Healthy Body for A Healthy Mind

Tips to Ensure Healthy Body For A Healthy Mind and Lifestyle

A healthy body exists in the healthy mind and again a healthy mind requires a fit and healthy body to flourish up to full extent. So here in lies, the importance of a healthy body for a healthy mind which is two important wheels of our life and one cannot exist or sustain without the other one.

Health is wealth or in the more precise term it is the most valuable wealth than any other material things as you cannot enjoy anything, no matter how beautiful, expensive and unique it is in the lack of good health. Here we are considering both mental and physical health which are very much intercommoned and dependent on each other.

As a human being, we have the general tendency that we only care about the things that are visible or tangible and neglect to even important intangible aspects of life. This is the reason we remain busy in thinking about our physical body health regarding its appearance, health etc.

In this rush, we often neglect one of the most vital aspects of our life that is mental health. Just like your body your mind also needs proper care and attention otherwise without letting you know you might be a victim of a bad mental health condition which is a critical condition and needs long-term patience, care, and appropriate medication to get healed and cured completely.

Bad mental health condition is becoming a big crisis worldwide since last few decades with a comparison to the previous time and this call for urgent attention and step in this regard to coping-up with this condition. This issue can be resolved to a great extent by improving our physical health through different measures which can maintain a good balance between a healthy body and healthy mind.

Tips to Ensure Healthy Body for A Healthy Mind

It is fact that a healthy mind exists in the healthy body and this health you cannot get only by eating nutritional and health friendly products you need to think one step further. In our every day’s busy schedule and tough life whether it is related to office work, school task, other extra curriculum activities etc. some or other way put stress in mind.

So, it is quite essential that you provide rest to your body and sleep properly for ensuring the healthy functionality of your mind otherwise soon a bad mental health will start showing its symptoms in the form of weaker memory, lack of interest in daily works, hopelessness towards life and many more.

For resolving all these health concerns and for maintaining a very good balance between your body and your mental health below we have enlisted best effective tips to ensure healthy body for a healthy mind.

Take Sound and Healthy Hour Sleep

Take Sound and Healthy Hour Sleep

A sound, relaxing and necessary length of sleep give a boost to your body as well as your mind at a time by increasing its efficiency and productivity. A healthy human body needs to sleep at least 7 to 9 hours at night which is also known as a healthy hour sleep for adults.

If you are a teenager, then you should try to sleep at least 9 hours without any break in between for enhancing your memory power which is quite essential in this stage as you are in your developing phase. Also, for studies and carrier perspective, you require a strong and healthy mind which is not possible in the lack of proper sleep.

The human body is very much similar to an electronic machine as when you restart your system or gadget its efficiency gets increased in the form of good speed, just like that when you provide proper rest to your body your mind get time to relax and that stimulates to brain chemicals for enhancing its efficiency, power, and memory.

In our daily life schedule, we often compromise with sleeping time for the accomplishment of different-different targets, goals and other desires. Out of this rush, we forget that our body and mind have some requirement that has to be fulfilled for a well-balanced and pleasing life.

When you compromise with your sleep persistently your physical health gets affected to a big level resulting in you get trap into critical diseases such as obesity, heart issues, diabetes, hypertension and many more. All these are one of the major diseases which can be life threatening too if appropriate treatment is not provided in the time.

Along with physical health, your mental health also gets affected badly. A persistent sleeping deprivation for a very long time causes loss of memory, anxiety, depression, chronic stress which are all severe mental health conditions that hamper your overall life.

So, it is necessary that you understand the values and importance of healthy hour sound sleep and keeping all your important tasks and activities aside sleep tightly for at least 7 to 9hours in the night. This simple, natural tip can make your way easy in marinating a balance between physical and mental health.

Exercise and Meditation

Exercise and Meditation

Exercise is a great natural remedy for keeping your body and mind healthy in a natural way. A sedentary lifestyle gives births to much physical health concern and when your body is not fit and healthy it’s quite obvious you will not feel good mentally and that gives birth to several mental concerns.

With proper body exercise, every day for a fixed schedule helps you to maintain a good balance between your body and mind which is necessary for a peaceful and happy life. Consider exercise as an important aspect of your life and take out some time out of your busy schedule for it.

Never skip your workout even in a rush full day as this single negligence can hamper your whole day as when you do these healthy physical activities your metabolism rate increases which are necessary for good blood flow throughout the body that keeps you energetic by the body and by the mind too.

Play your favorite outdoor game or lift your mind by doing your favorite activity like dancing which itself a body workout or go for a walk and jogging every day. All these simple activities will not take your much time and will work as a booster of the metabolic rate in your body which is essential for preventing diabetes and hypertension health concerns.

Apart from exercise yoga and meditations are another natural way of rejuvenating your body and mind since ancient civilization. Yoga poses are quite difficult, but it is beneficial for both physical and mental health. It keeps away too many serious diseases and even if you are currently suffering from any severe health concern then also you can improve your health to a high level with yoga practice.

Unlike yoga, meditation is not that much critical, and it primarily focuses on mental enhancement with its spiritual healing effect when you practice it every day with your full concentration and devotion.

Relax for a While

Relax for a While

Relaxing in the mid of nature’s beauty is itself a natural booster which enhances your physical as well as mental health. When your body and mind feel relaxation, their productivity becomes dual as it gets it for fuel.

Nature is blessed with amazing sites, sceneries, and locations where you can spend some time out of your daily schedule. Go into the fresh air and exhale your stress along with your breath. Spending some quality time either in the morning or in the evening rejuvenate your body and mind and prepares a well-balanced connection between these two vital aspects of the human being which is essential for a long-term healthy living.

Your mind and body both need rest as it is not a machine that doesn’t get exhausted or feel nothing. Do anything for the fun whether it is playing your favorite game or chatting with your friends and loved ones or watching your favorite TV serial, or anything else that never make you feel boring or annoying.

All these small minds diverting activities works as a rejuvenator that re-energizes your whole personality improves your confidence, reduces your mental and physical stress and keep away all unhealthy mental concerns which generally develop due to an overpressure of our every-day responsibilities and work.

Eat Nutrient Dense Foods

Eat Nutrient Dense Foods

We all know the necessity of nutrient-dense foods for our good health and diseases free life but most of us don’t know about the fact that our daily food content plays an active role for the proper functioning of our brain.

Out of our daily necessity of metabolism rate for the whole-body functioning, the brain itself needs at least 20 to 25 % metabolic energy for expertize and faster functioning. This necessity you can fulfill by giving your body healthy and nutrient dense foods and drinks so that a proper balance can be maintained between your body and mind.

Here one thing you have to remember that you don’t have to overeat otherwise it may cause obesity by gaining unusual body weight and that is in no way healthy neither for your body nor for your mind.

So always focus on consuming foods that can keep your stomach full for a longer time so that your frequent cravings for unhealthy snacks, junk foods or highly processed foods can be reduced and stay in check.

Take the help of fruit juice and low sugar soft drinks in this regard. These are fat burning foods which will keep your whole body and mind energetic without adding fat or body mass. If you are in office then also don’t remain dependent only on a single time lunch instead make a habit of eating some low calorie and low-fat nuts, dry fruits in the interval of every hour. This will not let your body and mind fell exhausted and keep you energetic throughout the day.

Also, doesn’t stay starve for long period thinking that it will reduce your body fat as it will affect your health negatively. Staying empty stomach for several hours causes acidity and reduces your metabolism rate as your body is not getting an essential ingredient for producing energy.

Whether you are in the office or stay at home feed your stomach with light nutrient-dense snacks in every two hours and drink plenty of water as these healthy habits will reduce your overeating habits during the big meals hour and suppress your hunger in a natural way without hampering your overall health.

Change Your Perspective

Most of us have made some fixed perspective in our mind and we don’t even think to look beyond the circle of our rigid perceptions and that is one of the primary reasons that affect mind negative way by keeping it unhappy and dissatisfied.

We only make complaints about our belongings, living place, environment, and about other’s behaviors and all. This is nothing but a baggage of negativity that has shattered our mind and make it depressed and unhealthy.

It is a fact that we cannot change everything as per our desire or everything cannot go perfectly as per our perception and expectation. So instead of complaining about these trifling matters which is nothing but wastage of time and energy, it’s better to find different solutions or change our perspective or view towards things that are not going right as per us.

Human beings are by nature a big complainer and dissatisfactory creature which is the primary reason for their unhappiness and hopelessness. We make complain about trifling things and let our mind indulge in those useless thoughts like everything around us which is not running as per our perception is a matter of pain to us and we spend our emotions for these. It is simply a wastage of our valuable emotions which can rather indulge in some creative and fruitful aspects.

Whether it is an unorganized traffic on road, locality garbage cleaning system, teaching pattern in school, office rules and Government rules and regulations, all these are primary concerns to us. We often lose our valuable moments and time by keeping our mind engaged in these avoidable stresses.

The solution is to change our point of view and think positively even in some negative circumstances. With this healthy thinking only, you can grab real happiness and enjoy your life to a great extent.

Remember it is the way of thinking that affects directly to your mental health hence your physical health also gets affected if your mind is not feeling happiness and satisfaction. So, it’s time to change your perspective to ensure a healthy body for a healthy mind growth.

Make Healthy Relationships for Real Happiness

healthy relationships

We all spend our whole life running after money with the thought that it can provide real happiness and peace in life which is a myth. Yes, we are not ignoring the importance of wealth in life, but it cannot buy us real happiness instead it is our relationships and close to heart dear ones who can only provide real happiness a most vital element for the mind.

So, for a healthy body and for a strong healthy mind, it is necessary that we instead of making several relations in life make only little but a healthy relationship that can stay with us for the whole life.

It is trust, care, respect and honesty that make a strong base for a forever lasting healthy relationship. Whatever your status is, how much wealth and power you possess at certain and in difficult times of life it is the shoulder of our trustworthy relations that lift us and boost us to stay determined and move forward in life.

We hope that now you must have understood the importance of a healthy body for a healthy mind so friends try our above-mentioned tips and effective guidelines for making your life easier and purposeful.

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