Alcohol Abusers Who Overcome The Odds Infographic

Alcoholism is a disease that is not an isolated trend, it is a widespread problem. So widespread, in fact, that there are many notable people from different backgrounds that have struggled with alcoholism in the past, including Robert Downy Jr., Robin Williams and Drew Barrymore. The facts in this graphic reveal some staggering truths about alcohol abuse. There is no question that alcohol abuse leads to a significant number of serious issues having to do with mental, social and physical health. The only question is whether or not this applies to you.

If so, there is a bright side. Because this problem is so common, there is a lot that is being done to help those who are abusing alcohol and want to reach sobriety. There are Alcoholics Anonymous groups all over the world whose members often successfully achieve long-term sobriety. Plus, since heavy drinking can also mean heavy spending, $12 is saved in recovery for every $1 invested in the proper treatments. Rehabilitation and counseling professionals Ambrosia Treatment Centers go a long way towards dealing with alcohol abuse, and today they bring us interesting facts related to one of the country’s most commonly abused substances. Read through and think about your own experience with drinking. If you suspect yourself of alcohol abuse or alcoholism, don’t wait to get help. As always, please share if what you see is useful to you or someone you know.

Alcohol Abuser Infographic

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