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Male Enhancement: Myths and Facts

Doctors as well as the medical profession in general, are tired of spam emails that have hit cyberspace regarding the enlargement of male penises through pill, device or cream. But the online furore refuses to die down, as scams unfold on major prime time TV and radio shows. These ads are obviously making cash because otherwise why would they continue airing online? According to qualified medical experts, there is no truth or science behind any of these enlargement schemes, which are designed to make gullible-minded people part with their money. In fact, doctors at reputed sites like WebMD have even termed these male enhancement scammers as “snake oil salesmen.” No secret formula exists for male enhancement. However, the US FDA cannot regulate the supplements market, so anyone and everyone can create a fake treatment and sell it based on false claims. Now, supplement makers don’t even have to prove the ingredients are safe, or that the supplement is helpful or effective.

The question about whether a male sexual organ has to be big to be effective remains. According to the professional medical opinion, the male sexual organ’s size is purely dependent on genetic factors, influencing the size on the basis of the DNA inherited from parents. Urologists have debated cream or pill or contraption can bring about male enhancement. Spending a lot of cash on something that cannot be changed is a no-brainer. Clearly, male enhancement is not a simple matter. But many men seem to think it is. Here are the male enhancement myths abounding in plenty.

Myths and Facts

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#1 Surgery Works Best

Cosmetic surgeons often advertise that enlargement surgeries are the best cure for male enhancement issues. That is why many men head to the surgeon’s table. Surgery is not the only means of ensuring male enhancement results. In addition, surgery comes with potential complications as well. Traction devices can provide equivalent results, according to some sources.

#2 Male Enhancement Is Not Permanent

A permanent increase in the size of the male penis is possible. There are many exercises that can lead to an increase in the length of the male sexual organ.

#3 Seniors Cannot Undertake Male Enhancement

Older males who have experienced issues in sexual functioning and deficits in performance can also try male enhancement. When it comes to male enhancement, age is not a barrier. Male enhancement products such as supplements also improve circulation. Natural supplements however, come without side effects as opposed to chemical treatment.

#4 Medicines are the Only Solution

No Natural Treatment Works
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Another problem is that the pill is widely perceived as the solution for any sexual deficits. Natural and herbal extracts can be just as effective, provided they are bona fide. Western society has also discovered many healing herbs in the Oriental countries that can have a positive effect.

#5 No Natural Treatment Works

This is yet another treatment issue. Various documents have held that once testosterone diminishes, it is impossible to raise its levels naturally. Clinical studies, however, prove that fenugreek is an excellent herbal cure for natural production of testosterone in male bodies. Supplements that are made with natural extracts can raise fertility levels and boost the male libido.

# 6 There are No Reliable Methods for Enlargement

While a lot of arguments are in favor of pills working, many sites hold that surgery, stretching, and exercise are more viable options. With surgery in place, one can get a couple of inches in length and raise the wideness by opting for different surgical procedures. Wearing an extender can also lengthen the size and length of the male sexual organ. With exercises like jelqing, enlargement is also possible.

#7 Male Enhancement is Rapid

It is not true that enlargement is instantaneous. For some men, male enhancement products can take weeks to work. This is due to the fact that homeopathic methods are employed in the field. The body triggers its own working area and the results are based on natural chemical reactions.

#8 Enlargement Pills Damage your Penis

Penis enlargementMyth, they cannot. A natural penis enlargement pill doesn’t get to work on any part of your penis without your help. These pills work as part of a penis enlargement system which combines natural ingredients with an exercise system. These exercises are designed to encourage the natural ingredients to help enlarge your penis. While not taking care when exercising your penis and ignoring the careful instructions can damage your penis, the enlargement pills cannot.

#9 Good Penis Enlargement Systems Cost a Fortune

While ‘you get what you pay for’ may be true, a penis enlargement system that works can cost as little as $1 a day. You may think this is expensive but compare that to the cost of penis enlargement surgery, factor in the dangers that are inherent with any kind of surgery and you get a good deal overall.

Male Enhancement: A World of Myths

So, there are many male enhancement myths out there. From creating an understanding of what works to what does not, many sites, magazines, and medical editorials attempt to debunk myths. Unfortunately, the question of whether a supplement will work or not depends on qualified medical opinion and the use of authentic ingredients. Male enhancement per se is a popular concern among guys, but they often lack an understanding of how to go about solving the problem.

Male enhancement is not an overnight process. It takes time and effort to bring about an increase in size and performance. But if you wonder whether nature needs to be improved on, and you are not satisfied with genetic endowments, enhancement could be a way out. The question of what is normal has always haunted guys. In an era where machismo matters most, and guys thrive on portraying the bad boy image, a vulnerable spot is the question of male enhancement.

As society increasingly emphasizes on traditional gender roles, and the impact of the masculine image creates pressure on guys to conform, male enhancement has become an increasingly important factor to consider when it comes to living up to the macho image. Keeping these myths in mind can pave the way for a more practical approach though. Questions such as whether male enhancement is natural, long-standing and permanent may also bother a guy. Being in a man’s mind is not easy and women tend to be judgmental at times. Keeping their reputation and prowess in the forefront is critical for the male ego too.

But male enhancement is not a simple process. There are many questions that come into play. As a guy in a world full of competition and the desire to have an attractive partner/spouse, most guys would take the critical step of opting for male enhancement quite naturally. But a word of caution would not be amiss here. Men need to be aware of just how dangerous a botched male enhancement surgery can be. While looking and feeling good is important, so is staying safe. In this context, male enhancement surgery can be a potent tool with the right medical expertise to assist you. However, nonsurgical options are also there. In the end, you need to do the research and study your body type and constitution before opting for male enhancement and trying to boost your virility.

Pros and Cons of Male Enhancement Pills and Supplements

Male enhancement drugs and pills or supplements have their own pitfalls and advantages based on who makes the products and what the ingredients used constitute. A wide range of natural supplements and pills for male enhancement have no side effects, as they are created from non-synthetic and herbal extracts. This lowers chances of developing side effects of using hardcore allopathic male enhancement pills and supplements.

Generally, male enhancement drugs and pills plus supplements are grouped into two – organic and synthetic. Synthetic is chemical based and it alters the natural processes of the body in a deviated way. Organic male enhancement pills and supplements use natural extracts. Ultimately, the aim is to correct ED or resolve sexual problems like low endurance and premature ejaculation. While some men use male enhancement for boosting their virility, others merely seek to enhance endurance. Pros and cons of each type of male enhancement pill need to be considered. A major benefit of organic pills is the efficacy of working, without the associated side effects.

Even if you are using chemical male enhancement substances, it is important to consult a doctor and not use OTC drugs. Prescription-based bills and supplements are better and safer. Male enhancement is sought for recovering from problems like impotence and low libidinal urges. Going natural is becoming big these days. But there is a lack of scientific data about the effectiveness of these pills. Due to the low amount of research in this area, it is tough to assess if male enhancement products are worth the cash you spend on them.

Pros of male enhancement pills and supplements are not so obvious. For example, ads have said the size of the male organ, as well as stamina, shoots with the use of male enhancement pills. The truth is that real benefits provided by such pills are very different. Most users report higher libido and better stamina. But the size of the impact will depend on individual differences; not everyone reacts favorably to male enhancement drugs and pills.

Yet other benefits that these supplements offer a man are convenience and cost. There is no need to get a prescription for most popular supplement brands, which can be ordered online and purchased at stores. Additionally, these are cheaper than drugs or medicines. Supplements also offer more benefits over pills in that numerous issues are targeted rather than a single one. Rather than just impotence, supplements boost erection strength, sperm count and libido, too.

The cons are clear too. Male enhancement supplements intensity in effect only over long periods of time. Additionally, there are side effects too. Those with heart conditions or high BP should not use these supplements. But if you see carefully, the pros outweigh the cons. All products come with their own benefits and drawbacks. For example, food supplements are perfect for boosting health provided they are taken in moderate amounts. Vitamins and minerals overdose can lead to high toxicity levels. So, before you pop the pill, be sure to know the impact.

While male enhancement pills and supplements boost libidinal urges by raising the flow of blood to the male organ and expanding blood vessels, there can be problems as well. Increasing blood flow and blood vessel expansion can trigger dizziness, insomnia and heart irregularities. If you are prone to these symptoms and have medical issues like cardiovascular diseases, it is time to consult the doctor. Another benefit of natural supplements is that these are rich in herbs which generate a positive impact. One thing you do need to remember with such organic supplements is that the herbs can come in the way of nutrient absorption and compromise health.  Additionally, if you are taking medicines or undergoing a surgical procedure, male enhancement pills and supplements may not be advisable. Know the ingredients of the product you purchase and always read customer testimonials before resorting to male enhancement. Moreover, male enhancement can impact very fast. For example, men can feel libido levels shooting up within three days of taking the supplement.

But the drawback is male enhancement substitutes can be really costly. Another good tip is that meals should be taken with such supplements for optimal impact. Male enhancement pills and supplements are also extremely convenient to take. But the problem is the pills need to be taken on time every time. Additionally, pills can lose impact if taken infrequently or below recommended intake levels. Scheduling a pill intake and checking for indications is advisable.

For those who take these pills, there are plus points and concerns alike. These powerful pills can be really effective, but don’t forget to check your health and visit your doctor before opting for male enhancement. Most advantages of male enhancement supplements include rising stamina and penile size enlargement. But the fact remains that those with heart conditions face a lot of contraindications and side effects. Many may be anxious to buy the pill and improve their performance. But the fact remains that side effects can be really harmful and guys need to be safe rather than sorry. So consult the doctor before choosing male enhancement and ensure you are safe, healthy and strong.

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