Effects of Early Morning Smoking

Effects of Early Morning Smoking on Health : Ways to Get Rid of It

We all know that the smoking is injurious to health then also nothing to do when someone is severely addicted to this bad habit. Let me tell you, my dear friend, if you have a habit of early morning smoking then you are at the threshold of many lives threatening disease which can destroy your normal life completely. However, there are few simple tricks and tips to get rid of early morning smoking habit very effectively.

Smoking just after few hours or minutes of waking up calls for the lung cancer, head and neck cancer. This early morning addiction to cigarette shows that how much that person is dependent on it that he or she cannot wait for some hours after wake up. This becomes a way to get refreshed just like the early morning refreshing beverages like tea, coffee etc.

A person who does smoking within 30 minutes off the bed in morning is at 1.79 times higher risk to develop lung cancer than the other smokers. Whereas those who smoke after 31 minutes to 60 minutes of their waking time in the early morning are at 1.31 times higher risk to develop lung cancer than the other smokers.

Same way people who smokes within 30 minutes after waking up in the early morning are at 1.59 times higher risk to develop neck and head cancer whereas those who smoke after 31 minutes to 60 minutes of their waking time in the early morning are at 1.42 times of risk to develop neck and head cancer than those who waited for long hours to smoke.

How to Get Rid of Early Morning Smoking Habit

early morning smokerConsidering the terrific worst health condition because of smoking habit in the early morning, the requirement arises for the cessation of this bad habit in order to protect us from life-threatening diseases like tumor or lung cancer. Here we have enlisted some effective natural ways that will help you dramatically to get rid of your early morning smoking habit.

Drink Water in Early Morning

Water is good for our health and fitness in many ways and when you drink water in the early morning on the empty stomach then its benefits rate get twice or double. Water helps to boost your body’s metabolism power and this way it keeps you energized and away from smoking especially in the morning.

Those who are badly addicted to smoking do early bed smoking in the morning time because they cannot resist it anymore and automatically they stats looking for cigarette badly as soon as they wake up otherwise they start losing their patience and get panic.

If you are seriously willing to leave this bad habit of yours then drink a big glass of water as soon as you wake up. This will make your stomach full and will reduce your smoking craving or desire in the early morning. As it works as a supplement for energy buster so it will automatically fill the gap of early smoking requirement slowly and gradually.

Make your Mindset at Night Only

One of the oldest and thought says half of the work is done when someone is determined to do it. The same situation arises regarding early morning smokes quitting target too. You need to prepare a proper mindset one night before when you are willing to leave this bad habit totally. If you can control your willingness and desires then there is nothing in this world which is impossible.

When you are prepared to quit your smoking from tomorrow morning then make sure before night to remove and hide all the reminders of smoking. Hide the ashtrays, cigarette and its odor from house and car. Wake up with fresh mind you will definitely feel less crave for smoking when you will not find anything related to smoking around you.

Change your Waking Time

One easy process that you can do while trying to get rid of early morning smoking habit is by changing your morning wake up time. This is not even tough for you and by day one only you can start it. Changes in morning schedule will definitely affect your craving for smoke and slowly it will affect your desire for early morning smoking.

Go Step by Step

Nothing is possible to do in one go or in one day. So have patience in your mind and be determined to your target i.e. to get rid of early morning smoking habit which immediately calls for lungs, head and neck cancer.

On the first day make 2 hours delay from the past usual routine of smoking and slowly increase this time span to 3 hr. to 4 hr. and so on. This will help to easily leave this bad habit without making you much panic. After two to three months you will find there is no craving at all for the early morning smoking and also this can be fruitful for you in getting rid of smoking habit completely from your regular lifestyle.

Make Changes in Your Morning Plan

What daily morning routine you are following right now make a thorough study of it and then make necessary changes in it so that you will get less craving for smoking in the early morning time. There are people who generally do smoking along with their morning cup of tea, or while going for the morning walk, or going towards bus stop etc.

Whatever you do in the morning make a change in it and do something different that will not remind you of early morning smoking habit. As soon as you bring changes in your daily lifestyle your mind get distracted from your old regular habit and slowly you get rid of early morning smoking habit.

Get Engaged in Some Workout

Those who are early morning smokers usually do smoking at this time for relaxation and refreshment purpose which prepares them for the whole day work. Here you can plan for engaging yourself in some stretching workouts or you can go for the jogging at the same time when you previously used to smoke.

Morning workout or walk will boost your blood circulation level and hence will enhance your metabolism that will prepare for the whole day work. This will keep you energized and refreshed and you won’t feel the necessity of early morning smoking. This will take time to get accustomed but slowly you will definitely get a positive output.

Mind Swing Plan

It’s really difficult to get rid of smoking fast if someone is as badly addicted to it that they cannot even wait for some hours after waking up but yes, not impossible. It’s all up to your determination level and desire to get rid of this dangerous habit for health.

You need to move smartly here for successful results. Make changes in your regular day plan as it will help to swing your mind in some different work and you won’t feel a craving for smoking. Induce new habit in your life like engage yourself in music listening, net surfing, singing, outdoor games etc. These will help to divert your mind and at the exact time when you used to smoke you will not even realize that you have missed something important.

Appreciate Yourself

Don’t forget to appreciate yourself whenever you quit your regular smoking time as this self-appreciation will help to boost your determination towards leaving this bad habit for health. Appreciate yourself for what achievement you got and slowly this will boost you for completely leaving this early morning smoking habit.

Aware Yourself of the Dangers Due to Smoking

Your emotional craving for early morning smoking can be controlled with few simple steps like you can prepare a written list of the dangers which can occur to you because of this bad habit. This will boost you to be stick with your target and never slip out of it.

You can then will better understand your current health status and your target transformation journey (health wise) when you will totally stop smoking early in the morning. Written demerits of this bad habit will give you strength whenever you will tumble to your target or determination.

This will also make you aware how danger is even a single cigarette in the early morning time. This makes double or speedy calling to cancer in the lungs area, in the head, and in the neck area. If some little effort can save your life from such a dangerous health hazard then there is no corner or reason to think twice.

Include Snacks in Your Morning Routine

It is quite natural if you are stopping your regular morning habit for the smoke then something is needed to fill this gap otherwise your body will keep tempting you for smoke and then it will be very difficult to control yourself. This gap can be fulfilled by having some delicious snacks that suit your taste bud.

The time when you generally used to smoke in the early morning time starts eating some healthy and tasteful snacks. Regular practice of this habit will not only distract your mind from smoking but will naturally suppress your desire for early morning smoking.

Do Meditation

benefits of daily meditationMeditation is the ultimate way of a healthy life and relaxation. If you are really determined to get rid of morning smoking habit then you should definitely take the help of meditation. This will work as a healer to your overall health and will help to concentrate your mind where you want and will surely distract you from the bad habit you are brutally addicted now.

Now it is medically proved that meditation is helpful in relieving many physical as well as psychological issues dramatically. This takes you in a different world for the time being when you are indulged in the medication and also empowers you towards the accomplishment of your goal.

Wake up with a fresh mind and determination towards your target and choose a fresh and open space for meditation which is peaceful too. Take a deep breath in the meditation posture and focus on a single point. Do for as much time as you are comfortable. As much meditation you will do, it will be better for you. Gradually it will completely distract you from early morning smoking.

Chat with Friends

What a real companion can do for you with regard to any issue of your life or psychological problems that is hard to get from any other source. Talk with your friends in the early morning time this will work as a great support in distracting your mind from this life-threatening bad habit in which you are addicted now. Also friends can better guide you what you can do further to keep yourself away from early morning smoking.

Stay Positive

Nothing is achievable in this entire world with a loose thought or any negative thought. So stay positive first as this will only keep you energized throughout of your journey to get rid of early morning smoking habit. Don’t lose your heart if in the initial week or days you are not getting any positive output.

It is your positive thinking only which will keep you strong and determined towards your goal to leave this unhealthy habit from your life. Nothing is possible in a day or week. So keep on trying with other steps and activity until you are succeeded.

Take Online Supports

In today’s high tech. world each and every solution is present over the internet; you don’t even have to walk for a mile to get it. If not any solution is working effectively for you then do net surfing. There are many online forums which can guide you better also you can find here many people who are also in the same situation as you.

There you can raise your specific query or issue that you are facing while trying to get rid of early morning smoking habit. You can get real life-based solutions over here by the people who might have in the same situation at the certain time as you are right now.

Make your life longer with good health and strength by using our effective and easy tips to get rid of early morning smoking habit. Though it will take time to get the desired result but stick with all these effective plans until the time when you won’t feel any craving or requirement for smoking in the early morning.

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