good choice for travels.

#12 Easy Readability and Use

The blood pressure monitor comes with a display and keys that are facilitating easy reading. The upper arm cuff type monitors have displays that are larger and simpler to read than the wrist cuff types. Auto-inflate feature for cuffs can work out too. While some monitors have several measurements, others have separate memory capacity for storing data for dual users. Certain battery operated monitors also run from mains, but others may lack AC adapters. Hypertension indicators, irregular heartbeat detection, and app-based connected monitors are some other add-on features you need to consider.


So from price to features, there’s a lot of factors to consider while buying the best blood pressure monitor, whether for home or medical usage. The most durable, resilient monitors are the manual models. These are also more accurate. Digital models are a great idea if you are a medical professional and need to take readings fast. Accuracy is based on the way you use the monitor. While an aneroid sphygmomanometer works well, it requires certain instructions to be followed too. So consider all the benefits, drawbacks, features, and user feedback before going out and purchasing your very own blood pressure monitor.

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