Top 5 and Best Hair Serums Reviews

Best Hair Serums : Top 5 Hair Serums Reviews

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Hair serums are not new in the market but with time their popularity has certainly increased a lot. Currently, hair serums have become an indispensable part of the hair care product range. Coloring, curling or blow drying your hairs can be a normal thing for you, but it is not really normal for your hairs. Any process that involves chemical and heat ends up damaging your hairs in some way or other. This is where the Best hair serums come in.

Hair serums are concentrated liquid formulations that nourish the hairs and give a layer of protection to your beautiful locks. The Best hair serums actually deliver a bunch of other benefits too and if you are able to pick the right one according to the needs of your hairs, it can solve out more than half of your hair problems.

Hair serum – what it is?

The first thing first, what is a hair serum? A hair serum is usually a silicone based hair care product that covers the surface of the hair shafts but is not absorbed fully into the shafts. It is strictly for application onto the length of the hairs and not on the roots or the scalp.

However, currently there is a number of oil based serums that might or might not contain silicone and are claimed to get absorbed into the hair shafts making them stronger from within.

Benefits of using hair serum

To put it simply, the best quality hair serums are expensive. So, before you spend your money on them it is only wise to have a clear idea about the benefits of using hair serums. Check out the next bullets,

  • Hair serums work as a protective barrier on the hairs saving them from the harsh weather, sun and pollutants.
  • The Best hair serums are formulated with active ingredients that help in repairing any damage that has been caused due to heat or chemical treatments on the hairs.
  • Serums for hairs do a great job in making your hairs frizz free. If hair tangling is a major problem for you, a hair serum can give you quick relief.
  • Hair serums add softness to the hairs and as the coat reflects light hence the hairs look shiny.
  • Hair serums are great for styling and for making your hairs manageable.
  • There are hair serums that can be very helpful to reduce hair fall caused due to hair breakage.
  • Some hair serums are highly effective in protecting the hairs from different heat treatments.
  • There are also hair serums from the top most brands that claim to provide a bunch of other benefits.

How to use a hair serum

Source: Buzzle

When it comes to hair serums, it is important that you use it in the right way. Even the Best hair serums will not provide you with the best results unless you use them properly. Using hair serums is as simple as anything and it will not add more than a few minutes in your regular hair care routine. However, if you do it wrong, it is certainly not going to work. Here is how you should use a hair serum,

Steps to use hair serum

  • Hair serum should be applied only on well cleansed hairs. So, before you apply the serum, wash your hairs thoroughly with a good shampoo to ensure that there is no oil, dirt, residues or buildup left in the hairs.
  • After washing your hairs, you might or might not skip the conditioner depending on your hair condition. If your hairs are too frizzy or the weather is too dry, you might want to go for both to keep your hairs manageable. For oily hairs, skipping the conditioner might be a good idea if you are going to use a serum.
  • Once the washing part is over, towel-dry your hairs by soaking the excess water. Part the still damp hairs into two sections to ensure proper application.
  • Take 2 to 5 drops of the hair serum in your palm and rub it within your palms, before applying gently onto each of the hair sections. The quantity of serum used in a single application should depend on the length and volume of your hairs. Using more hair serum than needed is never a good idea as it will only weigh down your hairs.
  • Always apply the serum in a downward direction, focusing more on the hair tips. Never apply hair serum onto the scalp or on the upper section of the hairs that cover the head, unless specified otherwise in the product, as it will weigh down the hairs.
  • After you have coated your damp hairs with the serum, use a wide toothed comb to spread the serum evenly within the hairs.
  • Once the application is complete, it is best to let your hairs get dried naturally. However, you can use a blow drier as well.

Note: Currently there are also some hair serums available in the market from the top notch brands that you can use on fully dried hairs after a wash to get the right hairstyle.

Does it really work?

Yes, the Best hair serums actually work great on the hairs. They protect the hairs and add shine to them, making them more manageable and tangle free. Using hair serums certainly makes your hair look lustrous that is sure to win you many compliments. However, after all, hair serums are also mostly made up of chemicals. So, unless you actually need it, it is best to not use it on a regular basis.

How to choose the best hair serum?

This is certainly a tricky question. Choosing a hair serum can be difficult particularly if you are new to the world of serums. In that case, it is best if you can get some expert guidance. If you visit a renowned parlor for your hair care needs, you can ask the hair dresser about the best hair serums to suit your hair type. If you do not have that scope or if you prefer to pick your serum on your own, keep the following points in mind,

  • When it comes to hair serums, it is important that you opt for a good brand. A hair serum only from a renowned brand can give you the results it claims.
  • If you are going to use a hair serum, it is always best suggested to opt for the shampoo, conditioner and serum from the same range, as it ensures the best results.
  • Before you pick a hair serum, it is important that you do your research on the product. Check out the reviews to find out how exactly the serum has helped people with your hair type.
  • Always pick a hair serum that comes with natural oil blends and herbal extracts that can actually nourish your hairs.

The Best hair serums in the market

Now we will directly go to the reviews of the Best hair serums available in the market. This list includes hair serums that are highly rated by the users. You will find hair serums from different price range in this list, so that you can pick the best one according to your needs and budget.

Sebastian Professional Dark Oil Styling Oil

Sebastian Dark Styling Oil
Source: Amazon

Don’t be fooled by the name. It is not a hair oil rather a professional quality hair serum that comes with a blend of oils and herbal extracts in a silicone base. Sebastian dark and styling oil is considered as one of the best hair serums in the market, because of its list of ingredients that is truly remarkable. The product is not very pricy but according to the user reviews, this styling oil actually delivers what it claims. Let us take a closer look into the product,


The serum certainly highlights its natural oil blends and herbal ingredients that are truly good for the hairs. It is formulated with argan oil, which can actually do miracles for your hairs. Apart from that it also includes extract of sandalwood and cedarwood oils that can be truly nourishing for the hairs.

The product has been formulated with DiffuseX Technology, which helps it to disappear quickly after application, without leaving any trace behind. However, do not miss the presence of the silicone based chemicals as well.


Sebastian Professional Dark Oil gives complete protection to the hairs from pollutants and the damaging UV rays of the sun. It works with same efficiency when applied on dry or damp hairs, giving you flexibility in application. A single application of this dark oil can keep your hairs manageable for as long as 48 hours, without a wash. It glides very easily through the hairs and nourishes them from within while making them lustrous and manageable.

User experience

Coming to the user experience of Sebastian Professional Dark Oil we have to accept that this product has got mostly good reviews from the users. Every user has praised the intoxicating scent the gel like serum leaves behind after application. It is easy to apply and you will need just a little for one time application.

This product successfully keeps frizz away even from the curly hairs. However, the claim of 48 hours frizz free on a single application might not be perfectly true. This one is often a recommended product by the professional hair stylists and there is no doubt that it makes the hairs more lustrous and attractive.


  • Can be applied on dry or damp hairs to get desired results.
  • Glides on smoothly on every hair type.
  • Leaves a long lasting beautiful smell in the hairs after application that you are sure to enjoy.
  • Makes the hairs soft, smooth, manageable, frizz free and shiny.
  • Delivers the goodness of oils and herbal extracts while protecting the hair shafts.
  • It is very light on the hairs and you need a little for one time application.


  • The claim of the product to last 48 hours after a single application on the hairs is not true.

Final verdict

Sebastian Professional Dark Oil Styling Oil is a good quality product from a reliable brand. It works nicely on most of the hair types. So, if you are looking out for a good quality hair serum giving this one a try is surely worth.

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Original & Mineral Frizzy Logic Shine Serum

Image result for Original & Mineral Frizzy Logic Shine Serum
Source: Google

Original & Mineral Frizzy Logic Shine Serum is a highly raved about product from the Australia based renowned hair care brand Original & Mineral. They have a long range of hair care products, but if you are fighting to tame frizzy hair and flyways, the clear serum is certainly the best bait according to the claims made by the brand. This serum is pricy and hence we certainly expect it to deliver all that it claims. Let’s see how exactly it fares in that aspect.


The ingredient list of the Original & Mineral Frizzy Logic Shine Serum is certainly commendable. This thick serum is formulated with cold pressed Argan oil and organic macademia oil. That is not all; there are even more names in the list that are sure to impress even the most critical minds. This serum is enriched with evening primrose oil, Aloe Vera leaf extract, nettle extract as well as extracts of green tea leaves and olive leaves. It is free from sulfate and parabens.


The Original & Mineral Frizzy Logic Shine Serum comes with tall claims and the ingredient list of this serum certainly promises to deliver accordingly. This hair serum claims to tame the mane no matter how frizzy or dry it has turned.

If your hairs are in a good condition but you need to keep the flyways in place to get that perfectly styled look, then too this one is a good pick which will keep the tresses in place without weighing them down. It adds shine to the hairs and saves them from the effects of humidity, which is a primary USP of this hair serum.

User experience

This hair serum has got nice reviews from the users. It has been actually praised due to its nice smell and the effects it offers. Being thick in consistency just a few drops of this serum is sufficient even for longer hairs. It helps in taming unruly hairs and keeps the hairs at place for the whole day.

This serum helps in keeping the hairs lively irrespective of the humidity in the weather. It also offers good protection to the hairs from heat if you apply it before styling.


  • It has an unbeatable ingredient list which ensures nourishment of the hairs apart from taming the frizz.
  • This serum helps in keeping the effects of humidity on your hairs at bay.
  • It gives protection to the hairs from heat styling.
  • The smell lives on the hairs for long.
  • It keeps hairs shiny, manageable, soft, free from frizz and yet lively.
  • The formula is free from sulfate and parabens.


  • The smell might be too strong for some, particularly right after application.
  • The serum is expensive.

Final verdict

Original & Mineral Frizzy Logic Shine Serum is a good quality product and it is one of the hair serums available in the market that comes with less chemicals and more nourishing organic ingredients and yet gives the effects of a serum. If the price is not a concern for you and you do not have a very sensitive nose, it can certainly make your most worthy purchase.

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Nexxus Nutritive Encapsulate Serum

Nexxus Nutritive Encapsulate Serum
Source: Amazon

This middle-range hair serum has got mixed reviews. It has a fairly uncomplicated ingredient list and comes with claims that are not fairy taleish. The product is not cheap, considering the quantity you get for the price, but it is certainly not a high range product that can make a hole in your pocket. Let us take a look at the review,


The ingredient list might not be highly impressive but in this price range it offers a fairly good combination of constituents. The range of organic natural products present in this serum majorly includes coconut oil, which is known for its conditioning properties.

The pampering ingredient for your hairs present in this serum is caviar extract, which is believed to add smoothness and shine to the hairs. Other ingredients of this product include glycerin, hydrolyzed elastin and keratin that coat the hairs and offer protection.


Nexxus Nutritive Encapsulate Serum does not claim to solve out all your hair problems but it certainly sorts out the problem of frizz and unruly hairs with a single application. It moisturizes the hairs, protects them from hazardous environmental factors and makes the hairs smooth. In the long term it claims to add permanent shine to the hairs.

User experience

This is certainly one of the most vital points in the review of a product. Before you spend your money on a new purchase, you really need to consider how the product has fared for buyers like you. According to the user reviews, Nexxus Nutritive Encapsulate Serum is a good quality product that helps in taming frizz and unruly hairs very quickly.

It comes with a musky scent that is pleasing and the water based light gel like formula is very easy to spread in the hairs. According to the users, it gives results that are immediately noticeable.


  • It shows instant result on dry, frizzy hairs.
  • Apart from softening the hairs it also makes them shiny and adds to the volume.
  • The serum comes with a pleasing musky smell that is not very overpowering.
  • The presence of caviar extract is surely a big plus.
  • Being water based it is very light in consistency and spreads easily on the locks.
  • It leaves the hairs noticeably soft and manageable for the whole day.


  • This product is formulated with more chemicals than organic ingredients.
  • It does nothing much in stopping hair breakage.

Final verdict

Nexxus Nutritive Encapsulate Serum is a good hair care product that delivers most of the claims made by the brand. It keeps hairs soft, smooth, glossy and manageable but is more appropriate for the dry, frizzy hairs. At this price range this one is a good product. If the price suits you and you have dry hairs that are unruly, you can surely pick this serum for adding that special shine to your hairs before heading for any special occasion.

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Living Proof Satin Hair Serum

Living proof Satin Serum
Source: Amazon

Living Proof Satin Hair Serum is considered as one of the best finishing hair serums available in the market in the middle price range. It comes in a handy packaging along with a black and white getup that looks classy. Check out the detailed review of the product below,


When you are buying a hair serum in the middle range, you have to keep it in mind that the product will come with more chemical based compounds than organic ingredients. However, even after being reasonably priced, the Living Proof Satin Hair Serum is formulated without chemicals like parabens, sulfates and phthalates, which is certainly a great plus for the product. Moreover, this serum is free from oil and silicone.

Apart from glycerin, hydrogenated vegetable glycerides and linalool it also contains sunflower seed extracts. OFPMA is a patented smoothing molecule which works as the highlighted constituent of this serum. C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate is the other especially notable ingredient in the list that helps in enhancing shine.


This hair serum claims to be a super styling product that can add smoothness to even the rough and thick hairs within seconds. It adds extensively to the hair manageability and does not hinder the natural movement of hairs. It leaves the hairs shiny and soft for the whole day long.

User experience

When it comes to adding healthy shine to dull hairs, there is hardly any other product that can work as quickly and magically as this one. It works pretty well even on thick and curly hairs that are prone to tangle. It also works fine to tame the flyways instantly and leave the hairs noticeably smooth. The formula is light and it does not weight the hairs down.


  • The serum is formulated without oils and silicone and yet it works great on dry hairs.
  • The formula is very light weight and does not weigh the hairs down even in highly humid weather.
  • It leaves hairs smooth and soft in seconds.
  • This serum makes hairs easily manageable.
  • It is easy to use and keeps hairs grease free.
  • It does not contain parabens, phthalates and sulfates.


  • It does not improve the quality of hairs.
  • It does not last on the hairs for much longer after a single application.
  • This serum does not provide protection to the hairs from sun rays.

Final verdict

If you are looking for a hair serum that will add smoothness and shine to your hairs instantly, Living Proof Satin Hair Serum is a good option for you in the middle price range. It is free from silicone and a number of other harmful chemicals which makes it suitable even for frequent application.

However, at the same time, it is not the right product if you are looking for a serum that will give your hairs protection from heat and harmful UV rays. It works nicely on thick hairs but the performance is not that great on very dry frizzy hairs.

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RUSK Thermal Serum with Argan Oil

RUSK Designer Collection Thermal Serum with Argan Oil
Source: Amazon

To make sure that repeated heat treatments do not leave your hairs fried this RUSK Thermal Serum with Argan Oil can be an ideal pick. This product is considered as a pocket friendly hair serum that serves multiple purposes together but is most caring to ensure damage free heat treatments for the hairs.


This hair serum contains Argan oil, which not only helps in adding smoothness and shine to the hairs but also helps in nourishment of the hairs. Rock sapphire seed extract and horsetail kelp extract are the two notable organic ingredients in the list that are believed to protect the hairs most effectively from heat related damages. This thermal serum is free from alcohol.


RUSK Thermal Serum with Argan Oil claims to eliminate dryness and frizz within seconds of application. This concentrated formula seals the hair cuticles, which makes the hairs smooth and also prevents damage from heat and pollutants. It leaves the hairs soft, silky and healthy immediately. If your hairs have lost their natural shine due to heat or color treatment, this thermal serum is what your hairs need.

User experience

According to the users, this product actually works wonders on thick, frizzy hairs that are hard to tame with most of the other hair serums and even oil. It works effectively on wet as well as dry hairs depending on your particular needs. It also works efficiently on heat damaged hairs. Using this thermal serum on your hairs before using a heat iron can actually save a lot of damage to your hairs.


  • It is an ideal hair serum for thick, rough and frizzy hairs.
  • The formula is concentrated but it spreads nicely on the hairs and you will need only a little for one time application.
  • It can be used both on dry and towel dried hairs according to the needs.
  • This serum helps in sealing in the cuticles which naturally reduces hair breakage.
  • It leaves the hairs soft, smooth, shiny and more manageable.
  • This thermal spray is really effective to save your hairs from heat damage.
  • It has a smell that will surely please your senses


  • To get long lasting effect of this serum on your hairs, you need to use it regularly.

Final verdict

There are not really any direct negative points to say for this thermal hair serum. It is free from alcohol and is priced quite reasonably. For treated hairs, this serum can be a good pick at this price range. It also works well on the thick and frizzy curls that are difficult to tame. So, if you are in the lookout for a hair serum in a reasonable price range, you can surely give this one a try and you will not repent your purchase.

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Guidance for hair serum use

Even the Best hair serums from a good brand might not suit your hairs due to several reasons. So, when you start using a hair serum for the first time or a serum from a new brand, it is important that you keep a strict eye on how your hairs are behaving and looking with the serum on. If it seems that your hairs are turning drier after using the serum or if you see an increase in hair fall or hair breakage after using the serum, discontinue the use of the serum immediately.

When you are starting with a new hair serum, it is best to first use it infrequently and once it seems to suit you, you can increase the frequency as required and suggested.

You can find the general guidelines on how to use a hair serum in the above section of this article. However, there are many Best hair serums that can be used in different ways to achieve different results. So, before you use a hair serum, first read the usage instructions printed on the package carefully and follow them line by line.


So, now you know the secret of those shiny, soft and manageable tresses of the celebrities. If you are tired to make your hairs behave better, it is the time you should try out the Best hair serums from the above list. A good hair serum can instantly give your hairs the look and the feel that you have always dream’t off.

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