Relax in the Office

How to Relax in the Office

Workplace Stress: A Growing Problem

All work and no play do more than just making a person dull. Stress is a real problem in the workplace. When stress turns into distress and leads to anxiety and anger, you need to develop strategies to cope more effectively. Increased stress in the workplace is harmful for your body and your mind. It also harms work productivity. Some of the many ways to relax in the office can range from sipping green tea to doing breathing exercises. You have to find out what works best for you.

Tips to Relax At Work

Food and Beverages That Have the Chill Quotient

Certain nutrient-dense foods and antioxidant-rich drinks can relieve stress in an instance. Some of the most effective ones are discussed below.

Green herbal tea
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Green Tea

Green herbal tea is a very important source of a chemical that helps in anger management. It is known as L-Theanine and it can lower aggression levels. A cup of green tea can ensure that your mind becomes soothed and relaxed.

Dark Chocolate

A square of dark chocolate is enough to calm your nerves. Why is this so? Well, dark chocolate regulates levels of stress hormone cortisol and also works to harmonize the metabolism.


Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. It is a soothing antiseptic that also works wonders for reducing inflammation in the brain. This helps in fighting depression and anxiety.


This is perfect for soothing the frayed nerves. The raw mango is rich in a nutrient called linalool that helps in lowering stress levels. This compound is perfect for calming the mind and soothing troubled emotions.

Chewing Gum

This is a surprisingly quick and effective way to beat stress. Some amount of chewing releases the tension in the jaw and lowers anxiety and cortisol levels. This is a quick way to beat stress.

Celery Sticks

These are a perfect solution for increasing the fiber content in your diet. Rich in antioxidants, celery sticks are the perfect option for reducing anxiety and stress hormones.


Breathing deeply, meditation ensures that your body can release toxins and relax muscles. Bouts of meditation can relieve stress and depression. Once you can relax in a moment, your stressful thoughts will dissipate.

Just Breathe

Slow deep breathing reduces BP and stabilizes the heart rate. Try pranayama breathing and use this yogic method to breathe through one nostril at a time to lower anxiety.

Alternative therapies

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Aromatherapy, acupressure, acupuncture and deep breathing are only some of the many methods available to treat stress at a moment’s notice in the office.

Progressive Relaxation

This involves relaxing the tense muscles in the body one part at a time to get relief from stress and tension. Progressive muscle relaxation is also a great way to loosen tense muscles and eliminate rigidity of posture in the workspace which tends to increase tension in the back.

Creative Visualization

The best part about creative visualization and positive imagery is that you can imagine outcomes that lower stress. Thinking of something that makes you happy can work wonders for your stress levels in the office. This instant pick-me-up is perfect for boosting the mood and quelling anger and stress.

Squeeze a Rubber Ball

Squeeze a rubber or softball to release your stress levels. This action can reduce the tension in our body and ensure that your anger is released through a healthy outlet.

Splash Your Face

It is refreshing to splash your face and the back of your neck to keep cool, rather than getting hot under the collar. Drop cold water onto your wrists and behind the earlobes. These are the areas where major arteries are located to relieve stress and tension.

Create A Quiet Zone

Choose a place in the office where you can be undisturbed. It could be anywhere from an empty boardroom to the printer cubicle. The water cooler is another point in the office you should frequent if you want to relax with a glass of cold water.

Check Out the Scene Outside You Window

When the situation gets hectic, you need to take a five-minute break and look at the trees and public parks outside your window. The office is a limited and restricted environment, and there can be a lot of tension in cramped, narrow interiors that close in on you. Looking at the greenery outside will cool your nerves and calm your senses.

Get Organized, Plan Your Day

If your desk is cluttered or your day is disorganized, you need to take a few minutes to reorganize yourself. Make a schedule and stick to it.

Exercise At Your Desk

chest-opening stretch

From deep breathing to seated twists and a quick stretch, there can be many ways to ease the tension out of your body during a stressful day at work. Try a chest-opening stretch or move from the desk chair. Opt for a short walk or march on the spot to use movement and relax your constricted limbs and frayed nerves. Exercise also releases feel-good endorphins that lower stress and tension in the body.

Entertainment and Recreation

From classical music to belting out lyrics that give you freedom of expression and listening to music can also be a good fix for negative emotions or stressors confronting you at the workplace.

Even a crossword puzzle can make a huge difference to the levels of engagement and interest, not to mention lowering stress levels by stimulating the regions of the brain that are responsible for releasing calming neurotransmitters such as serotonin.

Organize Your Desk, Make Your Space Comfortable

Use in and out trays to sort paperwork by relevance and urgency. “Needs research” or “to be filed” action tags are a must for particular items that are needed in a convenient place. Your tray should be well organized. Ergonomics or working in a comfortable setting is important. Keep your feet firmly planted on the floor and maintain a proper position to prevent muscle rigidity and stress. Your wrists should be straight and be above the keyboard, and your hands should be exercised to prevent cramping at frequent intervals. In Japan, a bell is rung every few hours to tell employees to get up and take a short walk to the office. This does wonders for lowering stress levels.

Personalize Your Workspace

Personalize Your Workspace
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It is important to note that work is important. Families and loved ones can help maintain motivation, but the workstation also needs to be appealing for a person to feel like working. Add the personal touch using candles, photos, flowers, and plants. Make your workspace your own and watch the benefits flow in.


In totality, a stress-free workplace is next to impossible. There will be challenges in the office which you will have to confront daily. This is why stress and tension need to be managed. Relaxing at the office is all about a work-life balance that promotes a healthy self. Don’t miss out on relaxation and rest, if you want to be an effective and efficient worker.

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