Natural Alternative Cancer Treatments

5 Natural Alternative Cancer Treatments

Cancer, according to World Health Organization, is the world’s leading cause of human mortality. Based on statistical data by WHO, there were about 14 million cases of cancer way back in 2012, and this figure will soon increase up to 22 million cases in a span of 20 years. This is an alarming figure and finding for an effective remedy for various types of cancer is an important thrust of science.

 The scientific studies conducted to look for effective cancer treatments have had gone far, providing a wide array of options for humans to consider. There are already available treatments, such as chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, blood transfusion and the like. However, despite the reach of scientific findings, still are people uncertain with how those options work for them effectively.

 This phenomenon has had caused complementary or alternative cancer treatments to arise. From their folklore and myth underpinnings as part of the human cultural development, there are already natural herbs and plants that are regarded by science as effective to remedy or deal with various forms of cancer, like prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, among others. This article will provide 5 revolutionary herbs-based alternative cancer remedies.

5 Herbal Remedies For Cancer

Sabah Snake Grass

Sabah Snake Grass is an herbal plant that has become popular in Asia in the recent years, due to its purported properties to deal successfully with different types of cancer. This herb is otherwise known as ‘cobra grass’ (derived from the Asian belief that it has had been used to treat snakebites). SSG is scientifically having flavonoids, a known antioxidant that is able to lower or reduce the symptomatic risks of cancer. Antioxidants, based on science-based studies, play an important role to stop the rapid multiplicity of cancerous cells, while protecting the good and active cells. They are also responsible in strengthening the impact of free radicals, which cause the proliferation of malignant cancerous cells.


Wheatgrass has widely been known as a plant that has the potency to remedy cancerous diseases. It scientifically has chlorophyll, an important substance that can improve the condition of cancer patients. The main function of chlorophyll, based on scientific findings, is to purify the blood, which plays a vital role in the cleansing of the human body. The toxins and pathogens are the main cause why people’s resistance becomes weakened, which is absolutely not good while having terminal illnesses.


Graviola is another plant science has proven through researches and analyses having an effective compound (annonaceous acetogenins). This compound has been considered as 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy. It has widely been used nowadays in the health and wellness industry, as it has become popular to alleviate, and even halt the perilous attacks of serious diseases, including cancer. This is the reason why there are a number of wellness entities at present that strongly drive for the use of Graviola-based supplements.


Barley has become popular as one of the most powerful green leafy plants in this world. It contains essential amino acids the human body cannot produce. It is abundant with Vitamins A, C, B1, B2, iron, potassium, calcium, and chlorophyll. The properties it contains are imperative to strengthen human resistance and to stop the proliferation of cancerous cells.


Goldenseal usage has become popular in the Southeast Asian and Caribbean geographical boundaries, as an alternative remedy to deal with various diseases, including the terminal ones. It is known for its possessed anti-microbial and anti-viral properties to help humans prevent extreme health issues. Those bad bacteria that can trigger stomach issues leading to terminal diseases might be alleviated through the use of this herb. This plant can lower the acidity level of the body, which is beneficial to stop the induced human sufferings caused by any deadly disease.

Synthetic Cures Vis-à-Vis Complementary Remedies

It would still be good to engage in the conventional ways of treating or dealing with cancerous diseases, like chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. However, the lens of science has already noticed the impact of synthetic cures. One of the known synthetic side effects is associated to the weakening of the immune system, which affects the human vital organs. Based on several studies, as the human resistance weakens, treating the deadly diseases could be more intricate. Hence, the need to make it stronger is essential, as it serves as the primary defense mechanism of the body.

Aside from the synthetic impact on the immune system, another adverse side effect of the conventional ways is the pain the surgeries may cause individuals to suffer. A series of painful surgical operations are needed, depending on the stage of a particular cancerous disease. This is one of the big issues associated to the conventional procedures, not to mention the costs those techniques might incur to somebody else.

The consideration of herbal treatments for cancer, on the other hand, has gradually been elevating in the surface, as the health and wellness industry is investing on various researches and studies to bring useful and helpful science-based findings. Compared to synthetic approaches, it might be beneficial to consider the complementary treatments for cancer, as those herbs and plants are providing natural impact to the human body. One important impact is to have a more strengthened immune system science discloses as an aspect necessary for any form of medication.


Democratizing the medicinal options is the main drive of the health and wellness industry at present. There are lots of options for people to choose from, ranging from the conventional techniques to the complementary choices. Digging substantial facts to determine a better option can easily be done nowadays in the digital world through the Internet. Consulting with health experts plays also an important function in the determination of the right treatment. The choice should subjectively be based on the distinct essence of every possible choice. By having an in-depth analysis, one could then infer that a natural alternative cancer treatment could be better and more helpful than the other way around.

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