Organic Lifestyle for Increasing Longevity

Importance of Organic Lifestyle for Increasing Longevity

The age span of human beings as a whole is decreasing in a drastic way since the last few decades. This is mostly because a sudden rise in chronic and life-threatening diseases has increased the death rate and the worst thing is that the average death rate lies between the ages of 50 to 55. The unhealthy lifestyle and many environmental factors are the real reason behind this earlier death rate concern. However one can increase longevity by adopting an organic lifestyle.

The moment we hear the term organic the first thing that hit in our mind is the cultivation of fruits and vegetable in naturally harvested and fertilized soils without the use of harmful or toxic chemicals and other inputs which is true.

When you make your life fully dependent on only organic products you simply take it to a different level or world where you can live in much more healthier way, with full of energy both mentally and physically which all together ensure your longevity by increasing your total life span.

Nowadays farming is basically a commercial phenomenon or money making business in which all wrong procedures and inputs are given to produce a huge amount of cultivation to increase the profit amount without worrying about its ultimate result which is not fair. This generates only temporary benefit whereas it creates permanent devastation for both the environment and human health as a whole.

The ultimate benefit is zero. You save money by buying non-organic food products and other important things necessary for living. However this savings you has to spend when you fall sick or get suffer from major health hazards due to unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. So the end result is nil for you as you save nothing than losing.

On the other hand when you opt for only organic products it might seem costly to you initially but in the long run, it is going to benefit you and your family in a great way by keeping you healthy in all respect and preventing the risk of chronic diseases growth.

There are a million reasons to switch to an organic lifestyle, some of them are mentioned below which will make you strongly feel to rethink about your current lifestyle.

Importance of Organic Lifestyle

Organic Lifestyle Increases Longevity

Lesser Exposure to Toxins

The bitter truth of today’s fast pace life that willingly or unwillingly we are highly exposed to toxins materials and products. It exists now everywhere and in everything that you use whether it is the environment in which you breathe, cosmetic products for your skin care, clothing and above all the foods that we eat regularly.

Thanks to organic lifestyle that can preserve your health and life by protecting you from the health hazards caused by all these toxins rich products by growing food products and other necessary day to day life necessities in an organic way without any use of chemicals and preservatives which indirectly protects to environment by keeping it clean and fresh as well.

Yes, it is true that you cannot prevent fully the exposure of toxins materials but using more and more organic products can make your way easy by letting you exposed only to little or negligible amounts of toxins.

As per the report of Food Additives and Contaminants journal, not only the packaged or processed foods are a bundle of toxins content but its packaging as well is found to be unhealthy and hazardous for the people who will consume such packaged food products.

The chemicals used in the production of these packaging are released to some extent in the foods as well which is then packaged in it. The good news is that just like organic fruits and vegetables you can get organic processed foods as well which will be much healthier for you than the normal processed foods which contain artificial flavors and toxins.

In order to keep your skin healthy in a natural way chose only those cosmetic products which have organic ingredients contained in it. This will take care of your skin issues in a healthy way without developing side effects just like non-organic cosmetic products.

These small-small changes in your day to day life will not only ensure your good health but will also increase your chances of longevity when you will start adopting an organic lifestyle.

Improves Overall Health

People who prefer organically grown fruits, whole grains and vegetables over conventionally grown food products are quite likely to improve their overall health including physical and mental health. This happens because conventionally grown crops and fruits are rich in toxins and chemical fertilizers and food preservatives which directly impact your mood by generating stress-causing hormones in the body.

Apart from this the nutritional value of these food products remains very low with a comparison to organic food products so you cannot expect to get healthy nutrition out of their consumption. In the lack of necessary nutrient s such as vitamins, minerals, protein, and carbohydrates your body’s immunity power gets weaker day by day.

As a result of it, you easily get victims of seasonal and chronic diseases with time. Out of its worst effect on your physical health, fertility issue and weight gain or obesity are the two most common physical health issues that occur in people who are dependent on conventionally grown food products.

On the other hand, people who include only organic foods in their lifestyle and utilize only organic items in their day to day life remains fit not only externally but internally as well. These people hardly fall sick especially during the seasonal changes because of their strong immunity power.

Also, their highly boosted health hardly develops any symptoms or sign of chronic diseases such as high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer etc. The overall improvement in health also keeps far away from all aging-related problems like weak bone density or osteoporosis, pre-aging signs on skin and hair, insomnia etc. which is very common in people who live a non-organic lifestyle.

All these health benefits and improvements ensure that you live longer with strong overall health without dependency on medications and other supports.

Increases your Happiness

The worst part of dependency on conventional grown foods and lifestyle is that it creates several mental health-related issues. As a result of it, people started getting more depressed and their capability to stay and feel happiness in life reduces with time.

The food that we eat not only affects the physical body but it is also responsible for your state of mind or level of thinking, perception, ideas to think and handle life’s struggle and critical circumstances.

Overall the non-organic lifestyle affects the brain in a negative way that makes it more depressed, hampers the memory power and faith towards life which all together slowly give birth to severe mental health issues like anxiety, depression, forgetfulness etc.

Another reason to feel happier by using or adopting an organic lifestyle is that when you use only organically grown foods you are indirectly doing good for nature and the environment. When the demand for more organic foods will rise in the market it will automatically bring down the demand of more conventional food items which are grown in an unhealthy manner causing harm to the environment in several ways.

So by favoring or offering support to the environment, you will automatically get a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment inside which are actually true definition of happiness in life. The happier a person, the higher the chances of their long lifespan or longevity exists.

Benefits for the Planet

The organic cultivation reduces and prevents the necessity of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides generally used for conventional cultivations. In this way, it decreases the number of toxic chemicals in our surrounding environments.

Moreover, it preserves the original quality of soil which easily gets hampered due to use of toxic chemical products during cultivation. The healthier the soil quality, the greater the vitality of landscape due to lesser usage of chemical inputs which tends to damage the soil fertility slowly and gradually.

So by adopting an organic lifestyle, you are benefiting the planet by creating a healthy and refreshing environment and better landscape which together are an important component of the planet.

On the other hand with conventional farming, the natural ozone layer of the environment is getting deteriorated every year which is the life savior of all human beings as it absorbs most of the harmful UV rays of the sun from reaching to earth.

Apart from this by reducing the usage of toxic chemicals in cultivation not only the landscape quality will be enhanced but also it will benefit to our natural water bodies which can easily contaminate due to high usage of these chemicals in cultivation in the form of wastage disposal.

This means the organic foods are not only beneficial and healthy for your overall health but it is equally beneficial for the plant too. So by using it, you will not only ensure your longevity but for the longevity of your planet as well because it keeps our eco-system in proper balance.

Provides Highly Nutritious Foods

When you started adopting an organic life this ensures that your body gets only highly nutritious foods in the form of fruits, vegetables, and other necessary things important for living. As a result of it, you can feel more protective about your health in the form of boosted metabolic function, high immunity power, clear and healthy skin, and strong mental health.

These huge numbers of benefits are enough to increase your lifespan and longevity which you cannot expect with conventional farming produced foods which are nothing but the bundle of chemicals used during the cultivation process.

The aim behind the conventional farming is to produce as many crops as it is possible in the cost of soil and environmental protectiveness. To fulfill this target farmers use toxic pesticides, fertilizers, artificial preservatives and flavors which not only affect the crop grown in it but also affects the soil by making in barren later on.

Also, these harmful chemical inputs when mixes with air pollute the environment in which you breathe which is enough to damage human’s health as a whole.

As per the researches, organically produced foods takes more than 30% fewer energy resources than conventionally grown food products. In this way, you not only save the environment by choosing an organic lifestyle but also saves cultivation from getting hampered due to toxin chemicals usage as its input.

All these positive approaches bring feeling good hormone in the body which is responsible for happiness when you realizes that some of your efforts are benefiting the environment and planet in which you live. This happy feeling build base for strong emotions and mind which altogether ensures your longevity as only a stress-free and happy person can survive longer.

Makes Life Easier with Easily Available Resources

Life really gets simpler when we get all the necessary things for living just only click away from our fingertips and this is a fact with the organic products. Nowadays with the invention of multiple online shopping websites or e-commerce sites, you don’t even have to take out your foot step out of your place.

Just by sitting at your home or office itself you can order all necessary organic products that you want for your household purposes or for yourself such as cosmetic products, organic clothing and apparels, groceries and other raw foods products like fresh veggies and fruits and health supplements.

When you manage to live in a comfortable surrounding and environment there is no doubt that you can stay more fulfilled and happier from inside which is the base for a healthy mental and physical health.

So by ensuring your overall health goodness you automatically ensure your longevity for you as well as for your family members.

After knowing such amazing benefits for you and for the surrounding environment in which you live there is hardly any reason to say no to the organic lifestyle. Yes, it is not deniable that this lifestyle will be a bit costlier than your current living style but when you will count its long term endless benefits your mind will automatically convince for its importance to increase longevity by adopting an organic lifestyle.

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