Best Pillows for Neck Pain

Best Pillows for Neck Pain Review : Top 5 Review and Picks

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A pain in the neck can be a real problem, especially after a long night’s rest. If you want to wake up to bright sunshine, chirping birds and a pain-free neck, a good cervical pillow for the neck is a must. Best pillows for neck pain relief can serve as an effective deterrent for a host of troubles from headaches ranging from dull aches to massive migraines. Additionally, neck pain can be chronic if a corrective pillow is not used. It can even trigger sciatica, backaches, and numbness of the legs. Fighting irritation and tiredness is not easy and if you want to get a good night’s rest without neck pain, the right pillow is a must.

Top 5 and Best Pillows for Neck Pain



Standard Size


Coop HomeGoods Shredded Pillow e1519124710307

Coop HomeGoods Shredded Pillow

20 in x 26 in


Mediflow Waterbase Pillow e1519125136564

Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

20 x 28 in


ricore Cervical Pillow e1519125533984

Tricore Cervical Pillow

16 x 24 in


Sleep Innovations Cool Memory Foam Contour Pillow e1519126156953

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Pillow

20.8 x 14.2 in


Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow e1519126383253

Xtreme Comforts-Shredded-Memory Foam Pillow

17 x 23 in


Benefits of Pillows for Neck Pain

When they awaken with a pain in the neck, folks tend to erroneously blame their mattress. But more often than not, the culprit is not the mattress or the sleeping posture but the pillow you use. Using the right pillow makes a difference when it comes to avoiding neck pain. The reason for this is clear. The neck comprises muscles, cartilage, tendons, and just 7 small bones. These bones are part of the cervical part of the spine which constitutes a single column. The neck protects the CNS and supports the head, permitting the free movement of the neck and the head.

Within the cervical column, nerves run from the brain to different body parts. Though any part of the spine may undergo compression or pinched. This leads to numbness or pain across numerous degrees of vulnerability, during the rest phase in the night. Keeping the neck in a single line with the back and the head blocks injury or pain when you wake up in the morning. The best way to keep the neck straight is to have a good system of support through a pillow.

The wrong pillow can be a real problem when it comes to the quality of sleep as well. The best pillow for beck pain can ensure a good night’s rest. If the neck is not aligned with the spin, sleeping in a wrong posture can damage the body in terms of stiffness of the muscles, necks, herniated disks and tendinitis. Taking help from a doctor, physical therapist or chiropractor helps to determine what is causing the neck pain. The neck pain can result in an arch in the spine. This can be the result of a set of factors, from a mattress not hard enough to a pillow that does not work right for you. Shopping for the pillow can be a problem too. So consider the different kinds of pillows and see which meets your needs most effectively.

Pillows can be made of synthetic plastic fibers, polyester, microbeads, water, down, gel or even buckwheat. There are even chiropractic neck pillows. Additionally, the pillow’s loft is determined by the height when it is placed flat on the bed. A high or low loft pillow determines the extent of the thickness or thinness of the pillow respectively. The pillow loses its loft with wear, usage and time. It is also determined by the pillow material.

While pillows made of down are a low loft and extra soft, buckwheat pillows hold shape for a longer time period as they are a firm method. Cotton pillows are soft and hold their shape if they are plumped on a regular basis. For those who sleep on the back or stomach, the low loft one works better because it leads to alignment between head and spine to lower chances of getting neck pain. Selecting the high loft pillow if one is sleeping on the side works best if an area to be filled in between the head and the shoulder.

Here are the benefits of each of the different types of pillows for the neck.

#1 Buckwheat Pillows

The magic of buckwheat pillows has been known since ancient times in Eastern cultures and farm fields. The natural buckwheat offers the perfect material for pillows created out of the hull of buckwheat. Additionally, the pillow loft can be low or high. The pillows provide excessive support and pain relief for the neck. The heat is trapped in the pillow from the different parts of the body to a lesser extent. Additionally, the pillow provides support for the head ensuring the neck and head alignment are not compromised. Buckwheat hull also permits circulation of the air, providing support for the back as well as side sleepers. Also, the buckwheat hull does not lead to allergies. On the downside, the pillows can be firm and heavy as well as costly. They also give off a distinctive smell which is not preferred by everyone.

#2 Down Pillows

This type of material was used in Native American rites. For centuries, down was also used for insulation. Down pillows are soft, cuddly and moldable, and can fit any sleep position. Warmth and having no noise, down offers comfort though it is more expensive. This lasts for years and offers an easy to maintain pillow. Allergic reactions can result from down pillows. However, these pillows also come in hypoallergenic versions. The down pillows are comprised of not just down, but feathers as well. Down pillows offer airiness and buoyancy as well as durability and resilience for a long life. Down pillows also soften with age, offering the perfect rest for any sleeping posture. However, these pillows need to be fluffed on a frequent basis and cost a lot too. They also lack a high loft.

#3 Gel Pillows

Brimming with a fiber of polyester puff, the down alternative is a gel pillow. These are softer, moldable and pressable. The down can range from high to medium-low and depends on the model selected. The head can sink into the pillow in a significant way for fluffing to help in shape retention. The gel pillows are soft to medium in firmness and loft. It is also cost efficient and competes with down as well as feather pillows. The airflow is highly enhanced in this pillow type which is perfect for back and stomach sleepers. The pillows are often machine washable and come in around 2-pound weight. These pillows lack firmness and can become lumpy if not fluffed though.

#4 Feather Pillows

These are affordable, easy to mold and soft to cuddle. The feathers need to be fluffed on a constant basis to ensure the loft is maintained. The pillows are filled with feathers and the ratio of plumage under the feathers with more softness is 5-10 percent, as compared to normal feathers. The lifespan is one-fourth more than other pillows. Superior durability is another feature of these pillows, which work best for those who sleep on their back, side or stomach. Weight averages around one and a half to two pounds, costing half less than most pillows. The heat trap is rare, as the feather pillow offers relief from neck pain too. Lack of support and loft, as well as possible noise, are drawbacks though. When feathers tend to be compressed, they may also become flat.

#5 Latex Pillow

Latex provides superior support for soft, comfortable support for alleviating pain. The latex does not shift. developing concave clumps or spots. Latex pillows offer soft supportiveness resulting in excellent pain relief and a wide range of comfort. This causes complaints pertaining to the buildup of heat. Longevity and durability are beyond average. They offer elasticity and a bounciness that offers a heavier support as compared to other pillows. These pillows offer an easy way to clean out the spots. These pillows are 100% quiet, offering support for the back and side. Latex pillows offer ease of maintenance, fewer chances of heat issues and a great deal of fluffing. Latex offers a rubbery odor though and it can be costly as well. The pillows are thick and heavy and attract mites if not cleaned. Latex allergies may also result.

#6 Microbeads Pillow

These pillows use microbeads comprising lightweight polystyrene foam or styrofoam. These pillows offer excellent support and provide therapeutic effects for head and neck. This prevents shoulder and neck pain by aligning the spine with the body. This also provides excellent airflow and prevents warmth from being released from body heat. Microbeads can offer pain alleviation and soothe and comfort the neck. The beads are placed in a casing of elasticity and softness of the fabric. The comfort factor plays among side and back sleepers. The pillow also offers a hypoallergenic impact, without mold, bacteria, mildew or bacteria. Microbes are also not consumed by dust mites. The pillow is lightweight at 2 pounds. Air circulation is excellent for microbeads, and the pillow remains cool. Beads lack clumping or shifting.

#7 Memory Foam Pillow

These pillows offer a great deal of support and softness. It provides average relief for the pain of the neck and needs less maintenance. Many varieties are there, such as shredded foam, one-piece and contoured as well as the regular type. Memory foam pillows reduce neck pain in 17 percent of the users. The head and neck contour offer excellent pressure relief and supports back and side sleepers. Shredded variety offers a more cuddly and soft feel as compared to one piece or contoured. While the one piece can be spot cleaned, the shredded memory foam pillow can be machine washed/ Shredded memory foam pillows can also be fluffed.

#8 Polyester Pillow

These pillows use a synthetic material for any sleep position. It offers ease of maintenance and relieves a stiff neck and sore, aching muscles. This pillow is easy to maintain apart from being perfect for users with allergies on account of its hypoallergenic fiber. Those who sleep on their back or side can appreciate these pillows, and those who sleep on their stomach can enjoy a low loft. Polyester can also be cleaned and dries fast in a clothes washer.

#9 Water Pillow

This gives high neck and shoulder pain assistance. This also provides contouring support and the firmness and loft can be adjusted as per the needs. This pillow provides a 5-quart capacity and has an additional layer of polyester for comfort. The water level needs to be adjusted for preferred loft and firmness levels. Less heat retention or excessive odor is another advantage of this pillow. It molds to suit your needs and encompasses a wide range of sleeping positions, as it permits loft customization. Less neck and back pain is experienced by around 30 percent of the users and this greatly improves the quality of sleep. It also provides support across the night and the water molds as per the back, neck and head support.

#10 Specialty Pillow

These are perfect for you when you need to ensure therapeutic relief. Specialty pillows include cervical, inflatable, orthopedic, therapeutic and sleeping wedge. Get pain-free refreshed sleep and ward off the stiff neck, stiffness of the muscles, herniated discs and tendonitis.


These neck pillows are designed to provide support for deeper rest. The support is for the upper body, neck, and head. This lowers the headache risk whether you are sitting or resting. Inflatable pillows can be pumped up with a bicycle pump or compressor. Certain units have snap flaps for additional support for heavy sleepers and kids. The pillow is made of vinyl under a pound in weight.


Relieving the back pain, neck and shoulder pain, cervical pillows offer excellent spine alignment. This relaxes the muscles of the shoulder. Foam types ensure shape is maintained and provide excellent support when one sleeps.


This pillow removes muscle pain and stiffness of the neck. Loosening the neck muscles can ensure the neck turns with ease. The pillows offer versatility and are designed for supporting the shoulders, neck, and ears to align in perfection with the spine. This offers softness and supportive soothing feel.


These pillows are made of foam and designed for back and side sleeping positions to hold the spine and neck in a way that is aligned to restore stressed muscle tension. Regular pillows cannot achieve the same level of efficacy as orthopedic pillows. These provide contouring support for the neck and spine while sleeping. Additionally, the piece does not become lumped or warped across time.

How to Benefit from a Pillow for Warding off Neck Pain

Reduction in Pain

Whether one should invest in a pillow is not a matter of a question, it has become a necessity. The best pillows for neck alignment ensure that the neck remains straight while there is comfortable sleep. Some people cope with a sore neck and may have a problem getting a good night’s rest. Pillows cause a reduction in neck pain. Pillows for neck support work with the sleeping style and can be customized in different ways.

Rest Well

If one has trouble getting a complete night’s rest, the pillows are the best choice. Investing in good pillows can offer support and comfort, improving the quality of sleep and lowering the stress.

Lower Stress

A side benefit of opting for a wonderful neck pain pillow is lowered stress. Improving sleeping habits and lowering neck pain, stress levels can be reduced. Stress leads to a massive risk factor and the right pillow can have lasting effects for all of your life.

#1 Coop HomeGoods Shredded Pillow

Coop HomeGoods Shredded Pillow
Source :

To deal with neck pain is tough, especially if one has a long day of work ahead. Neck pain can be a real problem, which is why searching for a concrete solution is important. A pillow that works really well is the Coop HomeGoods shredded pillow. If a pillow is your only obstacle to a decent night’s sleep, this product is the perfect solution.


Adjustable Design

The Coop HomeGoods Shredded pillow composed of memory foam offers a deep and restful night’s sleep and alleviates neck pain. One of the top-rated pillows in the industry, it comprises an adjustable design that can be customized to suit the contours of your body and neck. The headrest also adds a sense of support and a night’s sleep that is restful.

Customizable Fit

The pillow is created with shredded visco based elastic memory foam. This permits greater airflow and adjusts far better than usual memory foam. Additionally, the polyester bamboo cover adds to an amazing feel and offers easy breathability. The product filling can also be adjusted to suit the specific preference. The outer cover can be removed to reveal the inner part with the zipper protecting the foam, and the foam can also be removed to support the neck or the head.

Suited For Different Sleeping Positions

This pillow offers amazing support because it is made of firm, breathable fiber that adjusts based on the position one chooses to sleep in. It works for the back, side and stomach sleeping positions. The headrest fits between the head and the shoulder offering restful slumber. If one sleeps on the stomach, a thinner and softer headrest is essential for better alignment at the time of rest.

Wide Applicability

The adjustable option further adds to the usefulness of the pillow and ensures that it fits your needs perfectly. The memory foam filling can be added or removed as much as required. The height and body shape apart from the sleeping position can impact the pillow’s utility. This is what makes this Coop HomeGoods pillow such a good deal because it fits the contours of the body.

Hypoallergenic Fiber

If you suffer from allergies, it is important to find a high-quality pillow that does not trigger these, while alleviating the neck pain. The hypoallergenic fiber is also resistant to dust mites.


  • This pillow is composed of special, proprietary blend of top quality type of foam.
  • It is resistant to dust and is made of hypoallergenic fiber
  • It also has a safe, eco-friendly process of manufacturing to ensure better sleep at night.
  • It offers adjustable filling for pillows for anyone’s use
  • It is manufactured in the US and is as per best industry practices.

User Experience

This pillow has a lot of positive ratings. It is supported by many glowing reviews. Additionally, the customers prefer this adjustable filling because it can be molded to suit the needs of the individual and their sleeping position. Pillows support side as well as other sleeping positions.This pillow is composed of high quality materials apart from being adjustable and comfortable, so it works extra well for just about every sleeping position.


  • The pillow offers superior comfort and flexibility, offering the perfect feel for cradling the neck as you rest.
  • The shredded foam also positions the pillow in just about any way and is suited for the back, side or stomach sleepers alike.
  • Pillow coolness is maintained by the airflow between foam pieces in the pillow at the time of night.
  • The blend of bamboo and polyester does not absorb moisture and raises the coolness quotient of the pillow for ideal comfort.
  • The pillow is made of hypoallergenic features to provide a clean, healthy atmosphere for sleep.
  • The inner foam is perfect whether one opts for down or cotton filled pillows, as the foam maintains the shape and adjusts effectively to the body.
  • It averts neck pain or a pinched neck resulting in migraines.
  • The Coop HomeGoods memory foam product also provides amazing ingenuity for initiating a powerful sleep aid.
  • This is associated with the ultimate bedding comfort and long warranties.
  • The memory foam pillow offers support, regardless of sleeping habits and postures.
  • This pillow is also missing harmful ingredients such as lead, mercury and hypoallergenic materials for those suffering from allergies.
  • The adjustable fill permits the personalization of pillow height to suit needs whether one is a back, side or stomach sleeper.
  • The US made memory foam pillow is dust mite resistant.
  • The removable, washable cover for staying cool is a unique blend of polyester and bamboo based viscose rayon for the maximum breathability.
  • The product is CertiPUR certified US foam which is sans ozone depleters, TDCCP, PBDE, TCEP flame retardants, lead, mercury, heavy metals, formaldehyde, CFC or CPSC regulated phthalates.
  • This pillow is also backed by a risk-free thirty day trial period and a lengthy 5 year warranty.


  • Certain people find it too firm for sleeping on.
  • It is considered better for side sleeping than back or stomach sleeping on account of the thickness.
  • It also has a certain smell associated with it when it is brand new.

Final Verdict

This Coop HomeGoods memory foam pillow is a real asset for those who want relief from neck pain and seek an environment friendly, convenient and hypoallergenic pillow that can keep the aches and pains at bay. It is the perfect acquisition for staving off neck pain.

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#2 Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

Mediflow Waterbase Pillow
Photo by: Amazon

The next choice for those coping with neck pain is the Mediflow Waterbase pillow. This pillow has a water filling that provides support and adjusts to the head and the neck as one sleeps. Along with the water, the pillow also has a hypoallergenic fiber filling to offer a completely amazing experience. Additionally, there is also a thirty day satisfaction warranty and this pillow comes at a really affordable rate too.


Best in Class Pillow

The Mediflow Waterbase pillow offers a lot of comfort and support for the neck, back and head as one rests. The inner water based chamber of this pillow is perfect for providing the exact amount of thickness and support one needs, regardless of what the sleeping position is. The Mediflow Waterbase pillow has also been tested by researchers from the Johns Hopkins University to offer the best in class pillows for keeping neck pain at bay.

Scientists found that the Mediflow pillow worked best in alleviating neck ache, besides offering less time to fall asleep, limited interruptions to adjust the pillow and sleep quality. The Mediflow fills the chamber inside with water, offering the perfect waterbed for the head. The external part of the pillow is also made of durable polyester which is machine washable and hypoallergenic.

Research Backed

The Mediflow Waterbase is a made in the US product which has focused on 22 years of research to back its quality, engineering, and design. It has been rated right at the top each year by consumers. The pillows use the top quality material for comfort and satisfaction. It also lessens neck pain by being adjustable for any level of firmness. It works in response to the movement you make while you rest. The headrests on the fiber made of polyester which is supported by water in the bottom in a thin base. Water needs to be added or removed for any level depending on whether the pillow is sought to be firm, soft or in the middle. The Mediflow Waterbase pillow should not be fluffed however.

Never Goes Flat

An added advantage of this pillow is that it never goes flat for back or side sleepers. It is the best pillow for neck, shoulder and back spine alignment.

Breathable Protector

The pillow protector serving as a sheath is pure cotton and it is quilted to offer the perfect hypoallergenic layer stuffed with polyester within. The zipped cover can be removed and hand-washed. It works well for those with small or large preferences, with soft, firm or medium levels. The pillow reduces pain in the neck and soreness of muscles.

Designed for Comfort and Health

This feature ensures that you get a good night’s rest. Scientists have put across a quality product made of 100 percent cotton and crafted to provide excellent night sleep alleviating the neck pain. People turn to this pillow for therapeutic measures.

It Molds According to The Body’s Shape

The body weight needs to be shifted and adjusted in a way that shapes the pillow. The pillow also responds to natural movements, posture, body weight and preferred sleeping positions.


  • It is crafted with a pure cotton material.
  • It is also scientifically engineered to prevent sleep disruptions, lower inflammation and swelling and speeding up the period of time taken to fall asleep.
  • The pillow is composed of hypoallergenic material.
  • It is massive sized and plush with a measurement of 28x20x4.5.
Mediflow Waterbase Pillow
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User Experience

The reason customers opt for this pillow is because it is more comfortable than most on the market. The comfort factor is what differentiates this product from all others. Numerous reviews hold that this pillow is worth every penny. The pillow is composed of hypoallergenic material which wards off the problem for allergy sufferers. Price is the chief criterion and this original Mediflow waterbase offers a wide deal of benefits for the cost at which it comes. Remain healthy and rest well using this amazing product.


  • Mediflow offers a plush, large pillow that provides comfortable support.
  • The pillow uses water at its inner core to adjust to sleeping movements naturally.
  • Shifting, turning and tossing, it supports the neck and the head as per the needs.
  • It is made of 100% breathable, anti-microbial materials that are smooth to touch, and soft to rest on.
  • It offers the benefits of being a chiropractic multi-sleeper pillow as it changes and adapts to different sleeping positions, movements and body weights.
  • The polyester fiber constituting this pillow’s top is hypoallergenic.
  • The pillow comprises a high quality water base layer; this holds off pressure raised by the head’s weight under the surface of the pillow
  • This pillow also adjusts to the body.
  • It is top quality and durable.
  • It offers comfort for back, side as well as stomach sleepers.
  • It also offers hypoallergenic materials and can be washed using a machine.
  • It also has a 30-day trial.
  • It offers soft comfort for the neck and head.
  • It also has an adjustable water base molding to movements.
  • It is durable and resilient as well.


  • The pillow is heavy by nature, so it does not suit traveling
  • It is also extremely costly.

Final Verdict

The Mediflow Waterbase pillow comes with a lot of benefits from its polyester top to its water core, that adjusts to the shape and the mold of the head and the neck. The Mediflow pillow is true value for cash and reviewers have given a positive verdict for the pillow.

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#3 Tricore Cervical Pillow

Tricore Cervical Pillow
Photo by: Amazon


The Tricore Cervical Pillow has a design which has been specially patented to support the neck in different sleep positions. The pillow’s shape permits a good night’s rest, no matter what the sleeping position favored is. Side, as well as stomach-linked sleepers, can ensure edges for supporting the neck without placing the padding onto the face. Those sleeping on the back can also rest comfortably and have the outer rim of the pillow bolster their neck and offer the perfect alignment.


Three Sizes

The Tricore pillow has three different sizes to suit different users. The aim is to offer convenient, pain-free sleeping surface and the pillow’s shape is also oriented to provide this. There is a deep depression in the pillow at the center so that the best neck support is offered for any resting position. The sides come in various sizes, and the different sides of thickness permit users to get the best support at all times.

Two Firmness Levels

The pillow offers two firmness levels or stages to make a selection from, including gentle and standard. Excellent support is offered by both and the aim is to make the choice between soft and extreme fill to plush fill levels. This cervical pillow made from durable, easy to maintain materials is the perfect cure for neck pain. The inner fiber additionally provides breathability throughout the pillow to prevent the buildup of heat. Different color options are also available.

Distinctive Pillow

The pillow improves neck pain, through the correct yet comfortable alignment of the spine with the neck. This Core Product tri-core pillow lowers neck pain. The center offers a trapezoid shape, cradling the head for back support. Additionally, the side lobes which are taller provide better support for side sleeping. A larger neck support is available at the top and the base has a smaller neck support. The pillow can be switched around to suit the size needed.

Longer Lasting Support

The Tricore cervical pillow offers support for longer periods of time, aligning the spine and alleviating the pain, reducing neck ache. The trapezoid shaped center offers orthopedic benefits for the neck and the head. The different loves in the pillow provide additional support. The lobes are taller for the side sleeper. The top part provides neck support, while shoulder, as well as the neck support, is provided by the bottom lobe. The pillow works exceptionally well and is recommended by doctors, chiropractors and physiotherapists. It offers excellent back and side support but not stomach support.

The fiber which is easy to recover springs back for strength and comfort. The half cotton, half polyester white cover is breathable and soft. It fits a standard 24×16 inch pillowcase. The pillow core is filled with premium fiber. The pillow help ward off migraines as well.

Different Core Sizes

The small or petite size of the pillow is 19×12 inches. It is around 22 by 15 inches for the mid-size and 24 by 16 inches for the fill size pillow. While Core 200 is firm, the soft one is Core 220.

Provides Cervical Support

Those who have back or neck pain can benefit from these pillows. It also offers support for the body, so that body weight is not switched or overcompensated. Lower back pain can also be averted.

Offers Support to the Entire Body

Providing support to the entire body weight allows comfortable positioning. When this takes place, a restful night’s sleep will be easy to access. The pillow is designed for most restful slumber.


  • The pillow is fashioned in the #200 style.
  • It is recommended by medical professionals, chiropractors, and sleep experts.
  • It is suited for people of different weights and body types as well as shapes.
  • It is crafted using blended cotton.
  • It is hypoallergenic and made with breathable fibers.
  • It has sizes ranging from full size to petite.
  • It also has a cervical curve for helping people to relax and retain comfort levels while resting.

User Experience

The pillow has received a lot of positive ratings because it provides support that is rarely received from any other type of pillow. The neck, entire body and back will remain firm and well positioned, easing into a good night’s rest. However, this pillow is an issue for those who like soft pillows. Some users complain it lacks the plush, soft feel of down or cotton pillows. But apart from this factor, the pillow is an excellent purchase, especially when the neck has to be helped.


  • It offers correct alignment between the neck and the spine, hereby alleviating pain.
  • It functions well for side and back sleeping and serves well for those who switch sleeping positions as well.
  • There are different options for firmness and size.


  • The unique trapezoid shape of this pillow is not so conducive for those sleeping on the side.

Final Verdict

The Tricore Cervical Pillow is the top choice for those who want a quality neck pillow for aligning the neck and the head. It also offers excellent support due to its distinctive trapezoid shaped pillow. The Tricore Cervical pillow has many advantages such as varying degrees of size and firmness to offer the best deals.

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#4 Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Pillow
Photo by: Amazon

Sleep Innovations leads the industry when it comes to top ratings and one of the best memory foam pillows for warding off neck ache. It bears a distinctive shape for cradling the head plus the neck, providing a comfortable feel regardless of what the sleeping posture is. The Sleep Innovation memory foam pillow also has a recession in the center which permits those sleeping on the side to align their heads with the spine and give stomach based sleepers the opportunity to lie down sans pressure from filling blocked airways or causing skin to feel hot. Those sleeping on their back can also have the neck curving and chin facing downwards which can cause neck pain. This is why the contoured memory foam based pillow prevents the head from being pushed forward/up.


Easy to use and Maintain

This Sleep Innovations pillow is created out of Sure-Temp memory-foam and has an extended guarantee that does not cause it to flatten out, break into bits or miss out on its distinctive shape in any way. Packing the pillow for shipping is easy and so is transporting it.

Moves With the Body

This memory foam pillow is a wonderful choice for those who want to ward off neck pain. The massive foam core offers enough pliability to move in tandem with the body as one sleeps, allowing freedom of movement without losing support critical for the neck at the time of resting. The soft pillow casing is fashioned out of terrycloth velour fabric that offers cool comfort. The cover can be easily removed and washed in the machine.

Soothing Impact

Sleeping on this Memory Foam pillow offers the peaceful nightly sleep. The fabrics and the material comprising the pillow are hypoallergenic offering allergy-free benefits. The contour memory foam pillow reduces snoring and anxiety resulting from insomnia. This pillow has a special contour shape that can be seen as a classic shape and size when one considers a memory foam pillow. It also offers added support for the shoulders, neck, and head. Compared to more heavily priced products, it has just some fancy features.

Superior Base for Spine Alignment

The Sleep Innovations pillow offers therapeutic support for spine alignment and the comfort of warding off pain and stiffness. The selection can be made between low and high loft range of pillows to suit different needs. This pillow holds its shape across a wide range and is known for its medium to medium firm feeling for the neck and the head. Any fresh pillow chemical smell dispels in a matter of days.

Made for a Wide Range of Sleeping Positions

The Sleep Innovations contour memory foam pillow is for side as well as back sleepers and ensures a restful period of slumber at night. The design has orthopedic benefits, apart from eliminating snoring, insomnia, and stress. The even distribution of body weight causes an improvement in the circulation. The pillow is also composed of hypoallergenic materials and covered with a soft white velour terry cloth that is zippered and can be washed by the machine.

Even Distribution of Body Weight

The body weight can be evenly distributed, so that circulation improves. The pillow is hypoallergenic as well. While the standard size is approximately 20x14x4 inches weighing 2 pounds, the queen size is 24x15x5 and weighs 2.5 pounds. The made in USA neck pillow offers affordability and premium impact. Sleep Innovators crafts the contoured side or pillow to cradle perfect head and neck shapes. This aligns the body for a relaxed spine.

The pillow is perfect for those with any sized shoulder or neck.

30-Day Warranty

It comes with a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee offer. Shape, size and usability wise, this pillow scores on every count.

User Experience

This Sleep Innovations pillow has attracted high ratings on account of its adjustable nature and contour memory foam which offers firm and corrective support to the neck. It has been considered by reviewers as one of the best pillows for countering neck pain out there.


  • This pillow has an affordable rate and offers good value for money.
  • It extends massive support and comfort.
  • It also has a machine washable cover.
  • The pillow has a memory foam cradle that supports the unique shape of the neck and the head.
  • It also has a soft and comfortable material.
  • It offers excellent value for money.


  • This pillow does not work out well for those used to either excessively flat or fluffy pillows.
  • The pillow takes getting used to if a down pillow is preferred by you.

Final Verdict

Although this is a pillow that takes getting used to, it offers a world full of benefits. You can enjoy the firm support provided by the memory foam, the soft and comfortable material offering machine washable and removable covers and the quality pricing of this product.

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#5 Xtreme Comforts-Shredded-Memory Foam Pillow

Pillows for Sleeping, Hypoallergenic Bed Pillow for Side Sleeper

This is a comfortable and soft pillow made of the top quality shredded memory foam correctly in the US. The dual airflow system includes the vented bamboo cover, offering a cooling effect. The moisture proof, ventilated bamboo cover and shredded foam pieces offer air travel through pillows without any restriction stopping the body heat from build up throughout the night. The Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory-Foam Pillow offers amazing flexibility, which is unusual in a solid pillow. Shaping it to the neck and maintenance of the position, regardless of how one tosses and turns, is another benefit of this pillow.


Best In Sleep Luxury

The no-question warranty provides vital security and the Shredded Memory-foam Pillow by Xtreme Comforts provides best in class sleep luxuries. It also protects the neck and offers easiness to care for. The hypoallergenic cover and inner core which is mold resistant keep the atmosphere clean and healthy. The Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory-Foam pillow is fashioned out of Certipur 1005 US foam. It offers vacuum sealing for environment-friendly, secure shipping.

Great For Any Sleep Position
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Great For Any Sleep Position

The Shredded Memory-Foam pillow by Xtreme Comforts is ideal for sleep position. Whether one sleeps on the side, back or stomach, the pillow can be adjusted to exact requirements for maneuvering the inner foam. It enjoys a supportive, firm comfort that enables the head and neck to alleviate neck pains. The shredded foam is suited for sleeping in a manner that is highly adjustable and provides the ability to shape the pillow as per different angles.

Shifting Adjustability

This Xtreme Comforts pillow offers all the factors that one wants to combat neck pain and back aches. It is filled with shredded memory foam, for getting the head as well as the neck into a comforting position. As compared to solid foam, the pieces which are shredded can shift to create the perfect landing place for the head at night. The pillow is intuitively designed and machine washable too. It comes with a bamboo cover of around 43 percent and keeps the user cool. Additionally, there is a money-back warranty. Combining these features with a reasonable price point, those who suffer from headaches and neck pains should opt for this pillow.

Micro Vented Kool Flow

Micro Vented Kool Flow
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The Xtreme Comforts shredded foam pillow uses a particular technology using micro vented- kool flow technology. This ensures a pillow with a breathable fabric that does not become overheated. This secure and super healthy product has been analyzed by independent labs to ensure it remains free of ozone depleters, heavy metals and much more. Its Certipur certified pillow offers amazing support for memory foam stuffing and soft comfort in terms of its innards. Containing a fair amount of bamboo material, it is lightweight, easy to breathe, safe and green. The cover also has a micro ventilator which highlights its breathability. Apart from the cooling effect in summer nighttimes, it can even be used while traveling. It offers mobility and durability.

If one prefers a quality product, this pillow is the right choice.

User Experience

The user ratings for this product are exceptionally positive. The neck-support pillow goes beyond certain expectations. Xtreme Comforts come in 3 specific distinct sizes: king, queen, and standard. You can acquire the perfect pillow to suit your needs with this amazing product.


  • This pillow can be adjusted to a certain height.
  • It also has ventilation to make it safe, cool and breathable.
  • There is a money-back warranty as well if one is not satisfied.
  • This pillow is made of hypoallergenic material.
  • It is easy when it comes to maintenance and comes with a cover that can be washed by the machine.


  • The shredded foam within the pillow cannot be machine washed.
Xtreme Comforts-Shredded-Memory Foam Pillow
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Final Verdict

This is a super useful pillow with different levels of adjustability to suit every need. The Xtreme Comfort memory foam pillow is ideal for those who want a quality pillow to sort out neck pain. The pillow also is made with hypoallergenic fiber and offers a cool breathability.

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#6 CrSleep Memory-Foam Contour Pillow for Neck Pain

CrSleep Memory-Foam Contour Pillow for Neck Pain

This is a Certipur USA certified Crsleep pillow. It offers a lot of safety features and follows best in industry practices. It has anti-microbial properties, beating chances that an allergic reaction to bacterial stimulants may develop. This includes dust mites plus mold. The pillow is extra soft. It has some amazing features.


CrSleep Memory-Foam Contour Pillow for Neck Pain
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Softness and Comfort

This pillow is made of tensil(35 percent)and polyester(65 percent). It offers additional comfort through its extra softness while offering proper spine alignment as well as upper body support at the time of sleep. The supporting portion provides a boost through the gel infusion, adding the contour-wave shape supporting sleeping postures of different types.

Resistant to Flattening

This memory foam pillow is not prone to flattening. The pillow has excellent build and durability. This does not offer only the best value for cash, it also keeps the upper back strong and pain-free for time periods that are longer.

CrSleep Memory-Foam Contour Pillow for Neck Pain
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User Experience

This memory foam pillow by CrSleep is the perfect addition to your nighttime slumbers. Get restful sleep and fall asleep faster with this pillow which has attracted universally positive and consistently top ratings for its various features and benefits.


  • This pillow has a machine washable and easily removable cover.
  • It is also hypoallergenic and offers breathability to cool the body.
  • It is suited for the side, back, and stomach when combating neck care problems.
  • The pillow is free of chemicals and heavy metals.
  • It is also made of hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant materials.
  • Its excellent airflow and breathability are suited to prevent overheating.


  • The pillow is extra firm and this can be hard to adjust to if one is accustomed to fluffy pillows.
  • It has an odor when brand new and needs to air for some days.
  • Additionally, its memory-foam does not offer the user the chance to wash it in case there is staining

Final Verdict

The basic factors to consider while searching for a neck pain pillow is to study the features of the pillow. When it comes to comfort and the best bang for your buck, the CrSleep Memory Contour pillow for averting neck pain has a lot of benefits. Apart from being hypoallergenic, it is certified dust mite resistant and does not have any metal content. It offers exceptional airflow and breathability.

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How To Use a Pillow For Combating Neck Pain

While looking for a neck pain pillow, it is essential to consider the features in detail to understand the value of quality and how it impacts the sleep. Here are the ways you can optimize the neck pillow and avert pain.

#1 Take Your Sleeping Position into Account

The sleep position is one of the most important factors to consider. The position can cause a serious problem when you suffer from neck issues If one is sleeping on the side, for example, then the pillow has different benefits as opposed to when people sleeping on their stomachs use it. The sleep position offers different options depending on the angle. The side sleeper can use a large pillow for supporting the head, neck, knees, and back. Using a knee pillow in conjunction can work extremely well.

Another common position is the stomach sleeper. If the person sleeps on the stomach, one needs a pillow that works out to be soft and flat. If one does not succeed in doing so, then more neck discomfort can be felt. Thin pillows can prevent neck pain too. Those sleeping while lying on the back need a firm support pillow for averting neck injuries. This is more so for those with herniated neck discs.

#2 Consider the Stuffing of the Pillow

The inside or interior part of the pillow is important to consider as well. Internal materials determine the comfort and firmness of the pillow to a wide extent. Not all materials have the ultimate quality. Similarly, not all foam options are equal. As per countless reviews, the best pillow materials are water-based, micro-beads and memory foam pillows for the alleviation of neck pain. Each of these kinds of pillows have an advantage when it comes to alleviating neck pain. Best pillows that can avoid neck pain are those which deal with problems of balance and rest. Memory foam pillows are ideal for combating neck and sleeping issues. Designed to offer optimum support to the spine and neck, they create soft and non-lumpy feels. This also signals durability. Uniform heights need to be considered for the neck pillow as well.

Another great option is the micro-bead pillow. It is stuffed with many small beads that offer ease of shaping and softness to ensure curvature of the neck rests well. This micro-bead pillow is perfect for those who sleep on their back. Another great option for warding off neck pain is a water pillow. These offer easy customization for firmness and support. It also provides an additional cooling factor. The water pillow can be costly compared to other options, though. C

Support is critical for choosing a neck pain pillow. Memory foam or water pillows are the best choices. They bunch out or flatten out when one sleep decreasing the chance for neck pain. People with neck pain should use water-based or memory foam pillow to keep the neck in correct alignment with the spine. Orthopedic and cervical pillows can perform this effortlessly. These pillows redistribute the body’s weight as one moves and shock is absorbed into the vertebra. Adjusting these to the desired firmness level is important.

How to Purchase The Best Pillow for Neck Pain

#1 Ease of Cleaning

Care and cleaning ease is essential while looking for a pillow that gets rid of neck pain. The ability to clean the pillow influences how long it lasts. The pillows are built to last and as they are durable, they need to be cleaned. Pick a pillow that has a removable and machine washable case. The inner core should also be easy to wash or wipe cleanly with a damp cloth.

#2 Strong Filling

The pillows are made of strong fiber such as memory foam or water-based construction. There are different types of pillows for alleviating neck pain relief. Support needs to be provided while offering luxury and comfort. Easier to clean, this pillow does not flatten out at the time of the night’s rest. The pillow one chooses to provide support for the body needs to keep greater airflow in place and ensure breathability so that the build-up of heat does not impact in any way.

#3 Fill the Gap

The best pillow fills the gap between the neck and the back for side sleepers. Once you choose the right pillow for yourself, it offers support for the sleeping style. The particular needs that differ are based on the back, side or stomach. Flatter, softer pillows are better for those who fend off stress and strain on the neck. You also need to choose the best pillows offering freedom from unpleasant chemicals of heavy metals. When one suffers from allergies, hypoallergenic materials are needed to ensure safety.

#4 Choose the Best Material

Memory foam creates a dense, supportive and firm pillow. Moreover, gel pillows are suited for their cooling properties. Cotton-filled pillows are essential for stomach sleepers, as they are soft but they have shorter resilience. Latex pillows can be a viable alternative to memory foam for some. Pillows are filled with down or feather offering less support and not suited for allergies. Additionally, pillows with water-filled core are also becoming popular, offering a lot of support and fluid pressure adjustment.

#5 Study and Match the Pillow to Sleeping Style

A pillow that is customized to suit the sleeping position is important. If you sleep on the side, for example, a thicker and firmer pillow is needed. When the head rests on the mattress, a gap exists between the mattress and the neck. This gap slants the spine and must be filled in through a firm cervical pillow to prevent neck pain.

For those sleeping on the stomach, breathable pillows that provide support and comfort are essential. The best cervical pillow for the sleeper, in this case, is soft and flat. They also need to offer the right curvature for the spine to relax. If a high sided pillow is considered, it may work to lift the head out of alignment with the spine as well as the shoulders, posing a problem for those sleeping on their stomachs.

For back sleepers, the pillow needs to be chosen in such a way that the air passages remain open and the head, as well as the neck, are aligned in the best way possible. You also need to match the pillow requirements terms of different shapes such as V-shape, contoured or trapezoid and central cavities and observe which work best for neck pain.


Pillows customized to suit the requirements of the sleeper. For the best experience, the most important factor to consider is the filling, shape and other key features of the pillow. To avert neck pain and associated crises, it is essential to be able to work towards creating the best fit between the sleeping position and the pillow type. So, opt for any of these amazing memory foam, microbead or water-based pillows and watch your neck pain vanish into thin air.

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