Pregnancy Diets for a Healthy Baby

Best List of Pregnancy Diets for a Healthy Baby Birth

The responsibility of a pregnant woman becomes dual as she has to take care of her as well her baby too who is growing in her womb. Whatever she eats and drinks nourishes her as well as the growing baby in this state. So it is very important to have a clear idea regarding the complete pregnancy diet for a healthy kid.

A woman should increase her diet quantity double than her normal condition as the diet she is taking gets divided into two parts one half nourishes her and the second half nourishes to her baby that enables them to grow and develop in a healthy way.

This is the reason doctors suggest to eat as much nutrient dense diets as possible but due to nausea and vomiting especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, it is become difficult to digest all of them well.

Also due to the taste issue caused by pregnancy effects woman show disinterest in most of the foods that are actually healthy for them. Still, they should keep on eating a healthy diet as it will benefit them in some or other way.

All the diets that we usually take have some and other nutritional value that nourishes to different body parts and all together and helps to develop a healthy growing baby. As the diet quantity is double than before means overall calorie intake is more than the normal state in life so women put on a good amount of weight at this point in time.

However, you cannot avoid diets for not increasing your body weight as it can affect you and your baby’s health and may cause difficulty during delivery in many ways. Still, this weight gaining issue can be managed to some extent by eating high nutrient dense foods.

For making this nine-month journey pleasing and for an easy delivery of a healthy kid it is important for all would be mothers to have a clear idea about the accurate diet chart like what food is going to help her and her growing baby. So to make your confusion clear we have enlisted here a clear guideline for the diet list for the pregnancy time for a healthy baby.

Top 9 Diets For a Healthy Baby

complete pregnancy diet for a healthy kid

Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are the great source of potassium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Beta-carotene, Copper, Fiber and Iron that makes the bones of your baby strong and boost his growth for a healthy and complicated free delivery.

You can include it in your daily diet routine considering you don’t get bored with its taste with time. In general, it is very delicious in taste and very easy to prepare. Eat it directly after boiling it or mix the boiled sweet potatoes in milk for eating whatever way that you find it suitable for you.

It is not only good for the health of your growing baby but for you as well it is equally beneficial. Pregnancy needs a proper amount of strength as you are carrying an extra load in your womb till the delivery so it is quite necessary that your body doesn’t get exhausted and weak in the lack of proper nutrition.

The most vital feature of sweet potatoes is its beta-carotene content that works as an antioxidant and helps to grow Vitamin A in your body in a natural way which is good for the health of your baby. Vitamin A improves the eyesight of the baby, promotes the healthy formation of skin and bones.

Also, it fulfills the need of iron mineral in your body which is important for your balanced good health condition. Apart from that its copper content enhances the iron absorbing capability of your body.



Beans can be said as a natural resource of healthy minerals with a very high nutritional value that nourishes to you as well as your developing baby. Whether you like to make the pulse of beans or take it in the vegetable form it is going to improve your overall health in all respect.

Especially women who are non-vegetarian and have no option to boost their healthy by consuming meat, eggs etc. can replace them with beans intake. It is a good source of iron, protein, zinc, fiber, folate, and calcium.

For a complication free delivery of a well-grown healthy baby, it is very essential that you and your baby are already supported by healthy diet content and this necessity can be fulfilled by the beans intake.

Its zinc content in your diet that prevents the risk of premature delivery of a baby other than that it also lowers the risk of low weight baby birth and prolonged labor or delivery pain. So this you must include in your diet list during the pregnancy period.



Eggs fulfill the necessity of protein intake in your body that is beneficial for the complete growth of your growing baby in the womb. The best part of eating eggs is that it offers multiple options or ways to prepare it so you will surely like it even though currently you have frequent changing taste bud issue.

Whether you like to eat it in boiled form or want to prepare a curry, omelet, scrambled or fried etc. in all its varieties it comes with an especial taste that not let you get bored even if you are including it in your everyday diet chart.

Apart from protein, the egg is a good source of iron, choline, and folate which are all important minerals that boost the growth of your baby in a healthy way. Out of these minerals, choline is the most vital one as it helps in the development of the brain of your baby and prevents the risk of brain-related defects.

Yolk the yellow part of an egg is the source of choline so even if you don’t like to eat the egg whites, must eat this internal substance for a healthy brain growth of your baby. As eggs are very cheaper by cost so you can easily afford it without much trouble to your pocket.

Orange Juice

orange juice

Orange juice is not only delicious by taste but it also helps a lot in the growth and development of your baby inside your womb. It fulfills the necessity of essential minerals in your body such as Vitamin C, Folate and Potassium.

This juicy fruit has a very pleasing taste that even suits to the special taste bud demand of a pregnant woman and doesn’t elevate the problem of vomiting that especially exists in the first trimester of pregnancy. Start your day with one full glass of orange juice as it will keep you energetic throughout the day and also prevents fatigue a general symptom of pregnancy time.

As per the health specialists, 400 micrograms of orange juice is recommended for the good health and swift delivery on each day. The potassium content of orange juice keep your body’s metabolic rate in good condition and also benefits the overall health. Also, it prevents the risk of brain defects in kids during the starting phase of pregnancy.

The Vitamin C content of orange juice protects your body from the cold and flu health issues by boosting your immunity power. Also, it increases your body’s iron absorbing capability which helps in boosting the bones and teeth health of your baby and yours.

Lean Meat

lean meat

Lean meat like lean pork and beef is a great source of protein, an essential mineral which is vital for the growth and development of the baby inside the womb. Apart from protein, it is also a natural source of Vitamin B and iron.

On the one side protein helps to build your baby’s muscle and on the other side iron substance of lean meat increases the bone density and strength of the baby hence it reduces the risk of impaired baby birth, low weight, and preterm delivery.

Also, it increases the red blood cells quantity in your blood which is vital at this particular time otherwise in the lack of necessary amount of red blood cells the risk of anemia exists to a great extent which can cause difficulty at the time of delivery.

The lean meat intake increases the amount of Vitamin B6 in your body which helps in the formation and development of baby tissues as well as brain’s development and reduces the morning sickness concerns in mother. Its Vitamin B12 content helps in the formation of red blood cells and improves the nerves system.



The importance and benefits of salmon fish are now medically approved that is why this Omega 3 rich fish is recommended by doctors in much severe health condition to promote the health of patients. For pregnant women, it works amazingly in improving her and growing baby’s health.

The omega 3 fatty acid is also known as EPA and DHA that incorporate in the brain growth in the growing baby and an increased level of DHA also known for boosting the IQ level and for preventing the neurological issues.

As salmon contains very less amount of mercury so there is no any health risk with this sea fish for the expectant mother’s health. As it contains lean protein so check the weight of mother which is a vital feature of this fish.

Also, it is beneficial for the eye’s health of the growing baby. Though salmon is beneficial for the health of both mother and growing baby still its dozes or consumption quantity must be consulted with doctors as an increase in intake may cause a health hazard.



Another vital nutrient-dense diet that you must include in your diet chart of the pregnancy time, is oats which are a huge source of fiber a vital nutrient for the healthy growth of your baby and as well as your health too.

Apart from fiber oatmeal also contains Vitamin B6 and protein that helps to build up the muscle and promote the overall development of your growing baby. This is considered as a healthy breakfast that keeps your body energetic throughout the day and prevents morning sickness concerns, so must be taken in your breakfast.

This whole grain food intake not only keeps away morning sickness issues but also prevents another most common symptom of pregnancy period i.e. constipation. So for a healthy baby growth and complication free delivery, this fiber-rich food intake must be taken as a first priority.



Yogurt especially plain yogurt is a rich source of calcium a vital nutrient that helps in healthy bone building and strengthening of your growing baby. Also calcium content of yogurt will strengthen your teeth, bones, and muscle.

Apart from calcium plain yogurt is a huge source of Vitamin B, Zinc and Protein that promotes the overall growth and balances the complete health of expectant mother which is essential for preventing the risk of low weight baby birth or preterm delivery issues.

As per the doctors a pregnant woman’s body needs at least 1000 mg of calcium every day otherwise the risk of complications during delivery time remains very high. This necessity can be easily fulfilled by having plain yogurt in your regular diet.

As the taste of yogurt is amazing so you must not feel any concern while having this delicious diet either directly or by mixing with some other smoothies, snacks, salads etc. Also, mix yogurt with other healthy seasonal fruits to reap the highest benefit of both the diets.

Green Leafy vegetables

leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, broccoli, asparagus etc. are high nutrient dense veggies which contain iron, fiber, calcium, folate, potassium, Vitamin A, C and Vitamin K content which are all essential minerals that nourish the health of pregnant women and her growing baby.

The leafy vegetables are also rich with antioxidant properties which are essential to keep you healthy and diseases free especially in this special stage. Apart from antioxidant properties these superfoods also provide some vital nutrient such as calcium, folate, fiber, potassium and Vitamin A that is beneficial for the health of an expectant mother and developing baby in several ways.

If you are liking its taste then you can consume them by skipping one or two days but you must have them as it will provide all essential nutrient to you that can make your delivery easier and also ensures the healthy weight of your baby.

All the diet or food content mentioned in this article is based on the recommendation by specialist doctors and health journals for the prosperous and complication free delivery of a baby. So follow our complete pregnancy diet for a healthy kid and ensure yours as well as your baby’s good health.

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