HIIT Workouts for Faster Weight Loss

Benefits of HIIT Workouts for Faster Weight Loss : Different Forms of HIIT

High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is one of the most recommended forms of fitness exercise by the fitness experts of all level. It works on a diverse platform and enables its performer to attain their peak capability for the desired result with very lesser time investment. In this article, we will analyze today how the HIIT is beneficial for weight loss journey.

This single exercise incorporates different varieties of exercises with it including an aerobic workout to high-intensity strength training to train each muscle group differently under every regimen. Basically, it works on the finest blend of highly intensive anaerobic workout with low interval or less intensive cardio workouts for the recovery process.

This simulation of high to low-intensity exercises at the same point of time promotes the highest contraction of muscles that speeds up the metabolic process and increases the fat or glucose burning function of the body to ensure continued weight loss.

It’s less intensive training ensures that your body can heal and recover itself in the very short span of time out of the pain and force that arrives out of the more intensive exercises. It is a scientifically approved exercise form for rapid and safe reduction of body weight and toning muscles.

This is the reason it is truly beneficial and effective for both beginners and old trained athletes and bodybuilders for improving their performance and endurance rate. As per one medical report, it was said that singe HIIT exercise if practiced for three days in a week minimum for 27 minutes can give an equivalent result as another exercise forms can give with a practicing rate of 60 minutes for 5 days in a week.

Benefits of HIIT Workouts for Faster Weight Loss

HIIT is beneficial for weight loss journey

Burn Your Fat at Faster Speed

With comparisons to the other forms fat burning exercises HIIT is considered as the most effective one. Researches have proved that with consistent HIIT training one can reduce fat out of different muscles group and helps to get lean muscle mass.

When HIIT is incorporated with a moderate form of cardio workouts its effectiveness for burning the unwanted fat of body increases with higher speed and you get the same result in fewer days that you would get in many days with another fat burning workouts.

Speeds Up the Calorie Burning Rate

Just like body fat, excess calories in the is another aspect which tends to increase your body weight and if remains unchecked for longer duration then it can cause you to be obese or overweight which are the basic health problems responsible for developing chronic health concerns in future like high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension etc.

However, with consistent HIIT practice and training, you can raise the calorie burning speed of your body and can reduce your weight at the shortest duration.

This becomes possible because during HIIT your body is forced to cross your comfort zone and when your body stressed too much beyond its usual limitation it automatically raises the calorie burning rate in order to derive energy out of it. This derived energy is then used for the hard effort that your physical body is indulged in.

This calorie burning process even remains continued for the next few hours after the HIIT session to balance the level of energy that is invested during the hardcore exercise. This after burning calorie period is the secret of its effectiveness for faster weight loss journey with HIIT.

As per the research on HIIT for weight loss, it was found that the person who performs HIIT at a particular time of the day his or her metabolic rate remains at a greater speed for another 24 hours even if the person is sitting idly or sleeping.

Your body produces more post oxygen after HIIT which is used for burning fat and calorie. This happens because when your body indulged in giving its highest possible effort it creates a scarcity of oxygen in the body that even lasts for several hours from the time you stop working out.

This post calorie and fat burning process are known as post-exercise oxygen consumption which marks a clear differentiation between HIIT and other types of weight loss exercises and makes it superior to others.

Raises your Metabolism Rate

You will experience a drastic boost in the metabolic function of your body as anaerobic exercises tend to raise the metabolism rate or basal metabolic rate of the body to a great extent. People who practice HIIT exercises properly they get benefited out of the afterburn feature derived out of this effective form of workout.

This means even if you stop working or practicing exercise, internally the calorie and a fat burning process by the muscle cells remains as it is. As per the latest research, it is found that this after burning process remains active for the next 48 hours of HIIT which makes it highest fat and calorie burner exercise form.

This special feature of HIIT workout not only help you to burn your body fat and calories faster but also benefit your overall health as because it is the metabolism function of the body which is responsible for the smoother functioning of all body parts.

Reduces the Workout Duration

Your workout practicing period gets shorter with HIIT workouts as you will get the same result by practicing this effective form of workout for the weight loss that you would rather get with other forms of workout with double duration in terms of time and days.

This saved time you can utilize for other works of life that might be hampered due to your long workout schedule and still there will be no worry for your desired result as with afterburn feature even in your inactive body mode your body fat and calories are burning by the boost metabolism function of your body.

Only with 15 to 30 minutes HIIT workout for 2 to 3 days a week you can see a dramatic reduction in your weight. That means higher advantages with less time investment which is hardly possible through long duration traditional form of typical workouts.

This works on the formulation of 2:1 where the first one stands for recovery interval and second one stands for workout interval which clearly shows that here you get recovery time twice with a comparison to practicing period. Though you have to put your intense effort in those 2 to 3 days however it gets easily healed and recovered in the resting period which makes it a balanced equation with utmost time-saving.

Increases your Workout Speed

HIIT exercise is not only suitable for trained people but for the beginner level to it is suitable as it let you workout at your own pace initially and slowly it boosts your workout speed as the times goes on. Your body automatically gets accustomed to this high-speed anaerobic exercise with its facility to get the recovery interval.

With comparison to other types of workout, it raises your stamina faster at the lowest possible time hence it works as a time savior which is a great benefit for those whose patience level is very low and can’t wait longer for the desired result. Moreover, with enough recovery time side by side of intense workout, you don’t even feel exhausted for the rest of the day instead remain energized for your day ahead.

It can be Practiced Anywhere

Another benefit of HIIT exercises for weight loss over other types of exercise form is that you don’t have to look for any suitable place in order to practice it as a different form of HIIT facilitate you with benefit to practice it anywhere and at any point of time of the day as per your suitability.

As it can be done even without using any equipment so there is no need to join a gym in order to start your HIIT practice. You can do it well even at your home place or office with equipment free exercise form. This also saves your money for investing in special workout equipment without letting you compromise with your desired output with your honest intense effort.

Boosts the Endurance Power

With HIIT you can notice an amazing change in your efficiency level. With consistent HIIT practicing your stamina for doing intense exercises increases and in the later stage it builds as well as boosts your endurance level.

This is the reason it is the most desired form of workout practiced by old athletes and sportsperson to build their endurance power so that they can give their best performance within few seconds without putting much effort or stress on your body.

Not only in your performance level but with HIIT exercises you can experience a drastic change and improvement in regular day to day’s activities of your life in the form of high-speed performance over there for example in household chores, during walking, stairs climbing etc.

However, for beginners, it takes harder effort to reach the highest level of the anaerobic zone where heart reaches to its highest possible pumping rate and breathing becomes difficult but once they manage to cross their comfort zone then there is no limit of quality performance developed through this hardest effort.

One research has proved that just within two weeks of consistent HIIT exercising you can experience a dramatic boost in your stamina and endurance level. This high-quality benefit in this short duration is hardly possible through any other form of workout.

That means you manage to lose your weight efficiently along with other benefits in the form of improvement in general activities of day to day life.

Boosts the Performance Level

HIIT workout boosts your performance level by aiding all the performance traits which are responsible for producing the best result in the form of performance. This differentiates it from the traditional forms of exercises where the centers revolve around the aerobic processes through cardio and strength training sessions.

In typical workout forms, you get your desired result at a very long duration which affects your time and patience level both. On the other hand in HIIT exercises the concentration revolves around the anaerobic exercise and aerobic metabolic processes which ensures optimal cardiovascular benefit at least possible time.

You get the same result out of practicing HIIT for 20 minutes in one session for 3 days a week that you would get with 60 minutes of one session for 5 days of a week out of the traditional form of workouts.

No Need to Practice Often

Just like other forms of workout in HIIT, you don’t have to practice it each day of the week or maximum possible days in a week. As you already understood that HIIT involves intense body training so it doesn’t allow its user to practice it every day because it instead of doing good often practicing can harm you many ways. Also, it not even humanly possible to practice such a harder form of physical activity frequently.

However, this type of issue is not there with the moderate form of HIIT where each muscles group get time for recovery when another muscle group of the body is put into training. Still, you don’t have to take much stress while doing HIIT as you will get the same benefit and result even with the less frequent practices.

Different Types of HIIT Workouts for Weight Loss

HIIT Workout for weight lossYou can do HIIT cardio workout very easily by incorporating it with your day to day fitness activities. This way you can increase the range of benefits out of traditional fitness activities. Some prominent form of HIIT cardio workouts is mentioned below.


Cycling is a well-known exercise form that one can practice at home as well as in the gym too. This helps to raise your heart bump and boots the metabolism rate of the body. However, when it is incorporated with HIIT technique its effectiveness and benefits get dual even within the shorter duration than before.

You need to start this with a moderate pace for five minutes to warm up your body and then raise your speed to your highest interval for one minute and then reduce your speed to maintain the low intensity.

This technical combination of moderate than high then low will boost your stamina and endurance level. Continue with this process for 15 to 20 minutes which can be done either in a normal bicycle or in a stationary bicycle.


Walking incorporated with HIIT cardio is the best form of HIIT workout especially for the beginners as they can easily be accustomed to it. It is as easy as it can be done by an unfit person because walking in an open environment is not difficult for anyone.

However here you won’t have to walk simply, after 4 to 5 minutes of walking you need to start a moderate walk minimum for 2 to 3 minutes and then start the brisk walk for 1 minute. Repeat this whole process for 20 to 25 minutes and see a drastic change in your body weight and in the form of other benefits.

Running or Jogging

It is very easy to incorporate HIIT in your day to day life by adding it with your normal jogging practice. Here also you need to follow the same formula as you used to do during cycling and walking incorporated with HIIT.

Stat running or jogging at a moderate pace and after few minutes move to sprints for attaining the high interval feature and then end it with low interval jog for your recovery.

Continue with the same process for 15 to 20 minutes. After a few days when your stamina and endurance level will increase you will automatically feel comfortable to practice it for a longer duration.

HIIT Classes

Along with HIIT training at home at your own pace, you can increase your knowledge regarding different effective forms of HIIT by joining a gym class. Your trainer can guide you that which particular HIIT will be best for achieving your desired goal.

Here you can learn different HIIT techniques and once you feel expert in all those you can practice them at home as well by purchasing necessary equipment if that particular HIIT requires so.

After going through a huge number of benefits derived out of this revolutionary form of exercise i.e. HIIT this is really worthless to remind you again why it so essential and beneficial for you. The HIIT is beneficial for weight loss journey but apart from this, it is equally effective for your overall health in several forms and ways.

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