How To Get A Good Night Sleep

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep : Health Impact Due to Bad Night Sleep

Sleeping is essential for every human being on the earth for staying healthy and energetic in our daily life but it may possible that you are going through some sleepless night occasionally due to some concern. If this is your headache then it’s time to leave all your worries right now because here we have enlisted some effective tips to get a good night’s sleep naturally.

A relaxing and sound sleep during the night time renews our whole body and energizes it with dual power. When you sleep at night remember we are talking about quality sleep, it calms and provides peace to your mind and body which is very essential for staying fit and younger for a long time.

As per the doctors, a healthy body needs to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours at night flawlessly with calm and peace for rejuvenating our entire entity. We all want to sleep peacefully at night but sometimes due to some negative factors or any of our bad habit or unfavorable environment our sleep gets disturbed and in return, we have to pay by baring a bad health.

Here we will discuss some natural and very efficient tricks and tips that will ensure peaceful and sound sleep during the night time.

11 Best Effective Tips to get a Good Night’s Sleep

tips to get a good night’s sleep

Prepare a Fixed Sleeping Schedule

Prepare a fixed sleeping schedule for you of at least 7 to 8 hours and follow it very strictly even on the weekends as even one or two day vacation can hamper your rhythm and you will find difficulty while following this schedule from the next weekdays.

Even if you are not feeling sleepy then also go to your bed on time or before half an hour of bedtime so that your mind and body can prepare itself for the deep sleep. Wake up early in the morning when your alarm will ring without making delay as early morning waking up habit will benefit you in a numerous way.

On the one side, you will get enough time for preparing yourself fully to get ready for the day and on the other side, your body and mind can avail the fresh morning air which matters a lot for a fit and healthy body.

Keep All Gadgets Away from Bed


It is the trend and or can be said to become a common habit of every next person since last decade that is a craze for gadgets especially cell phones and tablets. This plays a very important role in delayed nighttime sleep or sleeping for very few hours (3 to 4 hrs.).

We often forget about the time when we remain indulge in net surfing or while chatting with our friends and dear ones. It impacts a lot to our sleeping pattern when making a tendency of sleeping after 1 or 2 o’clock in the night as because even in the nights when we wish to sleep early, due to our regular habit we become incapable to sleep on time.

So if you want to have healthy and good nighttime sleep for 7to 8 hours then make sure that all your favorite gadgets are kept beyond your reach and especially it is not in your bed otherwise even if you are determined for your sleep then also in the mid you might get tempted to have a look on it. Follow this tip on a daily basis and experience the fruitful changes in your sleeping pattern.

Prepare a Good Sleeping Room Environment

dark room

Many times we cloud not sleep properly rather we can say find difficulty in getting a sound sleep at night because our room has the unfavorable environment and it hinders our sleep in the midnight. Also, we get to sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning to fill this gap.

Make sure your bed sheet and the bed is neat and clean if possible change your bed sheet while sleeping for experiencing sound sleep easily. Turn off all the lights in your room also the little night bulb if it is making a trouble in your eyes, cover your windows from curtain to avoid external light such as street light, vehicles sound etc. These small tricks will work amazingly and you can experience sound and peaceful nighttime sleep.

Follow a Bed Time Ritual

book reading

You can make a fixed bedtime ritual for you that you can follow before bed as it will ensure faster and sound sleep during the nighttime. A light and relaxing ritual before bed clean our mind and body and slowly makes us fall into sleep without making us aware.

Some effective and popular before bedtime rituals include reading a good novel or any motivational book, bathing with warm water, listening to a very light and soft music etc. You can choose any of these rituals or as per your choice you can select any of the rituals for sound and relaxing sleep during the night time.

Keep a Pleasing Room Temperature

Your room temperature plays a very important role in falling and continuing with the sound sleep during night time. So check whether your room temperature is comfortable as because a high temperature may disturb your sleep in the midnight and you will not be able to sleep for continued 7 to 8 hours which is vital for your good health.

Also, use mosquito preventing liquid coils so that you don’t get disturbed due to the bite of mosquito in the middle of the night. Spray a good room freshener as it makes a pleasing environment in your bedroom and you automatically feel drowsiness when everything is perfect and favorable for falling asleep.

Reduce Your Day Time Nap

day time nap

Make sure that you are not taking long hours nap in the daytime as it affects directly to your nighttime sleep quality as well as duration. Day nap is also necessary as it boosts our mind and body and makes us energetic for routine work but it should not be longer than 30 minutes otherwise you cannot expect to fall sound nighttime sleep.

Also don’t take your daytime nap late in the day otherwise you cannot sleep at the scheduled time which impacts your sleeping schedule routine. If you can avoid your day nap then it is best and if not then reduce its duration up to 30 minutes only.

Keep Your Stress Far from You

Keep your stress and anxiety far away from your bed or leave it out of your bedroom if you want a good night time sleep. We all have stress and issues in life but when you start calculating about these on your bed you are creating one more stress in your life by hampering your sleep which can impact badly to the overall health and next day plan or routine.

Try some effective stress management tricks to manage your stress so that it will not hinder your sleep during the night and you can relax well on your bed and sleep for healthy 7 to 8 hours every night.

Sleep till the Sunlight

sun light

Sunlight is a great source of natural energy and it also works as a healer that can energize your whole body and mind. So include this healthy habit in your night sleep regimen that you will wake up along with the sunlight.

Your body has a natural biological clock that notices everything and follows the instruction of your body. Soon you will start following the schedule to wake up with sunlight and you won’t even require an alarm clock for waking up on time as your body will automatically get a signal when sunrises in the morning.

Also as per the doctors, people having trouble with nighttime sleep or disturbed sleep during night must have at least one-hour exposure to sunlight. This is only possible when you wake up early in the morning with first sunlight.

Avoid the Consumption of Toxic Products


Toxic products are not only harmful to our health but it also affects negatively to our sleeping pattern by making us feel uneasy and unhealthy when we try to fall asleep during the nighttime. Don’t drink caffeine-containing drinks before bed as it keeps you awake for long hours and you will not be able to sleep on time.

Some popular caffeine reach foods include chocolate, coffee, diet drugs, non-herbal teas etc. It must be avoided before bed. Likewise, cigarette and alcohol are also two bigger enemies of sound sleep that is why smokers and alcohol adductors have a common tendency of taking a very light sleep. They get to wake up in the midnight and quite early in the morning.

If you are badly addicted of these then make sure you are having them before 6 to 7 hour of your bedtime otherwise you will remain restless and will not be able to sleep tightly. Heavy meals just before an hour to sleep also impact in getting timely sleep so avoid the habit of having heavy meals just before bed.

Exercise Everyday

Physical activities like exercise, joggings etc. also impact on our sleep quality in the night time. When your body remains active your body doesn’t ache when you lay on your bed that is one important reason for the difficulty in falling asleep during the night time.

Practice a good workout for a fixed duration every day without making a gap on any day. Also, you can meditate and perform yoga steps that are also effective for ensuring sound and long hours of sleep. In this regard, we must say that workout just before an hour of bedtime is not favorable for healthy sleep as it can even cause a sleepless night.

So workout at least 5 to 6 hours before your bedtime in the night and maintain this habit every day without fail for ensuring relaxing and peaceful sleep in the night. Also, don’t go for sleeping in an empty stomach as this will also hinder you to sleep on time and may disrupt your sleep in the midnight.

Contact Doctor for the Persistent Sleeping Problem

Persistent trouble in getting sound and healthy hours of sleep can become a very severe health concern. So if you are noticing disrupted sleep problems for more than two weeks or approx. a month then it’s time to contact a doctor so that it won’t cause severe health concern like insomnia, anxiety, depression, heart and kidney issues etc.

Bad Night’s Sleep Effect on Health

A bad nighttime sleep or troublesome sleep affects all aspects of life and health comes in the first rank in this list. Whether it is your sex life, mental health, appearance or look and body weight all are directly get affected with a bad quality sleep. Below are some common health concerns which resulted in due to a disrupted sleeping pattern in the night time.

Weak Memory

It is now medically proved that a bad sleeping habit or inadequate sleep during the night time effects to the memory power. People who have persistent sleeping concern and have lack of sound and healthy hour sleep have quite weaker memory.

In the lack of proper sleep in the night time, both short, as well as long-term memory, is get affected as because for proper functioning your brain needs rest to rejuvenate its power and memory so that it can collect and store numerous information.

Mood Swing

Frequent mood swings problem primarily generates due to sleep deprivation or sleeping disorder for a very long time. So it is very essential to sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours in the night every day otherwise in the lack of adequate quantity of sleep for a very long time may elevate the mood swing problem that gives birth to serious mental concerns like depression and anxiety.


When you sleep less at night then your body doesn’t get refreshed and remains tired in the morning. This affects the whole day functioning and routine as you feel drowsiness every time which can even cause a serious accident if you are driving a vehicle.

Weaker Immunity System

Our body works very systematically and it’s all functions and activity affects each other either directly or indirectly. Your body needs rest so that it can again be productive for the day to day work. Due to bad nighttime sleep, neither your mind nor your body gets rest which is the power booster for its normal functionality.

This affects to your immunity system and your immune power get decreased with time and your body easily fall in sick as its resistance power is very less that it cannot fight against sudden weather changes and any other negative atmosphere effect.

Diabetes Issue

In the lack of proper sleep in the night time, the level of insulin gets affected as its production get misbalanced. Insulin is the primary hormone that regulates blood sugar level so under the case of disturbed insulin level blood sugar rate is increased which may in the future cause to develop Type 2 Diabetes which is a critical health condition.

High Blood Pressure

People who have persistent sleeping trouble in the nighttime because of that they hardly sleep at least five hours in night carry a very high risk to develop a high blood pressure level which further leads to generate other major health issues.

Heart Diseases

A persistent sleep deprivation as long as for years may as harmful that it can even affect to the normal functionality of heart and the person may have become a heart patient which carry life risks too if treatment is not started on time.


Obesity or unusual body weight is directly linked with the sleeping quality and duration during the night time. Your body fat starts growing that can easily lead to obesity which is a bad health condition and affects the normal living of the affected person.

Weaker Sex Drive

In the lack of good sleep at night, your sexual organs and its functionality also get affected to some extent. Testosterone is the hormone which is responsible for the normal and good functionality of sex drive. Due to consistent sleeping disorder problem, the production of this hormone is get affected resulting in many sex issues occurs in men such as lack of libido, erectile functioning etc.

Friends if you want to live healthy way then don’t compromise with your nighttime sleep in any condition and improve your sleeping quality with our tips to get a good night’s sleep.

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