Best Healthy Snacking

Best Healthy Snacking for Everybody with Multiple Benefits

Snacking or consumption of snacks denotes eating some foods in small quantity in between big meals throughout the day. That means snacks might be healthy or it might remain free of nutrients and healthful but it tempts people to have it whether it is good for them or not. So here we have picked out for you some best and healthy snacking for everybody which will in no way deteriorate your health.

Whether you are at your workplace or in traveling or living at your home temptation for snacking is quite usual to occur after a few hours of big meals. It’s not that your stomach is feeling hungry and to quench its hunger it is craving for snacks. There is no direct relation between hunger and snacking as it is the tempting taste of snacks which can raise your hunger even if you have taken your meal a few minutes before.

Often snacks are highly processed and junk foods which are unhealthy for the health of everybody with all respect. It is the unhealthy snacks which stimulate your body weight and also affect your overall health in many ways. So if you are also addicted to unhealthy snacks badly and want to replace it with some healthy snacking then this is the right place for you.

Best Healthy Snacking for Everybody

healthy snacking for everybodyWe all want to live a healthy life along with charming and good look but again we cannot stop completely our crave for snacking between meals which is a general human desire. When we tempt for snacking we often forget about our health and in spite of knowing its bad effect on our weight, skin, heart and liver health we find it difficult to control ourselves from consuming it.

Snacking is essential also, as you cannot expect your body to stay energetic and fresh only by taking big meals of the day. It is necessary to take small-small meals in the mid of big meals to boost our body metabolism and to relive our mental stress. So to make your way easy here we have enlisted top best healthy snacking that is good for everybody.


You can prepare a healthy snack with strawberries at your home only which carries high nutritious value and don’t even harm to your health just like normal snacks available in the market. This contains a very lesser amount of fat and calorie so those who are struggling with their bodies overweight and looking for some tasty and delicious snacks can try strawberry as a healthy snacking.

Strawberries salads are one of the healthy snacking that is rich with high nutritional value. For preparing this healthy salad you just need to have one bowl full of yogurt and according to the yogurt quantity dip strawberries in it. Now keep it in the freezer for at least for 20 to 25 minutes and then your snacks will be ready to eat. Yogurt especially Greek yogurt are high protein foods that help to suppress your hunger naturally by making feel to your stomach that it is full for long hours.

Dark Chocolates

Chocolates are normally considered as an unhealthy snack as these are rich with high sugar content and calories but dark chocolates which contain 90% cocoa as its ingredient is exceptional in this list. This chocolate can provide you a good treat without hampering your health. Apart from this, it is good for the heart health and even an obesity person can eat this without any fear to put on more body weight.

As per the recent research, it is been proved that the chemicals and compounds that exist in this chocolate are very much efficient in improving mental stress condition. So those who have mental issues like mood swing, distress, anxiety can have this chocolate to boost their mental health into a pleasing and stable condition.

Dark chocolates are rich with several antioxidant properties which are capable to fight with free radicals and improves the damaged cells. Also as it carries a low glycemic index value so those who are suffering from diabetes can have a feast on certain days with this fancy and healthy chocolate.

Dry Mangoes

Mango the king of fruits is not only superb by taste but is one of the healthy snacking when it is dried up and preserved in a jar. You can prepare this delicious snack in the season of mangoes and enjoy this healthy snack treat throughout the year as its quality will remain as it is.

Mango carries a very lesser amount of calorie and it is rich with polyphenolic compounds which work as an antioxidant that helps to restore the health of your damaged cells. Also, it is beneficial in relieving stress, degenerative diseases (such as heart and cancer disease) and DNA damage.

Mangoes which you buy from the market should not be the sulfite preservative otherwise it will harm more than good. Sulfite is a common preservative which is used to keep or maintain the quality and color of fruits for long duration and prevent the growth of micro-organism but as it’s a chemical so it also contains some health risk like allergy, asthma etc.

Coconut Chips

Coconut is one of the top ranking superfoods which are the great source of essential nutrients for your overall health. It’s really a great pleasure to have this healthy fruit in the form of chips which every one of us likes to eat as a snack. This is a healthy snacking not like junk food which is highly processed instead coconut chips are prepared by the deep roasting process to make it crunchy and super tasty.

Also, coconut is rich with saturated fat which is an essential element for maintaining both physical and mental health. Again when this coconut chip is prepared with virgin coconut oil its benefits for health becomes twice as virgin oil helps to control body weight, cholesterol level and prevent the risk of heart attack and other heart-related health concerns.

So now no more compromises even if you are on your dieting period or suffering from any chronic health concern as coconut chips are there to fulfill your desire for snacking in between big meals of the day along with considering your current health condition.

Apple Snacks

We all know the benefit of eating an apple every day as an old saying goes “an apple a day keep the doctor away”, but yes this healthy fruit is alone cannot take the place of snacks which we desire from time to time to fulfill the thirst of our taste buds and frequent hunger. However, you can prepare a very tasty and healthy snack with this highly nutrient dense fruit.

For preparing a snack with apple you need to mix apple pieces into almond butter in a healthy quantity. This healthy mixture forms an amazing tasty snack which can replace easily to an unhealthy snack available in the market. Almond butter is rich with huge fiber content which helps to check your cholesterol and blood sugar level.

This healthy snacking is good for people of all ages. As almond butter has a very low glycemic value so people who have problems of fluctuating sugar level can easily stable their blood sugar level and boost their metabolism rate which is essential to keep someone energetic and diseases free. Also as this snack is rich with fiber content so it will suppress your hunger for a long time by keeping your stomach full for long hours hence helpful in controlling body weight.

Chewy Ginger

Chewy ginger or cookies are one of delicious snacking that can win the taste bud of people of all aging. This tasty, crunchy and delicious snacking is rich with multiple health benefits and has the capability to fight with even a severe health concern.

Ginger is already known for its anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce inflammation. Ginger juice works as a natural medicine to cope up with digestive gland problems. Also by improving your capacity to absorb essential nutrient from the food that you consume every day it makes your body stronger than before and reduces the problem like frequent nausea which is a sign of weaker immunity system.

People who suffer from type 2 diabetes health problem which comes in the category of major health concern can boost their health drastically by consuming this healthy snacking made by ginger as it increases the insulin sensitivity and relives the condition of the patient.


Walnuts are another top and best in the list of healthy snacking. This dry fruit is rich with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help a lot to the patient with severe heart issues. Often the consumption of fatty foods reduces the functionality of arteries which causes blockage and chronic heart concerns like blood clotting.

This heart issue can be relieved by chewing walnuts after eating fatty meals as it helps to reduce the inflammation and oxidation process in your arteries. Only one third or a half cup of walnut consumption is enough to keep your stomach full for long hours without hampering your health. So it is also beneficial for those who are suffering from obesity and over-weight issue and struggling hard to reduce their body weight.

Vegetable Chips

Vegetable or veggie chips are rich with high nutritional value as these are prepared from the healthy vegetables and by a very healthy process. Vegetable chips are not like junk foods and highly processed snacks which are only good by taste and their nutrition value remains almost nil.

The veggie chips are prepared with a deep roasting process which is healthy by taste and boosts your overall health. It contains Vitamin A, B6, C, D, E, and K. All these are a vital element for both physical and mental health. Those who have digestive health concern can stimulate their digestive process by consuming these healthy snacks also the Vitamin B6 content helps to boost your digestive enzyme and improves your metabolism rate.

Apart from that, the Vitamin B6 is essential for pregnant women and mother of infants as it improves their immunity power and helps in the growth of brain of the baby inside the womb. These veggie chips contain very low grade of fat that means it is good for the health of obesity and heart-related problems. Vegetables which generally used in the preparation of these snacks are potatoes, tomatoes, sea salt and non-hydrogenated oil which is good for the health of everybody.

Tomatoes with Feta

Tomato is one of the primary sources of antioxidant lycopene which contains several health benefits. So when you grab tomato as a snack you not only satisfy your taste buds but at the same time, you are boosting your health as its dietary antioxidant property stimulates your heart health, digestive system and also beneficial for the patient suffering from cancer disease.

Feta is a kind of cheese which is prepared by ship milk. This creamy and tasty cheese makes an amazing veggie salad when mixed with tomato pieces. You can sprinkle sea salt on it to enhance its taste also sea salt is good for health even for those who have hypertension and heart-related health problems.

Apart from that tomato is also good for your skin health as it helps to rejuvenate your sagged and wrinkled skin cells and boost the growth of fresh skin cells to provide you with a younger look. Also, it contains unsaturated fatty acid which helps to reduce the quantity of neutral fat from your body and boost your body’s metabolism rate.

Celery with Peanut Butter

Celery with peanut butter mixture makes a healthy and tasty snack which is good for everyone’s health. Celery leaves contain a very high nutritional value and it has a very lesser amount of calorie so along with peanut butter it makes an amazing snack which can be consumed by anyone without any fear of health.

It helps to control your cholesterol and sugar level as it is rich with insoluble fiber which takes very long time to digest hence keep your stomach full for a long time and suppress your hunger naturally. As peanut butter is prepared from roasted peanut so it makes a healthy snack that is essential for your overall health. Also, it is rich with high protein value so beneficial for your body weight.

We hope our list of healthy snacking for everybody will play a vital role in changing your lifestyle and boosting your health to a great extent without compromising your taste buds desires.

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