How Electronic Cigarettes Can Help Housewives Stop Smoking?

Electronic cigarettes can help housewives stop smoking in exactly the same way that they can help anyone stop smoking! Housewife; doctor; nurse; professor of philosophy; or professional bum: whatever you do with your days, if you smoke and feel you ought to quit – but may not really want to – then the electric cigarette could be just what you are looking for.

Unlike patches, gum and even hypnotism (which only works properly if you want the outcome you are being hypnotised for), electronic cigarettes pander to your desire to smoke, rather than cutting you off from what you see, or your subconscious sees, as the source of your satisfaction.

The electric cigarette looks like a cigarette, it tastes like a cigarette (unless you want it to have a different flavour, in which case you can buy cartridges flavoured with anything under the sun) and it feels like a cigarette. It delivers nicotine into your bloodstream via a heated vapour, which is very much like inhaling cigarette smoke. The only real difference: electronic cigarettes dispense a “smoke” that has none of the 4,000 pollutants, carcinogens and additives found in normal cigarette smoke.

The smoke or vapour you get from an electric cigarette has no carbon monoxide in it, does not smell and does not stain. You can smoke your e cigarette anywhere you like without contravening any laws or discomforting people around you. With the electric cigarette, second hand smoke is no longer an issue.

The device is cheaper than tobacco too. The longer you use an e cigarette for, the cheaper it gets as you continue to offset the price of your starter pack against the savings you make over buying traditional tobacco tubes.

Electronic cigarettes are sold in kit form. Each kit contains one electric cigarette, which is composed of a battery, a vaporiser and a capsule of E liquid. In addition, you will get several connections designed to hook your battery up to the nearest available power source – and a number of refill cartridges. It is estimated that the E liquid cartridge in a regular e cigarette will give you the same quantity of nicotine as 40 of your normal branded cigarettes or roll ups: provided that you buy the electric version with cartridges that reflect the nicotine strength of your normal smoke.

The benefits to confirmed smokers, who perhaps don’t really want to give up but are finding their social situation worsening as a result of their habit, are enormous. Just take the case of Bernadette Hermanson, a 55 year old housewife from Bolton, whose own children refused to give her direct access to her grandchildren if she smoked. Bernadette, who had had not previous intention of quitting, switched to electronic cigarettes so she could hold the grand-kids. Now she feels healthier all round, no longer smells and doesn’t have fingers with dangerous traces of nicotine on them.

The electric cigarette may also be used in all the places you would want to smoke in but can’t because of the anti smoking laws. You can smoke electronic cigarettes in pubs; in bars; in clubs; on public transport; on planes – anywhere that you associate smoking with but have been prevented from enjoying thanks to the clamp down.

Even confirmed smokers have to admit that their habit is stupid and bad for them. Thanks to the electric cigarette they no longer have to take nicotine in the same damaging format: but they can take it in one that reminds them of the habit they still secretly enjoy.

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