Tips to Deal with Snoring Problem

Snoring Symptoms : Tips to Deal with Snoring Problem

A harsh, loud and irritating sound while sleeping is known as snoring which is a common and non-serious issue dealt by people especially by elder adults. Even though it doesn’t imply for any particular health concern but constant snoring can develop many troubles not only for the person concerned but for their family members too. If you are the one who wants to get rid of it then go through our tips to deal with a snoring problem.

Snoring is a noisy breathe which occur while breathing the air passes through the throat, causing vibration in the relaxed tissues of the throat. This develops a harsh, noisy and annoying sound. People who snore have general difficulty is sound sleep and in the long run, chances exist that it can develop into major health issues related to sleeping trouble.

In the lack of sound and peaceful sleep people often remains tired, irritated and have frequent mood swing issues in the day ahead which hampers their whole day’s work and responsibilities. Moreover, it is really difficult to sleep with a person who has a snoring habit.

Thus it can create major relationship troubles if one of the partners snores constantly. Basically snoring is not linked with any major internal health issue but some factors which can trigger the symptoms of snoring include obesity, aging, anatomical abnormalities in the nose, inflammation in nose or throat, excess alcohol intake in evening and wrong sleeping pattern.

Snoring Symptoms

Some common snoring symptoms include the following:

  • Noticeable pauses or break in breathing while sleep.
  • The restless feeling after waking up in the morning.
  • Awakening in midnight and feeling of confusion.
  • Excessive drowsiness throughout the day.
  • Lack of concentration, attention, and memory.
  • Headaches in the morning.
  • Sudden weight gain without trying.

Tips to Deal with Snoring Problem

Snoring and How to Deal with itSome simple home remedies or tips can help a person suffering from snoring problem to sleep tightly and avoid such an irritating sound to jump start their day ahead with a feeling of refreshment and high energy level.

However, in some cases, medical care and intervention are necessary if snoring issues is related to some of the internal health problem.

Reduce Your Weight

It is seen is researches that overweight or obese people snore more commonly during sleep than thinner people. It is not that thin people don’t snore at all but there count is very less. When your body puts on more weight your throat muscles get thicker than before.

This causes to develop excessive tissues than before which gives triggers to snoring symptoms when you sleep. However, this issue can be resolved if you manage to reduce your weight in an effective amount, especially from the neck area.

There are many tricks that you can apply in order to reduce your excessive body weight or fat. For example, you can reduce daily calorie and fatty foods intake which is the highest weight gain triggering factors. Moreover daily exercise routine and other healthy lifestyle practices can help you a lot for reducing your weight.

Clear your Nasal Passages or Other Abnormalities

In the case of blocked nasal passages or sinus issue snoring problem occurs in the concerned person. This happens because when the nasal path remains narrower due to a stuffy nose or due to other reasons the air flow gets slower than normal resulting in snoring sound develops.

When anyone faces difficulty in inhalation due to their blocked airways it creates a vacuum in their throat which triggers the snoring sound during sleep. A nose can be clogged or narrowed in the condition of cold and cough problem.

However, you can make your nasal path wider than before and reduce clogging by taking a hot shower bath before sleeping during the night. Also, usage of salt water rinses for cleaning nose while showering can help to open the clogged nasal passages. Neti pot can also be used for rinsing nasal passages along with salt water solution.

Apart from sinus and nasal clogging issue, some other abnormalities in the nose are also responsible for creating a snoring sound. People who are born with deviated septum issue or develop it in their life due to some kind of injury in the nose are the common victims of snoring.

Deviated septum is a condition in which the wall membranes that separate both sides of the nose and manages airflow process get displaced or misaligned. As a result of it, people start breathing through the mouth which tends to develop a snoring problem.

In many cases, surgery is the only option to eliminate the deviated septum issue. After surgery, there will be clear nasal passage and no further snoring issue will occur.

Use Anti-Snoring Devices

It is the blockages in the path of normal inhalation which is responsible for snoring, so it is quite obvious that by using anti-snoring devices these narrow paths can be opened enough to make airflow in a swift manner.

Aral appliances or dental mouthpieces are a prominent example of anti-snoring devices. These appliances can be set up with help and consulting with the dentist. These devices are very much similar to the mouth guards worn by athletes.

It will manage to bring forward your lower jaw and tongue during sleep so that airways remain open and there will be no snoring incidence. Likewise nasal dilator, an adhesive strip is also beneficial to increase the airflow in nostrils.

You need to apply it over the top of nose up to the nostrils area. It will reduce the existing airflow resistance and make the breathing process normal. Other than that Nasal Strips is one more effective device to reduce the snoring issue.

This needs to be placed on the nose bridge for increasing the nasal passage space so that snoring problem can be prevented fully. Those who are medically fit can prefer to wear pressurized air mask over their nose while sleeping. It helps to keep the airways open. This mask is mostly used in the cases of obstructive sleep apnea issue.

Avoid Alcohol Intake

People who drink alcohol in evening or 4 to 5 hours before their sleeping time in nights snore much more loudly than the other normal snoring people. Also, people who don’t snore at all start snoring when they drink alcohol in the evening.

This happens because alcohol and other sedative intakes relax the throat muscles which further interferes with breathing leading to snoring problem. So to eliminate this issue completely stops drinking alcohol and other sedative intakes especially in the evening time.

Maintain Healthy Sleep Habits

People who work for long hours constantly and unable to maintain healthy sleep habit means sleeping and waking up on time are mostly snores when they get into bed for sleep. This happens because when their overtired body gets to sleep they automatically sleep deeply and soundly.

This creates flopping in their throat muscles that affect their breathing and snoring sounds produces. So to avoid this annoying sound during sleep maintain a good sleep habit or sleep hygiene.

Change your Pillow and Beddings

Sometimes snoring doesn’t appear as an internal problem of the concerned person, it generates due to the untidy atmosphere. The bed and pillow in which you sleep can be responsible for your snoring trigger. If pillow which is used for sleeping purpose remains dusty it can cause allergens in nose trigging to snore while sleeping.

Likewise, untidy bed sheet, ceiling fan, and lamp around your bed are some of the factors which can create allergens resulting in snoring problem if remains dusty. So to avoid this issue make sure that you clean your bed sheet, pillow cover, on an interval of 2 to 3 days or change it immediately if you find it dusty.

People who are fond of making their pets sleep along with them are most likely to give a trigger to snoring as the dander, of these pets will easily enter through breathing causing an allergy which leads to snoring. So to avoid this issue keep away your pets from your bed.

Also, keep pillows in the open air during the morning to remove mites if it exists. Change your pillows in an interval of every six months. These some preventive measures will not let you snore even in future.

Start Sleeping on your Side

Most of the people who have a snoring issue have a habit of sleeping on their backside. This creates a collapse between their tongue base and soft palate to the back wall of throat resulting in vibrating sound or snoring occurs during sleep.

However, sleeping on your side can eliminate this problem completely. So if you are the one who sleeps on your back then by today itself start sleeping on your side. In order to ensure this, you can take the help of a full-length or body-sized pillow. This will enable you to sleep on your side without any difficulty.

Also, you can try the tennis ball trick by stuffing a pillow with a tennis ball. Keep this pillow on your back, so that whenever you will try to lie on your back you will feel discomfort and automatically you will shift your body on your side.

Once you get habituated to sleep on your side then stops using this tennis ball stuffed pillow and can sleep deeply without any snoring trouble in future.

Drink Enough Water to Stay Hydrated

Blowing nose issue makes your soft palate stickier due to dehydration problem resulting in a positive environment for snoring sound growth. So to avoid this issue make sure that your body remains fully hydrated especially if you are going through the nasal blow problem.

For assuring this drink enough amount of water. This includes both plain water and other food sources where from your body derives water for you for a day. Keeping body hydrated will keep away snoring problem completely.

Elevate your Bed’s Head

It is the clogged nasal airways or passage which makes it difficult for you to breathe easily and develop a snoring sound. So to reduce this problem you can try one trick by raising the head of your bed at least by 4 inches from the normal state.

This will help you to keep your airways open properly for easy breathing and to eliminate snoring issue during sleep.

Quit Smoking

Smoking habit creates irritation in nose and throat membranes which triggers the snoring sound by blocking the airways for easy breathing. So to eliminate the snoring problem you should quit smoking as it can provide you immediate relief from snoring.

You can take the help of expert’s counseling or try an alternative to smoking such as gums or patches to quit this unhealthy habit and for relieving your snoring trouble.

Exercise for Toning Throat Muscles

Exercising can help you a lot to deal with your snoring problem. On one hand, it will help in reducing your weight which is one of the primary snoring triggering factors. Again it will help to tone your overall body muscles which will automatically help in toning the throat muscles.

A strengthen throat muscle will hardly give any chance to develop snoring sound during sleep. Apart from this, you can try especial body exercises which focuses on toning only throat muscles to eliminate the snoring habit fully.

Keep the Bedroom Atmosphere Moist

It is the dry surrounding air of bedroom that creates more irritation in nasal membranes and throat leading to snoring problem. So to avoid this make sure that your bedroom air remains moist all the time. You can take the help humidifier to control the room temperature.

Don’t Eat Heavy or Dairy Products before Bed

What you eat at night or before sleeping matters a lot for your sleep quality. Snoring symptoms get a trigger if people have a habit to take heavy meals before bed. Also, some dairy food products like milk can stimulate your snoring symptoms. So make sure that you have a light meal at night and avoid eating dairy products such as milk.

Treat Your Allergies

If you are suffering from some kind of allergy problem then it will automatically affect your airflow passage through nose resulting in you will be forced to breathe through the mouth which is an ultimate reason for snoring issue.

So treat such kind of allergic health issue by consulting with a doctor. Take over the counter medication or anti-allergens to remove this problem so that you can breathe through your nose without creating snoring noise.

Surgical Treatment

Not everyone’s snoring problem is generated out of normal issues, some of them related to critical problems which require surgical treatment to relieve fully. Some common surgery treatments which require to be conducted for eliminating snoring trouble include palatal implants, Laser-assisted uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (LAUPPP), radiofrequency tissue ablation etc.

These surgery techniques will resolve the root cause of your snoring issue and will relieve from it completely.

Try our simple and best effective tips to deal with snoring problem in a healthy and safe way. Also if you are diagnosed with any structural issue which is responsible for your snoring problem then without further delay get necessary medical treatment to avoid future devastating consequences.

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