preventing diabetes as you age

Diabetes Symptoms, Causes and Preventing Tips as You Age

As of date, no fixed reason is considered responsible for diabetes health concerns, however, it gets boots with many external and internal factors. Out of some prominent reasons for diabetes growth risk, aging is one of the primary ones. As you age your risk of developing this chronic health issue increases with time. However, the good news is that with our effective three tips for preventing diabetes as you age, can easily reduce this risk to a great extent.

Though there is no fixed guarantee that at what age you will develop this disease, however as per the latest study it is found that women after age 25 remain at risk of developing diabetes health concern if their lifestyle is not well-controlled and balanced for avoiding such risk.

Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can develop at any age but type 1 diabetes primarily develops in children and adolescence. On the other hand, middle-aged people or people of age 40 and above are the highest victims of type 2 diabetes.

With age, lots of hormonal changes happen in both men and women’s body as a result of these changes weight gain is one of the primary symptoms which occur as an aging effect. The risk of diabetes gets high especially when people gain weight in their abdominal areas of the body which is a very common scenario.

An uncontrolled diabetes disease can lead to developing many chronic health issues such as kidney failure, cardiovascular diseases, blindness, and other major health conditions. However, with slight changes in your daily lifestyle, you can prevent its growth risk and also can effectively fight with it if you have already diagnosed with diabetes.

Before you diagnosed with diabetes or medically certified as a diabetic you go through a phase called prediabetes stage in which your blood sugar level remains high but not that much high that it could be clinically diagnosed as diabetes.

However, the bitter reality is that more than 70% of cases of prediabetes easily develops type 2 diabetes sooner or later in their life. So it is very important once you fall in the prediabetes stage you should start following all preventive steps so that its growth can be prevented easily.

Though you cannot change certain circumstances or conditions where you risk factor for diabetes increases naturally such as in the cases of genetic history but you can definitely fight against some other evitable factors such as excess body weight, your regular diet routine, your inactive or sedentary lifestyle etc.

When it comes to health it’s never too late to think about it or start a positive lifestyle for preventing any chronic diseases growth risk such as diabetes. So follow our simple tips as it will not only prevent the diabetes risk but will also improve your overall health and lifestyle.


three tips for preventing diabetes as you ageAs per the signs and symptoms of diabetes, it is divided into two types which are type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Even prediabetes also have the same symptoms as in the cases of type 2 diabetes. However, mostly the symptoms for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes doesn’t develop in its initial phase.

Whereas in the cases of type 1 diabetes the symptoms are noticeable at the very initial stages. Some common symptoms of both type1 and type 2 diabetes are mentioned below.

  • The total count or frequency of urination during a day increases which seems totally different than a normal person.
  • The thirst for drinking water increases which is very usual in this condition as most of the water level of the body gets reduced through frequent urination process. This causes to raise the thirst level in the affected person.
  • Sudden weight loss without putting any effort for the same.
  • The extreme level of hunger.
  • Extreme fatigue even though you are not doing any hard work or consistent physical work.
  • The availability of ketones is detected in urine through diagnosis test. Ketones growth and existence found in urine as because due to lack of insulin in the body your muscle and fat breakdown and produces ketones as its byproduct.
  • Irritation and Mood swing.
  • Sudden infection problem increases in different organs of the body such as skin infection, vaginal infection, gums infection etc.
  • The natural healing process of the body get affected and its speed reduces in a very significant amount.
  • Blurry vision problem develops.

Causes of Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is a type of auto-immune diseases so your immunity system is found responsible for the growth and development of this critical health condition. Normally our immunity system works to protect our body from the attack of harmful bacteria and viruses infections.

.But in the cases of type 1 diabetes instead of protecting your body, your immunity system attacks itself to the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas which control the glucose level in blood.

This destruction process continues until your body does not lose all existing insulin in it. Resulting in sugar builds up in the bloodstream leading to increased sugar level

As per the health specialists, some common factors that trigger the type 1 diabetes growth are genetic and environmental factors. Weight is not found responsible for the growth of this type of diabetes.

Causes of Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes

Prediabetes is the prior phase of before developing type 2 diabetes. So if necessary control and care are not provided under the condition of prediabetes stage a person can easily get a victim of type 2 diabetes.

Under the cases of this diabetes, your cells get insulin resistant and the production of insulin in pancreas reduced to a significant amount. As a result of it, the existing sugar content in the body is not transformed into energy in your cells instead it started to buildup in the bloodstream.

There are several factors which are found responsible for the growth of type 2 diabetes which is the most common type of diabetes disease throughout the world. Some common causes of this type of diabetes are mentioned below:


People who are overweight or obese are most likely to get a victim of type 2 diabetes or insulin resistant which is the common condition in the patients of type 2 diabetes. This risk gets dual if more of the body fat accumulates in your belly or abdominal area.

Apart from weight even if you live a sedentary lifestyle or don’t do any physical exercise daily, chances exist that your cells can get insulin resistant and other blood vessels and heart-related diseases risks also increases along with the type 2 diabetes risk.

Family History of Diabetes

If the diabetes diseases run in your family like in your immediate parents or grandparents etc. then your chances of developing type 2 diabetes remain quite high. Similar to type 1 diabetes some genes are found responsible for the growth of type 2 diabetes also.

Other than genes some racial community people also contains the risk of type 2 diabetes growth. Some of these racial or ethnic groups include Asian Americans, American Indians, African Americans, Pacific Islanders, Alaska Natives, Latinos, Native Hawaiians etc.

Insulin Resistance

The growth of type 2 diabetes occurs with the growth of insulin resistance health condition in which different cells of the body such as fat, liver and muscle cells fails to utilize insulin properly.

As a result of it, the demand for insulin increases for the processing of glucose in blood cells for producing energy. Initially, this shortage is covered by the pancreas which helps by producing the necessary level of insulin hormone.

However, due to the effect of this disease in the later stage pancreas fails in producing the necessary amount of insulin and this creates a favorable condition for type 2 diabetes growth.

Causes of Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is one another type of diabetes disease which develops during the pregnancy period in women due to sudden hormonal changes in the body. Apart from hormones other factors which are responsible for the growth of gestational diabetes are the lifestyle and genetic factors.

Hormonal Changes

During pregnancy a special hormone produced by placenta which creates and boosts the insulin resistance in cells. This is a common phenomenon during the late pregnancy phase. Usually, this insulin resistance is overcome by most of the women through enough production of insulin by the pancreas.

However, in certain cases, some women’s pancreas fails to produce enough insulin to fight with the insulin resistance problem and gets a victim of gestational diabetes. Women who are already obese or overweight or gains excess weight during pregnancy also get insulin resistant during their pregnancy period which leads to type 2 diabetes.

Genetic or Family History

Genes or previous family history of diabetes plays a major contributing factor role for developing type 2 diabetes during pregnancy. Also, some racial community or group women develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy due to this gene factor.

Tips for Preventing Diabetes

Though there is no fixed guarantee when someone can develop the symptoms of diabetes disease as till date there are no definite causes for the growth of this chronic health condition is detected.

However, with your increased age your body started to create favorable factors which are responsible primarily for the growth and development of this disease.

So whatever you age is now its, never too late to start your life with preventive tips that can reduce your risk to develop diabetes to a very great extent.

Lose Your Weight

weight loss

Not everyone who develops diabetes is overweight or obese but when you will check the overall figure of diabetes cases you will notice more than average of this population falls in the category of obese or overweight.

So if your body weight is quite more than the normal weight limit as per your age and lifestyle factor then you must start losing the unwanted or unnecessary fat from your body.

As early as you can manage to control and reduce to your weight your possibility of developing diabetes reduces to a great extent.

This risk increases if a person contains more fat in the midsection of their body or around their abdominal organs such as the liver. Such fats are known as visceral fat which is the primary triggering factor for insulin resistance and inflammation which are responsible for type 2 diabetes growths.

There are several factors which are found responsible for gaining weight such as genetic factor, unhealthy diet routine, sedentary lifestyle etc.

Whatever may be the causes of your exceeding body weight for the sake of your good health and for preventing your risk for diabetes as you age it is necessary that you start including those necessary measures in your day to day life that can reduce your weight.

It is seen in researches that with every single kg weight loss people have shown a noticeable reduction in their diabetes level. This shows how effective the weight loss is for reducing and controlling diabetes level for both prediabetes and type 2 diabetes patients.

Also, you have to ensure that your weight always remains to the normal weight value throughout your life. For this, you have to make a consistent effort in this context so that you can live a long and healthy life.

Otherwise, if you regain the loss fat again in the future your diabetes level will automatically raises with your increased weight. So be consentient while following weight loss measures to maintain a healthy body weight limit.

Exercise Every Day and Avoid Sedentary Living


Another important factor that increases your risk of diabetes with age is your inactive or sedentary lifestyle. So to avoid this chronic health issue risk make sure that you remain always active and follow a definite exercise routine to keep your metabolism function of the body at an increased rate so that there will be hardly any chance or condition for diabetes growth.

There are many types of exercise that you can include in your everyday routine. You can take the help of fitness experts or from the health care provider to confirm which type of body exercise will be best suited as per your lifestyle.

Also, be consistent while following this healthy exercise routine. Make sure that exercise at least 5 days in a week without failing. It’s not that you have to hit the gym in all these five days.

There are several daily activities which you can do in your regular life which will keep your body fit and energetic and keep away diabetes triggering factors.

Another important reason for doing exercise practice is that it will reduce your weight if you are obese or overweight which is another big factor for diabetes disease growth.

Also, it will keep your body weight check at a definite level so that even in future you won’t gain much or excess body weight.

There are several light to moderate forms of workout that you can practice in your fitness routine. Other than that many low-intensity cardio exercises are nothing but a part of your daily lifestyle activities such as cycling, biking, running, walking, swimming, skipping etc.

Also, keep your body mobile as much as possible for you. Avoid sleeping during the afternoon as sleeping at this particular time of the day is another factor for weight gain. Also such kind of inactivity for longer duration is not good for your health.

Daily exercising will increase insulin sensitivity of your cells which is the primary factor for the growth of type 2 diabetes. As per the health specialist mild to moderate exercise for 150 minutes in a week is enough to keep your body healthy and for preventing diabetes risk.

Follow a Healthy and Controlled Diet Routine

diets for diabetes control

It is seen in researches that people who eat a lot at a single meal instead of taking small-small meals in a day remains at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

However, by reducing your portion size you can easily reduce your increased sugar level and control it to a normal level. Also what you eat matters a lot for affecting your health. There are several food items which work as a triggering factor for the growing risk of this disease.

So avoid having these unhealthy meals in your daily life such as highly processed foods, red meat, a higher amount of carb, trans. fat, saturated fats and sugar.

Instead of these meals fill your plate with whole grains, fresh leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, healthy fats, and protein and fiber-rich foods. This healthy diet routine is favorable for your overall health.

Also, these foods especially high protein and fiber dense foods take time to digest so will keep your stomach full for longer duration which is vital for preventing frequent cravings for meals especially for unhealthy snacks.

By following these healthy meal routine you can control and prevent your future risk for type 2 diabetes disease. Also, it will keep your body weight in a controlled condition which is very important as excess weight is another primary factor for diabetes diseases growth.

Diabetes can hit your door at any point in time of your life however with your increasing age your risk increases, so regular medical checkup at least an interval of one year is must for ensuring a long healthy life. In this context, the above mentioned three tips for preventing diabetes as you age can help you a lot to stay healthy naturally.

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