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The Best Body Bronzer : Top 5 Body Bronzer Review and Picks

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Looking to add color to life and make a change from a pale and pasty complexion too? Then welcome this safe and secure method to get glowing golden skin into your makeup kit. A body bronzer adds value to any beauty kit. When you need freedom from tanning beds, spray tanning or sunbathing, but want that silken glow, you need to include this essential product in your makeup toolbox. Here are the salient points you need to cover when you consider the bronzer.

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Body Shop Honey Bronze



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LORAC TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer


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L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze


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W3LL PEOPLE All Natural Bio Bronzer


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Rimmel London Natural Bronzer


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Benefits of Using a Body Bronzer

The biggest misconception about bronzers is that people lack an understanding of its basic function. The body bronzer’s main aim is not to make your body look bronze, it is to grant a healthy and sun-kissed look for a believable tan. A color that you opt for should be a shade darker than the natural skin shade. Sheer bronzers with peach tones can be the answer if you are too fair. Opting for red or brown shades can be a real problem if you are too fair because the shade creates an orangeish hue. While applying the bronzer, a brush can make all the difference to the definition of your face.

Bringing Out the Natural Beauty

The most essential advantage of the bronzer is to use a large, fluffy and soft brush to bring out the color on the temples as well as the cheekbones. The brush applying the bronzer can be lightly used across the nose, chin, and neck for the best results. The body bronzer is the perfect solution for warding off that pale, dull look. Whether you want a tan without the sun or additional radiance to your complexion, enhancing the natural tan or creating the definition with effective contouring is important. The face needs to be buffed and transformed from dull to vibrant and the body bronzer can play a big role in this.

Multiple Benefits

The bronzer can be applied to those parts of the face where the sun would naturally fall, or use a base style bronzer underneath the applied makeup for the perfect radiance. Apart from a beautiful golden brown look, the skin also offers many benefits. It conceals blemishes, hyper-pigmentation, spider veins and even does away with the visible appearance of cellulite. Concealing the imperfections and cellulite in the skin leads to a more well-toned appearance. The bronzer is the perfect substitute for a face that is luminous without braving harsh sunlight or suffering from harsh damage due to a long time in the sunlight.

Why A Bronzer Beats a Tan

Consider that exposing the skin to UV rays can be extremely harmful. Tanning beds are an alternative to the bronzer, but these can lead to deadly conditions like skin cancer. Body bronzers offer easy, safe options that provide the exact look you crave. Tanning or sunlight exposure does not offer control over the degree of browning or goldening of the skin, as opposed to a body bronzer.

Latest Technology

Bronzers offer active ingredient DHA that causes a golden glow unlike an orange, burnt coloring characteristic of tanning or sun exposure. With the emergence of DHA technology, lotions and creams coming with tanning ingredients are also coming up. While 4 to 5 percent DHA is contained by self-tanners, bronzers contain 2 to 3 percent. Much like any other makeup, it is a quick fix that offers fast results and a natural look for a long period of time.

Different Types

Body bronzers come in various different kinds like quick sprays and creams. Many of the bronzers come enriched with vitamins C, A and E which offers a healthy feel for the skin, as there are greater antioxidants. Oil-free tans and lotions cannot come close to the benefits offered by the bronzer. To achieve that sun killed look, bronzers are the best deal for camouflaging blemishes. Unlike tans, bronzers also do not stain the clothes. Darker shades can also be applied with natural results.

More Advantages

A bronzer offers the perfect way to conceal unwanted features like a wide nose. Choosing a shade that is lighter than your skin ensures that the natural look comes about. Bronzers can be perfect for balanced and even golden tints. Blending the bronzer with foundation or powder can also work its magic.

Top 5 and Best Body Bronzer Review

#1 The Body Shop’s Shimmering Dry Oil Honey

The Body Shop's Shimmering Dry Oil Honey
Photo by: Amazon

This Body Shop dry oil is the best choice if one is searching for a body bronzer that gives rapid results and it offers the best wash off. Get that natural, glowing look without the accompanying oiliness. This bronzer’s lightweight formula provides the chance to access a natural, sun-kissed look without an oil-covered residue in tow.

What It Claims

As the key ingredient of this Body Shop bronzer is honey, it offers the perfect benefits of moisturizing the skin, reducing acne and scars and offering a stress-free finish. This all over body bronzer comes with an enticing scent emanating honey and glowers. It has a strong yet subtle aroma and comes in a visible bottle for full control over selecting the quantity to be used. This bronzer offers a perfect glow with a hint of shimmery radiance thanks to the light body oil. This bronzer can be applied without creating stickiness and ensures one still feels slick when they get to work. Spraying the hand for more control around the arms and the chest works well. This bronzer’s tan enhancing shimmer and the bronze honey glow is perfect for revving up your style quotient. Access natural and sheer radiance with a no-grease finish.

What It Contains

This tan enhancing Body Shop bronzer contains emollients like Caprylic or Capric Triglyceride and Isononyl Isononanoate (the latter is also a skin conditioner). Additionally, there is silica, which works well as an absorbent and Bertholletia excelsa seed oil which is also an emollient. Persea Gratissima or avocado based oil is yet another emollient while beeswax is used as an emulsifier. There’s also added fragrance. Apart from this, the body bronzer is antioxidant-rich, containing tocopheryl acetate and benzyl salicylate which is a fragrance ingredient. It also contains natural ingredients like honey and antioxidants like tocopherol. Its distinctive fragrance is from Amyl Cinnamaland Linalool as well as hydroxycitronellal and geraniol plus eugenol and citronellol. The bronzer also contains solvents like Benzyl Benzoate and opacifiers like Mica. It also contains iron oxide and titanium oxide for the color.

User Experience

This Body Shop dry oil offers a bronze look thanks to its honey, which finds many takers among users. This natural product comes in an attractive, transparent packaging and offers the twin benefits of dry oil without greasiness and shimmer with radiance. The product also offers moisturizing balance and has a smell which is floral but strong. The product has a subtle look even as the oil is quickly absorbed and the product works as an amazing body bronzer. With Peruvian Brazil nut oil and beeswax obtained from Cameroon, this beauty product offers a real subtle color perfect for many fair skinned users. Its radiance sets off duskier skin tones as well.


  • This beeswax-enriched body oil ensures that the skin is well moisturized.
  • It does not leave an orange look characteristic of tanning lotions and cream.
  • It contains just the right amount of shimmer.
  • It works equally well for fair or dusky complexions
  • It also offers easy, quick ways of gaining an even tone all over the body with some shimmery, glittery radiance too.
  • Its glow is perfect in summers and winters.
  • This tan enhancing body oil extends the life of your current tan.
  • It also offers a subtle color that is perfect for daily use.
  • Additionally, the body oil comes in leak-proof packages.
  • It is an easy, quick way of getting a body with a tanned look and a light shimmer.
  • It works well for bronze, tanned looks.
  • The body bronzer also moisturizes and hydrates the skin.
  • It is perfect for everyday usage.
  • It offers a luxurious and strong look.
  • It exudes a sweet, floral fragrance.
  • Additionally, there is an opening on the top preventing oil wastage.
  • It also comes with a hygienic packaging.
  • It is travel-friendly and compact as well.
  • Less oil is needed and a long staying power of this product is phenomenal.


  • It can be carried around with effort; the oil comes in bulky packaging.
  • It takes a lot of time for certain complexions or skin types to absorb this oil.
  • It does not work well for oily or greasy skin.
  • It is also extremely costly.
  • Its distinctive fragrance is also not to everyone’s liking.
  • Apart from the lack of packaging convenience, the smell can be upsetting for those who don’t like strong aromas.
  • This product also stains the skin, when the dress is worn immediately.
  • The dry body bronzer takes a lot of time to absorb at the time of hot and humid days.
  • It also offers a strong smell.

Final Verdict

This Body Shop bronzer offers a lot of benefits from warding off oiliness to ensuring an enhancement of the natural tan. The Body Shop dry oil is perfect for a shimmery radiance without losing out on a matte finish. This bronzer comes at an expensive price, but it offers a lot of benefits such as a distinctive floral aroma, all natural ingredients like honey and beeswax, and potent antioxidants.

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#2 LORAC’s TANtalizer Body-Bronzing Luminzer

LORAC's TANtalizer Body-Bronzing Luminzer
Photo By: Amazon

This LORAC body bronzer offers the best glow for any type of skin. It has a long staying power, dries rapidly and offers quick, streak-free bronze radiance as you exude glamor and stay in the spotlight. This product is easy to apply without leaving an oily residue. The product has a lighter color as well so fair skinned people can benefit from it as well. This product also works as a moisturizer and provides a deep, bronzed look instantly. It does not stain the clothing and can be removed easily with water and soap.

What It Claims

This LORAC body bronzer provides the perfect glow with a little bit of shimmer. It also offers a luminous finish that offers the perfect radiant glow from within. The LORAC body bronzer offers creamy consistency and a typical moisturizing effect as well as a light vanilla scent. It also offers ease of application, buildability, and blendability and provides a true bronze look without appearing orangeish. This product also has longevity. It lasts across the day and offers comparability to other amazing products. It offers the perfect tan without streaking. This bronzer has a vibrant shade and leaves a person looking sun-kissed. This bronzer offers accentuation of the cheekbones and contours the jawline. It offers a radiance which lasts for a long time.

What It Contains

This LORAC body bronzer contains water as well as butylene glycol. Additionally, it is enriched with glycerin and isohexadecane. There’s also Tribehenin PEG-20 esters and tricaprylin. The bronzer also contains propylene glycol dicaprate, isopropyl isostearate, vanillin, octyldodecanol, sodium PCA< C20-22 Alkyl phosphate, C20-22 Alcohol, xanthan gum, magnesium aluminum silicate, disodium EDTA, Polyacrylate-13, Polysorbate 20, polyisobutene, aloe bardadensis leaf extract, extract of chamomile flower, symphtum officianale or comfrey extract, caprulyl glycol, boron nitride, hexylene glycol and fragrance. Carmine is also added as a color additive.

User Experience

This LORAC body bronzer is a bronzing cream for the entire body. It is a luminizer which offers instantaneous, long-lasting color to the skin without the chance of sun or self-tanning. It also washes off easily. This body bronzer offers a natural glow. It also moisturizes the body. The distinctive creamy water-based moisturizer has a good consistency and is deep bronze with a lot of golden shimmers. With an attractive vanilla scent, the color blends out without appearing patchy or showing lack of evenness. Based on how much is applied, one can get a light or dark tone. A natural bronzer, it is brown with slight reddish undertones. It offers the perfect formula for making the skin glow and appears radiant.


  • It dries quickly and staining is averted, therefore.
  • The color on the dress can be washed off with ease.
  • The color has lasting power.
  • It also has a wonderful color that does not appear unnatural.
  • It is also easy for blending and washes off with ease without staining the hands.
  • It has a long staying power, lasting across the day.
  • It does not contain excessive shimmer.
  • Additionally, it does not cause irritation in sensitive skin.
  • The application is also effortless.


  • This body bronzer contains parabens.
  • It is not free of fragrance.
  • It needs some practice to apply this bronzer onto the body.
  • It also transfers onto the clothes if one dresses too quickly.
  • This body bronzer is also costly.
  • It can become too shiny when layered.

Final Verdict

This LORAC body bronzer is the perfect choice for a radiant and glowing appearance. But the bronzer is not without its issues. For instance, it contains artificial fragrance and parabens which can be a real problem for those with sensitive skin. However, on the plus side, the body bronzer offers a lot of benefits as well, such as ease of application and quick drying to facilitate its use.

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#3 L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze One Day Tinted Gel Formulation

L'Oreal's Sublime Bronze One Day Tinted Gel Formulation
Photo by: Amazon

Get that radiant, sun-fresh, glowing look in one day flat with this top body bronzing solution. It also hydrates the skin from within to maintain the soft and smooth look throughout the day. With its unique technology containing a pearl, shimmering particles, caramel and natural looking tan for a luminous glow, this gel which is not sticky, oily or greasy can work well with all type of skin tones. Get the sun-kissed look all day long with this L’Oreal Sublime Bronze One Day Tinted Gel.

What It Claims

The unique L’Oreal body bronzer contains the pearl, shimmering particles for a perfect tan and caramel for an even glow. It also offers quick removal with water and soap. This bronzer lasts the whole day. Imbued with golden pearls and caramel colorant, it offers a radiance that is natural and refreshing at the same time. It also dries up easily, not leaving any greasy residue behind. The body bronzer is so awesome that it lasts for the whole day. As the shimmering particles are kept to a subtle look, you get a natural appearance without glittering. The product does not transfer onto the clothes and rinsing it off with water is essential. The lotion is applied on its own and promises a finish that is streak-free. It also lasts the whole day until rinsed off.

What It Contains

This aqua or water-based alcohol denat, glycerin imbued body bronzer also contains Cyclopentasiloxane, paraffinum liquidum or mineral oil and isopropyl palmitateapart from CI 77891 and colorants like titanium dioxide too. This body bronzer also contains yellow 6 or CI 15985. It comes with CI 14700 or red 4 and CI 42090 or blue 1. Additionally, this body bronzer contains mica. The Vaccinium myrtillus fruit extract gives this bronzer its natural fruity fragrance. The body bronzing solution is also made of other natural ingredients like sugar cane extract, sugar maple extract, and caramel. It comes with lemon peel extract, orange fruit extract, citronellol too. The ammonium polyacryloyldimethyl, xanthan gum, taurate, limonene, linalool, benzyl salicylate, and benzyl alcohol caprylyl glycol and alpha-isomethyl ionone offer more diverse ingredients. The bronzer also contains disodium EDTA, butylphenyl methylpropional, and carbomer as well as coumarin and hexyl cinnamal or perfume fragrance.

User Experience

This L’Oreal body bronzer offers the perfect look for those who want to get a day-long sun-kissed look. The gel spreads over the skin and dries to a non-streaky, non-orange finish. Additionally, the scent is sweet and fruity without being overpowering and subtle. Consequently, the body bronzer has attracted consistent positive ratings. It has been praised for its radiant look.


  • The formula has a red tint which cuts down on the orange hue so many tanning agents prefer. Instead, a sun-kissed glow greets the user.
  • This bronzer can be washed with soap and water.
  • It does not contain shimmer.
  • It does not stain the clothes.
  • Additionally, it can be built on and blended.


  • This body bronzer is not fragrance-free.
  • Additionally, it is a bit sticky and oily type.
  • It can also highlight dry, dark patches.

Final Verdict

This L’Oreal Sublime Body Bronze gel offers the perfect look for those who want to get that golden glow. This is the best bronzer for getting that sun-kissed look although it does come with a few pitfalls. It is not free of fragrance and can pose a problem for those who don’t like strong scents. It also creates a contouring effect that can bring out the imperfections of the face as well. On the positive side, it does not stain clothes, contain excessive shiny shimmer or have issues when it comes to blending and building. All in all, this is a reliable body bronzer for the best outcome.

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#4 W3LL People’s Bio Bronzer Stick

W3LL People's Bio Bronzer Stick
Photo by: Amazon

This W3LL body bronzer cream is made of 100 percent natural ingredients. It lacks preservatives or chemicals, so there is confidence nothing harsh comes in touch with the skin. The bronzer provides the perfect no make up look which is subtle and lightweight. It offers instant good coverage and is total without preservatives or chemicals, so nothing harsh comes in contact with the skin. This lightweight bronzer cream protects and soothes the skin with the presence of herbal ingredients like aloe vera and green tea extract. It also contains olive oil for rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin.

What It Claims

This W3LL body bronzer works out great for those with sensitive skin, and people suffering from skin conditions like rosacea can also combat red skin using this amazing product. This bronzer is perfect for a beautiful radiance and glow, adhering to the skin and defining features that offer warmth to the complexion. Apart from setting the skin in a bronzed glow, this botanical extract enriched bronzer enhances the quality of the skin. It also keeps oiliness at bay and does not define wrinkles and fine lines. W3LL People’s Bio Bronzer Stick offers innovation and effortless application in one shot. It is a versatile stick containing an all natural formulae for easy mobility and positive impact.

It contains organic ingredients like aloe vera and olive oil apart from the universal color to adapt to virtually any skin type and warm the complexion, correcting excessive redness and adding dimensions. It can be used as a standalone beauty treatment or above the foundation as well. This amazing makeup must have is known for its natural, organic ingredients providing a universally appealing color for correcting redness. Nutritive, regenerative and powerful, it offers advanced performance, natural and organic eco-friendly ingredients and top quality.

This body bronzer creates the perfect tan, with the color adapting to just about any skin type for warming the complexion, correcting additional redness and adding a dewy and golden finish. The organic aloe leaf and olive oil provide hydration and moisturization for the skin. It does not contain a lot of chemicals like artificial preservatives, parabens, fragrances, dyes, silicone, dimethicone, sulfates and phthalates apart from nanoparticles, bismuth oxychloride and petroleum or talc. It also offers non-GMO cruelty-free vegan option for those who want the perfect look. It can be used alone or over foundation and adapts to just about any complexion. The skin absorbs a major percentage of what is put in it, so this 100 percent natural bio bronzer is perfect for a universal tan that does not harm the skin. It also evens and balances the skin tone, reducing redness and offers the protection of green tea and chamomile.

What It Contains

This W3LL bio-body bronzer contains tri isostearyl citrate, capric or caprylic triglyceride, C12-C15 Alkyl benzoate, ethyl macadamia, Ricans communis or castor seed oil, Cera alba or beeswax and silica silylate. It also contains acacia decurrens or jojoba or sunflower seed wax, hydrogenated jojoba oil and polyglyceryl 3 esters. It comes with natural ingredients like aloe leaf extract, olive fruit oil, the seed oil of green tea or Camellia Senisis and safflower oil (Carthamus tinctorius). This bio bronzer is also rich in antioxidants like tocopherol and contains colorants like titanium dioxide, iron oxides, and mica. It is USDA certified organic, eco-cert and comprises all natural ingredients.


  • This is an all natural, chemical and paraben free.
  • It also contains zero fragrance.
  • It works for sensitive skin as well.
  • It also comes with travel-friendly packaging


  • This bronzer comes in only one shade.
  • The bottom portion of this tube comes off easily.
  • It is not suitable for daily usage.

Final Verdict

This W3LL body bronzer comes with a lot of benefits such as all natural ingredients, even skin tone, and an amazing glow. The tube packaging is attractive and travel-friendly. The only drawback is that variety is not there, with only one single shade on offer. As far as the benefits go, the aloe vera extract, olive oil, and green tea seed oil can have a lot of advantages for the skin, when it comes to nourishing, regenerating and revitalizing it.

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#5 Rimmel’s Natural Body Bronzer

Rimmel's Natural Body Bronzer
Photo by: Amazon

This Rimmel body bronzer is waterproof and lightweight. It is perfect for getting an even tan all across without the damaging rays of the sun harming the skin. The bronzer comes with a nice, brown and gold shade with a pink subtle shading undertone. It offers the least shimmer that can only be detected in bright light and looks luminescent without appearing sparky. It adds additional warmth to the complexion and has a positive brightening effect if one becomes tanned. The product does not produce an orangeish tint.

What It Claims

The packaging looks awesome and there is a clear plastic top. The bronzer comes with a compact packaging perfect for daily use. It is claimed to be a beauty must-have, being the only waterproof bronzing powder in this lineup. It offers a natural even bronze look. It also ensures that there is no oily aftermath as it is totally matte and provides the sunless tan. The formula can be applied for up to 10 hours. The bronzer is easy to apply and has the right balance between a contour and all over makeup product and warmth as well as coolness. The waterproof bronzing powder gives the face a sun-kissed look that adds value. Get the perfect sunless tan for a natural looking, light bronzing powder. Rimmel offers a natural body bronzer that creates a sense of confidence and defines style trends. Rimmel is urban, edgy and eclectic.

What It Contains

This Rimmel body bronzer comes with talc and titanium dioxide. It also contains isostearyl neopentanoate, magnesium stearate, polybutylene terephthalate, acrylates copolymer, polybutene, aluminum hydroxide, phenyl trimethicone, stearic acid, ethylene VA copolymer, propylparaben, and tocopheryl acetate. It also contains cocos Nucifera or coconut oil, mineral/huile oil or paraffinum liquidum. It also includes parfum fragrance, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, benzyl salicylate, butyphenyl methylpropional, Citronellol, BHT, hexyl cinnamal, hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde apart from mica, iron oxide, titanium dioxide, and ultramarines.


  • This body bronzer contains minimal shimmer.
  • It is also waterproof.
  • It lasts across the day and no fresh touching up is needed.


  • This body bronzing solution contains fragrance.
  • It is also comprising parabens.
  • It is not buildable.

Final Verdict

This Rimmel body bronzer is associated with plenty of positive impact on the hydration and health of the skin. It offers a wide range of benefits including a fragrant aroma and waterproof nature. This Rimmel natural body bronzer attracts a lot of attention among those seeking a glowing complexion for the right reasons. Choose this awesome body bronzer and get glowing good looks today.

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How to Use a Bronzer

Creating a base that is even is essential. For this, you need to wash your face using a cleanser and lukewarm water. The cleanser that works best for the skin type lathers well and should be used with warm water. The cleanser should be applied in circular motions and massaged into the face before being rinsed off. Then, the skin needs to be patted dry with a clean washcloth.

The cream based cleanser should be used if the skin is dry. For normal skin, oil-based gentle cleansing agents work fine. For oily skin to become clean, a foaming cleanser is essential.

Once the face is clean, the moisturizer enriched with sunscreen needs to be applied. The SPF and eye cream follows next. The face needs to be protected against ultraviolet radiation.

Next in line comes a concealer. An even base must be formed before the bronzer is applied. The concealer works to hide dry patches and hyperpigmentation before putting on the bronzer.

Creating an even base with the concealer, the liquid foundation needs to be applied over the face. This creates a canvas for contouring. The foundation can be put on with a makeup sponge, brush or through the use of fingertips. The skin needs to be blended in for a natural look. Blush should only be applied to post the bronzer.

Putting on The Bronzer

For the perfect glow, you need a bronzer two shades darker than the natural skin tone. As the purpose of the bronzer is darkening the complexion in a subtle way, the choice depends on the skin color. It should only be around a few shades darker as compared to the natural skin tone. The bronzer needs to be tested on the wrist to ensure the skin tone is warmed to, without the bronzer appearing incongruous. For fair skin, a honey-colored bronzer works best. Those with medium complexion should choose a rose bronze or gold-flecked bronzer. Dark skin works best with amber/tawny bronzer.

For the perfect application, you need to use a fluffy wide brush which has a rounded top. The brush should not be too compact or stiff, as this can result in a blotchy and streaked appearance post the bronzer. Specialized bronzers are also there, however, a foundation brush or large blush works well too.

Bronzer needs to be applied in an even coating on the brush. The bronzer needs to be applied in even, light coats for building up color rather than adding a single and dark layer all at once. Lightly coating the brush’s end in the powder and tapping off the excess onto the container lid is important.

The bronzer needs to be applied form the top to the base of the face gently. When applying the bronzer to the cheekbones, you need to cover areas that are tough to reach using the brush.

Jawline application should be done in such a way that the bronzer defines the face more clearly. Next, the bronzer needs to be applied over the neck, nose, and chin. Focus on the area of the skin that sunlight tends to impact most. Next, touch the higher facial points such as the chin and nose bridge. The natural glow needs to be added by applying the bronzer in such a way that the neck matches the face in an even tone.

Completing the Look

For the best results, make sure you build and blend the bronzer using a new brush. A fluffy clean brush softly needs to blend into areas so as to avoid the unnecessary blotches. The neck area needs to be blended using small circular motions of the brush.

Avoid harsh lines or definition of facial imperfections by using translucent powder. The complexion needs to look smooth and subtle when it comes to color and blending.

Building color gradually ensures that over-application of the bronzer does not take place. The sun-kissed look is only possible if the bronzer covers the right areas. For a defined look, some people applying bronzer imagine a three shape, starting with the hairline and the forehead, moving along the cheekbones and under the jawline.

If you are choosing a bronzer with shimmering particles, ensure that it looks fine in direct, natural lighting. This is more so if one has oily skin because shimmer can make it look greasy. A little glow is fine, but the finish does not have to be so shiny that it stops looking natural. For powder bronzers, the best bet is a medium sized firm, fluffy brush for optimal control. The brush needs to sweep over the powder and tap off excess before application. For smaller faces, angled brushes work best. For cream bronzers, a makeup sponge or foundation brush works well. If the bronzer comes in gel or liquid form, the fingertips need to dot and blend as products dry fast.

If the bronzer looks excessively dark or there’s too heavy an application, a clean powder brush can be used to wipe off the excess. Check that there are no hard edges while applying the bronzer.

Using the best shade of bronzer can offer the radiant complexion you seek. It enhances the natural face structure and provides that perfect sun-kissed glow. Choosing the best bronzer for skin tones is important. Color intensity matters. Professional makeup experts suggest using a product 2-3 shades darker than your natural skin tone. This means considering not just your facial skin, but body skin as well. Consider that the neck is a little lighter than the face and body areas. The right bronzer should be blended and built to give your skin a natural look. One important way to check the bronzer’s intensity is to test the bronzer in natural light on your wrist or hand.

How to Choose the Best Bronzer

Choosing the right bronzer shade can be tough as most brands have different descriptions for their bronzers. Most brands, however, use descriptive terms like light or dark so you can be sure the color intensity of the bronzer matches your skin tone. Check the skin tone and online reviews to find out the exact shade. Remember that photos may alter image colors due to lighting, so get the real deal online.

Another factor to consider while choosing the right bronzer is the undertone. The skin may have a uniform shade such as dusky or fair which is the prominent tone, though it may lack uniformity. The undertone can, therefore, range from neutral, to cool and warm. The undertone can be confusing because many people have more than one. For example, the fair skin may have some amount of redness or the body may be a shade darker than the face.

A quick way to look at the undertone is to check the veins. For those with green veins, the undertone is warm, for those with blue it is cool. A mixture of green and blue indicates a neutral undertone. The goal is to find and use the right undertone as a reference.

The fair skin toned persons should avoid orangeish or red toned bronzers. Additionally, the shimmery bronzer should be avoided in the daytime. Bronzers are not just for the summer. These are also needed for a healthy, glowing look in the colder months. Choosing the right shade is essential. A perfect bronzer offers a healthy glow and is easy to apply. Getting naturally bronzed results is essential if you are choosing a body bronzer for your beauty needs.

While sun-kissed looks are high in demand, tanning is dangerous, and bronzers are the safe way around this. When applied properly, bronzers eliminate the need for harsh sun exposure that leads to premature aging. Common bronzer mistakes include a sharp color at the jaw, too heavy a coat of bronzer or using an incorrect shade. Bronzers do not change the skin color. They offer a chance to get the glowing look on a temporary basis. Bronzers are the perfect product for summer and spring as well as cold winter months for this reason.

Rather than giving an artificial hue, the bronzer offers a light tan. Makeup artists can replicate the impact of a tan using a bronzer too. But picking the right bronzer is essential. Bronzers come in three formats namely gels, powders, and creams. Each formula has different uses and more product types.

Powdery Bronzer

Bronzers in powder form are suited for their portable ease of use. Many powders yield different shades in the same compact, allowing the applier to suit the tone to the occasion and season. For ensuring the powder bronzer appears natural and smooth, it needs to be applied on foundation or bare skin. Oils and moisture on the skin can cause the powder to appear streaky if it is not applied well. Powders are the perfect choice for those with oily skin.

Creamy Bronzers

Found in tube, stick or bottles, cream bronzers offer the perfect choice for a natural skin. Unlike powder bronzers, creams are applied to post the foundation and before the facial powder. The cream bronzer is a streak-free colorant that lends an even tone to the skin. Creams and sticks should be practices as well. Cream bronzers should suit dry or combination skin well.

Gel Bronzers

Much like creams, gel bronzers come in bottles or tubes. Unlike their creamy cousins, bronzers in gel form come in translucent, silicone based or watery formula that works well for any skin tone. Gels are natural in appearance but can be tough to use. They need to be applied quickly or can leave visible streaks. Makeup experts often use cosmetic sponges to apply such gel bronzers.

Choosing the Right Shade

The correct bronzer replicates the natural skin color. For some skin tones, a natural tan means golden coloring, for others it is pink. These two types of skin tones are warm and cool respectively. For matching a bronzer, you need to look at the inner wrist veins. If these are purple or black, pick a bronzer that is cool with pink or rose elements. Greenish or yellowish veins have a warm undertone that needs a peach or golden-tinged bronzer. Bronzers come in a wide range of colors, but orange is a shade you should avoid.

Study the Skin Tone

Choosing the correct bronzer involves a skin tone assessment. The pale shade will not show up against a dusky skin tone and looks chalky. A bronzer that is dark looks theatrical. Finding the right shade is important. Bronzers are not heavily colored and if applied heavily, they can look really unnatural.

Get The Best Results

Choosing the right bronzer is all about aiming for healthy skin. Such skin is a balance between matte and shiny finish. The bronzer with a small shimmer can replicate a soft flow while adding translucency to the face. Those with normal or dry skin offers a flattering look if a bronzer with light reflecting particles is used. Oily complexioned individuals should opt for a matte finish. Matte bronzers can be blended smoothly to make the skin look clean and fresh rather than smudges of dust.

Makeup artists can use a highlighter with a bronzer for the best results in the evening. Highlighters can add shimmer too though they can change the color of the bronzer. Choose a product that best meets your needs.

If you have normal, combination or oily skin, powder bronzers offer a safe bet. Normal as well as dry complexioned people should opt for fluid to cream bronzers. The oily or breakout prone skin benefits from powders, liquid bronzers or gels. Creamy or sparky options should be given a wide berth if a natural look is sought.

The pressed powder variety of bronzers are the easiest to use. Dry skin bronzers are the powdered ones. Using a bronzer with silken feel is important. The toughest part of selecting a shade is one that has an undertone suitable for the skin. Knowing whether the undertone is neutral, warm or cool ensures that the bronzer matches the skin and looks natural. For those with warm or sallow undertones, golden brown shades work best. Skin with yellow undertones means you need to opt for peach or tan/ muted brown undertone.

Those with cool or neutral skin to beige undertones can opt for bronzing powder. Look for a bronzer with varied shades. Fair to light-skinned individuals need peach or rose-colored bronzers. Medium to olive tones should look for sheer copper or earth colored bronzers. For those with darker skin, rich bronzers with subtle shimmer with blue or warm undertones should be used.

Bronzers should be more diverse than one thinks. Once the right shade is chosen, you can get an amazing golden glow with the right undertone. So choose carefully, because getting an even glow is all a matter of making the right choice.

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