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Best Female Libido Enhancement Supplement : Top 5 Reviews and Guide

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What is the best female libido enhancement supplement? Sex is a subject associated with taboos and myths. Whatever be your sexual orientation, the female libido plays a powerful role in influencing your sexual health. Whether you are from the LGBTI community or a heterosexual woman, sex enhancement is something which can boost fertility levels and increase the compatibility you experience with your male or female partner.

Before trying a herb or a supplement, think about how it may affect your life. Side effects can create a real problem. So instead of getting an enhanced sex drive, you may end up losing out on good health. Consider the constituents of each supplement carefully and see if its ingredients don’t clash with your medical conditions or medications you may be taking. When it comes to female libido supplements, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Consider factors like weight loss, exercise, pre-existing medical conditions or changing medications before you opt for sex enhancement supplements. Age is not the only deterrent for improved sex drives. Other factors can also contribute to failure to engage effectively in the sexual act. This includes stress, lack of interest and lack of time.

Don’t be afraid to talk to a sexologist about your sexual health. This can make a difference to your overall health outcomes too. Most talk of supplements centers on men. But women, whether gay or straight, deserve equal importance when it comes to the sex drive. What are the options available to you, natural or otherwise? Read on to know more about the best female libido enhancement supplements for women.

The female libido naturally fluctuates across the years. Due to various occurrences like pregnancy and hormonal changes, variations in sexual desire are common. Sometimes even psychological factors like relationship breakup or major life changes like a medical condition or menopause can alter sex drives. Mood disorders can also lead to low sexual libido in women.

According to Mayo Clinic, if low sexual interest continues or returns and triggers personal distress, one may be facing a condition called hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

To seek help, women do not have to meet any medical definitions, though. If low sex drive or decrease in libido is a problem, it’s time to act on it. Lifestyle changes or remedies and supplements apart from medications can also help.

Even if your sex drive is weak, relationships need to focus on how to adjust to this. Bear in mind there is no way to define a low sex drive. It differs as per the individual factors.

However, there are some symptoms of low sexual drive in women. This includes the following:

No interest in sexual activities like masturbation
Never or only sometimes having sexual thoughts or fantasies.
Being bothered by a low sex drive or absence of fantasies.

When Do You Need to See a Doctor

If concerned by a low desire for sex, consult your doctor. The solution could focus on changing a medication one is taking, and healing any chronic, long-lasting medical conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

The desire for sexual relations is based on a diverse and complex interaction of many factors impacting intimacy. This includes physical, as well as emotional well-being, beliefs, experiences, lifestyle, and the present relationship. A problem in these areas can impact the female libido.

Physiological Causes

There is a wide range of illnesses. Physical changes and medications also lead to a low sex drive. Physical problems during intercourse can impact female libido.
Medical conditions and diseases can impact the sex drive such as arthritis, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, diabetes, cancer, and neurological diseases.
Certain prescription drugs like antidepressants or SSRIs inhibit the sex drive as well.

Lifestyle habits can be a real problem too. For example, alcohol in vast quantities can impact the sex drive. Additionally, street drugs and smoking decrease blood flow and numb arousal.

Surgery pertaining to reproductive organs or breasts impact sexual functioning, body image and desire for sex.

Exhaustion from caring for younger kids, meeting work deadlines or handling family responsibilities can impact the desire for partner intimacy.

Hormonal Changes

Changes in the hormone levels further impact the desire for physical intimacy. This can take place on account of the following:

Menopause: During the shift to menopause, estrogen levels drop. This makes it less likely for women to feel desire. It can also dry up the vaginal tract and make intercourse physically uncomfortable. While many women have satisfied sexual desires during menopause, others cite a lagging libido as a reason for the hormonal change.

Pregnancy and nursing: Hormonal changes at the time of pregnancy, just after a baby or at the time of breastfeeding, put a damper on sex drives. Changes in body image, fatigue and pregnancy pressures or caring for a newborn can come in the way of intimacy with the partner.

Mental/Psychological Factors

Additionally, the state of the mind impacts sexual desire. Many causes of low sex drives range across:

• Mental health issues like depression or anxiety
• Stress-related issues like work or financial concern
• Low self-esteem and poor body image
• History of abuse
• Previous negative experiences

From pregnancy to a new job, there can be many psychological challenges to boosting female libidinal urges. An underlying mental health issue can also cause the sexual drive to dry up. Many women lack an understanding of how psychological factors can trigger a diminished sex drive.


Psychological causes like body image concerns, lack of self-esteem, bad experiences, mental health, abuse issues or stress can aggravate normal sexual functioning.

Physical factors range across painful intercourse or lack of orgasms, that takes place naturally with menopause and age.

Even health issues like cancer and diabetes can trigger a low sex drive. Hormonal changes, prescription medicines, smoking, and drinking or even hormonal changes and imbalances caused by postpartum changes in the body or menopause can be disruptive for the female libido.

This can impact the sex drive at different times.

how low libido occurs

How Hormones Impact Sexual Desire

Hormonal dysfunction serves as a common factor initiating a low libido in women. Hormones are prime chemical messengers of the human body. They travel via the bloodstream to organs and tissues. This impacts many processes and organs including those pertaining to sexual functioning.

The most common hormones that impact the libido range across

• Cortisol: This is the root cause of most hormonal imbalances and low sexual drive resulting from it. Cortisol is a stress hormone. Its imbalance or fluctuation can be really impactful for individuals who are stressed out. In times of high stress, the body avoids pregnancy and so, infertility and low libido may result from excessive secretion of this hormone.

• Testosterone: Testosterone is often conceived of as a male hormone, but its actually extremely important for female sexual health. It impacts the sex drive in both genders. However, raising testosterone isn’t enough the key to sex drive alone. The hormones work in tandem and they must stay balanced for optimal health. The more estrogen there is in the human body, the lower is the testosterone. This is known as estrogen dominance. It is a massive contributor to sexual malfunctioning.

• Progesterone luteinizing and prolactin hormone– These are hormones that also impact the female sex drive. These hormones dip and rise, impacting sexual desires, When they are out of balance, this can impact sex drive in a serious way. Hormones in the human body complicate the system still further. Slight disruption in balance aggravates problems.

Hormones get imbalanced due to a number of reasons:

Hormonal Birth Control Pills: Synthetic hormones raise sex and thyroid hormones binding globulin/SHBG which lowers the degree of thyroid and testosterone in the body. In one study, all three hormonal birth control types increased SHBG.
Endocrine disruptions in the environment– The endocrine system is extremely important for optimizing the hormonal balance. Endocrine disruptions replicate the effect of natural hormones within the body further binding to the receptors. This leaves no receptors for natural hormones. People facing different kinds of endocrine disruptions have lower levels of testosterone in the body. Estrogen rasing foods like soy and additives should also be given a wide berth.
Hypothyroidism– The thyroid, doesn’t work alone. One way it can impact the sex drive is that in case the thyroid works slowly (hypothyroid)while the reproductive system is slowing down, too. Another study showed that women managing thyroid disease had greater chances of low sex drive. Women suffering from hyperthyroidism can oscillate between high and low libido
Chronic stress– Through psychological or physiological impact, stress can impact the body’s hormone levels. Stress leads to the production of cortisol which inhibits the hypothalamus. This is the organ that sends out hormonal signals in the human body.

Relationship Problems

For women, physical intimacy is coupled with emotional bonds. So, if there are issues in the relationship, this impacts sex drives in women. Lack of connection with the partner, unresolved fights or conflicts and lack of communication of preferences and sexual needs can come in the way of a healthy sex drive.

Diagnosing Low Female Libido

Women may also be diagnosed with hypoactive sexual desire disorder if they lack the thoughts about physical intercourse and this leads to distress. Doctors can help you to uncover why sex drives are plummeting.

Besides checking the medical and sexual history, doctors further perform the following exams and tests:

• A pelvic exam lets doctors check for physical changes leading to low sex drives, such as pain-triggering, vaginal dryness or thinning of sexual tissues.

• The doctor may also recommend blood tests for evaluating hormonal levels and checking for liver disorders, high cholesterol, diabetes, and thyroid issues.

• Further, a sex therapist or specialist counselor can unearth the emotional and relationship factors leading to a low sex drive.

Treatment Of Low Sexual Libido

Most women benefit from treatment approaches studying causes behind this condition. Recommendations range across counseling, sex education, hormone therapy, and medication.
Talking with a sex therapy expert or counselor can help in addressing low sex drive issues. Therapy ranges across education regarding sexual responses. Your therapist may even suggest couples counseling to work on intimacy.


Doctors need to review the medicines taken and see if these cause any sexual side effects. Antidepressants like Paxil and Prozac tend to lower sex drive. Switch to different antidepressants like Wellbutrin SR or XL to prevent the sex drive from being impacted.
Besides counseling, doctors may also prescribe a medicine called Addyi to boost libidinal urges. This is the FDA approved treatment for pre-menopausal women facing HSDD. Take the pill once a day before going to bed. Side effects can range across dizziness, fatigue, nausea and blood pressure problems. Drinking alcohol or taking medicines to treat vaginal yeast infections like Diflucan can make side effects really bad.
Hormone therapy

Shrinking or dryness of the vagina or vaginal atrophy makes sex really uncomfortable. This, in turn, reduces the desire. Estrogen can undo vaginal atrophy symptoms. Estrogen does not improve sexual functioning, pertaining to HSDD/hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

Estrogen is available in different forms including pills, gels, sprays, and patches. Smaller estrogen doses are found in slow releasing suppositories or rings or even vaginal creams. Check with your doctor about the benefits and risks of each form.

Male hormones, including testosterone, also impact female sexual functioning, even when testosterone is generated in women in much lower amounts. This is not approved by the US FDA for sexual dysfunctions in women. It is often given off-label to avert a lagging libido. Using testosterone for women is not without its controversies Taking this hormone can cause acne, mood or personality changes and excessive body hair.

Lifestyle Changes

Healthy lifestyle changes can impact sexual desire.

#1 Exercise

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Consistent strength training and regular aerobic exercise increases the stamina, improves body image, lifts the mood and boosts the libido.

#2 Experience Less Stress

Find a way to cope with financial stress, work stress, and everyday hassles to enhance your sex drive.

#3 Communicate with Your Partner
Couples communicating in open, honest ways maintain strong emotional connections. This can lead to better physical intimacy. Communicating regarding sexual desires is also important.

#3 Set Time Aside for Intimacy

Scheduling sex into the calendar may appear contrived and boring. Intimacy can enable you to put the sex drive back on track.

#4 Avoid Drugs, Smoking, and Alcoholism

Smoking, illegal drugs and alcohol dampen the sex drive. These bad habits can impact overall health, as well.

Alternative Medicine

A low sex drive can also be difficult for women to discuss, even with a medical professional. Herbal supplements, however, need to be considered for side effects and taken only post a medical consultation.

Gynecology and primary care doctors talk about intimacy and sex as part of a routine or regular medical visit. So, you need to be honest about your sexual concerns. If doctors do not broach the subject, ensure that you bring it up. Sexual satisfaction remains a vital part of the well being and health.

What Can Be Done

To prepare for discussions with the doctor, note sexual problems experienced and the frequency with which these are experienced.
Note down your medical details to share with the doctor. This includes vitamins, supplements, and medications taken.

It’s also important to ask the doctor questions and write these down. Carry notepaper and pen to jot down the details as doctors address questions.

Some key questions to ask your doctor range across the following:

  • What causes the problem?
  • Will the level of desire return to normal?
  • What lifestyle changes can be made to improve the situation?
  • What are the treatments available?
  • Which books or reading materials can be suggested?

Medicines for Low Sex Drive Among Women

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Different medications for increasing the female sex drive are there. Before thinking of libido enhancers for women, always consult the doctor. A medical professional can make it clear what enhancers your body can handle and what it cannot. Some herbs that contain ingredients or alkaloids that boost the libido offer amazing results.

Hormones Impacting Sex Drive in Females

Close to 1/4th of women of reproductive age and ½ of the postmenopausal women suffer from decreased libidinal urges. So, if you think you are alone in this, think again. It is natural For the sex drive to diminish for those in a long term relationship or aging women.

While it is not clear which hormones dictate the sex drive, hormones such as testosterone and estrogen were abundant when younger. These diminished with age. From nature’s perspective, this is logical as the desire for childbirth naturally diminishes once a certain age is hit.

Checking hormone levels as you age is important. As the body starts producing low levels of testosterone and estrogen, a determinant of the hormone production levels is cortisol. The stress hormone can also be tested through a saliva test. In order to check up on these hormone levels as you age, Parsley Health doctors perform blood tests to evaluate the health of your sexual function. Since we know our bodies are producing less estrogen and testosterone, a critical determinant of the production of these hormones is cortisol, the stress hormone made in the adrenal glands that can also be tested, often with a saliva test.

Cholesterol is another famous lipid worth measuring. It controls the secretion of many hormones. Cholesterol can follow a pathway to turn into cortisol. It can follow a different pathway to generate estrogen and testosterone.

Consequently, when cholesterol was low or stress was high, lower amounts of estrogen and testosterone are experienced. This explains why many individuals experience a boost in the libido when stress levels are low.

Ways to Increase the Female Sex Drive

Boosting a low sex drive is possible. As hormonal imbalance is one of the triggers, balancing the hormone is the key to success.

#1 Eat Healthy Fats

Polyunsaturated fats like those from hydrogenated vegetable oil do not grant the building blocks for generating hormone in the body. Choosing fats from healthy sources like real butter, olive oil, and animal fats or even coconut oil and eating Omega-3 fish is the way to boost hormone production.

#2 Eat a Nutrient Rich Diet

More than just eating enough fat, the diet should also be nutrient rich. Pastured, and fermented foods are extremely nutrient rich. Zinc is a trace element essential for hormonal balance as well. Zinc is a nutrient found in beef, oysters, crab, dark chocolate and pumpkin seeds. This is essential because pregnant and nursing women often face low libido due to zinc deficiency.

#3 Work on Leptin Levels

Leptin remains the master hormone. So if you are leptin resistant or it is out of balance, other hormones can become destabilized as well. Adjusting leptin levels boosts fertility, eases weight loss besides improving sleep and lowering inflammation.

#4 Limit Caffeine

Here’s bad news for coffee drinkers. Caffeine can cause the endocrine system to lose its balance, especially when other hormonal stresses are concerned. This includes the presence of toxins, stress, pregnancy or fat imbalances. Many healthier options for caffeine drinkers range across dandelion root tea and other herbal teas. There’s even chicory root coffee.

#5 Avoid Hormonal Birth Control Pills

Hormones in birth control pills can damage the natural hormones of the human body and send them to imbalance. There are many naturaland practical alternatives to such hormonal birth control measures.

#6 Prioritize Sleep

While at night, the body is actively secreting hormones, sleep is essential for hormonal balance. A way to naturally improve sleep is blocking the blue light prior to bed. Blocking this light helps the body to produce melatonin that facilitates sleep.

#7 Essential Oils

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A number of essential oils balance hormones. But the ones that clearly stand out are lavender and clary sage. These are two oils that have been studied and show benefits in balancing hormones. Clary sage essential oil alleviates pain, reduces stress and improves hormonal balance. It has unique compounds which balance estrogen produced in the body.

Further, Lavender essential oils help to balance hormones, offer pain relief and dispel abdominal cramps linked with menstrual symptoms and PMS. This lowers feelings of depression and stress.

Important Supplements for Boosting Female Libido

While all seems to be in a good place, sex drives are often low and herbal supplements need to help.

Kama Sutra, for example, suggests Ashwagandha or Withania Somnifera is the perfect way to stimulate the libido. This herb is even recommended in Ayurveda.

But among the well-known herbs and supplements, the most popular are ones include the Maca Root or Lepidium meyenii.

This plant is a native of the Peruvian Central Andes region. It has been used for years to boost fertility.
There is evidence close to 3mg per day enhances sexual desire and wards off SSRI or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. The effects are limited but there is no side effect known. Maca herbs are excellent for boosting the quality of life and energy. This has been the go-to herb for women in the Andes for centuries. Maca contains high iodine content supporting the hormone balance of a woman and high zinc levels remain essential for sex hormones

Next in line is Red Clover or Trifolium pratense. This is a plant high in isoflavones. This is a type of plant estrogen called phytoestrogen. An Obstetrics and Gynecology International Study found postmenopausal women taking eighty mg of red clover-based isoflavones over 90 days improved sleep, mood, and energy.

Another great natural herb is Korean Red Ginseng. This is botanically known as Panax Ginseng. Certain studies of this herb show it boosts sexual desire at women who took around 3K mg per day.

Then, there’s Tribulus or Tribulus Terrestris. This plant originated in Ayurveda medicine and has been studied in postmenopausal women and women of reproductive age with low sexual function. A dose of 7.5 mg per day of extract in pre-menopausal women and 750 mg per day in tablet form in menopausal women healed many aspects of sexual dysfunctions. This includes desire and needs for physical intimacy. It increases testosterone levels in post-menopausal women, explaining its effectiveness.

Studies show women using this herb report greater desire, increased arousal, lubrication, satisfaction, and intense orgasms. Specifically, the herb stimulates androgen receptors to the brain making the body responsive to testosterone and other sex hormones. This reduces stress, depression, and anxiety.

Women using Murcia puama report a surge in desire, sexual enjoyment of intimacy and orgasms. It has a positive impact on pre, as well as postmenopausal health. It benefits the reproductive health of women as well, owing to which this herb is known as potency wood.

Cocoa found in dark chocolates further helps to raise dopamine levels in the brain. The rise in brain pleasure chemicals called dopamine lift the mood, relax and improve the response of the body to stimulation.

Women all over the world stand by oats or Avena Sativa is known for its libido stimulating and aphrodisiac qualities. Evidence suggests the herb increases vaginal stimulation and boosts the desire for sex. Scientists seeking to understand how it works believe it frees bound testosterone. This provides the body with hormones required for sexual stimulation.

Catuaba is a Brazilian herb used by the Tupi tribe for increasing female virility. The active compound in this herb, called yohimbine, energizes and stimulates desire and the female libido. This herb, as per scientists, also raises the brain’s dopamine levels, resulting in greater sensitivity to erogenous stimulation. Regular use of this herb also heightens orgasm intensity.

Turnera diffusa, also known as damiana grows in the American Southwest, South America, Mexico, the Caribbean. It is a plant native to these regions. Many consider it to be great for enhancing the libido. Glycosides, terpenoids, phenolics, and flavonoids or even caffeine contributes to increased blood flow and reduces feelings of stress. This is more so in the pelvic region where heightened stimulation results from increased sensitivity.

Suma root, also known as Brazilian Ginseng is a herb popular with the native population in South America. It balances the hormone and excites the libido. Science has confirmed that suma root raises levels of estradiol-17beta, the primary estrogen hormone during a woman’s reproductive years. Women who use this hormone report greater satisfaction and intense sexual experiences.

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Known as the greatest natural aphrodisiac according to experts like Dr. Oz, Tongkat Ali is a herbal extract that arouses desire and increases erogenous sensitivity. It helps women suffering from low libido and also induces a positive response to stress, besides stimulating the memory and overall brain function. Normalizing the hormone levels with testosterone, women experience increased metabolism and easier time to lose and maintain weight.

Stress should not drive away desire and neither should age. Maintaining balanced hormone levels promote overall health and a healthy libido. Many women struggle with low or no sex drive.

Libido is not an issue one would like to address and there are so many facets to this. Many people feel afraid or hesitant to discuss building a healthy intimate relationship with a spouse.

People even settle for health issues like low libido, as this is normal or they get older. As something is common, this does not mean it is normal. The problem of getting to the root of the health issue is quite massive.

Reasons for Low Sex Drive and What You Can Do About It

Iron is required to reach oxygen in the cells. If the levels are low, one of the symptoms is a low sex drive. Having iron and ferritin levels tested is equally important. If the levels are low, finding out the cause is crucial. First work with the doctor to rule out serious conditions like internal bleeding. Once this is cleared, eat iron-rich foods like grass-fed liver or beef along with beets and leafy green veggies. This will restore iron stores.

Adrenal fatigue takes place when the brain is not connected clearly to the adrenal glands. The brain-adrenal axis issue leads to cortisol levels which are either too low or too high. This can leave you exhausted and interested in junk food more than physical intimacy! Rather than struggling with adrenal fatigue, focus on stress and sleep management, adaptogenic herbs, and healing foods to rehab from adrenal fatigue.

Each and every cell of the body needs thyroid hormones to optimally function. If thyroid hormones are sluggish, the sex drive will also be lower. Get comprehensive thyroid testing, as underlying thyroid problems don’t show up on basic thyroid labs. Based on the results, you can work on balancing your thyroid and lowering stress.


The GI system is like your second brain. The gut-brain connection issues can result in leaky gut syndrome which impacts the brain hormone connection. This triggers fatigue and leaves individuals with no sex drive. For healing yourself, you need to clean up your diet and work on how to eliminate the toxins. Clean up the diet to heal the gut and use specific foods like bone broth and celery juice for aiding in gut health.

Hormones, much like any other feature of the body, are subject to the just right principle. The focus is not ongoing too high or too low. When testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone levels are unbalanced, it leaves a person uninterested in sex. Work on a comprehensive sex hormone panel and run blood and saliva hormone testing to get the complete perspective. Herbs like shilajit and mucuna pruriens are herbs to boost sexual hormones.

Insulin resistance is yet another factor that must be considered. High insulin levels result in infertility and low sex drive. Insulin conditions like PCOS and metabolic syndrome also lead to acne, balding and hair growth in ladies.

Run tests on fasting blood sugar and HgB A1c levels to see if one is insulin resistant. Nutrients like NAC, bitter melon and chromium are insulin sensitizers that can work.

  • Medications are often overlooked when it concerns low libido. But they should not be. Common pharmaceuticals like blood pressure medicines, pain killers and antihistamines can lead to erectile dysfunction and low sex drive.
  • You need to check with the doctor about alternatives. Consider a functional medicine approach and get healthy. Reduce or eliminate medicines when possible.

You need to stay healthy and de-stress your mind. Or it will simply zap up the sex drive. Mindfulness, meditation, tai chi, and yoga are favorite stress-reducing tools.

Lesser known hormonal problems take place when hypothalamic brain cells don’t communicate with leptin released from fat cells. Leptin resistance is shown to lower the testosterone levels, decreasing libido in women and men.

If leptin and CRP inflammation levels are shooting up, it is essential to avoid simple starches, refined sugars, fructose, and grains.

Studies show high insulin lowers the ability of the body to make a growth hormone, which lowers sex drive by altering testosterone levels. Hormones need to be connected. In functional medicine, this is known as downstream and upstream issues. Herbs like Gingko Biloba are commonly used to support healthy GH levels.

Additionally, low levels of nutrients such as vitamin D and zinc can harm sex life. Getting levels tested and supplementing accordingly in tandem with a qualified doctor is essential.

Healthy fats like ghee, avocados, coconut oil, and olive oil are essential to make the hormones and brains work well. Studies found those who eat a low-fat diet have lower testosterone levels.

The most important thing you need to do is to eat healthy fats. Wake up your gall bladder and find the time to study the effects of fats on your body.

While sex is at the core of marital relationships, sex drive or libido impacts all sexual relationships. A decline or fall of libido is seen in women post a particular age. This exacerbates the loss of sexual desire. This problem is generally not found in men. There are no accepted theories for the decline of the female libido. But some general circumstances can lead to a decline or loss.

Psychological causes can deepen the impact of fluctuating hormones. Post postpartum, perimenopause and menopause are points where women should experience a change in sex drives.

These can make women feel bad. That is why interest in sex declines. In women, feeling better is the key to improving libido.

Libido problems can be physical or psychological or even both.

The most common type of anemia is iron deficiency anemia due to iron loss at the time of menstrual periods.

Excess alcohol intake causes a decrease in sex drives. It is, therefore, critical to moderate the alcohol intake no more than 3-4 units per day for males and 2-3 units per day for women. Drug abuse is another deterrent of the female libido levels.

Medications that lower libido in men range across antihypertensive drugs. Anti-androgenic drugs like finasteride and cyproterone besides medicines for hyperprolactinemia. SSRI antidepressants also cause a low sex drive. This happens in the case of both men and women.

Post birth low sex drives are often the result of fluctuating hormonal levels as well. Hormonal changes such as LH or luteinizing hormone abnormalities, hyperprolactinemia, lack of androgenic hormones and under active thyroids also result.

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Physical changes also impact libido. As women close menopause, there’s a thinning of the vaginal walls and dryness as well as atrophy or decrease in muscle mass in vulva and vagina leading to itching, irritation, and pain during sex, causing decreased libido.

Depression is a serious illness that leads to misery or unhappiness lasting for a long time. This can interfere with daily life and sex life. If you take antidepressants SSRI inhibitors can lead to a real problem. Switch to a different type of antidepressant for the best outcomes.
If you’re feeling stressed, lifestyle changes can impact happiness and sex drives, too. Adrenal imbalance comes in the way of testosterone and estrogen essential for sexual health.

Relationship problems are a common factor implicated in libido loss. If you lack happiness in a relationship or have doubts or worries, this impacts sexual desire.

Difficult living conditions can also make it hard to approach physical intimacy.

Vitamin E suppositories can be beneficial for vaginal dryness and thinning. They hydrate tissues and increase sensation. Another way to boost vaginal lubrication by adding dietary soy-rich in plant-based estrogen.

With the assistance of regular blood analysis, adequate estrogen levels can be restored. In the event that ovarian estrogen production declines, the body produces enough from adrenal glands and subcutaneous fat once raw materials are in place. Nutritional supplements and endocrine supports can also help.

Estrogen levels, when low, can be countered by topical applications. This soothes the vaginal tissues and permits secretions required for comfortable sex. This ranges across creams, rings or suppositories.

Additionally, testosterone is critical for the sex drive as it stimulates response and arousal. Post the menopause, estrogen levels fall in women, while testosterone decreases more slowly. Certain women do not have normal levels of testosterone. This decreases under stress on account of progesterone. This is the molecular precursor to testosterone. It is converted to a stress hormone triggering a decrease in libido.

During the period post menopause, ovarian testosterone production falls. Adrenal glands produce testosterone if adrenal reserves remain strong. Adrenal reserves can be tapped down if severe stress is experienced over the years. A less stressful lifestyle and excellent nutrition can help in maintaining better adrenal functioning and keep good levels of testosterone production through menopause and perimenopause.

Testosterone is a treatment of HSDD as well. It has been tried for women for over 4 decades successfully.

Testosterone patches, creams, and gels can also be applied to the vagina.

Best Female Libido Enhancement Supplements

#1 Iron: Strength and Vitality For Your Libido

Iron: Strength and Vitality For Your Libido
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Low on iron? This could limit your libido. In research that has been conducted, women have been shown to have increased improvement in their sex drive after opting for iron to correct the nutrient shortfall. But much like everything else, too much iron is not good for you. More than 20 mg of iron per day can lead to constipation and stomach upsets. More than 60 mg at one point can be lethal.

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#2 Puncture Vine: Add Life to Your Sex Drive

Puncture Vine: Add Life to Your Sex Drive
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Tribulus terrestris is a Mediterranean plant covered with spines. It produces fruits and is also referred to as puncture vine. This herb was considered a medicine for a vast number of conditions. Fruit, root, leaf of the Tribulus plant also served to enhance sex drive and reduce difficulty during intercouse with your partner, according to researchers.

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#3 Maca: Revitalize Yourself

Maca: Revitalize Yourself
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This is called Peruvian ginseng. This is a herb which originated in South America. This root vegetable is essential for maintaining your sex drive. Those with estrogen-linked cancer or conditions can suffer if they opt for this supplement, though. Side effects of medical can also be countered and so can female impotence. Loss of fertility is a serious problem in countries with a low birth rate. Using natural supplements can prove beneficial.

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#4 Provestra: Boost Your Libido

Provestra: Boost Your Libido
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This is the top female sex enhancement product for you, regardless of what your sexual orientation may be. This is safe, efficient and works wonders for your sex drive. It uses everyday supplements from natural ingredients and several chemical aids for boosting sexual performance and libido. This is a natural female sex enhancement process safe for women. Your sexologist may recommend the same. It contains Gingko Biloba, found in most pills and adds safety additives that make it free from side effects. Hops are also part of this medication for estrogen production and lubrication of the organs. This supplement contains estrogen which promotes blood flow and cancels any obstructions in the vaginal area. Mucuna prurience has been found to increase levels of neurotransmitter dopamine for best results. It also contains aphrodisiacs like Epimedium sagitattum.

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#6 Zestra: Enhance Sex Drives

Zestra: Enhance Sex Drives
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This is a female enhancement product. It is essential for the effective functioning of the clit and the labia. It boosts the sex drive and works to enhance your chances of conceiving a child. The effects commence 3-5 minutes of application and last for a total of over forty minutes. This supplement contains coleus, theobromine and evening primrose oil for the best results.

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#7 HerSolution: The Perfect Solution

HerSolution: The Perfect Solution
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This is a female sex enhancement product made from natural ingredients. It is perfect for gay or straight women to boost their libido. Achieve better lubrication and improved genital health using this supplement. This supplement can also be used for menopause symptoms and PMS relief. It contains a lot of active ingredients.

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#8 Arginmax: An Answer for Impotency

Arginmax: An Answer for Impotency
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This is another efficient female enhancement supplement. It contains gingko calcium, iron, L-arginine, and damiana to boost your sexual health. It also contains vitamins A, C, E and B-complex vitamins. This is perfect for women experiencing little or no action. It enhances the libido and increases the sex drive.

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These supplements, both natural and chemical, have a value for diminishing sex drives due to advancing age, lack of vitality, use of medication or accompanying medical conditions that make it possible to reduce the libido. The foundation of a successful marriage or partnership is intimacy. Without it, the relationship is like a dead battery. So, if you are not getting enough out of your relationship, opt for the sex enhancement supplements to make sure your relations don’t fizzle out.

For bringing children into the world, fertility and potency are very important. Both married or live in couples planning for birth should understand the importance of healthy sexual relations for maintaining a positive relationship, rather than a dead end one. Whether you are planning for birth control or not, the act of engaging in intercourse can be a painful one for many. Reduce the risks associated with impotency and lack of libido by opting for these supplements. They can boost your marital or live-in relationship with your special someone in the best way possible.

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