Manage Peer Pressure to Drink

Tips to Manage Peer Pressure to Drink: Positive & Negative Peer Pressure

We all live in a society where drinking alcohol is considered as a status symbol and the best way of making fun irrespective of different occasions and party places. If you are the one who unwillingly drinks in parties due to peer pressure then stop it right away by following our tips to manage peer pressure to drink.

Peers can be anyone from our office or local friends group, or any other community with whom we are connected in a certain way. In spite of our unwillingness, we hesitate to say no to our peers with the perception that they may feel disregard or may get angry with our negligence.

It is seen in several cases that people get addicted to drinks due to consistent peer pressure for drinking or smoking which is not at all good for health and should not be pleased in any circumstances.

Also, it is a general myth among people that avoiding drinks in parties can affect their social image and it also reflects their low-status symbol which is absolutely wrong perception. Friends don’t misguide yourself with such conception in your mind as it is our behavior, attitude and, coordination with our friends, colleagues, and relatives and peers that create our image in their eyes in general.

Yes, it really very difficult to stay stick with our decision and handling the pressure by peer to drink but with some positive attitudes and behavior, you can manage this pressure prudently.

Tips to Manage Peer Pressure to Drink

Standing in a party without an alcoholic drink where drinking is priority needs lots of courage and determination towards own decision. Also, it is a test of your self-control power and resistance towards to judgmental eyes of people around you.

We are not ignoring the importance of our peers but if something is related to your health then it should not be negotiated under any pressure and condition. It is usual that you will feel peer pressure and might feel indifferent by not following the existing trend and fashion symbol but with some simple tricks and tips, you can stay stick to your decision quite easily.

Share Your Problem with Someone

No doubt it’s really very tough to say no when our mates and peers insist us to have a drink during occasions but not impossible. First, you have to control yourself and make it very clear that avoiding alcohol is not going to change your image in front of pees as it just your personal perception and others have nothing to do in it.

At first, try to handle your condition by own however if you feel totally uncomfortable and not getting way to save yourself then must share your concern with someone whom you trust. Whether it is your family member or any old friend or a counselor or whomsoever you think that they can guide you rightly and provide right suggestion to you should be consulted.

Sometimes in life we ownself cannot find solutions to some issues of life and it is quite obvious too as we are simple human being. At this condition taking help of others can enlighten our way. So take the help of someone and protect yourself from the peer pressure drive to drink.

Be Determined

Staying stick to your believes and decision needs your 100% determination otherwise people can mock you or make fun of you if you get fail to explain yourself rightly. Say your peer group that why you are saying so and how important it is for you to staying stick with your beliefs.

Here you have to be very patient and calm otherwise taunt and unpleasing talks of your community people can make you hyper and that can create a wrong impression on all. So be very calm and express your view confidently in front of others to protect yourself from unwanted drinking due to peer pressure.

Avoid Peer Groups

Changing friends and group that often insist for drinking during parties and occasions is another best you for avoiding the peer pressure drive. There is no scarcity of good and understanding people in the world.

So just for pleasing to others don’t destroy your health by drinking alcohol which is not at all healthy for your health instead of changing your peer groups will be one prudent decision for you in this situation.

Pretend Alcoholic

Pretend your body posture as an alcoholic even if you have taken just one glass of drink. People when get drunk during parties they insist others for taking another glass for their company. Here you can save yourself by one prudent trick.

Instead of taking another glass of alcohol, take one glass of soft drink like coke etc. as it appears similar to alcohol and drinks it with your peers. This way you can protect yourself from the overdrinking side by side your peer group will also not feel bad when they find you are following them.

Introduce a Healthy Fun Culture

Another trick that you can apply to avoid the peer pressure drive to drink is by introducing some healthy idea for fun making which can divert the mind of your peers from alcohol to this creative activity.

This is not so easy as it sounds as when people get drunk they hardly show interest in any other fun activity leaving another glass of drink but you can try it for saving yourself. You have to be prepared with such creative fun making idea before you enter in such parties so that very starting point only you can discuss it and convince everyone for this healthy activity instead of drinking alcohol since the beginning.

Don’t Value to Other’s Judgment

Most of the peer pressure gets successful as the person who is getting pressurized for alcohol drinking thinks that he or she might be judged negatively or throw a negative impression on others. This is absolutely wrong perception for your prosperous life so don’t carry such thoughts in your mind.

Only for showing yourself as trendy and on the pace of time you cannot be addicted to something that is harmful to your health. If someone is judging you wrong and not appreciating your view then it is their problem not your cup of tea.

The real person will definitely understand you and appreciate your determination level when you will stay stick to your decision even in the mid of intense peer pressure. So be what you are and ignore the judgment others.

Friends at the end we must say that everything is in your hand and it is you only who can save you in such a complicated situation and purely pull yourself out.

Positive and Negative Effects Due to Peer Pressure

peer pressureThe lifestyle of our peer group and community influenced us a lot or it can be said it can throw its effect on our every aspect of life that is why it is said that be with good people to learn and grow up as a good person.

Whether it is good or bad habits of our friends, colleagues and any other social group throw their impact in our mind to a great extent. Especially in teenagers, this impact can be seen to a great extent. There are several cases where teenagers get addicted to a harmful toxic habit due to peer pressure. Getting alcoholic and intense smoking in the teenage are a few prominent examples of peer pressure effect.

Here we must say that peer pressure is not only for causing bad influence in one’s life. Sometimes it helps us in showing the right direction in life and promotes us for growth in studies, carrier, and relationship by setting up their live example. So let us discuss thoroughly all the positive as well as negative effects on life due to peer pressure.

Negative Effects Caused by Peer Pressure

Unsuccessful Result Due to Blind Following

When you don’t have a clear knowledge and idea about something and just blindly follow your peers with the perception if they are doing, it must be right then chances of the unsuccessful result lies to a great extent.

This can be dangerous too as with half knowledge or no knowledge regarding something brings failure in life. This blind following is mostly seen among teenagers in their schooling and college period when they select a school, college, subject or coaching classes only to follow their peer group without detecting whether it is good for their carrier prospect or future life or not.

Undesirable Step Open Failure Path

When we start something with half-hearted or without own desire chances of failure remains very high. Under peer pressure drive often people take a step that they are completely unwilling to do and this undesirable step brings failure instead of success.

Unwanted Lifestyle

Extreme peer pressure drive throws its severe impact on the pressurized person resulting in they start living a certain lifestyle that they have never thought to live in their life.

Peer group who likes to go for a weekend outing or go for the night out parties very often or live a very luxurious lifestyle pressurized a new member to live like them. As the new member has less knowledge about these and they don’t want to be a symbol of boredom or outdated they blindly stat living the lifestyle of the peers.

Getting badly addicted to alcohol, chain smoking, drug addiction are some of the severe impact resulting in the extreme level of peer pressure which can spoil the complete life of the influenced person. In the case of teenagers, such kind of addiction towards drinking, smoking, and drugs mainly arise out of the peer’s group pressure on them.

Loss of Self Confidence

Under peer pressure people loses their individuality or self-existence by changing their taste for foods, liking for movies, stars, songs, carrier perspective, fashion, and complete lifestyle as per their peers liking and desire.

As a result of that people lose their self-confidence and a person without self-confidence is nothing but a puppet that walks and performs in the direction of others. The peer pressure compels to think the way they think and their influence is so high that influenced person doesn’t take any single step in life without the permission of the peers.

This way you just lose the taste or flavor of life by forgetting your own wish, liking, and desires. It can completely change the perception of life and ultimately life gets meaningless in the lack of self-confidence and blind following.

Positive Effects Caused by Peer Pressure

Influence for Betterment

Peers pressure not only harms always, many times it influences for the betterment and you recover your inner strength and capability due to such positive influence. It may be possible that your way of living is not right or up to the pace in such cases when you change your way of living under pressure of peer then it brings a positive outcome.

Positive Behavior

In many cases, it is seen that due to the pressure of peers people get influenced such a way that they change their way of thinking and gets more positive towards life. Especially in the cases of teens who are already addicted to some bad habits or lagging behind in their studies or not good by behavior, when they come in contact of people who have the positive attitude and behavior get inspired and their path of life changes for the good.

Enhance Knowledge

Mass influence is not only towards for wrong things it does good also many ways such as enhances your knowledge especially when you belong to a small city and relocate in the big city for study or the carrier purpose.

When one gets pressurized by peers for positive attitude and changes then the life reach to a very high pick by the time their way of expression, dressing style, behavior etc. changes and that bring success with all respect.

Inspiration for Betterment

When you met with good peers in your life they will nor force or put pressure on you for bringing changes in you instead you yourself get influenced by their positive behavior and their path of success. In such cases, you become successful by following their right attitude and right path of living.

Here the changes are constructive, not destructive like getting addicted for wrong lifestyle and all. Also, your peers may guide you in your tough time to take the right decision and step so that you can easily overcome the hurdles of life and can live your life swiftly.

When the peer pressure is for bad then it should not be entertained at any cost and must be avoided. So try our tips to manage peer pressure to drink and balance your life in a positive way.

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